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  1. +1 Actually, it's not so much American values, it's more Washington's values. And it's not just arrogance. It's sickening HYPOCRISY.
  2. Craigt, what are we seeing ? The UN makes a few decisions that people agree with, and people want to bang the drum for whatever UN ruling. All of a sudden, the UN makes a decision that people don't like, and oh, and people want the decision to be thrown in the bin. Yes, I myself reckon that a few of the UN's rulings should be thrown in the bin. How about this ? Scrap the UN, it's basically an irrelevant and useless institution. It's main point is to prevent World War Three. Well, Russia and China have got their nukes aimed at America, and America has got it's nukes aimed at Russia and China. That's why World War Three won't break out. So, what's the point of the UN ? There isn't a point ?
  3. See, this is what I mean. You're saying ["Iran is not "harmless", and it is a threat to world peace."]. And, because unfortunately, a third of all Americans have this opinion, well, that's why Donald Trump wants to bring back sanctions against Iran. Going back to having sanctions against Iran, it appears to be that most posters on ThaiVisa are against this. And indeed, people here on ThaiVisa do actually represent the views of most people. Trump is doing this, just to make certain voters happy.
  4. Craigt, what is actually happening ? You're saying that China has done a lot to rein in North Korea ? Well, Kim can detonate another nuke next week, and he can fire a couple more missiles over Japan, and there's nothing anybody can do about this. Okay, what's going on ? For a start, Beijing's incentive to take action against Kim is not that great. Kim's nukes are aimed at Japan and South Korea, not at Beijing. What else ? See, Beijing knows that some (but not all) of the people in Washington are part of the "anti-China brigade". These people, they're the ones who claim that China is a danger and threat to world peace, they claim that China is trying to take over the South China Sea. They also claim that China is a bully, getting involved in border disputes with many of it's neighbours. And also, the absurd claim that China is building up it's army, and that China has intent to use this army. I myself regard all this as childish but dangerous demonising of China. Now then, Beijing knows that the anti-China brigade in Washington is actually in a powerful position, they might actually be able to influence Donald Trump. And here's the point, why would Beijing work hand-in-hand with Washington, when Washington regards China to be part of an axis of evil ? This absurd axis of evil is, supposedly, made up of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia and China. The absurd theory says that China is part of the problem, and not the solution to the problem. Why on earth would China do a war against North Korea ? Again, none of Kim's nukes are aimed at China. And Kim is creating a problem for America and it's Far East allies. The problem is far smaller for China. And yes, Beijing is outraged by Washington selling THAAD to Japan and South Korea. Go ahead and say that Beijing is being stupid regarding THAAD in South Korea, but that don't change Beijing being outraged. So, with all the above talk, why would Beijing rein in Kim ? And here's the point. If Washington slaps 30% tax on the Chinese goods entering America, well, this will hurt China. And through pain, Beijing might actually say to Washington "yes, we will rein in Kim of North Korea".
  5. Okay, so Donald Trump is going to put pressure on China's Xi, to rein in North Korea. Now, what can Donald Trump actually say ? Obviously, telling China "look, we (the USA) will invade you, if you refuse to invade North Korea" is not going to happen. So, what cards has Washington got to play ? Telling China "we're not going to let anymore of your people into America" is going to be pointless. Why would Beijing be scared if America refuses to let anymore Chinese into America ? Now, what might make Beijing take notice, is if, if Washington slaps 30% tax on the Chinese goods entering into America. Yes, this might frighten Beijing. This might force Beijing to take serious action against North Korea Kim. What else can Washington do ?
  6. Pence is a disgrace, leaving an NFL game after players making their protest. Blacks in America, as in the African Americans, they certainly should have the right to protest against the human rights abuse that is being done to them.
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/15/britain-germany-committed-to-iran-nuclear-deal-theresa-mays-office-says.html Oh, so Britain and the EU are going to carry on the nuclear deal with Iran, even if Washington does pull out ? How about this ? Washington pulls out, and puts up massive sanctions against Iran. At the same time, Europe and the rest of the world will carry on trade links with Iran, and all other links as well. Not one drop of Iranian oil will enter America. And if Iran wants American goods, well, it will be okay for British companies to import American goods, and then re-export to Iran. This way, everybody is happy.
