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  1. The upgrade to Android 7 for my P9, beyond the switch from EMUI 4 to 5, marked a significant improvement in my battery life. I can now regularly manage 2 days between charging.
  2. I have a Huawei P9, the wife has a Huawei GR5 (2017) and a Huawei Media Pad, we were both Samsung users previously. Yes before I bought my phone I too read all those comments about how bad the Huawei EMUI OS is but it's not really true, just a little nit picking. Yes it's a bit different, though not much, yes EMUI 4.0 didn't have an app drawer, rather you used folders to file things. But EMUI 5 has changed that and it's no longer an issue, though it never really was as as suggested above you just download a different launcher. After nine months with the P9 I'm a Huawei convert and wouldn't go back to Samsung again.
  3. Then the chickens really would come home to roost.
  4. There's an issue at DM with the introduction of the automatic gates which work with Thai passports only. If the airport is busy then all the manned desks are for foreign passports and there are no manned desks for Thai passport holders, when this happens there is no option to use the Thai line with a foreign passport.
  5. Was in Gaps Garten (7.0043368, 100.486776) again last night and they now have draft Singha as an alternative to the very good, though expensive, imported German bottle beers. Food was as good as usual, though service was just as slow. Total bill for five adults and a child for two course meal with drinks/alcohol was Bht2,700. They also have live music at weekends now.
  6. KL and Malaysia are fine, I visit several times a year to see friends and for business.
  7. I suspect it's not a farang, foreigners are more likely Singaporean or Malaysian down here in Hat Yai, hence the chief of Kho Hong Police Station saying officers had yet to confirm the man found was a foreigner.
  8. I've found with purchases from overseas the tracking system is pretty useless. As others have pointed out above the package just tends to arrive out of the blue, sometimes earlier than the stated time sometimes later; the tracking details on the website just goes from 'processing' to 'delivered'.
  9. I've bought 2 Kindles direct from Amazon. Both shipped to Thailand within a week no problems. The first one was five years ago, it still works fine, but I replaced it last year with a new Paperwhite.
  10. The Crystal Hotel is practically opposite Central Festival Hat Yai. Central Festival Hat Yai is much the same as a Central Festival anywhere else in Thailand, not sure I'd fly down from Bangkok to see just another Mall. Better stay in Hat Yai town, plenty of hotels in the centre, and go see Gim Yong market for a proper change of scenery. Go to the Municipal Park and take the cable car to see the four faced Bhuddha. Lot more interesting than a trip to Central Festival.
  11. I can't believe this has generated 9 pages!
  12. Same old, same old. Until Thailand grasp the nettle and prosecute and sack corrupt policemen instead of just shuffling them off to inactive, non-remunerative, posts the story will continue. I'm not about to hold my breath on that, it will undoubtedly remain the Thai way long after I'm gone, and probably long after my grandchildren too.
  13. I suggest you look up the meaning of the word 'immemorial'.
  14. Hardly. Apart from the fact Germany didn't exist as a unified national state until 1871. As individual states they've been variously monarch (House of Hanover,) Prince Consort (Saxe-Coburg) or vital allies (Prussia) to Britain.