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  1. Mike Pompeo is head of the CIA, and he's got something against Iran. Making Pompeo the new Secretary of State is a disastrous move. Iran is not a threat and danger to world peace. But America is moving closer to fighting a war against Iran. America is moving closer to World War Three.
  2. Hello Boomer. Okay, about Tibet, an interesting issue. I put below a wikipedia link about Tibetan history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tibet#Qing_dynasty Okay. Back in the 1200s or 1300s, the Mongols took over China and had the Yuan dynasty. During this time, they also took over Tibet. So, Tibet was in the same Empire, but it did have a level of 'autonomy'. Later on, the Manchus (Qing dynasty) took over China. During the 1700s, Tibet, under anybody's interpretation, was controlled by the Qing dynasty in China ?? The wikipedia article shows this ? So, in the 1950s, yes, Chinese tanks rolled in. But they were simply taking what was already their land. Or, what was previously, their land. It's simply a myth when people claim that, "Tibet was a place that had nothing to do with China when China took it in the 1950s". Now, lets have an un-official rule. If you fought a war and took land, and it was prior to 1899, then you can rightfully claim that the land is yours. But if you took that land during the 1900s, well, that's called 'theft of land'. Boomer, yes, I'm trying to be a bit funny. 1899, yes, that's how we can make taking over Australia and New Zealand as being okay.
  3. Okay, let's look at each point that has been made. Tibet. Tibet has got no oil, so, why on earth make a big deal about Tibet ? Aborigenes in Australia are also a minority, so why bother raising the issue of a load of Tibetans being a minority in Tibet ? Taiwan. If a load of Chinese want to fight against another load of Chinese, well, how about let them get on with it ? The important thing is, is that none of our own soldiers get killed preventing one load of Chinese killing another load of Chinese. Philipinnes. They've had their democratic vote, and they put Duterte in power. Let them choose their own future. If Duterte wants to take the Phils closer to China, well, let him do it. By the way, the Phils are a nation that is more democratic than places like Cambodia and Burma. Phils actually has democratic elections. And the rich and poor in China ? I don't think we really care. If Mao Zedong comes back, and butchers five million people in Beijing, well, why on earth should our soldiers get involved in trying to stop this ? It's the same in the Middle East. Why should our soldiers risk their lives when one bunch of the locals are fighting against another group of the locals ? The important thing is this. China is exporting a heap of cheap goods, and we want the cheap goods to continue. No, I'm not in favour of Trump or Europe putting serious taxes on the Chinese imports. Just as important, is to try and get Beijing to open up China's vast domestic market to European and American goods. Yes, China will hopefully create vast profits for Levi Strauss, Nike, Adidas, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc. That's what it's all about.
  4. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is dangerous and absurd, and Donald Trump turning up in Jerusalem to look at the embassy will make things worse. This is all being done to offend and antagonize Islam and the Muslims. I haven't put up lots of posts to blast Trump, but this time, I really do think Trump has got it wrong. Obama reached out to the Iranians, and it was a sensible and good thing to do. Trump is undoing all the good work that Obama did towards Iran, Trump is carrying out a backwards and dangerous step.
  5. Will the US and EU put up sanctions against China ? You're right, it will never happen. The US and the EU are happy to continue importing a mountain of cheap Chinese manufactured goods. And there's the hope of increasing existing exports to China's vast domestic market. Any talk of China being a threat to world peace is simply silly. Washington and the EU know that China is harmless. It makes no difference to Washington or the EU if Xi stays for life. If trade barriers are put up against Chinese imports, well, that will be done for economic or other reasons. Washington might put up taxes on the cheap Chinese imports if Beijing continues to partially block American goods entering China. Or Trump might reduce slightly the Chinese goods being imported. That's because he did actually say he would, at the general election.
  6. And the comment from Fred Kaplan sums it up in a massively correct way. Washington had several goals when being involved in Syria, but as he says, achieving one or two of those goals will torpedo the others. I still reckon that Washington's intent always was to, back whatever rebel groups in Syria, support them in the fight against Assad. And then, once Assad had gone, then target any of the rebel groups that are against America and Europe, and bomb them. And, because Turkey is in NATO, Turkey will get things their way, in the end. Or shall I say, Washington will try to make sure that Turkey is happy once this is all over.
