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  1. I am currently looking for work in Thailand full time or contract. As I am looking to move to Thailand full time with my wife. We are currently in the process of building and opening a resort, but I would still like to keep my hand in work. I have 15 years experience in logistic/production planning, with-in the UK and Europe (Netherlands) most my experience has been gained working in the Chemical and steel industry. I am able to use all major MRP software (SAP, Glovia, Orecal) and all Microsoft software suites to an advance level. I do have basic Thai language skills but this is something that I am actively looking to improve. I also have a current DGSA, Six Sigma Green belt and 5S trained. I also have experience in dealing with hazardous waste with-in the UK and currently hold a valid DGSA certificate. We already have a condo and car in Thailand but would be flexible as to work location. I would also be willing to help with visa/permit and relocation costs. Ideal I would be looking for similar work, but I would consider any role should I be deemed suitable for. Further information available on request (including CV), please PM me. Thank you
  2. Thanks everyone for all you feedback, lots of reading and to take in. Just to confirm our marriage is registered in the Thailand and the Thai business will be set up in her name. Which will hopefully make s things easier, we are back across for 3 weeks in July so will be looking at a few potential properties in Pattaya, and carry out further research. Once again thanks for all you help and comments
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply's By the sound of things the Entry Non-O visa would seems to be the best option at the given moment. Would this allow for the opening of a bank account and Thai driving licence? Given that this can also be applied for in the UK seems to be the best option. As it will mostly likely be the 2nd half of the year before we move over there. We hope to use Pattaya as our main bases so Chonburi immigration will most likely be the best for us to deal with. We have been to peppers the last time we were in Ubon very nice restaurant and great food. If you could send me the contact details of the owner (if hes agreeable) that would be a great help. Thanks again for all the information, it gives me ideas and a great starting point. Regards
  4. Hi I am looking for some advice as to the best form of visa I need to move to Thailand and operate a business with my wife. I am a 32 year old UK national, my wife of 7 years is Thai but has been in the UK for the last 7 years and has a UK passport. Over the last few years we have been setting up a business in the UK which we hope to operate remotely form Thailand, plus renting out our house in the UK. But we have also built a small resort in Ubon and looking to set up a small restaurant in Pattaya, to generate an Income in Thailand, to live in Thailand. My question is what would be the best visa for me to apply for to start with, which would allow me to stay in Thailand long term. With the view to the possibility of getting a work permit. I understand that there are many factors to take into consideration but I am looking for a starting point to work from. As a lot of information that I have been able to find out is aim at retirement age people. Ideally I would be looking to open a bank account and obtain and Thai driving licence. So please let me know if you require any additional information that would help. Thanks
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    Job Website

    Bump for any ideas???
  6. I am currently looking for work in Thailand, Can anyone recommend and good jobs sites, i have been using JobsDB with limited feedback. I have also been checking this site and major multinationals websites. Has anyone had any experience/luck with agency (adeco, manpower ect) in Thailand? I have 15 years experience in logistics, along with degree. I am hoping to move back to Thailand with my wife. Thanks
  7. I am Currently looking for work in Thailand and to relocate from the UK with my wife of 8 years. I have 15 years experience in logistic/production planning, with in the UK and Europe (Netherlands) i have most working in the Chemical and steel industry. Able to use all major MRP software (SAP, Glovia, Orcal) and all Microsoft software suites. I do have basic Thai skills but this is something that I am actively improving. I also have a current DGSA, Six Sigma Green belt and 5S trained. I have attached a copy of my CV We already have a condo and car in Thailand, but would be flexible as to work location. I would also be willing to help with visa/permit and relocation costs. Further information available on request (including CV), please PM me. Thank you
  8. rushdentillidie

