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  1. Quite frankly they should abolish the British monarchy, and kick all the royal freeloaders out, and make them work for a living. Nothing but a bunch of leeches of society, doing absolutely nothing.
  2. well I hope he is happy. most were just trying to make a living and maybe didn't have the money for visa's etc.
  3. What a fool, and sad. In bear country and doesn't carry a gun. When I go into bear country I carry no less than a 357 Magnum revolver. I carry a 9mm daily. When i was in Alaska the tourist magazine stated, if you go into bear country do not carry less than a 357.
  4. Has anyone recently entered Thailand on a 30 tourist visa with a one way ticket. Possible, I used to enter fairly often on a one way ticket but have not done it for years. Due to return to Thailand and my retirement visa will have expired. want to return on a tourist visa, one way ticket and they apply for new retirement visa
  5. Some Thai's have no brains at all. Why humiliate the kid, what can he do. Sad
  6. Please tell me that I can by a house, or a condo and own it forever? No BS
  7. Forget about democracy, The elite are the moral dregs and dross of society - far, far worse than any harmless beggar on the street. They are part of the power-wielders who ensure that fascism and oppression of the people continues and that there will always be beggars on the street and poverty up and down the length and breadth of the land, and the farmers are nothing but vassals.
  8. Dont buy anything in Thailand, you will regret it. You cant own anything, and it can be confiscated at any time . the country is run by a dictator.
  9. So you either go organic or eat the pesticide lace vegetables. So you either pay a few extra bath, or you pay the big price at the hospital or with your life. The choice is yours?
  10. uffe123

    Using Taxi Service like Uber, Grab...

    Just grab one and you are on your way
  11. The pesticide companies pay well!
  12. uffe123

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    good luck to you if you make it in one piece.
  13. uffe123


    TIT, amazing Thailand, can never happen any where else. That's what happens when you have a bunch of meatheads running the show.
  14. uffe123

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    Price keep rising under the military, they only know how to shoot people. No idea on economics and how to run a country,. Pork used to be 75 Bath a kilo now 150. cooking gas 150 a tank now 400, everything is expensive, 4 buck for a gallon of gas. This is what happens when people dont have clue on how to run a country is in control. They only know how to take care of themselves. But keep on buying those submarines and bullet trains. The thai farmers are nothing but a bunch of vassals. Pity the poor Thais.
  15. I got bit by the neighbors dog, and went to the hospital. The doctor told me to get rabies shots, better to be safe than dead. There are my side effect to the shots, and unless you are going to be around soi dogs, i woudnt suggets it.