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  1. If by continent you mean Europe, then in most places you will still be inside the EU. Hence your car would not have passed any customs. Try driving to Norway or any of the Eastern European countries or beyond which are not part of the EU, and you will have to pass customs. In case of a hard Brexit customs will be reintroduced on the UK's borders.
  2. Depends on the conditions of the loan. Mortgages often have a life insurance included which let the heirs of the hook. Without anything stipulated in the loan agreement the heirs become liable for the loan. If the inheritance is less than the debt burden, the heirs will decline the inheritance. I assume at that point the guarantor will become liable for any outstanding debt.
  3. All exported goods need to pass customs. Although everything is documented, not every shipment gets a physical check. It's the same upon import of goods. Based on certain risk factors it is decided which shipments will be checked. The question by the other poster onto how this could have lasted so long on the exporting side without customs finding out is a valid one.
  4. Polyethylene is nothing like polyurethane and chemically totally unrelated. Polyethylene is actually one of the very few plastics that is totally harmless in most conditions. But it does burn at relatively low temperatures (340c), so special treatment is required when used in building cladding, or areas with open fire. That's what was lacking in this case. The smoke from burning PE is no more toxic or irritating than smoke from burned wood.
  5. Ah crap. So I can't use the excuse of being born two days early, for my not walking until being 2 years old, or wetting the bed until 7? I always assumed this must have been the reason ;-)
  6. Not a real mystery. It's a way to proof that someone is actually in the country of the consulate from which they are applying the visa, if they apply by mail. Otherwise you'd have people in Thailand or a neighboring country sending their passports to a friend back home and they forward it to a friendly local honorary consulate to get the visa, after which they'd send it back to the original holder. The alternative is that one needs to apply in person (which by the way is the requirement at more and more consulates and embassies nowadays).
  7. One can only obtain a night club permit in an entertainment zone. Samui has no entertainment zones. Hence ALL establishments officially will need to close at midnight. This has been the law since as long as I can remember. But it always amazes me how many people are not aware of this law. And this includes plenty of bar and club owners on Samui.
  8. I assume you meant to say that the Philippines vessel had right of way. But just 30 minutes prior to the collision the PH ship made a strange U turn and then nearly straight into the destroyer, with only a last minute adjustment in course, hence the damage on the PH vessel just on the port side of its bow. After the collision the PH vessel turned again back on its original course heading northnortheast. Very strange the erratic behavior of the container vessel and very strange that the destroyer never appeared to have seen it coming. If this was the start of a Tom Clancy novel, I would put my odds on a live test of some new cyber warfare equipment, which made the US destroyer go blind and altered the autopilot on the PH container ship.
  9. Service really depends on the individual delivery guy/girl in my experience. We are also in Bangrak just in the ghost road, but our mail come from the Chaweng office. Never any problems really.
  10. I think a problem will occur when traveling from non-schengen via schengen and another schengen to a non-schengen destination. The reason being that for the intra schengen flight there is no international airside situation. The departure and arrival are both within Schengen. It's similar as transiting through a single country, but arriving on one airport and leaving again from another airport. There is no way to get from the one airport to the other without entering the country. In this case the problem would occur in Amsterdam already, as your wife would need to pass immigration into Schengen before she can get on the intra schengen plane to CDG. Since you mention both AMS and CDG I assume you fly with KLM/AirFrance. I suggest you contact them urgently to check. Ps. Donutz is correct that a visa has to be given on the spot when traveling together with a spouse who is an EU national. But you need to travel together and be able to prove your relationship.
  11. I assume this is not aimed at tourists but at Samui kids. At least those attending the schools which follow a Western curriculum and have their long holiday in July and August (ISS, SCL, LIS, Panyadee, any others?)
  12. My girlfriend, her daughter and myself plan to spend some time in The Netherlands this summer among other to enjoy my dad's 75th birthday. Following the advice on Thaivisa I had my gf and daughter apply for the Schengen visa directly at the embassy in stead of via VFS. It took some searching the embassy website but found a link to a direct appointment system. Interestingly it is maintained by VFS and runs on their website. First opportunity for an appointment was 20 days in the future and on most days only one time slot was available. So my gf booked that time slot. I then sent a message in Dutch to foreign ministry in The Netherlands explaining that it was not possible to book two appointments on the same day, and the system gave an error when trying to pick 2 persons on the one appointment. I got a reply a few days later explaining that it was okay and my gf and daughter could both use the one appointment. upon arrival at the embassy the guard easily let them in when being shown the appointment. The consular staff however started to scold my gf when she was handed two applications. My gf showed the email in Dutch saying it was fine. Staff then had to relay to a Dutch person in the back office. Upon return she proceeded to process the application. An apology would have been appropriate but that was not to be. 15 minutes later all done and they were handed two application numbers. Tracking system showed it took the Kuala Lumpur regional back office 10 days to process them, and informed that an email would be sent with further instructions. After three days of no email I planned to enquire at the embassy, when my gf and her daughter both received their passports in the mail. Both granted their visa! Daughter for 2 years multiple entry and gf for 4 years and a little over 3 months multiple entry. All happy, and despite the obvious reluctance of the embassy the accept direct applications, the process went smooth and a positive result was had. Now just hope that shit in Qatar doesn't hit the fan the next few weeks as we're flying Qatar Airways.
  13. I'm from a country where everyone from an early age is on a bicycle. When coming across a truck with its large blind spots I was taught one simple rule; When you cannot see the driver (in the truck mirror) it means he cannot see you.
  14. Keat Boatshop near BigC has EVA foam (used on Stand Up Paddle boards). I've never seen PVA sheet or polyethylene sheet on Samui. I buy HDPE solid sheets from RS online. If you tell me how much you need and for what purpose, then I may be able to help you with some material I still have.