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  1. If he had been driving to suit the conditions it would not have happened ...... Rain ? What rain ? Thais drive at the same speed no matter what the conditions ... Foot hard down
  2. 75,000 for a Ford ranger ? Can they prove that ridiculous story or did Thai visa forget a zero ( 750,000 ) ? Either way that pick-up will be over the border by now
  3. johncat1

    Crackdown on tattoo shops after death of four women

    These 4 girls were Thai . I wonder how many tourists had tattoos then returned to their own countries and probably died there
  4. His head was found some distance away and bones were visable from his torso .....Why so graphic ? He died that is all that should have been reported. No sensitivity by the press. Nobody cares about his grieving family
  5. 45,000 a month I could live like a king on that In fact most of the time it is around 20,000 and I still eat well and run 2 cars . The sort of people that need 45,000 plus are the ones that go to bars every night and pay for a lot of girls ( or boys ) But I never frequent bars ( socialize with a lot of p***heads ? No thank you ) apart from which groups of farangs attract attention from the parasites ( male and female ) and that is not even mentioning the police I keep myself to myself and stay away from farangs and of course the trouble they attract
  6. Either he didn't pay his bar tab or more than likely it was a lady-boy and not a bar girl
  7. Where was the bag ? If it was left in the luggage bay under the bus that is inviting trouble because the bus assistant or relief driver sleeps under there as the bus is travelling and nobody can see him This sort of thing happens all the time
  8. Not a problem as money hungry Thais and in particular TAT will probable release this video on a CD ... for a price of course
  9. Pick-up beds are for goods not people. Many die over Songkran because they were riding in the back. But nothing will ever change
  10. johncat1

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    Maybe you are just a sex tourist
  11. johncat1

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    You are a real doom and gloom merchant aren't you ? Not everyone that comes to Thailand is a sex tourist. As she appears to have freedom of movement they can meet in many places on a regular basis
  12. Strange but many movies on satellite tv recently have been about people trapped in caves ( action and horror ) Coincidence or planned ?