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  1. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    Or you can click on 'Library' the "new one that looks like books with one leaning", click on 'Bookmarks', 'Bookmarking Tools' and toggle 'Add Bookmarks Menu to Toolbar'.
  2. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    I use FVD Speed Dial with EverSync, keeps my speed dial and bookmarks in sync across Firefox, Vivaldi and Chrome on Windows and Linux. Both work in Quantum.
  3. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    Just updated today. Yes it's quicker, but that maybe because a lot of my extensions don't work in the new version and got disabled. Check your addons page before updating, you'll see which ones are ready for the upgrade and which ones you'll lose.
  4. Agreed. What's worse is you've little option but to use the roads in Jakarta, first phase of the MRT is still at least 2 years away from completion.
  5. There are hundreds of gambling houses in Hat Yai, one closes another one opens. With a large Thai Chinese population and our Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese visitors there's a lot gamblers in town and a huge amount of money to be made. Pok Deng, Rummy, Mah Jong and Dominoes plus of course we've cock fighting, fish fighting and bull fighting. If that's not enough you can just bet on the football. It's not going away anytime soon.
  6. The issue has been with blood levels of arsenic and manganese. These occur naturally in the rock, and the locally high levels are associated with the gold mineralisation. They are present in the crops grown in the soils around the deposit, and therefore enter the food chain, they would be there regardless the mine had been developed or not. The issue is whether blasting at the mine, and the dust associated with mining, has raised the levels of arsenic and manganese in the local population to levels that are unsafe. NGOs and activists claim it has, the government sided with the NGOs for whatever reason, the mining company argues that the levels are within levels accepted by both the WHO and comply with standards laid down in Safe Work Australia, guidelines for mining in Australia. The problem is Thailand has no clear set of levels for compliance. In 2015 Thailand's Ministry of Industry asked for a major review of community impacts, which was done by the international mining industry consultants Behre Dolbear and paid for by the mine. That study found "low arsenic/manganese impact" and overall "no negative impact" to community health. Meanwhile the local people living around the mine have lost their main source of employment, if anybody had bothered to ask them what they thought they would have said don't close the mine, indeed they held their own protests asking exactly that. The government will have to pay up, they can't just renew the licence and hope it will all go away. Kingsgate have lost a years production, outstanding loans on the mine have still had to be financed, laid off workers had to be compensated and they've had to bear the costs of maintaining the mine under care and maintenance. That there remains a considerable gold resource at Chatree means someone will mine it again at some point. If not an Australian multinational, it will be some dodgy local outfit who won't care less what environmental damage they do, and neither will the government officials taking the back handers. .
  7. Hat Yai's had over 200mm of rain since Nov 1st, that's about half the November monthly average, it's going to be a wet month.
  8. Kodi v17.5 - anyone tried it yet?

    OK so that's what the 2nd update was all about. I updated to 17.5 and then the new 17.5 (17.5.1) several days later, both work(ed) fine on my little H96 Pro + box (Android 6). .
  9. Self-drive

    Quickest is to stay on the N-S Highway as far as Surat Thani then head west.
  10. Storm Warning

    That's the problem with long range forecasts, they usually prove inaccurate.
  11. Storm Warning

    Still going to wet even if Surat looks more likely to see the worst of it.
  12. Errr, no, it's cheap money that's driving the stock markets.
  13. Storm Warning

    You can run through the predicted weather on https://www.windy.com/ This is what's predicted for November 3rd, whether the weather eventuates we'll have to wait and see, but looks potentially like a very nasty storm.
  14. Big business and Mr Bloomberg might have been doing "so well" but Joe Soap, the average UK citizen, hasn't been; hence the vote to leave.
  15. Power line Adapters

    I've been using powerline adapters in our 4 storey shophouse for six years. The current set up has two networks running side by side; TP Link Nano AV500 with 1 input and 3 outlets, plus a pair of TP Link AV1200 adapters. They're not all on the same wiring circuit, just run through the same junction box. The system works very well. Our TOT Fibre connection is 50/20 and I regularly get 40/15 on my TV on the top floor, so can happily stream video from my IPTV media box. That's with the AV1200 connection, speeds via the AV500 connection is about half that. The faster adapters work using live, neutral and the earth wire, so three pin plugs, something to remember if your house is only wired as two pin. .