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  1. Yes, Beijing knows that this is a highly dangerous move. Beijing might actually go and build a few more islands in the South China Sea during this time. Washington moving it's embassy to Jerusalem means that other stuff has been removed from the front page of the newspapers.
  2. ???? This move by Trump is massive. This move will trigger off World War Three. And it's not going to be America against Russia. It's not America against China. It's America against Islam. And for some of Trump's supporters, a war against Islam is what they want.
  3. Chinese media upbeat on U.S. ties ahead of Trump visit

    The above Youtube link, is actually Mr Trump's granddaughter singing in Mandarin Chinese. The little angel's name is Arabella Kushner. Yes, this is the way to win hearts and minds. This is diplomacy at it's best. This will produce a massively positive image of America, to China. Yes, this is the way forward. This is how things are suppose to be.
  4. "Trump even changed his Twitter banner, uploading a photograph of himself and Melania with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, during a Chinese opera performance at the Forbidden City. " Okay, below is a photo of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, and the wives. Well, who do you think has got the better looking wife ? Trump's bird is actually stunning.
  5. Chinese media upbeat on U.S. ties ahead of Trump visit

    https://uk.news.yahoo.com/trumps-250-billion-china-miracle-060704722.html Okay, lets get away from these basketball players. In the above link, Trump has helped America export about $250 billion of goods and deals to China. Them basketball players, IF they had of derailed such massive trade deals, well, that would have been very serious. Yes, Boeing are selling 300 jets to China, worth $37 billion.
  6. In Beijing, Trump presses China on North Korea and trade

    Mr Trump, I knew it, I knew that you would deliver when it matters most. Okay, below is a link regarding the deals that have been done by Trump in Beijing. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/trumps-250-billion-china-miracle-060704722.html Okay, quote from the article "Some huge deals were announced. Among them is a 20-year $83.7 billion investment by China Energy Investment Corp in shale gas developments and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia, a major energy producing state that voted heavily for Trump in the 2016 election. "The massive size of this energy undertaking and level of collaboration between our two countries is unprecedented," West Virginia Secretary of Commerce H. Wood Thrasher said in a statement. Yes, a deal worth billions of dollars and the collaboration between America and China is unprecedented. The article also talks about how Boeing are going to sell to China 300 Boeing for $37 billion. Trump really is the man who can do a deal.
  7. Chinese media upbeat on U.S. ties ahead of Trump visit

    These 3 men have harmed America's image when in a foreign country. America should punish them, because this will send a strong message to all Americans. It means America is actually saying "when our citizens are outside of America, they must not cause problems, we will not tolerate our own citizens harming other countries, we do not wish our image and reputation to be harmed by our own people".
  8. Chinese media upbeat on U.S. ties ahead of Trump visit

    No. I'm saying that China should punish these men, as if they were Chinese who were caught shoplifting. And then, when these men go home to America, America should give them a further punishment. The further punishment being done by America is because, 'these man harmed America's image outside of America'.
  9. Go on, Mr Trump, I give you credit and respect for saying it as it is. Washington will sell a huge amount of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and back Saudi Arabia. To Washington, it doesn't matter that Saudi Arabia practically bans Evangelical Christian preachers turning up there. For Washington, it doesn't matter that Saudi Arabia practices a form of Islam that is more strict than Iran's. The important thing is, is that Saudi Arabia won't attack America or Europe. And that's why Washington is willing to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and make a good profit. If Hillary was in charge, what would happen ? Hillary will back Saudi Arabia just as much. It's just that, Hillary will keep quite about it. Hillary is not going to declare it blatantly to the media. So yes, Mr Trump, I give you credit and respect for your honesty and saying it as it is.
  10. Turkey, you're against the Kurds in Syria. How about you support Assad, Assad is trying to remove ALL rebels (that includes the Kurdish rebels) in Syria. So you don't want to see a new Kurdish 'homeland' in northern Syria. There's no need for you to send your soldiers into Syria. Just let Assad get on with it. Maybe you should help Assad.
  11. Chinese media upbeat on U.S. ties ahead of Trump visit

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/ucla-basketball-players-arrested-china-day-trump-visit-005857956--nba.html The basketball players supposedly stole the stuff in a Louis Vuitton shop. If they did actually steal stuff, yes, they should be given serious prison time in China. Turning up in China, and thinking that you can steal stuff. They are a disgrace to America, and should be further punished when they go home to America. Commit a crime, you get punished. Commit a crime where you damage your nation's image, the punishment has to be greater.
  12. "No dictator, no regime, no nation should ever underestimate American resolve," "Every once in a while, in the past, they underestimated us. It was not pleasant for them, was it?" Yes, Donald Trump is totally correct. Back in World War Two, Germany and Japan threatened the USA. And it was certainly not pleasant for Germany and Japan. Germany and Japan were hit, and hit hard by America. They fully deserved it.
  13. Craigt, and Morch as well. Do try and think about what's going on. Beijing flooding whatever countries with Chinese tourists, what has this got to do with anything ? Look, flooding Thailand with Chinese tourists, this is already happening, this is the generous carrot that is being given to Thailand, in return for buying Chinese subs. Craigt, why do you think Thailand bought the Chinese subs ? Thailand didn't buy Chinese subs because, because Beijing's face is more beautiful than Germany's face. There's also the issue of Thai companies having access to the vast China market. What about Vietnam ? Why on earth would Vietnam talk to China about ownership of the South China Sea ? It's because Beijing is again, offering a giant carrot to Vietnam. The giant carrot being "Vietnam will be flooded by Chinese tourists", and Vietnamese companies will be given access to China's vast market. That's the huge carrot being offered to Vietnam. In return, Vietnam hands over the South China Sea. Why would Vietnam hand over the South China Sea to China ? Oh, and if Vietnam continues to protest against China taking over the South China Sea, well, Beijing might massively restrict the number of Chinese tourists turning up in Vietnam. And Beijing might target Vietnamese companies, and restrict whatever access they have to the vast China market. And maybe slap some serious taxes onto Vietnamese goods that enter China. All this is going to hurt Vietnam. Can you guys see that ? If you want to say that, that Beijing is being a bully by doing this, well, go ahead.
  14. Ah yes, but Xi Jinping is not backed by Washington. Saudi Arabia is backed by Washington. Hence, the media can condemn Beijing, but they don't want to highlight the issue of Washington backing Saudi Arabia.
  15. Craigt, IF it was the case that Beijing told Thailand "okay, buy Chinese subs, don't buy the German ones, and China will continue to flood Pattaya and Thailand with Chinese tourists, and if you buy German subs, well, China might restrict the number of Chinese turning up in Thailand". IF Beijing did actually say that, well, do you reckon that Beijing is wrong ?? The thing is, I think Thailand should be allowed the freedom of choice to go and do what it wants to do. And surely, the same applies to Vietnam and the Philippines. Do you feel the same way ? You say that my views are warped ? I predict that Thailand buying Chinese subs, and Chinese anything, it's going to continue. It will continue for as long as Chinese tourists are flooding Thailand.