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  1. Pity they can't check Thais leaving the country to make sure they are not wanted by the police Like politicians , monks millionaire playboys etc
  2. So if the school van lost control I assume this was one of the new driver-less vans . As it is usually the driver that loses control not a free thinking van
  3. Mr. Been or named after the character Mr. Bean ?
  4. Check out her age not exactly the age of responsibility for a Thai woman My original comment stands
  5. She bought a gun and ammunition for 9,000 Baht online ? WHY ? She could have bought a realistic toy gun for a few hundred Baht... And this weeks Darwin award goes to Wasana.......... Well done !! Also I bet the proceeds from the robbery were for her to continue to gamble not repay her husband But one consolation she will be going to prison for a very long time so it will be easy for him to divorce her
  6. To send 200,000 Baht to a Thai woman is like letting a kid lose in a sweet shop and telling them not to eat any sweets I hope her husband dumps her before she bankrupts him or even worse ( him accidentally free falling from a condo comes to mind )
  7. I was always told the conditions of entry into Thailand are that you have to have a return ticket and enough funds to support yourself here. If he has no money he obviously blew it all on booze and women ( or young boys ) , probably drugs too ... No sympathy for this little pri**, maybe he should go to a temple the monks have plenty of money If his ticket expired he could be here on overstay and deserves a room at the Bangkok Hilton
  8. The tourists put the bags of rubbish by the side of the road . I am sure the Thais thought what a load of plonkers, as they took the rubbish to the recycle yatd and sold it
  9. johncat1

    Banned diet products still widely available

    They should be allowed to name the products. Just naming the banned ingredients is a waste of time as Thais never read the package or what they contain
  10. Surely the police can access the main police computers even from their phones, it's not rocket science. But that would reduce the time they can collect money from traffic violations
  11. The police and the courts have buried that case BUT Andy Hall was involved with their defence team So there might be some movement there but only if Andy Hall can push it
  12. Is this animal still free ? Why have the authorities yet to decide if this should go to court ? Using threats and intimidation to repeat his crimes is just as serious as the first rape charges, and as for proposing to marry this child , well he must be one sick bar-steward. I hope he is no longer teaching
  13. You ride a motorcycle , you don't drive it
  14. A few years ago a drug overdose was the favoured way of committing suicide Now nobody seems to do that anymore in spite of the fact Prescription drugs can easily be bought over the counter Less messy too
  15. Maybe the thought of returning to the UK drove him to it Not the best place to spend your twilight years