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  1. the rest of the world would suffer
  2. surangw

    Prawit: No officials tied to drug rings

    No officials tied to drug rings= all are current with their payments
  3. surangw

    Watch ‘China’s Worst Driver’ Try to Park a Car

    and he is a driving instructor
  4. "investigations " are the carrot on a stick that gives the suckers hope justice will be served
  5. that should give them plenty of time to hide/fabricate evidence and make up excuses
  6. so, special treatment over all the other honest Thai persons that apply for a visa ?
  7. pay with a credit card, dispute the charge
  8. surangw

    More cocaine being discovered in Patong

    coincides with less dealers making tea money payments
  9. how much under the table paid for fast visas for them and their handlers ?
  10. surangw

    British Man in Mercedes Hits Thai Garbage Collector Crossing the Road

    being British and driving a benz makes it more serious ?
  11. behaviour wise, the see to fit in rather well