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  1. Obviously a farang macaque. Put him in a wife beater and he would blend right in.
  2. Lots of research done.
  3. Depends on whose feces. A lot of diseases originate in the gut, due to the wrong (balance of) bacteria. Adding the right bacteria can do wonders.
  4. I see the file name on an iPhone.
  5. Any phone shop that shows replacement screens in the window or counter can open the phone and check for common problems like the battery.
  6. It surprises me how many people break their screens though. I've had all iPhones from model 4 up and 3 different iPads. So far I only encountered one little crack in the corner of one iPad. None of the devices have bumpers or protection, and they get dropped all the time. Last week was the first real damage, when an iPhone 6 slid if the desk while charging and playing a video and it landed on its side on the tiles. It wouldn't turn on at all afterwards, but el cheapo shop assessed that the battery somehow was damaged. I paid 1000 Baht for a new battery and all is well again. The only phone I had issues with was an iPhone 5s which bricked during over the air updating. I spend a week trying to fix it and went though dozens of iTunes errors. All to no avail. Apple service center tried and also couldn't fix it so they offered a new one for cheap. In stead I went to a local shop and they managed to get it to work again after two weeks of trying. Cost 300 Baht.
  7. This policy has long been ended. Now you can have your phone fixed and at next update won't brick it. The exception is the fingerprint reader for security reasons.
  8. Could just be a faulty battery or a lose connection inside. Ask any cheapo shop to test with a replacement battery. People saying you can't change the battery don't know what they are talking about. It's two tiny screws at the bottom and then you can pivot the screen up. The battery is there connected with a connector to the side. Just pop of the cap with a knife and you can undo the connector. Ps a new battery will set you back 800 - 1200 Baht depending on the location and quality of the battery I guess. You can also opt for an original battery at something like 3000 Baht.
  9. Germany - U.K.: 1-0
  10. The school had a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs. Students who are suspected of using drugs can be asked to take a drug test. I only heard of one kid in this school year who was suspended for not willing to take a test. He was later let back in after successfully passing the test. ISS is no longer offering 6th form (A levels), so some kids decided to leave ahead of their IGCSE to enroll in boarding schools at Bangkok or Phuket. Recently the school formulated a partnership with Bromsgrove so after IGCSE's ISS students can go there for their A levels without paying enrollment fees. Sadly Samui is not big enough to offer a quality education all the way to 18 years. Then again, kids have to move off the island anyway for further study, so they might as well take that step at age 16. My kid is in ISS and overall I've been very happy with her achievements and progress.
  11. It's best to stay inside during 'The Purge'.
  12. Then you'll get a problem with high tier members. When I was platinum at KLM Air France I could book a seat up to 2 hours before departure. Guaranteed seat. This means that if the flight was full, someone else was booted off to make space. Even in business class, in which case an existing passenger would be downgraded to economy (courtesy of KLM :-))
  13. So, they are parking the USS Vinson East of Korea. That is downwind from any nuclear fallout, and far from Peong Yang. This means China apparently doesn't want the Vinson in the Yellow Sea, and thus the chances of an actual large assault by the US on DPRK are slim. Just posturing and maybe they'll take out the next non nuclear test missile with the Aegis system. When the carrier group(s) start to round Korea into the Yellow Sea, then the shit is about to get real.
  14. I dont think it works in Thailand like it works in the US, where one can just abandon the property and walk away. Here the bank would repossess through court and then auction off the property. One would still be liable for the remaining debt (auction price - mortgage amount - court fees - bank fees).
  15. When this story started to go viral yesterday I was surprised the stock price wasnt affected. I read an analysis that airlines already have a bad rep anyway and these kind of incidents are priced into the share price. Well... I guess some analysts underestimated this. Everyone in the world is talking about it. Today UAL is getting hammered. Quote from twitter: United Airlines stock is being re-accomodated...