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  1. Grab and Uber in Thailand not really "door to door"

    I usually had that happen when pinning down the location in the app as opposed to typing the actual address. Not sure if it's the app or the drivers, but if I don't enter the exact address but pin it down instead, the chance that they would arrive at the right address/side of the street is roughly 50-50.
  2. Vietjet Air -- Reviews

    The actual safety rating for VietJet on the website you mentioned is 6 out of 7, which is pretty good. The 2 star is a product rating, nothing to do with safety - https://www.airlineratings.com/ratings/vietjet-air/ I flew with them earlier this year BKK-CM and everything went fine.
  3. Budget accomodation

    I second the J-hotel. Been there back in 2010 and it was a good value and I bet it still is.
  4. Third-Sex Thai Hostesses Ready For Takeoff

    Southeastern European here, and I have nothing against them working regular jobs, including this one. Yes, most of Russian or Eastern European people would probaly disagree with me, hence one more reason for me to move away. And yes, I like girls only. However, what I do not like is generalisation.