  7. Interesting comments. Okay, why do people have something against Xi ? Is it because we reckon that he is going to harm the people of China ? Or, is it because we reckon he might harm people who are outside of China ? As in, he might harm us ??
  8. Hello there, thanks for your response. Okay, about the gun problem in America, what is the solution ? Well, I'm certainly not in favour of guns, but I do accept that drafting in laws to quickly remove guns is not a good idea. Yes, drafting in new laws will simply take guns away from law-abiding citizens, criminals will still have guns. How about this ? Having a so-called handgun will make people feel more safe. I think that, not many Americans have them semi-automatic assault rifles. Why would anybody want to have three assault rifles, and two thousand rounds of ammunition ? Is it really for self-defence reasons ? So, how about draft in new laws, that will limit how much ammunition a man can have, and only allow people to have ONE semi-automatic assault rifle ? And even this law, it will become law in six months time, not today. This removes the sense of shock to the pro-gun people. And then, give it time, draft in more laws, that will reduce the number of guns in America. In other words, slowly reduce the number of guns in America.
  9. So, hardly anybody wants to migrate to China ? Well, as far as I know, not many people in countries like Britain, France and Germany want to move to America. I myself have no desire to move to America, part of the reason is, is that I don't want to get killed. Actually, the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Florida dis-courage me from going on holiday to America, let alone going there for a job. And I'd much rather stay in a country like Thailand, rather than America. And the mass shootings we have seen. The mass shootings in Las Vegas and Florida, they didn't happen in bad areas, I don't think they happened in places that were poor or rough. And the mass shootings in America's schools, I don't think they're more likely to happen in poor and rough areas. They seem to happen in random areas. About feeling safe. It's all relative. I feel safer walking around in Pattaya or Bangkok at night time, rather than London. I think New York and Los Angeles are just as dangerous as London. No, they're more dangerous than London.
  10. Not having to worry about getting killed whenever you step out of your house is very important, right ? Surely, that's more important than having to tolerate the political leader being there for two decades or a bit longer ?
  11. I think you should change that to "All of Asia, except for S.Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, is moving towards lifetime dictators". Singapore, in most peoples' opinion, has got a life-time ruler. His father controlled Singapore for life, as well. And I think the present man's son will inherit the position later. If that happens, three generations would have ruled Singapore.
  12. The South China Sea must be open to ships carrying cargo. The cheap Chinese goods that we see in Britain and Europe flow through the South China Sea, and so, nobody should be allowed to block the South China Sea. Who is trying or threatening, to block the South China Sea ? Who is threatening to stop the flow of cheap Chinese goods being transported from China to Europe and Britain ? Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, don't you dare stop this flow of goods. You will regret it if you try.
  13. Them people in Hong Kong look the same as them people in China. Surely, that's because they're both Chinese ? And them people in Taiwan look the same as people in China and Hong Kong. A good proportion of them people in Hong Kong consider themselves British ? I don't think they do. But even if some of them reckon that they are British, well, they're not though, are they ? Do people in Britain reckon that them people in Hong Kong are British ? Surely not ? But anyway, my point is, is that the British government has sometimes raised the issue of preserving Hong Kong's freedom and rights. The British government has done this, it's more to do with antagonising Beijing rather than whatever genuine concern about freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Hong Kong. Are your views on the British government similar to mine ?
  14. Well, no need to go cap in hand to China. It's just that previously, the British government was able to antagonise Beijing and Beijing couldn't do much about it. Britain can't afford to antagonise Beijing right now, so it's best to not mention the Dalai Lama.
  15. Why is it that Britain has raised the issues of Tibet and Hong Kong during previous decades ? Surely, it was done to offend and antagonise Beijing. After all, do people really care about human rights abuse in Tibet or Hong Kong ? Brexit has now happened, and Britain needs all the friends it has got. Better to not offend and antagonise Beijing over anything.