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  1. Don't take his views so seriously. Most people, when they see hoof-prints in the sand, they think horses. NKM thinks Zebras.......
  2. If you only see scooters and no big-bikes, don't use the place. Most mechanics don't fix big-bikes. It needs specialized training. Personally, I would go to a big dealer in Phuket Town; one that has a repair shop.
  3. Maybe you should read my offensive post again. Never claimed that cats keep eating after they are full. They keep KILLING when they are full (which you admit as they "kill for fun"). An important distinction, especially if you are prey.
  4. Maybe try educating yourself before making an untrue statement. https://drsophiayin.com/blog/entry/cats-hunting-wildlife-why-is-it-a-problem-and-what-to-do-about-it/ P.S. I'll decide if, when and what I post................but, thanks for the (unsought) advice, dude.
  5. Cats decimate the local fauna. Indiscriminate killing-machines who don't stop even when their bellies are full. I'll let you guess which animal I'd prefer to eat the other..........
  6. The results of a standard drug test (you know.....using science, like) doesn't depend on the nationality of the nurse that takes the cup of pee, or, takes a sample of blood.
  7. You can do it as part of the UKOOA medical at Bumrungrad hospital.
  8. Just an update on this. Got my ITIN using an agent in Canada. It was US250. No ITIN, no fee. It took approximately eight weeks. Now that I have the ITIN, I can now fill out the W8-BEN form and reduce the nominal 30% with-holding tax when I withdraw my 401k.
  9. Might also make throwing water into the face of motorcyclists just to try and make them crash (hugely funny), an offense.
  10. It's not volts that kill, otherwise 1,000,000 volt tasers could not be used. It's the ampage that's important.
  11. Bins were removed from all major tourist spots on Phuket right after the Bali bombing. They were considered a "security risk". The bins never came back.
  12. Must have offended one of the ruling Phuket families.......
  13. For Sci-Fi fans, The Expanse is turning out to be very good. Still on season 1 (which has been completed). Will definitely watch season 2 which is currently running. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3230854/?ref_=tt_rec_tt
  14. Rawai / Nai Harn.
  15. Very good. Smooth jazz in the back-ground, nice decor and an attentive staff.