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    You can only get the official currency of a country you're staying in from ATM, which means Thai baht in Thailand. It doesn't matter if your account is in USD, EURO or something else, you can only get Thai baht in Thailand, Euro from EU countries etc.... Also, this question would be better suited for Payoneer forum. As far as I know you can only have one Payoneer card.
  2. FarangSerbia

    Quiet and luxurious place to stay?

    Maybe consider Dcondo Campus Resort. Not that luxurious, but better than Green Hill. Another option would be D'Vieng in Santhitham, but perhaps that's a bit too far away and could be noisy if you're condo is facing the street.
  3. I tried to use it at Moscow airport in a coffee shop with "Accept Union Pay" sign. The waitress told me the card rarely works and asked if I have Visa or MC instead. I obliged.