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  1. 4g is possible at 42mbps. Data packages are limited to a certain amount of data, after which speeds go down. These can then be upped again by paying online. Just walk into any dtac, true or ais shop and they can help you with a data sim and dongle. Ps. For full video conference 10mbps is more than sufficient, and with 4g you'll have the best chance of getting this speed also for upload. Most fixed wired connections have a dreadful upload speed. And forget about getting anything over 1mbps in a hotel, when sharing the connection with dozens or even hundreds of fellow guests.
  2. I thought your device didn't have wifi. From a security point of view there is no difference. That said, even if there is a UTP connection in the room it is likely in newer buildings that it's connected wirelessly to the main router and the internet. And strictly speaking you are connected by cable to your own travel router.... Does company regulations allow a 4g connection? Then use a 4g dongle or setup your phone as a hotspot. This is always more secure than any hotel network (wired or wireless).
  3. Get a wifi travel router for less than 2000 Baht. The router connects to the wifi, and your device via utp cable to the router. Then you're fine in any location with wifi only.
  4. Coolest bed sheets?

    The higher the thread count, the closer the yarns. That means softer, but also less breathable and thus warmer. In Thailand I use bamboo linen. Much much cooler than high thread count cotton and still very soft.
  5. F1 2018

    Quali prediction; Hamilton, Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Bottas.
  6. The Netherlands has decided not to go. Hopefully many others countries will follow.
  7. You might be surprised to learn how Porsche is actually pronounced... the Thai way is a lot closer to the correct way than the English way, calling it a Porsh.
  8. It says 330 on the crystal...
  9. The guy should just pledge his loyalty to Trump via a tweet, and he will be pardoned by him. Birds of a feather and all that.
  10. Quick update; the senior staff member was so kind to expedite things and had a look at the documents in advance of the scheduled appointment. So no overstay. Unfortunately things have gotten stricter, and due to the company I work for posting losses for too many consecutive years, she couldn't accept the application this year. I did get the 7 days refusal 'extension', so will leave next week. I'll get a new non-B from abroad.
  11. State tobacco to suffer first time loss in history

    A few years ago I switched from Marlboro to Camel. So I was very happily surprised to see Marlboro go up to 145 Baht a pack and Camel down to 60 Baht a pack. The reason for the weird price changes is as follow; in the past excise tax and duties were calculated based on the import or manufacturing price. Foreign brands thus sold their Thai wholly owned subsidiary the ciggies very cheap to keep these taxes to a minimum. The excess corporate profit (on paper) generated locally in thailand was legally moved out of Thailand by paying large licensing fees to a parent company abroad. So in response to that the RD decided to now base the (slightly higher) excise tax and duties on the retail price and calculate backwards. That way they receive much more tax revenue, because importers can't use artificially low import prices. As a result locally made ciggies along with some foreign brands have gone up in price. Some foreign brands however saw the opportunity to gain a huge market share by lowering retail prices and thus also paying less taxes.
  12. The boss is trying that right now. The officer in charge was apologetic today on the phone, explaining there are just too many applications to go through. She even gave some extra requirements not on the required document list, to make sure the applications gets accepted and is not further delayed. So we'll take care of those first now and have the boss hand these personally to the officer in charge tomorrow. Maybe a nice smile will persuade her to have a look at the docs and accept them there and then. That would solve everything. Fingers crossed.
  13. Until I decide what I'll do, I think it's better that the location remains unspecified. It won't do me any good to publicly shame them until I actually get my extension.
  14. New Tyres For Toyota 4WD Any Recommendations?

    I have a sportrider, which is basically the SUV souped up version of the Tiger. I used to have Duellers as well, but last time replaced them with Dunlop Grandtrek AT1. These are working well so far (circa 30,000k done and still 12+mm thread left on back tyres) and quite a bit cheaper at around 4000 a piece. I found this ad just now offering buy3-get4. http://www.superautomax.co.th/product/dunlop-grandtrek-at1/