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  1. Excellent, thanks for the report, from Hat Yai a good alternative to Penang, will give it a go next year.
  2. Clearly not, as it's perfectly acceptable to take a multi-O visa options, or indeed the Elite Visa system, and achieve a similar result. The design is a little more flexible, one size seldom fits all.
  3. Excuse me, but that's just wrong, I'm here on a non-O multi and I did need to show proof of finances, 400k, not everyone goes to Savannakhet. I'm not fully retired so still leave Thailand for the occasional odd job, the wife and I also like to travel, so a multi-O suites well.
  4. Well on the times I've visited over the years all they seem to be doing is digging it up and putting it back down again, though with the addition I think of a sandbag seawall buried underneath it, that and adding a pile of rocks down at the south end near the fishing village. Though they haven't fixed that horrible sewage 'leak' opposite the Rajamangala Hotel last time I looked/inhaled. I do like the art installations that have appeared bit by bit, Songkhla is a little unusual for Thailand in that it has municipal art, in particular I like the Naga that pops up here and there. But compared with the building boom in and around Hat Yai, it's not really changed that much!
  5. It's 750 Ringgit, which is a little over the odds at 5800 Baht. But I too prefer Penang, was there last month for my multi-O, quick, efficient, no problems.
  6. Hat Yai is busy, we've seen an increase in Chinese visitors with 'follow the flag' tour groups. With the drop in the value of the Ringit Malaysians are travelling closer to home, and there's nowhere closer than Hat Yai for a party weekend. Consequently there's been a hotel building surge the last couple of years, and the airport is being extended yet again. Much of the increase in Thailand's visitor numbers are from Asian countries, so they're not as apparent to the eye as pasty white northern Europeans.
  7. But given the cost of a new box it's no great expense just to buy a new one every 18 months to 2 years. Given I was previously paying True about Bht2,000 a month, spending 3 to 4k on the latest Android box every 18 to 24 months is a good deal. The technology and software moves so rapidly there can be no realistic long term hardware solution.
  8. Songkhla doesn't change much, still a sleepy little town. Samila Beach and the seafood restaurants same as always. As for safety, Songkhla town is fine, there has only ever been one incident in Songkhla town back in 2005 with a motorcycle bomb outside the Green World Hotel that caused no injuries or damage except to the motorbike.
  9. No, thankfully Hat Yai has stayed largely separate from the troubles to our south, indeed, the city is a refuge for many families who have left the southernmost provinces, both Buddhist and Muslim.
  10. I doubt you've actually been to Thailand let alone Narathawat and the deep south, you're just fantasizing from your preppers bunker whilst fondling your AR-15.
  11. There still are, mainly teachers and a handful of retirees from the oil industry, but on the whole the Swan's customers are Thai, Malaysian or Singaporean, especially if there's a big football match on; Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, or Liverpool. Hat Yai doesn't attract western tourists, those we do get are just passing through heading north or south or en-route to Koh Lipe. Hat Yai's a new city, here because of the railway, prior to 1920 it didn't exist. So there's no ancient history to attract western tourists and there's no ago-go bar scene to draw the sexpats. But it does attract a lot of visitors from Malaysia & Singapore looking to let their hair down for the weekend, Thailand is cheaper (though less so for Malaysians these days) and a little more liberal than their home countries. We have a good selection of music bars and restaurants with a huge choice of foods. Plus there are the karaoke lounges and massage parlors. The in your face sex scene takes place just on the border at Sadao/Danok, those looking for a quick leg-over usually don't get as far as Hat Yai. Malaysians also like to shop here, mainly at the Kim Yong market, Plaza and Central Festival but it's also common to see them pushing trolleys around Big C full of toothpaste and shampoo, don't ask me why. .
  12. Indeed, I only just retired my S2, still did all I needed but was struggling anytime one of the major apps updated and I was needing to juggle memory to allow installation, plus it was getting slower as apps were demanding more of the phone. Replaced it with a Huawei P9 - excellent phone which hopefully will see me good for another five years - maybe swap it then for a S13
  13. We'll having lived in Hat Yai thirteen years, worked three years in Malaysia and eight years in Indonesia, I'm less sensitive.
  14. Well you probably arrived around midday so midday, mid-afternoon, sunset and evening prayer times are very approximately a couple of hours apart. And maybe your visit coincided with Ramadan, in which case there would have been a lot of activity early morning as people prepare and eat food before dawn. The adhan is a song, not a scream, and depending on the muezzin's voice it can sound quite beautiful. I think you've shown your hand there. .