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  1. How's everyone weathering the storm?

    In my line of work, day-rates have gone down by 70%. Not even enough work to turn it down......
  2. The companies will stop paying for the flight

    As a contractor, I was payed my day-rate door-to-door. Now, not paid for any travel days whatsoever.
  3. That's a Greater-toothed Thylacine bird.
  4. Yes, the Platypus and the Echidna are the only two examples of egg-laying mammals in nature. Mammals are a huge group.
  5. Actually........they are both a mammal and a marsupial. The joey is fed milk via a nipple from a mammary gland inside the mother's pouch. All marsupials are mammals.
  6. Actually, this is all Obama's fault. If he hadn't taken the p1ss out of Trump at the White House Correspondent's dinner, he would never have run for president. It's all about revenge for that moment.
  7. How to Get Rid of Pests and Bugs the Buddhist Way

    "Ants If you have an ant infestation, use your vacuum to quickly get rid of the invaders, and then immediately empty the vacuum bag in the outdoor compost pile or at some distance from your house". Oh dear. More humane to stomp on them. The ants cannot find their way back to the nest as there is no chemical trail to follow. They will wander around until they die a slow death by being attacked by other ants who will view them as outsiders.
  8. No......it's all about erasing Obama's legacies..........
  9. Malicious little man. Tired of winning, yet?
  10. No context to the question, though answer seems obvious. Was it his wife he was talking about?
  11. No. It's that Western people won't kill because they "lose face", or, generally over some trivial matter. You think people that fight (all people) think of the consequences first before a fight? Get real!
  12. Best bit of advice I got about SE Asia. "Europeans fight to win, Asians fight to kill.
  13. Go for it..........as long as you can get a thirty year lease in your name on the land and house, from your girlfriend.