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  1. It's full of Muslims and mosques; judging by your previous posts would suggest you stay away.
  2. Kodi not loading tv shows or movies

    Everything working again with Covenant, must have just been a bad day,
  3. Kodi not loading tv shows or movies

    I had problems with Covenant since last night, nothing or little seems to load. Will give Maverick a try.
  4. Hopefully the card is returned in one piece, some machines automatically guillotine the card when they swallow it.
  5. Yes it was the Lee Gardens Hotel, and there are no balconies, just a window. There is a roof garden but that's on the north side, the body was found in the alley on the south side, between the Lee Gardens and Grand Plaza hotels.
  6. Kuala Lumpur Embassy!

    The Prime minister has declared Monday a holiday to celebrate success in the SEA Games. He only did so on Thursday. Whether the embassy will observe the holiday I don't know. But today is a public holiday in Malaysia.
  7. TOT internet

    That might be the case for TOT Phuket but it's not the case in Hat Yai. We've been with TOT for more than thirteen years, from dial-up through ADSL to fibre and we've always had generally good connections and good service. Internet in Thailand is something of a postcode lottery, you can't say one is better than the other nationwide, you need to see what's the best option in your area. Re the OP, did you try a wired connection from your laptop to make the comparison?
  8. The problem is the name attached to her ID number can only be changed at amphur where your wife is registered. Once the ID card is changed then the passport can be changed.
  9. Have you spoken with the airline, explained your problem, and asked if it's possible the change the name on the ticket in Bangkok?! Worth a try.
  10. Is this a major facelift to the current facelift? They've been buggering with Hat Yai airport on and off the last ten years. They added a new jetway, then a couple of years later another one. Then they extended the domestic lounge, and updated the international lounge. Currently they're adding a new main entrance and improving the drop off pick up area and taxi rank. I'm guessing the major facelift will likely take it up to the projected 2019 4.5 million passenger capacity rather than thinking ahead and upgrading to XX million and a 2040 capacity projection.
  11. I've bought 2 Dell laptops from the Dell supplier here in Thailand both came with the OS I specified. You can order online or deal with the sales people via phone or email. Service was excellent. http://www.atomworldwide.com/index.php?route=common/home
  12. Lee Garden Hotel in downtown Hat Yai, about the only one we have with a 31st floor.
  13. UK immigration at Heathrow

    Exactly, precisely what we do.
  14. All depends on the time of day, and which day you pick, crossing from Malaysia. As pointed out in an earlier post morning and evening there's quite a lot of locals from eitherside going backwards and forwards for work and trade. Weekends there are many Malaysians and Singaporeans travelling up to Thailand for the weekend. Best time to cross is mid-morning or mid-afternoon in mid-week. Always difficult to say who the travellers are, Malaysians, Thais, Singaporeans and Indonesians all look very similar. Doesn't help that they're updating the Thai side of the border at Sadao with new facilities for coach and minibus passengers, at the moment it's a bit of a mess, or more of a mess than usual. It's most likely that's the crossing the OP's friend was using. End of this month will be a good time to avoid the Malaysian border crossings as it's Malaysia Independence Day on Thursday 31st August and then Friday 1st September is Hari Raya Haji, so a long weekend.
  15. Post your test results here

    TOT 50/20 from Hat Yai.