  8. Iran are harmless, they're not a danger and threat to world peace. This is being done, why ? Trump knows that, unfortunately, roughly a third of Americans believe that Iran is a danger and threat to world peace. The scrapping of this deal is being done to re-confirm support from these voters. And also, because Obama created the deal, well, that's why it has to be scrapped.
  9. The OP is about Chinese state media attacking Western democracy. I really do reckon that America democratically electing Trump gives ammunition to those who want to attack democracy. I might as well point out that there's people who want to attack democracy by pointing out, that Duterte was democratically elected in the Philipinnes. You've raised the issue of a load of Chinese wanting to migrate to America. Well, I don't think their main reason for going there is because they want the political and religious freedom that America gives them. Their main reason is, is because they can earn more money in America. Bit like them Mexicans going to America. Bit like them Philipinos coming into Britain. How many Vietnamese want to leave Vietnam, and enter Britain or America, because they want political freedom ? Surely, none ? The ones who want to leave Vietnam, they're doing it because they want a job that gives them better wages. You think so ?
  10. Okay, okay, how's this for a comment ? "America is living proof that democracy, sometimes, doesn't work". See, Donald Trump was elected last year, and his victory was certainly democratic. How many Americans here on ThaiVisa hated Trump before that election ? How many still turn up here now, showing their hatred ? And how many backed Trump before the election, but they're not willing to support him now ? Some of those who backed Trump before the election, and who don't like him now, they're not even willing to turn up here and show themselves.
  11. What, we're back to this nonsense again ? So, Washington has decided to, once again, do a macho display of it's military hardware by ordering combat ships to sail near the Chinese dots. This time round, the order is a half-hearted macho display. I mean, if you're going to do a macho display, okay, sail the combat ship inside the 12 mile zone. Why sail it just outside the 12 mile zone ? It makes the display look silly. And whether we're talking about a Chinese man-made island, or a real island, well, what difference does it make ? A Chinese man-made island, or a real island that is 'illegally' claimed, it's the same thing. If you think Beijing is wrong doing this, well, sail the combat ship inside the 12 mile zone. Washington is doing something that is almost laughable, but this is not funny. We might be seeing a massive military strike against North Korea soon, and Washington wants to bring back up the nonsense issue of the Chinese dots/specks. Has Washington done this, in order to take some media coverage away from North Korea ? So, yes Washington, try and focus on North Korea. You want to show how hard you are ? Well, next time North Korea detonates a nuke, or wait for Kim to fire a couple more missiles above Japan's skies, then, go and launch a massive strike against North Korea. A strike that will knock out Kim and his nukes.
  12. So, Mecca might be attacked. So, that's why THAAD is needed in Saudi Arabia. Who wants to attack Mecca ?
  13. Okay, so for us people with British, American, German, French passports, you can go by land to Laos or Cambodia. You stay in Laos/Cambodia for just ten minutes, and you walk back into Thailand, and you get a 30 day stamp when you walk back into Thailand, and you can do this twice in a calendar year ? And one calendar year means Jan 1st 2017 to Dec 31st 2017 ? And it also means Jan 1st 2018 to Dec 31st 2018 ?
  14. You call this "nonsense" ?? Morch, I'm trying to see who are the people who actually reckon "yes, if North Korea carries on detonating nukes, if they carry on firing missiles above Japan's skies, yes, America should go ahead and attack North Korea". Morch, are you a person who reckons it will be a good idea to attack North Korea even if they do NOT fire a missile at South Korea or Japan. Okay Morch, if you do think this, yes, a lot of people will call you a war-monger. But still, you can still say it, if this is how you feel. I'm going to carry on saying "North Korea should only be attacked IF they fire the first missile". And if Donald Trump reckons the same thing, well, in that case, things are okay. There will be world peace. Kim's not going to give Washington a reason for nuking North Korea. Kim's not going to fire the first missile. The biggest concern is, is that a bunch of war-mongers in Washington are going to tell Trump that it will be a good idea to attack Kim, attack Kim even though he hasn't attacked South Korea or Japan.