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  1. Thanks everyone for all you feedback, lots of reading and to take in. Just to confirm our marriage is registered in the Thailand and the Thai business will be set up in her name. Which will hopefully make s things easier, we are back across for 3 weeks in July so will be looking at a few potential properties in Pattaya, and carry out further research. Once again thanks for all you help and comments
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply's By the sound of things the Entry Non-O visa would seems to be the best option at the given moment. Would this allow for the opening of a bank account and Thai driving licence? Given that this can also be applied for in the UK seems to be the best option. As it will mostly likely be the 2nd half of the year before we move over there. We hope to use Pattaya as our main bases so Chonburi immigration will most likely be the best for us to deal with. We have been to peppers the last time we were in Ubon very nice restaurant and great food. If you could send me the contact details of the owner (if hes agreeable) that would be a great help. Thanks again for all the information, it gives me ideas and a great starting point. Regards
  3. Hi I am looking for some advice as to the best form of visa I need to move to Thailand and operate a business with my wife. I am a 32 year old UK national, my wife of 7 years is Thai but has been in the UK for the last 7 years and has a UK passport. Over the last few years we have been setting up a business in the UK which we hope to operate remotely form Thailand, plus renting out our house in the UK. But we have also built a small resort in Ubon and looking to set up a small restaurant in Pattaya, to generate an Income in Thailand, to live in Thailand. My question is what would be the best visa for me to apply for to start with, which would allow me to stay in Thailand long term. With the view to the possibility of getting a work permit. I understand that there are many factors to take into consideration but I am looking for a starting point to work from. As a lot of information that I have been able to find out is aim at retirement age people. Ideally I would be looking to open a bank account and obtain and Thai driving licence. So please let me know if you require any additional information that would help. Thanks
  4. Job Website

    Bump for any ideas???
  5. I am currently looking for work in Thailand, Can anyone recommend and good jobs sites, i have been using JobsDB with limited feedback. I have also been checking this site and major multinationals websites. Has anyone had any experience/luck with agency (adeco, manpower ect) in Thailand? I have 15 years experience in logistics, along with degree. I am hoping to move back to Thailand with my wife. Thanks
  6. I am Currently looking for work in Thailand and to relocate from the UK with my wife of 8 years. I have 15 years experience in logistic/production planning, with in the UK and Europe (Netherlands) i have most working in the Chemical and steel industry. Able to use all major MRP software (SAP, Glovia, Orcal) and all Microsoft software suites. I do have basic Thai skills but this is something that I am actively improving. I also have a current DGSA, Six Sigma Green belt and 5S trained. I have attached a copy of my CV We already have a condo and car in Thailand, but would be flexible as to work location. I would also be willing to help with visa/permit and relocation costs. Further information available on request (including CV), please PM me. Thank you