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  1. Gulfsailor

    Learner Driver Insurance

    I have never heard of this, nor can I find a reference to this online. Where did you get this information from?
  2. Or you can just keep buying the plastic bottles of water, and separate the empty bottles from other garbage. These can be sold at any recycling station, or someone will happily collect them from your home, in order to get them recycled.
  3. Politically it is a bold move by Warren. The dems refused to talk about impeachment before, most likely so that they have a better chance of taking the house and senate after the midterms. Impeachment talk may rally Trump's base. And without a majority there will not be an impeachment anyway. What's also understood is that if Trump is either removed or resigns Pence will take over. And then he will have a decent change to be potus for the next 6+ years. Even with Pence implicated in the entire Russia thing als also out of the picture, Paul Ryan as speaker of the house will be the next president. None of these outcomes are favorable to the dems. So there best bet was to wait after the midterms with any impeachment proceedings, so they can force both Trump and Pence out, and a democratic speaker would take over the presidency. He/she would likely pick Clinton as VP, and soon after taking office would resign. Then would make Hillary the potus. The full release of the Mueller report showing Trump's and many of his enablers' misdeeds would prevent too much public outrage. So looking at all the above speculation, the person who wrote the piece in the NYT decided to thwart that plan, by bringing the timeline of impeachment forward prior to the midterms. The only one to gain from this would be Paul Ryan! With a successful impeachment he will become president, and with a failed impeachment or process past the midterm elections at least the republicans showed they still put country before party, and may keep majority of either Congress or Senate. i just don't know why Warren took the bait though.
  4. Horace; on a side note, online listed property prices on Samui are complete BS. Most high end properties get sold for 50-60% of the asking price. But there is always a newbie with too much money... Rule of thumb for Samui; 30k Baht/m2 built for decent quality construction Plus 15M - 50M Baht per Rai beachfront land depending on location. Then add 2M for a good sized pretty pool. So a nice 4 bed/4 bath villa of 400m2 on 800m2 land with a big pool will set you back a little over 20 million if you're on the south of Samui. With fancy furniture and quality decoration you can get yourself an awesome villa for under 25 million.
  5. A neighbor of mine wins almost every other week. At least that's what the firecrackers going of indicate. And when he doesn't win on his own tickets he offers people with winning tickets a premium price, paying them more than the actual price they won. He is a such a lucky and generous guy. He told me he is a pharmacist....
  6. Gulfsailor

    Is it illegal for me to rent rooms in my house?

    It's called home stay and perfectly fine. Only when you rent out more than 4 rooms/keys do you need a hotel license.
  7. True. Except of course when there is an undated but signed agreement between said Thai shareholder and a yet to be filled in party/person, by which his shares are transferred to this new person/party. That's how Thai shareholders in 'sham' companies are exactly told how to vote and this act as agents. In return they get a monthly stipend. Hard to proof such agreement is in place, unless one raids the law firm who set it all up and where the contracts are likely being kept.........
  8. When you ask why are companies with a foreign control/share permitted to register a land purchase; On Samui they certainly aren't. What happens is that a company is set up with no foreign shares and no foreign director. Company then purchases the land and land department thinks everything is dandy. Immediately after the land purchase the foreigner gets 49% of the shares with preferential voting rights and becomes the sole director. Its pretty clear what the purpose of such company is, and designating such as an illegitimate business is reasonable in my book. Most of my friends who owned property in Samui through a company have changed the ownership structure in the past 12 months, going to either a lease, usufruct, finding a private Thai nominee, or transfer Thai owned shares to Thai people who could actually proof they had the resources and reasons to invest in said company. The local lawyers, who set it up initially with nominee shareholders who were just employees from the law firm or friends and relatives of the gardener, were warned a crackdown was imminent and companies owning land and having foreign control/shares would be checked thoroughly.
  9. Gulfsailor

    Coolest bed sheets?

    Yeah. When I ordered the mattress and asked if they could make it bigger than King size, this wasn't a problem +20% for an extra foot on either side.
  10. Gulfsailor

    Coolest bed sheets?

    eluxury.com I only purchased down pillows and bamboo pillow cases from them. Beware that you will likely have to pay duties and vat. I think it was 30%+7%, but it's a few years back, so not sure and could have changed since. Both the pillows and cases are still in excellent condition. My mattress is too big to fit any premade sheets.
  11. I think she can only be counted if she is not a major shareholder. Since ce the beginning of this year the small company I work for is having some serious difficulties and revenue is seriously down. So much that there was a risk of going under if 4 Thai staff were have to be kept employed in order to keep me employed. Boss asked the labor department if it was possible to fire two staff and they agreed without a negative effect on my workpermit. I wasn't allowed a (temporary) lower salary though.
  12. Designate social media platforms as publishers. That way they are legally liable for whatever gets posted, and they can remove/sensor what they want. Same as TV.
  13. Lowest risk of death by motorcycle accident in Europe though (both by population and number of motorcycles). https://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/specialist/knowledge/poweredtwowheelers/safety_of_ptw_s/moped_and_motorcycle_fatality_rates_en
  14. Licenses in the Netherlands; 16 years old; max 50 cc (or 4 kW electric), Max construction speed 45 km/h. Automatic license if in possession of bigger moto or car license. 18 years old; max 125 cc. Max 11 kW. Max 0.1 kW/kg dry weight. 20 years old; max 35 kW. Max 0.2 kW/kg dry weight. 23 years old (of after having above license for 2 years); no limitations. (Possible to get the license at 21 or 22, but will have restrictions as per above license until 2 years pass or rider turns 24).
  15. Gulfsailor

    I was in an accident in Bangkok

    According to Thai law, drivers are liable to a maximum fine of Bt1,000 if they fail to stop their vehicles for pedestrians at marked crossings. In the events of a road accident taking place, drivers involved must compensate victims or their families. In the case of death, reckless drivers are liable to up to 10 years in jail and a fine of up to Bt20,000. In the event of serious injuries, reckless drivers are liable to up to three years in jail and/or a maximum fine of Bt6,000.