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  1. Losing a street race to a pick up truck? Sad!
  2. Bring tools to Thailand

    Yes, if you take your chances with the green channel at the airport, hoping you get it in for free. If they do stop you , the fine is up to 300% of the actual duties. No, if you officially declare and import. Duties are fixed based on harmonized system codes, and not up to any customs official. I've imported all kinds of things and never had any surprise in what to pay. Just make sure real value, description in English and Thai, along with HS codes is on accompanying invoice.
  3. Bring tools to Thailand

    Most hand tools are 10% duty. Most power tools are exempted from duty. On top of duty you need to pay 7% VAT. All above calculated on cost of goods plus shipping plus insurance. Value of the goods can be assessed by customs official based on similar products for sale in Thailand, if no original invoices are present, or self declared value is not believable. Regardles of the above. Just fill a suitcase and take your chances at the airport when flying in. They only seem to care about ciggies and alcohol and high value items such as designer bags.
  4. The shadow on Toon’s glory

    I am employed in Thailand and immigration and labor department make sure I pay the tax on my full income. Actually there are months where I don't even get the salary but still pay the tax on it. My Thai girlfriend on the other hand earns more than I do but on paper only a quarter. Most Thais just don't declare their income. So it's all very hypothetical to complain about the government not spending right, when no one is paying their fair share in the first place.
  5. The shadow on Toon’s glory

    Before declaring Toon or any of the rich donators to his cause 'heroes', it would be nice to see some tax returns. I doubt any of them paid even a tenth of the tax they would have if they declared their true income.
  6. Britain's new 3 billion pound warship has a leak

    The comment is very valid for English, American and Italian cars.
  7. Hey Harvey! I didn't know you were a Thai visa member as well...
  8. Reports on here are contradictory. I suggest asking your region's immigration office directly. I just came in on a non-B, and my living place is at the office I work at. According to Samui immigration the housemaster (my boss in this case) is required to report a tm30 every time I move back into the house (whether I was abroad or somewhere else within Thailand). Samui immigration claims there are no exceptions, even when on an extension of stay. This contradicts the video from Jontien immigration I just watched and was shared in another thread about reporting.
  9. Trump is the ultimate troll and keeps on proving just how hypocritical alt right media is. Remember Fox' reports on Obama's frequent golfing trips? And now that Trump is doing it? remember Fox' reports on the Dijon mustard Obama once asked for? Yet Trump's eating preferences are of no importance. Soon it will come out that Trump is half Latino, and the alt right media will embrace that just as easily. Shortly after it becomes known Trump regularly practices faith in a mosque, and they will find a way to spin it and accept that as perfectly acceptable.
  10. Hmm. I'm only allowed to name one other country with true Wilderness? Then I'll have to choose between Canada, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Greenland (Denmark), and a range of other countries...
  11. 'A way of life which was once the envy of the world'. You mean the way of life of a white heterosexual man, who could just take what he wanted without any consequences? Be it resources, territory or women? Well fortunately those days are over...
  12. The Coffee Pouring Puzzle That’s Messing With People’s Minds

    20 minutes sounds correct. Slow guy does 20/60 = 1/3 of the hole in 20 minutes. Fast guy does 20/30 = 2/3 of the hole in 20 minutes.
  13. Is Grab Taxi now in Samui?

    Yep. Grab is on Samui. And no, existing taxi mafia couldn't care less as Grabs prices on Samui are even higher than the proposed new meter taxi fares or NaviGo fares. All of them about 4x the Bangkok fare. Enjoy Samui!
  14. I understand that foreigners reading this are upset by the stated numbers. But the reactions from the few Thais in the story is just feigned outrage. Thais don't care much about safety, be it on the road, workplace or anywhere else. When it's your time, it's your time. Since Thais don't care, they won't demand government to care, so police also don't care. Just see what happens when a helmet check is being done at a school and bikes confiscated. Parents will storm the police station and demand bikes returned and this nonsense to stop. If the locals don't care, I don't care.
  15. Yeah great, until they move onto the next stage which will be called 'white monkey' and they detain all white people, before figuring out who is good or bad. Let's see your complaining then!