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  1. 81% of Americans support the Dreamers. 66% of Trump supporters support Dreamers. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/2017/09/13/two-thirds-of-trump-supporters-want-dreamers-to-stay-in-u-s/ http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/americans-back-daca-huge-margin-poll/story?id=50032985
  2. Insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying out, it increases their profits. Hard to believe any insurance company would pay out on a claim if the claimant was not legally allowed to drive a vehicle.
  3. KarenBravo

    Karsai Nei Tsang (genital detox massage)

    Karsai Nei Tsang massage? Or, in plain English a ball stroking for the gullible.
  4. No he didn't. It was the voters that "smashed them into significance". The whole world is laughing at the USA, which is a real shame. If your close friend turns out to be a demonstrable liar, misogynist and racist, would you still keep them as a friend?
  5. KarenBravo

    Smokers on Hua hin Beach Jan 1.

    OK, let's assume that you are indeed the olfactory superman of mankind. You are standing on a beach with a smoker 500m away from you. You are directly downwind of them. Let's do a little math, shall we? Radius = 500m. Diameter = 1000m. Circumference = Pi x diameter = 3142m. One degree = 3142 / 360 = 8.73m. If the wind shifts by only one degree, you wouldn't be able to smell the cigarette. What are the chances that you would be directly downwind from that cigarette? Very small. As for why smokers get get pi55ed off at non-smokers complaining about smokers outside, here are my three reasons. It's so easy for you to avoid and the amount of smoke is tiny, insignificant. Get some exercise and move a few metres. You never bring up car exhausts, rubbish burning, farmers burning their fields which is a million times worse than a cigarette. You pick the easy target, the target that's been villified. Smokers have in general, bent over backwards to accommodate non-smokers, yet, still that's not enough. Tolerance should be a two-way street. PS. I'm an ex-smoker who kicked the habit.
  6. .......and you believe Tony the Liar?
  7. 2018 agenda. Try to stay in office. Try not to start nuclear holocaust. Try to intimidate and jail political opponents. Continue under-mining US institutions. Continue making lotsa, lotsa money from US government.
  8. KarenBravo

    Which resort

    Look up the definition of a villa in the dictionary.
  9. And what if the instructor was still in the water looking after other students? A weight belt can be released with a single hand and is taught to every student. Can't see how the instructors are to blame..........unless the authorities want scape-goats to appease the masses.....
  10. KarenBravo

    Which resort

    Bit like calling a house a "villa". If it doesn't have a courtyard, it ain't a villa.
  11. KarenBravo

    The noise is to much.

    Complaining about parties during New Year??!!
  12. KarenBravo

    Smokers on Hua hin Beach Jan 1.

    What? Just like all bars that are now supposed to be non-smoking, yet still supply ashtrays? That rule came in years ago. I'll give the beaches a couple of months for fines and then it'll slowly revert back.
  13. KarenBravo

    Smokers on Hua hin Beach Jan 1.

    Then take one step to the left, or the right.
  14. KarenBravo

    Smokers on Hua hin Beach Jan 1.

    So, how do you handle drains, toilets, farts? However you do it, just apply that same method to cigarette smoke outdoors. Try breathing through your mouth. Pain behind the eyes? Bullshit. Do you drive a car?
  15. I thought Bannon was fired on the insistence of the White-house Chief-of-Staff Kelly.