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  1. I note your use of the word "ashamed". If one looks in an English-Thai dictionary for the meaning of guilt one will find two Thai words, kwam pit – ความผิด - meaning a wrong and kwam rooserk pit – ความรู้สึกผิด - translating as the feeling of having done wrong but in essence meaning the knowledge of having done wrong. My teacher devoted almost half of one lesson trying to answer my questions about the word for the feeling of guilt a Westerner and probably most other races feels when having done something sinful, immoral or criminal. Neither of those two words is adequate to describe that guilty feeling. Finally she gave up and admitted to me that Thai people don’t really feel guilt. What they feel is shame. My teacher had a good understanding of Western cultures and I was left with the feeling that she was embarrassed by her admission. She then went on to explain that Thais can do bad things and do not feel anything for having done them. However, when other people know about what they have done they feel shame. If you look in the dictionary you will find there are many words that equate to the English word, shame. Note I don’t want Thai professors and other pedantic types debating me on this interpretation of guilt. I have since discussed this point with normal Thai speakers and they basically agree with me. Thais mostly only feel bad about doing bad things when others know they have done them. This is due to loss of “face”.
  2. Trentham

    How to get a driving licence in Thailand

    I also held an Australian Licence and an international permit. Look before you leap. Your use of Capitals would indicate that you are opinionated and dogmatic.
  3. Trentham

    How to get a driving licence in Thailand

    I turned up a to do the test and found I had neglected to bring one document. The lady who assisted me was very helpful so next day when I turned up with the correct paperwork I took her a box of chocolates. When all of that days applicants were called in to the examination room she called out to the examiner that I was her friend. I was called aside and given my licence with no test - oral or driving.
  4. Well now he will never know how wrong he was.
  5. Trentham

    Aussie dollar Thai baht

    I remember that too. But can you remember the little underground shop called Timmy opposite the Indra Hotel? There was something shifty going on there and you could get 19 baht for the Oz dollar. It was scary to go into with guys with guns standing around and you got locked in a room while the money was changed.
  6. Grow up. What are you afraid of - zombies, ghosts, vampires, trolls?
  7. God knows they need artificial intelligence. They don't have any of the normal kind.
  8. Did anybody notice at the 6 second mark on the video there is a car at speed traveling in the wrong direction according to the arrows on the road. Pity he didn't have a head on with the doctor before he hit the security guard.
  9. Trentham

    Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    Read my earlier post no. 17, page 2 of this thread.
  10. OH DEAR! The poor heterosexuals might lose a little identity........just like gay people had to hide theirs forever in case they were bashed, abused and ostracised by those heterosexuals.
  11. Trentham

    Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    The following paragraphs are each separate responses of mine during an earlier TV discussion on Thai medicine. Read par. 5 on my experience with a rotator cuff diagnosis and make certain it is that which is the problem............... In 2005 I went to Rutnin eye hospital for a check-up - everything was OK. A few weeks later I had a bad headache for a few days. I went Bumrungrad hospital and they diagnosed early onset Alzheimer's. I was talked into MRI's and other expensive treatment which included 6 powerful drugs that sent me close to crazy. After a few weeks of madness I took myself off the drugs and suffered severe withdrawals. They then told me the headaches were due to acute angle glaucoma and did laser surgery. That then led to endless visits [probably 15 times] for check-ups at 3000 baht per time. On a trip home to Australia I went to see an ophthalmologist who told me once you have laser surgery you DO NOT need to go for checks. And I obviously do not have Alzheimer's now 11 years on. I can tell you an even worse story about BNH Hospital. In 2008 - 9 they treated me for reflux. On two occasions I went to their emergency dept. at 3 Am in terrible pain. Once they gave me a suppository and said I was constipated and on the other they laid me on a trolley for an hour with a drip in my arm which almost knocked me out. Meanwhile they kept feeding me reflux pills. I went home to Australia for a holiday and went to a local GP for some more reflux pills when I ran out. He refused them and sent me for tests. 2 weeks later I was in Royal Melbourne Hospital with pancreas cancer. I am one of about 3% who survive it. I WILL NEVER TRUST A THAI HOSPITAL with anything worse than a cold. I am a 73 year old redhead and living in rural Australia as a kid I got sunburn nearly every week. I have been getting sun spots [keratosis] frozen off since I was 40. I had them done here too at Bumrungrad several times before I learned not to go there. Each time I was prescribed antibiotics and topical creams which were as expensive as the procedure and sold to me by the hospital. Home in Oz I was never given them and never suffered for not using them. Another time I was in Phuket and wanted to stay I bit longer. The airline would not let me change my ticket without paying a huge fee unless I had a medical cert. to say I could not fly. So I went to the hospital and told them I was severely congested both nasally and in my chest. I did not tell them it was just an act to get out of the airline fee. I just said I was sick and I was examined by a doctor and given my certificate. In Nan hospital a friend was diagnosed as having macular degeneration. Terrified of blindness he went back to Oz for a check and there was nothing wrong. Considering my earlier post wherein I said I would not trust a Thai hospital with anything worse than a cold and remembering my Phuket experience I now retract that. I would not trust them with anything at all. Well I will tell you two more stories about BNH Hospital. I had bought myself a set of weights. Suddenly I had a terrible pain in my shoulder. Off to BNH and was told I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Traction every day for one month [cannot remember the cost of each visit] and was not cured. They referred me to their orthopedic guy who said I needed a 350,000 baht operation. No way - back to Oz and it was a torn rotator cuff. Then one night I broke a wine glass on the bench which then rolled onto my foot and a shard stabbed me. Blood everywhere so off to BNH [will I ever learn?] where I was told Xrays cannot pick up glass so I was just stitched up [both meanings] and sent home. 4 days later a piece of glass emerged from the bottom of my foot so back to BNH where another doctor took an Xray and found several small pieces of glass in there I met an old Canadian bloke when he came here for some work on his wrinkly old face. Part of the surgery was around his ears. A week later he was at the airport on his way home and the bandage slipped. He went to the bathroom for a mirror to re-tie it. When he unwound the thing his ear fell off. He cancelled his flight and went back to the hospital. It was re-attached and he went off home again. I never saw him again so cannot give you the end result.
  12. Trentham

    Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    Thailand has a medical industry - NOT a medical profession.
  13. Trentham

    Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    Do not have an operation in Thailand. I have had and know of others who have had horrendous experiences.
  14. It is not a vote. It is a poll and it is not binding on the government to pass it once the polling is decided. The government has wasted 124 million dollars to know if the people want it and it has been shown in countless other polls that they do.
  15. I am sick of Google telling me I have made spelling mistakes.