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  1. Looks more like the Khon Kaen butcher in that pic
  2. Who needs a court trial in Thailand when you have trial by media . Guilty until proven innocent UNLESS you are wealthy and influential Then it is an automatic not guilty verdict
  3. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    Wow it skidded on the wet road after rainS maybe after rain too. Damned inconsiderate of the road to be slippery. It only rains here for 6 months of the year you can't expect Thai drivers to cope with these unusual conditions
  4. If I had been sitting in one of those front seat I would have reached up and pulled their feet sharply down , probably breaking their ankles BUT Mai Pen Rai
  5. A fool and their money are soon parted.............especially in Thailand where even the victim gets too greedy
  6. The police could not subdue a 66 year old woman ? Ever heard of tear gas or even smoke bombs to confuse her ? What kind of Micky Mouse cops were they ?
  7. Cristal clear blue waters ? Clearly this Daily Mirror reporter has never been to Pattaya with its murky brown seas
  8. AOT denies report on pricey water at airports

    Overpricing ? You forgot to mention " King Power " Duty Free where the prices are anything but duty free prices. In fact they are often higher than " Tax Paid " high street shops , I wonder whose pocket the " Duty Free " tax goes in
  9. So would the governor be on the board of directors of any of these hotels by any chance ?
  10. Hospitals electrical systems are not particularly safe either. Whilst waiting in the out-patientd department at our local hospital I had to stop a young boy sticking his fingers into an electrical outlet, which was fitted at low level and like most Thai outlets was not switched or have any safety guard built into it. The young boys mother was oblivious to the dangers as she was busy playing on her phone
  11. Most Islands around Thailand face the same problems . It is not just because of the poor infrastructure it is mainly because of Thais greed and putting money first Thais are slowly killing the " Golden Goose " because of their greed
  12. Hookers and prostitutes are illegal in Thailand .....or so we are told.....But in reality anything can be bought in Thailand including the police
  13. Nothing to do with drugs, he is just another air-head American
  14. Why would a 27 year old take a drug for erectile dysfunction ? ( Floppy d***k ) Viagra doesn't increase the sexual drive or pleasure it just makes your d***k hard ... Sounds like a typical young man experimenting with a drug he didn't understand
  15. Yingluck may get special UK treatment

    To get cooperation you have to give cooperation and Thailand has not cooperated with the UK on several cases including The Koh Tao murder case, the Red Bull killer case and they failed to assist Andy Hall in his various fights against injustice Which also included his invaluable fight for a fair trail for the Myanmar boys who were wrongfully convicted for murder . Yingluck may be guilty of political crimes but the UK knows a witch hunt when they see one