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  1. Stocky

    Flights to Bangkok

    Or https://www.cheapflights.co.uk Emirates is cheapest from Dublin, Qatar is indeed cheaper from Manchester, but you've still got to get from Dublin to Manchester.
  2. Stocky

    Passport check

    If you do book it the airport will be empty when you arrive, if you don't book, it will be full to the rafters!
  3. Stocky

    Passport check

    Yes it's not far to walk to check out the other immigration hall, but recently the airport has become much better at trying to balance the flow of passengers. They had roped off the western hall and had staff redirecting us to the eastern hall which was empty. Though it might be easier if they didn't overload arrival concourses E, F & G and pushed more air traffic toward C & D; but I guess they are 'reserved' primarily for the use of Thai Airways.
  4. Stocky

    Passport check

    Arrived Swampy this morning at 10:30, redirected to East Immigration Hall - West Immigration Hall was 'Full', though looking up the ramp it wasn't really. Eastern hall was empty, through immigration in less than 5 minutes.
  5. Total overkill, would be a white elephant. If they want to do something 'environmentally friendly' they should concentrate on cleaning up the city, the river & canals and in educating the people of Hat Yai to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.
  6. Domestic transfer is east side concourse C - there is then an immigration and security area to access the domestic area of concourse A & B. But if you've not got your bags checked through to your final destination you'd need to clear immigration and collect your bags in Bangkok then check in. Sounds like this person hadn't checked his bags through to Phuket.
  7. Is this applicable to ALL types of visa application or just tourist visa applications? Non-O visa applications have never required details of accommodation or onward travel, and overseas non-Baht bank statements have been accepted. The advice seems only applicable to tourist visa applications.
  8. My wife has had a couple of six month visas, a two year and currently on a 5 year that will expire next year. Had been contemplating applying for a 10 year next year, I'm encouraged by the posts above, USD1,162 is a sizeable wedge of cash.
  9. Stocky

    International data roaming

    I'm using a Three prepaid data SIM in my MiFi, no problem at all. I've a 24Gb SIM serving up internet access to four devices. It's the Internet with Legs package. Tethering might not be allowed but it isn't blocked. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Mobile-Pay-Broadband-Data-Black/dp/B01M3VJ2B2
  10. Stocky

    UK Car Rental

    Well yes, if you have the finances readily available to cover yourself you're laughing. However, should you opt not to take the insurance, and you don't have money enough to cover yourself, then that would be no laughing matter.
  11. Stocky

    UK Car Rental

    Or just a careful driver. I've been driving for over 40 years, I've been fortunate that apart from a few incidents in my youth I've been lucky. I've not had any sort of accident or damage in the last 35 years. Renting vehicles I have the finances to cover the excess if necessary and over the years the money I've saved will more than cover the costs should the worst happen. I don't consider it a gamble.
  12. Stocky

    UK Car Rental

    I don't bothered with excess insurance.
  13. Stocky

    UK Car Rental

    I'm here in the UK for five weeks. I have a car from Keddy, part of Europcar, the hire for 36 days works out at £18.95 per day, that's for an economy model Vauxhall Corsa 5 door manual. I booked it via Rental Cars rather than directly through Europcar, the difference in the cost of the hire was significant - about 25% cheaper via Rental Cars. So would strongly recommend you check the consolidator sites in addition to going directly to car hire companies. https://www.rentalcars.com/ https://www.travelsupermarket.com/en-gb/car-hire/united-kingdom/ https://www.carrentals.co.uk/ https://www.kayak.co.uk/cars
  14. Indeed it was. Posted it at the weekend so as to arrive Monday morning in London, I got my passport back with my multi-O yesterday, Wednesday.
  15. Stocky

    Kodi, ISP, and DNS

    You don't need to make your own build, just make use of sites like Wireless Shack and the details of best current working addons http://www.wirelesshack.org/top-best-working-kodi-video-add-ons.html It's easy enough to follow the instructions on locating the repositories and installing the addons.