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  1. Patong Resort tower was the signal. When the law stated that a building at that distance from the beach could not build higher than a coconut palm tree, and yet, it so blatantly got built, it spawned the joke that Patong had the tallest coconut trees in the world. It also showed land owners that rules were now considered "flexible". And thus the start (in earnest) of converting what was a virtual paradise into what it is today.
  2. I met her not long after she became the Australian consul. Sitting in her lawyers reception, waiting to have a document notarized, when she came in and chatted with me for about fifteen minutes. I congratulated her and brought up the subject of her being a Canadian and asked what the connection was to Australia. Apparently, she spent time there to pass her Australian Bar exam.............to add to her Canadian Bar exam. After Whatsisface left, Australia was keen to fill the slot temporarily until a suitable candidate could be vetted. She volunteered as a temporary Consul and was accepted. I found her to be delightful to chat to, though I'm not an Aussie, so, never needed her consular services.
  3. Well.........that's the problem of bribery taken care of............next!
  4. Maybe you should join the Taliban? Seems you both could have a meeting of minds as you definitely have shared values....... Do you agree with stoning to death for adultery?
  5. The reason most leases are three years in length, is that any longer than that and it must be registered at the land office by law and will be notated on the land paper. But, it also gives the opportunity to collect key money again. Of course, it very much depends on the location of the property.
  6. Just as well......you're not very good at this, are you?
  7. You need to comprehend the difference between rubbishing the content versus rubbishing the writer. I did the first and you did the second. Understand now? No....I didn't think so.
  8. No competition, but, the give-away was you being insulting instead of being intelligent.
  9. Very true, though, the opposite is very rare (unless they have money).
  10. Only if they want a beautiful woman. Like most men, they are not made of money and (as mentioned before) will settle with their equivalant.
  11. ......and that sums up your counter argument? Sounds like surrender to me.
  12. More rubbish! An ugly man will accept any girl that is willing to let him get in her pants. How many ugly men with beautiful women have you seen in your own country? Most people pair up with their equivalent "class" all over the world.
  13. What rubbish! There are plenty of ugly women for each ugly man.
  14. Not really. Unless the woman is rich in her own right, whereby she y doesn't need help in looking after her family, most women marry husbands that are then expected to contribute in looking after her family. That's the nature of marriage in Thailand. It's very old fashioned to Western eyes, but, in a country with no social security it makes sense. Each spouse has their own job to do. Woman looks after husband children and home. Man must bring home money. Add to this that nearly all parents emphasize that their children "owe" them for giving them life, then it's not surprising that this attitude continues. Though, consumerism is starting to weaken this bond between family members.