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  1. For The Birds !

    My patch in Bangsaen, Chonburi yesterday. There were two more Painted Storks out of frame, but as yet no true winter visitors.
  2. For The Birds !

    According to posts in Thai Bird Report (on facebook) Autumn migration is well underway with YR flycatchers already netted and ringed at Laem Phak Bia (Philip Round) and etc. So get your bins and cameras out and up those yard lists (or otherwise). My first winter visitors were a pair of Grey Wagtails in Kanchanaburi a couple weeks ago. They are among the earliest to arrive every year, apparently.
  3. For The Birds !

    Spot-billed Pelican with Painted Stork and Egret, Huai Saneng Reservior, Surin, 2010.
  4. For The Birds !

    I suspect there are things going on in there that shouldn't be. But that's just conjecture. Here are couple pics of my SB Pelican from Surin in 2010. I spent over two years closely observing the area and it was the only Pelican sighting in that time. Oops. Pics won't upload. Having this problem a lot lately with this old laptop. Try later from another machine.
  5. For The Birds !

    Not sure i have definitive answers to your question, but I go to Bang Phra every month or two and have often seen SB Pelican there. The problem with Bang Phra - as you point out - is that it's hard to tell what has either come from the breeding center, possibly escaped from the nearby zoo, etc. and so on, or just arrived naturally. I have also seen Lesser Adjutant there and Darter and Black-headed Ibis. With the Pelicans and the Darters I think it's possible they arrived from elsewhere. I have had Darter in Bangsaen, Chonburi and Pelican flyovers. I also had both on a reservoir I lived on in Surin, way up in Isaan. The Dratres are apparently making a comeback largely due to good protection in the Tone La Sap in Cambodia. The Pelicans I am not so sure. But i am pretty sure I saw a flyover from my car on the way back from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok last week. On another note, I recently tried to enter the breeding center. They used to let you walk around. Not anymore. My wife and I were told to leave immediately and I was told to put my camera away.