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  1. Nakhon Sri closed 2 more days, Surat increased flights, check with airlines. Meanwhile, the Airports Department announced the extension of the closure of Nakhon Si Thammarat airport for another two days on January 8-9 on top of January 6-7 because of the rising level of flood water on the runway. The department has coordinated with airlines to assist passengers and to inform them of flight changes. In the meantime, airlines have increased four additional flights between Surat Thani and Don Mueang airport at Surat Thani airport on January 7-10 to accommodate passenger from Nakhon Si Thammarat. Source:
  2. Torrential rain has started again on the mainland. You can download this APP in Thai, then get it changed to English, it will point out problem spots.
  3. Remember, Nakhon Sri Thammarat airport is closed until Sunday & Suratthani , a bit iffy getting there with road conditions, a bit better now but expecting more rain. Also Surat overloaded with cancellations from Nakhon Sri so, not that easy.
  4. According to Thai Met , some heavy stuff on the way.
  5. Me think you should start your own service. Then B' stops.You are a Waste of bandwidth..
  6. Mainland highways a mess. Hwy 41 closed in different sections. Yesterday before the worst part of the storm, it took 4 hours from Sichon to Surat airport.
  7. Samui 24 hour total = Amount of Rainfall 07-07 167.0 mm
  8. Nakhon where I am at the moment, from 7 this morning: Amount of Rainfall 07-07 205.4 mm. Samui: Amount of Rainfall 07-07 109.7 mm.
  9. No No No this is name & shame.. I have TOT & love it. 34.95 down 3.16 up & on WIFI. TSK TSK TSK.
  10. Have a good look & brace yourselves. This prediction between 1 AM to 1PM Thursday. This site very accurate.
  12. Sure us as expats, fully loaded in our prime as the pictures suggest can indulge in this. NO legally minted person would live in Thailand &n buy these toys OK legally is broad word, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  13. A paid advert ?
  14. You can mention the source, you can't quote it or link to it.