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  1. Patong police checking taxis

    ......so, what's the situation with parking, or, is that being quietly forgotten?
  2. Father publicly disowns alt-right son after Charlottesville violence

    .....and would you feel the same way if your son threatened you and the safety of the rest of your family?
  3. Fortuner drivers already have a bad name....................especially owners of the black ones.....
  4. Father publicly disowns alt-right son after Charlottesville violence

    Drama Queen. If you're going to leave a forum, just leave, don't flounce.
  5. Patong - The Wake

    Backside Bistro! Bwahahahaha!
  6. No, they are there to provide in-flight service......
  7. It Taina joke

    Sorry, no, I didn't notice it. Plan to do an evening recce sometime during the next week, so, will get a better picture. The Red Onion for years has been full no matter what the season. People queuing outside during peak season. Will find out if they have a loyal following, or not.
  8. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Maybe just drop it altogether. It serves no purpose except clogging up the system for people that really need an immigration provided service.
  9. It Taina joke

    Went to Karon today and decided to look at Soi Taina on the way home. I drove from the four way intersection to the traffic lights, a little before midday. For the whole length of Taina, I didn't see a single pedestrian tourist. A sharp contrast to Karon and the southern end of Kata. So sad to see, as Tainu used to be the centre of night-life and I believe it is the only "entertainment zone" in the area; allowing bars to legally open until 1:00 am. It's looking run-down and is a veritable ghost town. I guess the lack of any sizable hotels on the road is responsible for the severe lack of foot traffic. Will it ever pick up again? I doubt it.
  10. Whiling away the days....

    You want to stay together with your girlfriend long term? Then you need three lives. Your life, her life and life together. If you only have the latter, eventually, it will become a problem.
  11. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Yes, can confirm that. Just passport with previous 90 day report slip. They need to scan the bar-code.
  12. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Went and did mine yesterday. Bad choice. I didn't realise that Monday was a holiday, so yesterday was the first day open this week. Absolutely packed like sardines in 101. My report took just over an hour.
  13. Renew UK passport - any Phuket agents ?

    At Trendy, you must make an appointment and show up personally for the application. Your new passport can be picked up by someone else if you sign a few forms.
  14. Whiling away the days....

    Yup.......garden and house could take up 25 hours per day........if I let it.
  15. Phuket weather 2017

    Landslide; flash flood weather...........