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  1. Yes healthcare is a basic human right and, within any developed economy, should be free at the point of use for all citizens. However, whilst the government is paying the bills, it does so with taxpayer's money. Healthcare is never free, you pay one way or the other, but leaving it to the private sector and the insurance industry is just giving them a licence to print money; it's shareholders first, patients second. .
  2. I guess with a name like Roman he should be eating pizza.
  3. Stocky

    Android box and IPTV - Kodi problems

    +1 Likewise, I have a C120 Air Mouse (with keyboard on the reverse), but generally prefer to use my Rapoo K2600 wireless keyboard.
  4. Last time I went through my taxi driver was able to use the booth, I had to go join the queues in the new big immigration 'barn' like building, which was a complete pain and took about 30 minutes. That was on a normal sort of week day, I'd hate to try a holiday weekend!
  5. Stocky

    Where to buy a high-end laptop?

    I bought both my Dell laptops (built to order) through Dell Thailand and the Dell supplier they connected me to: www.atomworldwide.com/
  6. I've not been through Sadao since earlier in the year, have they finished the 'redesign', or was the mess in part because it's still under construction?
  7. This is a 2 year old thread! Why we waking the dead?
  8. Stocky

    Android box and IPTV - Kodi problems

    I don't find Win 10 as an interface any less simple than Android. It all works well with the TV, soundbar and a remote keyboard/touchpad. The little PC is tucked away next to the DVD player.
  9. พระนคร (Pra Nakorn) (Phone: 074 800 372) (7.0052415, 100.4846478) Fairly recent addition to the strip of bars & restaurants along Thumnoonvithi Rd east of the junction with Thanon Sam Sip Met heading towards PSU. It's on the right hand side heading out of town opposite the Vietnamese restaurant in the little parallel soi. It used to be the White Line bar, but that was knocked down and this modern bar & restaurant built in its place. It's a Thai restaurant, all the usual favourites and well priced. There's live music and a young Thai clientele. Food was very good, meal for two with plenty of beer was under Bht2,000. Note that Gap's Garten, the German restaurant & bar has now closed - pity, will miss the spätzle. .
  10. Stocky

    Android box and IPTV - Kodi problems

    Yes, just a mini PC that's not much larger than an Android box.
  11. Veganism is clearly detrimental to one's sense of humour.
  12. Stocky

    Android box and IPTV - Kodi problems

    +1 I gave up on Android boxes recently and also opted for a Windows box, I looked at the Intel NUC but opted for an Asus Vivomini VM45 instead. Very happy with it.
  13. We're omnivores not herbivores. Everything in moderation. We all die of something, you seem set on dying of boredom.
  14. The recent study I think you are alluding to is the Monash University of Melbourne study that found no overall benefit for those over 70. However, daily low dose aspirin is still shown to be of benefit to adults aged 50 to 70 in reducing stroke risk, though it should be remembered there are dangers in taking aspirin, it can cause internal bleeding. The one I take I buy at my local pharmacy, labelled 'Aspent-M 81mg' comes in containers of 60 tablets, costs Bht50.
  15. You could always take the ferry from Penang to Langkawi and then the ferry from Langkawi to Trang. I have no idea of the timetable or the cost, I just know that those are ferry routes.