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  1. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Gee doctors in Canada have told me warm water is easier on the digestive system.It gets into the system quicker. Cold water takes longer and heats the body because the body must generate heat to warm it before the body can use it properly But hey these are Canadian doctors what do they know?
  2. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I was told not to drink cold water also when I had sore throat. It has nothing to do with when it gets to the gut. It has to do when passing through the throat. Also warm water is best to drink anyways health wise.
  3. Hard to believe people believe America could win so easy. The reason we are where we are is because America could not beat them years ago. So why do people think they can do it now. If america attacks it just means more dead people and more destruction. Still will not be settled.
  4. There may be more truth to that than most of us realize.
  5. Report post #1 Posted 2 hours ago Khon Kaen ‘water war’ fear By JITIMA JANPROM THE NATION Concern as factory owned by Red Bull moves to lease more land. KHON KAEN: -- CONCERNS ARE growing that a dispute over water will erupt in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen after a factory owned by Red Bull becomes operational. “If a proper plan is not drawn up now, I can tell you that a war over water will definitely break out here,” Songwut Kijworawut, director of the Nong Wai irrigation project in Khon Kaen, said yesterday. The construction of the factory – owned by KTD Property Development, a subsidiary of the Red Bull Group and owned by Saravoot Yoovidhya, Red Bull’s CEO – is now ongoing in Khon Kaen without local opposition. However, residents have recently complained about the firm’s move to lease 31 rai (five hectares) of nearby public land for water storage to manufacture alcohol-free beverages. I hope Anupong reads this might get the point across to him..
  6. He is probably in Thailand safe from extradition. Interpol is being made a fool of. Could be in the home on Sukhumvit he went to after running down the police officer. Interpol cannot find him if he is safe at home in his home country.
  7. How was your first day of retirement LoS

    I was single back then. So I simply had 2 young women come my room and spent the day in carnal lust. n the evening they left i went out had noodles went back to room to sleep.
  8. Let's face it, if it had been a black victim and a white cop, the comments - if there were any at all - would be quite different. You are so right. There would have been riots looting,beatings etc. You are seeing justice being sought in a legal way not thugs on the street as it would be had been white cop black victim.
  9. U.S. Supreme Court allows broad Trump refugee ban

    There is still hope for America. Appears there is some form of intelligence in that country Maybe America can be great again
  10. youtube thai videos

    With all the youtube videos out there about Thailand. I was wondering has anyone here seen themselves on any of these video's? Soi 6 ,walking street,Soi cowboy,KSR,sukhumvit etc all have many videos on youtube.. I havenot found any with me luckily. But would like to know if other guys have been captured on youtube.
  11. I am interested in how this works. Do I simply go into the bank in Thailand where I have my account deposit a check made out to myself from my Canada account and wait a month or so to get my money? If it is that easy I will be doing that from now on the ATM fees and rates are terrible.
  12. I was under the impression this was news because village people were protesting. I quess he wants names so these people can get attitude adjustments.
  13. Suspects in schoolgirl rape case urged to stay quiet

    When you look at it that way. It would appear just about every male in the village was involved. No wonder the village is more worried about their precious image than the well being of the girl. In many cases here in Thailand the girl who is raped becomes the quilty party when she looks for justice. What a sick society.
  14. In Canada some natives,or Indians as they used to be called, would smash store windows when winter set in. They wanted to go to jail because it was warm and ate 3 meals a day.. Better than sleeping in freezing weather outside and eating from dumpsters.
  15. Police officer ‘body slams’ woman on pavement as she carries young child

    Times are changing. In theses days of equality women have to accept if they push,hit or kick a man he can now push,hit or kick back. Some women need to learn to not start something they cannot finish. And do not use a child as a shield either. That is stooping oh so low.