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  1. I am sick of Google telling me I have made spelling mistakes.
  2. It is sad that Thai Visa have to publish a story about this man who has some kind of mental condition. He is suffering from some kind of fetish that compels the poor guy to act on his mental abnormality and needs psychiatric help not ridicule and laughter from an organization like Snoop or Thai Visa. By the way, Thai Visa cancelled an earlier posting from me when I suggested they stop publishing titillating nonsense as it being off topic. Well this posting is NOT off topic.
  3. You cannot blame them. Fiji is looking very threatening.
  4. Buddhist hostility is an oxymoron.
  5. Everybody is giving you good advice about eating well - lots of fibre etc. Nobody has mentioned [that I noticed] drinking lots of water. Have you been using painkillers or other medication? If you have medically induced constipation a high fibre diet should be avoided. BUT GO AND HAVE A COLONOSCOPY.
  6. This so called "cardinal" is an arrogant, power hungry man with no Christian principles. He has been at the forefront for the last couple of decades in public and shows absolutely no humility as a man of God should. There have been rumours for years about him being a pedophile and indeed he shared an apartment with one another pedophile and even accompanied him to court when he was charged and found guilty. Hooray, hooray, hooray.
  7. Registered company

    Not true. A company can sell one asset and retain another.
  8. Registered company

    I would suggest you don't put all your eggs in the same basket. This is Thailand - separate company with different shareholders. I have seen too many people cheated by the shareholders whom they trusted, in the companies they set up.
  9. A corruption sniffer would be handy.
  10. Well we will have to agree to disagree.
  11. If they they took the sh?t out of Trump there would be nothing left.
  12. Almost everybody in this thread does not know what Sharia Law is. READ..... https://yaqeeninstitute.org/en/jonathan-brown/islam-is-not-the-cause-of-honor-killings-its-part-of-the-solution/ The truth of the matter is that honor killings are not caused or encouraged by Islam. Honor killing, despite the popular rhetoric around it, is not even a problem specific to Muslims[2]. Its most concentrated and serious occurrences don’t involve Muslims at all. This ignorance about Islam’s teachings and the realities of violence against women has serious costs. First, blaming honor crimes on Islam antagonizes Muslims unnecessarily. It feeds the narrative, prevalent in many Muslim countries, that dismisses human rights as a proxy for Westernization and cultural imperialism. Second, sensationalism over Islam deflects from a reality that many men are loath to admit: that violence against women is a global problem with roots much deeper than the doctrines of one religion or the features of one culture. It needs to be addressed as such. Finally, obsessing over Islam’s alleged acceptance of honor crimes blinds Muslims and non-Muslims to the condemnation of these crimes in Muhammad’s teachings and the Shariah.
  13. What a lot of nonsense. If you are a devout Muslim and follow Sharia law exactly then you obey the laws of the country where you reside. End of story. Obfuscating the issue with a vegetarian analogy is not helpful. If some Muslims do not live by the law of the land then they are not being good Muslims. America is basically a Christian country but Christian Americans still break American laws. Nobody runs around demanding that what the bible teaches be thrown out. Besides, in most things the Koran and the bible concur.
  14. Sharia law states that Muslims must live by the law of the land. I am not Muslim or Christian - I am an atheist and therefore am not sticking up for my personal religion. See http://www.daruliftaa.com/node/5852 There is no contradiction between the law of the USA and Sharia so long as the laws of the USA do not force a Muslim person to sin eg. eat pork or not go to prayer. Before posters prattle on about Sharia being "antiquated, barbaric and abominable" they should inform themselves of the facts. SHARIA REQUIRES MUSLIMS TO LIVE BY THE LAW OF THE USA. and any other country in which they reside .
  15. It is not the visible garbage that frightens me. It is the e coli and nasty chemicals such as mercury etc. that can really do some harm to you. I agree, the trash absolutely should be cleaned up but better still, prevent it from getting there in the first place. Science now shows that minute plastic particles from decomposing plastic is ending up in the stomachs of turtles and birds and we are also eating it in the fish we consume.