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  1. Cool! We need these in Thailand. Can put many tourists inside! Big money!!
  2. Some info on the appeals process here; good luck!
  3. Gulfsailor

    Do you lose weight when living in Thailand?

    Within 3 to 4 weeks in farangistan I gain around 8% body weight. I lose it again in 6 to 8 weeks when back in Thailand. Reason is simple; I eat once or twice a day in Thailand and 3 or 4 times a day in Europe, just to stay warm.
  4. Gulfsailor

    British diver reveals how Tham Luang 13 were saved by their smell

    I'm available for booking. I'll wear a dry suit for 9 days, then open it right at the time the divers resurface in the movie. A bit like booking Santa for your party.
  5. Thank you for the info! As for the road there, I guess you took the shortcut before reaching Sadao. On the map it seems fine but that road is very small and not actually laid out like on the map. A little longer, but much easier and quicker is to drive all the way to Sadao and then turn right to Padang Besar.
  6. Personal preference.
  7. Ah, countering with some good old trusted Sovjet Whataboutism. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whataboutism#Soviet_Union_period
  8. Europe is not afraid of Russia's military 'might' in the slightest. Europe's defense buffet averages 1.4% of its GDP. Russia on the other hand is spending in excess of 5%. Trump is trying to have Europe spend more, knowing most of that extra money will flow towards US defense contractors. What the West is afraid of is the constant meddling of Russia in Europe's national politics and identity. Like I said, Russia's propaganda machine is better than anyone's, and apart from keeping Putin in power, is mostly active abroad pitting people and parties against each other (left vs right) and breaking up traditional alliances and agreements like the EU (Brexit), Schengen (Hungary, Austria), FTA's and NATO.
  9. And impossible to sleep on if you normally sleep on your side or tummy. I prefer two economy seats over these angled lie flat business seats.
  10. The argument that Russia couldn't be behind all this, because it appears all so amateurish, is completely bogus. Russians f*** up constantly. Although the Russians have a very professional propaganda machine, their hands-on success with violence, assassinations, rescues and military operations is far from flawless. Some examples from the top of my head; - Shooting down a civilian airliner over Ukraine thinking it was a military plane, thus killing over 300 people. - Botched assassination attempt on former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko. - Botched assassination attempt on Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko. - Dramatic handling of the Beslan school siege, resulting in the killing of over 300 school children and teachers. - The botched 'rescue' during the Moscow theater ending with the loss of 170 people. Russia does not have the know how to do things properly domestically and lacks the intelligence infrastructure and human assets to do things themselves abroad, thus relying on 3rd party contractors to execute plans.
  11. Is there any update on this? Did you make the trip Smily with parking at the border? I'm considering doing the same next week with the family. Too much hassle taking the car over to Penang, when a train goes every hour. But would like to know for sure there is a secure parking area at the border as we'll be 5 days on Penang. And what are the distances to walk (parking - Thai immigration - Malay immigration - Pedang B train station on Malay side)? Thanks!
  12. Until the Thai government gives the stateless boys the Thai nationality and a passport, most of these rescued kids aren't going anywhere outside of the province.
  13. Gulfsailor

    S.O.S -- Drill bit needed

    RS online Thailand has several multipurpose drill bits 4mm diameter with a long shaft. https://th.rs-online.com/mobile/c/tools/power-tool-accessories-drill-bits/twist-drill-bits/?applied-dimensions=4294431608,4294438257,4294440304,4294440819,4294440824,4294861261
  14. Such promised returns are generally not offered by the developer, but by an agent or separate entity. These are tiny llc companies with a minimum registered capital. So, when it can't live up to its end of the contract, they just let it go bust.
  15. I just saw some pictures on Facebook from fishermen near Phuket rescuing / bringing aboard tourists wearing life jackets! Any boat missing??? 2 boats!! At least 130 tourists! https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-tour-boats-overturn-in-storm-rescue-mission-launched-67762.php#30X9Qc3bfsxupD5D.97