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  1. So whose idea was it to go on a TV show and how much were they paid ? Admitting you have no money looks like a stunt to get charity from people. I am surprised the girl admitted she was with a poor Farang ( serious loss of face )
  2. $ 1,500 is very cheap Why is he complaining ? Most bar-girls want at least a million Baht plus a lot of gold
  3. One dead, one injured in wicked pickup accident

    Good to see " inactive posts " have their uses
  4. One dead, one injured in wicked pickup accident

    The full set of crash photos are mind-blowing ..His speed must have been off the clock to do that much damage. At least the big pole did not fall down and hurt others. One idiot that we do not have to worry about anymore,. Making the roads safer for everyone
  5. I wouldn't hurt the Prime Minister and his band of chubby men to join the run when it nears Bangkok
  6. " Missing chief engineer found submerged in Fortuner after three days' A rather inaccurate description. It should read " Missing chief engineer found in submerged Fortuner after three days "
  7. So if it was known he failed to negotiate a bend ( police jargon for speeding ) why did it take the police 3 days to find him ? I assume there must have been skid marks where he failed to take the bend ( police jargon for speeding gain ) .....Or is all this the usual police assumptions based on guesswork instead of facts ?
  8. Guard Run Over By Doctor Wakes From Coma

    But will he also make a complete physical recovery or need medication for the rest of his life ? I find it difficult to believe he will ever be 100% and be able to lead a full life again. I think this is just propaganda by the hospital to help the " doctor's " case It is far too early to give an accurate assessment on the victims medical condition
  9. So if he was a scammer and trickster and only worked at MacDonalds where did he get the money to travel the world ?
  10. They should impose very heavy fines on the bus companies, then they may check who they employ more carefully .....BUT I wouldn't hold my breath
  11. His helmet came off ? Like most motorcycle cops I doubt it was even fastened . Obviously could not handle a powerful bike
  12. Agreed....I did that with the wife ( divorce )
  13. We have even had it in villages when we had to go to funerals People were trying to charge us for parking on the road. The police have stated NOBODY owns the road only the government and you cannot even " reserve " a spot for yourself or customers. But Thais want something they just take it no matter who it belongs to, just look at all the street and pavement vendors, trading rent free on government land
  14. British singing superstar Ed Sheeran ?.... Never heard of him and I am British