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  1. How do you know it's "distasteful to them"? Is this your over-active imagination, or, just your usual habit of assumption without evidence yet again?
  2. KarenBravo

    Hi-So Holidays Harder To Afford For Phuket Tourists

    Thailand's tourism industry is not shrinking; it is growing. The demography is changing, but, that was inevitable with Asian countries having robust growth rates compared to developed countries.Once Europe's economy finally comes out of the doldrums, there will be an increase of visitors from there, too. Your "doom and gloom" scenarios are just not going to happen.
  3. KarenBravo

    Hi-So Holidays Harder To Afford For Phuket Tourists

    @NKM You're well known for your "Chicken Little" syndrome. Been hearing it for years from numerous people, yet every year more and more tourists come. All the problems described have been in Phuket for decades, yet every year sees more records broken for tourist arrivals. The sky has not fallen and it won't fall in eight years time, either.
  4. KarenBravo

    Hi-So Holidays Harder To Afford For Phuket Tourists

    Tourism to Thailand accounts for between 5% to 6% of Thai GDP. If most tourists are now coming from Russia, China and Australia, then the percentage from Western tourists is probably less than 3% of GDP. Kind of makes your statement that the Thai government "relies" on it, rather silly. The major benefit of a strong Baht is cheaper energy costs as oil is denominated in US dollars. If oil is cheap, the cost of most manufactured products also become cheaper due to either oil as a source for a raw material (i.e. plastics, fertilizers) and/or transportation costs go down. This leads to higher profits for Thai manufacturers.
  5. KarenBravo

    Russian Tour Agent In Phuket Faces Deportation

    The tailor shops are Indian-Thai owned, but, staffed by Nepalese touts as are many of the cheap clothing stalls.
  6. If mob rule and protests are the only thing that gets local officials to act, then ordinary Thais need to grow a pair and hold a pro-bus protest.
  7. KarenBravo

    Where To Buy Frozen Roti Indian/malaysian Bread

    Villa mart have ended them? Are you sure? They used to be in the freezer behind the check-out. If true, I'm gutted.
  8. KarenBravo

    Most Thais 'approve' Of Bribery: Poll

    Morality has never been very popular here.