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  1. Murder victim Nongkran Stoll Murder suspect Chi Yan Ng Jupiter woman mourned, details from murder suspect released JUPITER — For someone who died so violently - beaten and shoved into a trash can - Nongkran Stoll lived with a warm peace, a friend said Monday. "Her innocence is basically what took her," said Eric Peterson, a close friend of Stoll's husband, Kenneth. Police say 25-year-old Chi Ng, the son of the Stolls' Timberwalk neighbor, killed the petite 33-year-old woman Thursday morning. She had gone to Peter Ng's home to walk the dog while Ng and his wife were away. Peterson said Stoll didn't know her neighbor's son was inside. Chi Ng told police he drank and used drugs the night before, then fell asleep on the couch. He told them he blacked out and found Stoll lying bloody on the master bedroom floor when he awoke, an arrest report says. Ng later said he choked her, breaking a glass table during the struggle, the report says. Stoll ran upstairs and Ng followed, eventually strangling her and beating her head into the floor, he told police. Investigators released no new information about a possible motive. Ng is being held without bail at the Palm Beach County Jail. Lt. Anastacia Visneski of the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed Monday that Ng is an active duty boatswain's mate third class stationed out of Port O'Connor, Texas. She said she could not speak about his discipline beyond a history of a court-martial, and he had none on record. Kenneth Stoll mourned his wife for three days in her native Buddhist tradition, praying with monks at a local temple, Peterson said. The couple met 14 years ago through friends when Kenneth worked in Thailand. Back in Jupiter, the Stolls ran a business selling tile and marble to counter-top companies, Peterson said. When Peterson visited, Nongkran prepared his favorite Thai coconut soup, but also learned Peterson's wife's recipes for roast beef and pork tenderloin, the American dishes her husband enjoyed. "She lived to make him happy," Peterson said. Nongkran's mother spent three days mourning her daughter in a Thai temple, leaving only to call Kenneth. "Now he's got to go to Thailand with her ashes and present them to her family," Peterson said. Nongkran kept an immaculate home and enjoyed tending to her garden. When she arrived in the United States, she spent hours reading and practicing English, Peterson said. The Stolls had recently planned to have children. - Palm Beach Post (Florida, USA) ====================================================== Previous related articles: Man arrested in slaying of Jupiter dog walker JUPITER — A 25-year-old man was arrested on first-degree murder charges Thursday for allegedly strangling a woman left in charge of walking his father's dog. Police found her body stuffed inside a large garbage can, with a plastic bag over her forehead, in a master bedroom closet at Chi Ng's father's house. Chi Ng, who lives out of state, repeatedly smashed 33-year-old Nongkran Stoll's head into the floor, according to the police report. Police did not give a motive. Shortly before noon, her husband told police that she never came home after leaving to walk the dog for their neighbors, Peter Ng and Tong Chen, at 203 Timberwalk Trail earlier in the morning. Kenneth Stoll called police after first going to the home and speaking to Peter Ng's son, Chi Ng. Stoll told police he saw a broken glass table in the living room, and noticed that Chi Ng's hand was bleeding, according to the report. Stoll said Chi Ng explained he broke the table because he was drunk and doing drugs, the report says. Chi Ng added that he "freaked out on" Nongkran Stoll, and she went for a walk. Before leaving the home, Kenneth Stoll said he also saw his wife's shoes downstairs and thought she would not have left without them. Later, neighbors gawked outside the two-story townhouse wrapped in yellow police tape. "I would just never dream that here," said one homeowner who lives three doors down from the Stolls. "Never, never, ever." Timberwalk is a 220-unit townhouse community nestled around a small pond off Toney Penna Drive, where the light-colored homes have tidy yards in the front and screened patios in the back. John Parsons, the homeowners association president, said most neighbors did not know the Stolls. "They didn't participate much in the homeowners association meetings," Parsons said. Kenneth Stoll and Peter Ng could not be reached for comment Thursday. Parsons said neighbors will look after the dog. Parsons said Peter Ng, Timberwalk's homeowners association treasurer, and his wife often travel to China, but he said he didn't know where they were this time. - Palm Beach Post / Nov. 2, 2007 ========================================================================= Dog walker murdered Investigators know who and how. The question now: why? Jupiter Police say 33-year old Nongkran Stoll went to Unit 203 of the Timberwalk Townhomes Thursday morning. She was supposed to walk the homeowners' dog, but never returned to her own home around the corner. Stoll's husband went over to 203 and talked to the homeowner's son. According to police, Chi Ng told the man Stoll went for a walk, but her husband didn't believe the story. “He had noticed a pair of her shoes inside the house,” says Jupiter Police Sgt. Scott Pascarella. “And that's what alerted him, the husband, as to becoming suspicious of the suspect's statement to him of not seeing her.” Stoll's husband called police. Officers went inside, and kicked in the locked door of the master bedroom. There, investigators found Stoll's body stuffed in garbage can in the closet. “It obviously was something aggressive,” says Pascarella. “The victim had been strangled and her head had been repeatedly slammed against the floor.” Police say the 26-year old Ng confessed to the crime. He now faces a charge of first degree murder. In a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else, a crime like this is hard to comprehend. “This is a really nice neighborhood,” says neighbor Peter Valente. “Nothing like this ever happens here. It's Jupiter, it's beautiful.” Ng is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail. - WPTV-TV Palm Beach