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  1. He's certainly barking. The whole lot of them are. The US is a different planet.
  2. Would certainly serve to enhance the gene pool. No magic involved, you're equipped with a set of senses, use them!
  3. Don't be daft, this is Thailand not some namby-pamby nanny state that requires stickers to warn that a kettle gets hot! What ever happened to people using their eyes and plain common sense.
  4. The US addiction to firearms is way beyond the comprehension of most sane people, I'm sure it would astound and baffle the founding fathers too ~ I can hear them saying "but that's not what we meant!" However, it is what it is, and quite clearly they're not about to change it, so as long as Americans just stick to killing each other in their own country I don't really care. You reap what you sow.
  5. Would be an alternative, but I'm visiting friends in KL, and anyway I like an excuse to duck out of Thailand.
  6. BBC Radio 5Live on internet

    Radio 4 has had that super-annoying sound loop "due to rights restrictions this programming is unavailable" for ages, certainly it's often invoked during the Today programmes sports report. When I remember to turn it on I listen via a VPN so that stops it; but it's been a feature generally for some time now if you're listening from outside the UK.
  7. I think the inspiration stops at The Channel, the UK's 'first past the post' electoral system isn't as forgiving as the French 'two-round system', the Renew party isn't going anywhere.
  8. Thanks. London postal it is.
  9. Just considering my visa options. My existing non-O multi expires mid-March, I'll be back in the UK for several weeks in April so logical option is to apply for a new multi non-O whilst I'm there. I've only previously obtained visas from the Birmingham consulate, sadly no longer with us, can someone confirm I can make a postal application to the London embassy. From what I've read all that's needed is as follows: my passport completed application form (x2) passport photos (x2) copy of Thai marriage certificate (signed by wife) wife's tabian bahn (signed by wife) postal order for £125 made payable to "The Royal Thai Embassy" with passport number written on back self addressed return envelope 'Track & Trace' prepaid As far as I can see I don't need to include evidence of funds. Alternatively, I've got to go across to Malaysia (KL) early in March, so could detour via Penang and renew my multi-O there, but it's an unnecessary detour if I can readily renew via post whilst in the UK.
  10. When will the haze subside?

    Air quality in Hat Yai is good, sunny and a nice breeze.
  11. Where to buy coconut oil

    Wife's suggested the "organic" shop in Hat Yai Nai, she's bought coconut oil from there before. It's on the left hand side of Thanon Phetkasem as you're heading out of town. Coordinates: 6.999929, 100.451539
  12. Where to buy coconut oil

    Seen coconut oil in Tops @ Robinsons Hat Yai.
  13. You misunderstand the Hawks article, he's not saying modern humans didn't originate in Africa, just that the development of modern humans is more complex and less linear than previously thought. Recent discoveries suggest several different hominin groups coexisted, and probably interbred, out of these parallel and intermingling streams modern humans evolved. Our origins remain in Africa.
  14. Yes, the blue songthaews covers the airport. The stop is just the other side of the car park, there's a shelter with seating. Route goes to both the minibus station near Tesco Lotus 2 and the main bus station near Central Festival. Fare from the airport is Bht30 I think. There's a minibus shuttle service to downtown for Bht 100 per person. Taxi meter has a fixed fare of Bht250 into town, and the AOT Limo service is Bht300 to town. I don't think you can get a bus direct to the border and certainly not one that will cross the border from the airport. We do have a Malindo Air flight from Hat Yai to Penang on M-W-F-Su. .
  15. Nakhon Si Thammarat to Penang?

    It's about 4hrs by train from NST - HDY. You need to catch either Train 451 or 455, departing 06:00 and 09:58 respectively. Going back it's either Train 456 or 452, departing 09:18 and 13:50 respectively. Fares are peanuts. .