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  1. Duties on the bag plus shipping is 20%. On top of it all 7% VAT. So for example 1000 gbp bag and 50 gbp shipping at 44thb/1gbp it comes to a total of Thb 13,121 in duties and VAT.
  2. Now stop with the homosexual references!
  3. I'm sure there is something in the loan contract with the finance company that forbids taking out a second loan on the asset. It wouldn't matter anyway in your case, as a contract between man and wife cannot be enforced, and your assets and debts are shared in marriage.
  4. The reason why palm oil is ruining forests and habitats is that it has a very high yield, thus is very popular and economic. No other animal or vegetable oil comes close to the amount of palm oil extracted per hectare of land. In that respect it's actually the best source of oil for environmental reasons. If palm oil was replaced by olive, rapeseed, sunflower and others, 5 to 10 times more land would be needed to meet demand.
  5. Yep, that's the weird part of all this extra security. My parents just visited the US. Before their flight home they had to sign up for some service whereby your face is scanned into a computer. Upon arrival at the airport they could then bypass most security. They didn't even have to take laptop and liquids out of the bags, nor take their shoes off. Odd, considering all the extreme measures taken on inbound flights.
  6. That current autopilot systems are pretty smart and will warn. It wouldn't be hard to make it fully automatic. However, the system relies on sensors (radar for instance) and AIS (a system where the ships coordinates, speed and direction are transmitted). But if one of the parties (as was the case in this collision) is not transmitting AIS and has a small radar signature, then such system will fail.
  7. You make a lot of assumptions about my income based on my username. I'm not a merchant sailor and we own a single 12 year old car. Most international schools offer scholarships if the kid is exceptional in academics or sport, or if parents have a modest income. Although I'm sure our income is higher than most Thai families, I'm also sure that the majority of foreign / mixed families in Thailand have an income higher than ours. But they don't see their child's education as a first priority and send their kids to Thai school or English program schools. It's about ones priorities.
  8. If a person decides to start a new family in Thailand after retirement, it may be hard to properly educate kids in Thailand on a state pension. That said, maybe they should have thought about that before committing to kids. Younger foreigners in Thailand should make / have at least enough money to pay for a decent education, should one decide to start a family. Otherwise just do like the OP is planning, and move back to your home country to have the kids educated there. That all said, even with a modest income, one can offer their kids a good education. In my case I choose to send my kid to a top international school, even though it costs us a third of our income. I'd rather spend it on that then on drinking, punting or showing of a new car every other year. It's all about ones priorities.
  9. I haven't seen any report of the plane crashing after the delay. So it is fair to say that the old lady's wishes have worked. Who knows what misfortunate the flight would have had otherwise. We'll soon see some locals throwing amulets in the engine for good luck :-)
  10. A ship is not a plane. Rules for collision avoidance on the water dictate that vessels turn to starboard.
  11. Trump firing Mueller would mean the end of Trumps presidency. But if Trump was complicit in Russia's meddling, or if he committed other criminal acts before becoming president, then Trump will have no choice but to fire Mueller when he starts to gather evidence. Even Trump would choose losing face and his presidency over ending up in jail.
  12. If you read a bit into the unrest in the south, you will come to the understanding that it is not really about separatism but about creating a state of permanent chaos in which the smuggling of goods between Thailand and Malaysia can flourish. All quarreling parties reap the benefit from that. The moment that Muslim terrorists initiate an attack in Bangkok is the moment a border wall will be built, and a massive army force will put an end to it all. All the security at airports, malls and other public places is just to ease (mostly American) people's fear. If a terrorist wants to attack, there are still many high profile targets vulnerable. Just drive a bomb van onto a car ferry for instance.
  13. If by continent you mean Europe, then in most places you will still be inside the EU. Hence your car would not have passed any customs. Try driving to Norway or any of the Eastern European countries or beyond which are not part of the EU, and you will have to pass customs. In case of a hard Brexit customs will be reintroduced on the UK's borders.
  14. Depends on the conditions of the loan. Mortgages often have a life insurance included which let the heirs of the hook. Without anything stipulated in the loan agreement the heirs become liable for the loan. If the inheritance is less than the debt burden, the heirs will decline the inheritance. I assume at that point the guarantor will become liable for any outstanding debt.
  15. All exported goods need to pass customs. Although everything is documented, not every shipment gets a physical check. It's the same upon import of goods. Based on certain risk factors it is decided which shipments will be checked. The question by the other poster onto how this could have lasted so long on the exporting side without customs finding out is a valid one.