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  1. I use Andyroid , I got hacked off with Bluestacks asking I install apps I don't want.
  2. Indeed, there's the rub! But if France is to be competitive then labour laws need revision. Both left and right have previously promised reform but neither have had the courage, or a sufficiently big enough mandate, to poke that hornets' nest. It looks like Macron will have both.
  3. We're on the 50/20 package for Bht700 - we get pretty much what it says on the tin. Been with TOT for thirteen years here in Hat Yai, very happy with them. They brought the fibre connection direct to the modem on the 2nd floor and at the back of the house. The wires outside run past the windows on the 2nd floor anyway, so easier than dropping it down to the ground floor. The 50/20 package will be plenty enough if all you're doing is talking books and custom roms, 200/80 would be serious overkill.
  4. Still doesn't allow more than 180 days per year in the UK.
  5. Good point, Huawei have service centres in all major Thai cities. I've not needed one but I know there is one here in Hat Yai. Since the upgrade to Android 7, I can get two days out of the battery on the Huawei P9.
  6. Thai national can apply for a visa at the embassy that will allow a stay of 90 days, this can be extended for a further 60 days. I don't think there's an option to extend entry on visa waiver.
  7. I went through this review process at the start of the year and opted for the Huawei P9 - six months on I'm very happy with my choice; it's an excellent phone.
  8. Indeed, the reason why we didn't jump from 2 year direct to 10, opted to take the 5 in between, it's a reasonable wodge of cash to lose if they don't give you what was requested.
  9. They're not cheap, but do offer a slight discount on multiple 1 year visas. As for the 'must prove you meet the standard visitor visa requirements' we've never had to do anything specific. On arrival the immigration officers ask the usual questions and I think once asked to see a return ticket, but nothing unusual. When we applied I gave no more paperwork than previously, except for a letter from me explaining our circumstances and details of said ageing relatives. The wife had previously been granted 3x 1 year, and 1x 2 year visas before we applied for the 5 year.
  10. Centre Point hotels work for me when travelling with the family, can get a two bedroom suite to fit us all in.
  11. +1 - Internet in Thailand is very much a postcode lottery, your best source of information is your neighbour or your nearest Internet Cafe.
  12. Why don't you apply for a 5 or 10 year visa? I have ageing relatives in the UK so want to be able to travel at short notice with my wife. She currently has a 5 year visa, when that expires we'll apply for a 10 year. If your wife has a good history of visiting the UK and leaving then there's no reason for them not to issue a 5 or 10 year visa.
  13. I am constantly amazed how the guys working with me in Indonesia and Malaysia could make it through a rough day's work without food & water. In Indonesia I ran at least two drilling programmes through Ramadan using man portable diamond drill rigs in steep terrain. The workforce was far from useless. Hat's off to the them, they have my respect.
  14. You do get a countdown these days, so you can better time your run.