    Logistics and MRP Professional

    Hi all, I have over 14 years experience with-in the logistics industry with-in the UK and Europe (Germany and Netherlands) i have work for company's such as Khune and Nagel, CAT, Cummings and SSI UK. Have been married to a Thai for 6 years, we are looking to move to Thailand, where we currently have in the process of building a resort (Ubon) along with a house. I would ideally be looking for a role that would allow me to build on my current experience and skills mostly likely in Rayong or bangkok). My previous roles have been MRP and production control, along with waste management. I have great computer skills (SAP and MS office), along with a DGSA, and Six sigma green belt. I have a CV and references available should anyone wish to see. But would be very interested to discuss further with anyone requiring somebody of my back ground and experience. I am always looking to learn new skills and to gain experience. Regards
  9. Afternoon, I am looking for some advice please for my wife. She has been living in the UK now for 6 years and holds a UK passport. Although her old Thai passport has now expired. She is looking to return to Thailand for more than 30 days, so would like to enter Thailand as a Thai national rather than using her UK passport. She has spoken to the embassy today in London, which was little to no help, aside from the rude they rude manner (when speaking in Thai). All they can suggest is that we need to go to the embassy in London in person to get a new passport. Given that we live in North Yorkshire this would not be easy option given travel and work commitments. We have read in that it is possible to enter Thailand on an expired passport. Hence leave the UK on her UK passport and enter Thailand on her expired passport. Has anybody tried this or know if it is an option? The other option we have seen would be to go to Thailand on her UK passport, while in Thailand renew her Thai passport. Then say take a trip Singapore or Korea, and return to Thailand on her Thai passport, which would then allow her unlimited stay in Thailand? When this was mentioned to the Thai embassy she was told this would be illegal, but a reason as to why was unclear. If anybody has any experience with this or is able to offer any advice this would be most welcomed. Thanks
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    Return Flights BKK to UK

    Thanks for all the advice
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    Return Flights BKK to UK

    All, I am-trying to find some cheap flights (return) from Thailand to northern UK (MAN, NCL ect). My farther-in-law is hoping to come across form my wife's graduation ceremony form university. He has been granted a visit visa, so now need to book the flights. I have read that most airlines require to see the credit card used for the booking at check-in. As my wife will be paying, is there anyway around this? Or can any body recommend any Thai travel agency or website that flights can be booked on-line? It seems that flights originating in Thailand cost more that return to the UK. We have looked at one way flights also but this often appear to cost more than returns, which seems strange. Thanks
  12. rushdentillidie

    UK Visit Visa For My Wife's Father

    Just a Quick update to confirm that my FIL got his visa last week. Thank you all for your help and advice!
  13. rushdentillidie

    UK Visit Visa For My Wife's Father

    Thanks for all the reply s We are hoping to have the application form, finished today and then send it across to my wife's sister to print in Bangkok. Once the appointment has been booked and we have a date, we will then arrange for my FIL to travel to bangkok and stay with my sister in law for a few days, while he processes the visa at VFS. Although the supporting evidence that we are sending bank statements wages slips, will be in the format of PDF's, will in be OK for my sister in law to print these off in Thailand and use as part of the application? Given that my wife gets electronic wages slips, and we both have paperless statements from the bank? and we don't have originals. My FIL will also be bringing proof of his pension, house ownership and land ownership, given that these documents are in Thai, I believe that they will need to be translated. Can anyone recommend any good translation services near the VFS building? My final questions is current processing times, has anyone had any recent experience in turnaround times for a visit visa? Thanks again guys for all the help and advice it is much apprenticed. As many you have pointed out i would rather make sure we have everything in order first time round before we submit the application. Cheers
  14. rushdentillidie

    UK Visit Visa For My Wife's Father

    Thanks Bob, You make some valid points. I should have made clear that the farther in-law has a small business in Thailand and some farms. he also has a wife and some grandchildren that they look after, hence the reason why my mother-in-law wont travel. As for the funds for the trip this will be coming from my wife, who works full time in the UK. Myself I work full time in the UK and from savings. These sources of money will be sent to the embassy with the visa application (Wage slips, savings, bank statement ect) Thanks again for your help.
  15. Hi all, Sorry for the long post, but i am looking for some advice please. My wife has recently passed her master degree in the UK. So would like her father to come across to attend the graduation ceremony, which is the of November. I am just looking for advice as to how we can make the application as easy as possible. Given that me Wife is now a UK national (passport) and in full time work, I am hoping that we shouldn't face to many problems. Below I have listed all the evidence support documents that we have for the application, but if anyone can think of any additional requirements please let me know: Wife's UK Passport, My UK Passport, Farther in-laws passport Mortgage agreement for house Wife's wages slips Wife's Bank statements (show house-keeping money from myself also University details shows that course have been passed Farther in-laws pension payment (ex school teacher) Farther in-laws bank statement Invite letter The visa that we are looking to apply for is the visit visa, that i believe can be submitted on-line. The current cost is £87 and processing time approx 2 weeks? Given that the visa is for less than 6 months will my farther in law need to attend regent house in Bangkok to give his bio metrics? Given that my Wife Visa UK national, will I also need to provide any supporting evidence, such as my wages bank statements ect? Thank you all for you help. Regards