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  1. As for the work permit question. You'd need a minimum of 8 Thai employees at at least minimal wage to get 2 work permits.
  2. The problem is that after you invested all this time in them, they leave to take better paid employment elsewhere. So unless they pay you to be taught, I can't see how you can make money on this. Skilled workers are sought after in Thailand and do earn good money. The problem is that we all expect workers at Western standards for Thai minimum wage. Just not possible.
  3. Actually it's not. But whether cross border server lease is seen as equipment royalty depends on what is stated in the tax treaty between Thailand and UAE. If nothing specified than I advise to ask the Thai RD directly. Google shows several countries having recent court cases regarding this exact matter. In all cases I could quickly find was it ruled that it is considered a royalty.
  4. I assume the customer in Dubai is not sending Thai Baht notes by mail. In stead any payment would be wire transferred to the Thai company's account. How could one possibly file that as a cash sale? Plus I also assume the the Dubai company would want an invoice which accurately describes the services rendered.
  5. I was also reading that site earlier. But you misinterpreted the info. The WHT expemption (see note1) is if you as a Thai entity would pay the Dubai company for services rendered. A tax treaty is to prevent double taxation, so it's not taxed in both countries. Actually according to international tax regulations the computer rental is most likely considered to fall under equipment royalty. The link you shared says this has a 15% WHT rate. You do know that withholding tax can be used as a credit against corporate tax due. So if the company makes a profit that WHT is not costing you anything. Just get a real accountant and they will figure it out for you.
  6. 5% withholding tax on equipment rental. Withholding tax is not noted on the invoice. Either the customer deducts it and pays to Thai RD and then gives you proof of this, or more likely if customer is abroad he pays full amount, and you pay the withholding tax yourself. Plus you need to charge 7% VAT on the invoice (providing you are VAT registered), because the service is done in Thailand. Any capable accountant should be able to tell you this and make the necessary PP30 and PND statements for you.
  7. Can I take more than 20,000 US from Thailand in cash

    No restrictions on foreign currency, but one still has to declare it to customs.
  8. I can totally relate. Once the escalator at the airport stopped working while I was on it. Very uncomfortable feeling to have to walk on it when it's not moving as well.
  9. Uncontrollable Thai child

    When I met my girlfriend she had a 2yr old daughter living with her grandparents since 6 months. Nice and smart kid but spoilt rotten during that short time. Very similar to the kid in the OP's story. Anyway after 2 years of dating we decided to raise the kid. So a (by then) obnoxious 4yr old entered our lives. I had her (more or less) back to normal within a month. Rule no1: no = no. Never buckle or give in to tantrums, crying, screaming or whatever the kid tries. When you made your mind up, stick to it. It becomes easier very quickly. But give in once and you are back to square one. Rule no2: touch anything in the shop and we won't buy it. Period. No exception. If she wants something, she can ask, or during the first few months and not speaking English much yet, point. Rule no3: ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Only give attention when the kid is good. Never argue, fight or explain your decision until the kid is old enough to understand or debate at a certain level. Rule no4: Be around. A lot. Show that you are someone she can depend on.
  10. Camel at 60 Baht per pack. Used to be 98 before the 'tax increase'. Good times!
  11. Thaksin faces more agony

    I just did. Military budget 210B Baht. Education 493B Baht.
  12. Deformation and the Laws of Thailand

    Although defamation law in Thailand is stricter than in most other countries, plus it's a criminal offense, not just a civil, when there is a clear public interest, you are allowed to proof the truthfulness of the statement and if done it's not defamation. See criminal code 329 and 330. http://library.siam-legal.com/thai-law/criminal-code-defamation-sections-326-333/
  13. Only a Falang ...

    Yep. The connected Auto Chlor unit is a hint.
  14. F1 2017

    Malaysia would not make a good choice since this year will be the last F1 race there.
  15. If you take the bridge at the 420 before Suratthani total distance will be around 95km, but travel time is 15 minutes - 30 minutes less than driving through Suratthani.