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  1. I have been a collector of antiques for 50 years [Western. Not Asian] I know without doubt that I have not been "burnt". When you handle the piece you can see and feel its antiquity. It has a great patina about it that does not come through in the pics. The incredible fineness of the sandstone is nothing like the tourist rubbish. Anyway faking of antiques was not common 30 or so years ago. It is certainly Khmer style but whether it is from the Angkor region or from the old Khmer areas of Thailand I do not know. It certainly looks very similar to what I have seen in the Angkor temples. My problem is that if I show it to an expert it may be confiscated. If I knew that it was definitely from Angkor I would probably want to donate it back to them but then it would just disappear and turn up on some wealthy collectors shelf in the USA or Europe.
  2. About 1986 I bought this Buddha head in a dusty old Sukhumwit Rd. shop no longer there. It looks very Khmer to me. It was about the same time pillagers were ripping out stuff from the Angkor Wat region and selling it off everywhere.I don't want to show it to Cambodian experts because if it is the real thing I may not get it back. Is there anybody out there who can help identify if it might be a genuine Angkor piece? It is very fine and beautiful workmanship and certainly not the cheap touristy crap that is available. Thanks in advance.
  3. This topic won't get many posts. It doesn't have any stories about men making love to cement mixers, nothing about lady boys or scantily clad girls in Walking Street. The judge has made a very sensible decision and perhaps it is for lucky Amos that he is not Muslim. He is a really bright kid and it is Singapore's loss and the USA's gain that he has been granted asylum. Good for him!
  4. Thaivisa you are slipping to a new low with your sleazy, titillating topics. Raise the level. Lift your game. Does it do anybody any service to report crap like this?
  5. I met an old Canadian bloke when he came here for some work on his wrinkly old face. Part of the surgery was around his ears. A week later he was at the airport on his way home and the bandage slipped. He went to the bathroom for a mirror to re-tie it. When he unwound the thing his ear fell off. He cancelled his flight and went back to the hospital. It was re-attached and he went off home again. I never saw him again so cannot give you the end result.
  6. Sorry I don't know the salt level but by law now it will be on the label.
  7. Your comment reveals your ignorance of things Aussie. I was one of our leading chefs before I retired 20 years ago and therefore claim to know a little about food. Marmite and Vegemite are almost identical and are made by fermenting yeast in malt. Hence the description of them as being a yeast extract. The only variation in the two is the salt levels used. As for chocolate, the only stuff made in Oz is by Cadburys and that is a British company. If you were buying waxy stuff as you describe it then you were shopping at the el cheapo shops which is typical of the Poms in Oz. Technically you were not even buying chocolate - you were buying compound chocolate. Once again that is what the penny pinchers or those without food knowledge do. As for our no-taste beer you must be a real alcoholic to have tasted them all and be qualified to make that statement. There are probably 200 brands of beer made in Oz many of them boutique breweries. So sober up lad and get your facts right. By the way you British had better smarten up. Tasmania is now making fabulous whisky and winning prizes everywhere. So if you are a Scottish or Irish Brit - be warned.
  8. Perhaps it means "horrible Poms".
  9. What are you talking about? Marmite is almost the same as Vegemite and the Brits love that. I am an Aussie and I personally don't like either.
  10. Fleet or Picolax would be better. [ For the younger members they are bowel preparations pre-colonoscopy ]
  11. The pope is Satan. Do some research on the number 666, Satan and the pope [deliberately not capitalised]. I am an atheist anyway so don't believe any of their dogma.
  12. I wonder how many of them died while being sexually abused.
  13. You don't have much understanding of the situation down there do you!
  14. After all that has been written and all the evidence that is contrary to the verdict they still claim the the boys are guilty. It tends to detract from the sympathy I felt for the family.