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  1. Yup, I got a digital one there, sensor on wire to run outdoors, and tells the humidity, too. Needs batteries, but still working after 10 years. Few hundred baht.
  2. Regarding my post above on Andrew Forbes, please note that Andrew passed away on February 5, not March 5. My apologies for the error.
  3. Andrew Forbes, who lived in Chiang Mai for over 20 years, passed away suddenly in Luang Prabang, Laos aged 67, on March 5, 2017. He was in Luang Prabang to lead a tour of Indochina for Wilderness Travel. Hearing of his illness, his best friend and business partner David Henley rushed to LPB and was with him in his final moments. His wife Phet arranged a cremation there and his ashes were returned to Chiang Mai and spread on the Ping River, after a ceremony at his home in Nong Khwai, Hang Dong, attended by his daughter Isabel, who lives in London, and his many friends in Chiang Mai. Andrew, full appellation, Dr. Andrew Donald Wilson Rashid Forbes, led a life rich of travel and experience. He was a scholar, whose PhD thesis “Muslim and Warlords in Chinese Central Asia: A Political History of Republican Sinkiang 1911–1949 “ was published by Cambridge University Press, and a historian of great knowledge, particularly on East Asia and the Middle East. His series of books “Ancient Chiang Mai” give valuable insights into many esoteric corners of Northern Thai history and culture. I had the good fortune to work with Andrew and David some time ago, producing illustrated large format books to form a series called “Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia”. I was impressed not only with his powerful intellect and incredible knowledge, but also his sense of humor and appreciation of life’s absurdities and vagaries. His generosity of spirit gave me valuable encouragement in my aspiration to write, and always kept me laughing. We’ll miss you, Doctor Forbes!
  4. Strangely enough, it is much easier to get a license to distill clear alcohol, which if done improperly can be lethal, than the the much more benign brewing process used for beer. But then Mr. Beer Chang is Thailand's richest businessman, per Forbes magazine, so he must be right.
  5. Bike sold, mods please delete.
  6. Since all the other 18 countires on the list have inconsequential numbers of tourists coming to Thailand, another way to have put this is: Free Visas For Chinese Tourists
  7. I just had my CB300F's crankshaft replaced under the recall program for this bike. Must say that the difference is noticeable, engine much more quiet and smooth. Only because I asked, the mechanic told me that I should take it easy with revs and change the oil after 500-1000 kms. Has anyone else been told this, or maybe something different? Thanks for any input.
  8. WD 40 composition aside, I'd suggest that the OP first isolate the problem by seeing if the buttons on the unit still function. If not, try the cleaning suggested above. If it's the remote (and yes, mine failed), take it apart (cross head screws) and clean the contacts with a spray contact cleaner. Worked for me.
  9. The skies are clearing and it's time to ride! This quick and nimble bike is perfect for Thai tours. Still under warranty, perfect condtion, only 4500 kms on the clock. Botttom end recall fix completed and it's incredibly smooth for a single cylinder bike. I slightly modified the bike by replacing handlebars with those from a CB 650 for a more upright riding position, but still have the original ones if you want to switch back. Nice magnetic tank bag included. Price: 90,000 THB. Contact 053 852 717 or 08 4803 1256.
  10. I was at Airport Immigration yeserday picking up my marriage visa and stopped in at the office at the back and asked if I need to report back to them if I travel within Thailand and was told yes, but only if my passport details were taken when I checked into a hotel, since that would update my status on the computer.
  11. I saw gasket sets and a bubblewrapped crankshaft (aka khaw wiang) only. Didn't have time to observe the work or check the old crank. Mechanic said yes, easy on the throttle for a while and oil should be changed at 500-1000 km. We shall see.
  12. Just got my bike back from the dealer (24 hour turnaround). The engine is quieter and smoother than it ever was since I bought it (4500 kms.). I only rode it a few kms. but so far I'm happy. More reports will follow,
  13. I'm somewhere between you two on this. If you go to the FB group (in Thai) called CB 300 F Club, you'll see that Thai owners did pressure AP Honda about the crankcase issue and soon thereafter the recall came about. When I dealt with AP Honda about the coolant bleed valve leaking oil issue, they took action and solved the problem for free. As for getting a full refund, that's a bridge too far, I'm afraid. I took mine in for the crankcase refit this morning and we'll see what happens. I guess what I'm saying is that the pressure needs to come from local owners, who are more numerous, and, well, local. Otherwise, revgreen, I would respectfully disagree with you that ktm jeff is insane, he is trying to be helpful, and we all have our own way of dealing with things. Cheers to all.
  14. I'm supposed to take my CB 300 to my dealer in Chiang Mai tomorrow. I'd still be interested to know if what another poster mentioned about opting for an entire new engine is really an option on offer by AP Honda. I have confidence in the shop here, but replacing a crankshaft is really a big job. I'll ring AP Honda in Bangkok tomorrow morning, but in the mean time, does anyone know if they will actually give me a new engine if I politely insist? Thanks for any replies.
  15. Jeff, can you explain about "opt for a new engine"? Does AP Honda offer this choice?