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  1. I simply do not believe this post. Just lies I think,
  2. Schumer and Pelosi on Monday listed that programme among their priorities, which also included the opioid crisis, pension plans, rural infrastructure and protection for young immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children, known as "Dreamers." The undocumented young immigrants must be taken care of now, Senate Democratic whip Dick Durbin declared on the Senate floor. He said Democrats had offered in return to toughen border security, a Republican priority. "How can we in good conscience pass a spending bill giving authority and resources to this administration to go out and arrest and deport these young people - and not address the underlying issue of their legality and future in the United States?" Durbin asked. End of qoute I think they can go out arrest and deport illegals with out having to answer to anyone. They should have no rights they are illegal simple as that. Anyone who feels illegal immigrants have a right to stay in the country they illegally enter has no understanding of the word illegal. What a slap in the face to the thousands each year who go through the legal process to enter.
  3. Regrets I've had a few but then again – How about you

    My biggest regret is now letting other people into my life. I had an exceptional good life.But I was lonely. I ate right very little junk food. I exercised running 10 mile races,racquetball,squash. Raced sailboats on the weekends in the winter, Raced sailboats on wednesday nights in the summer. Cruised the Pacific northwest all the way to Alaska. I was off cruising on fridays till sunday in the summers,crabbing,shrimping,catching salmon and cod. Holdays in Mexico and Thailand very January. I bought and sold houses at a whim.When the carpets were dirty I sold the house rather than vacuum.I hated domestic work. I seldom worked past lunch time. But I did t all alone. Singlehanded my 27 footer.Travelled alone,lived alone. Always had GF,s but did not take who ever it was at the time with me treavelling,racing or cruising.GF,s were for dining, and light social activity I should have got married. Now I am married I realize how much more I could have enjoyed what I did if I had shared it.
  4. Ignore lists -what's the average?

    What if the stalker is a moderator?
  5. Children should not be held responsible for the actions taken by their parents and should not face deportation if they are otherwise law abiding. If they have spent most of their formative years in the US, they should be given a path to citizenship.(quote from post 9) Scott you are so wrong on this one sorry. The children are nor responsible or taking responsibility. But they are obligated to go home to the nation of their citizenship. The children are taking responsibilty for nothing. Simply being sent home after being smuggled in to a foreign country. Not their fault not their responsibility. But the responsibility of America to see them safely back to their home country where they can sort it out. As far as being law abiding,that should go without question. In reality they are not law abiding they are illegals. Also think about child smugglers making money off this lucrative business.Do you condone smuggling of children? Human trafficking at its worst.
  6. Large TD bank wire transfer service issue

    I am a fellow Canadian who was quite concerned also about bringing money over on the long term. I found the best way for me was to simply write a cheque to myself and deposit it here at my bank. Took 6 weeks to get it cleared. But easy.I think you just need to keep the transaction under 500,000 baht each time and no problems.Could do every month I think, I did it in Canadian dollars and get the rate of the date it cleared. When your cards run out because you reach their expiring date this may be the only way to get money. My bank requires the last 3 digits from my ATM card for SWIFT so when my card is finished cannot use SWIFT.
  7. The children are collateral damage for bad parent judgement. If America can prove to these illegals that their children do not have a safe haven in America,they will think real hard about coming illegally. In the old days we used to call it making an example of them. So others will not do the same. The parents are to blame and the child isnot the responsibility of a foreign country or government plain and simple. Bad parenting raises its ugly head in many areas of people lives. Let,s hope in the future parents stay in their home country and do not risk their children,s lives in such a manner.
  8. To stop this kind of abuse. Abuse of the law abuse of young children by parents etc. Some people have to suffer or it will never end.When people see this happening maybe they will stop abusing immigration laws.If they know there is no protection for them and illegally entering America could be worse than staying at home and putting the effort in to have a better life there Then maybe they will stop coming unwilling to take the risk. Now it s to easy with bleeding hearts speaking for them. As far as the all criminal reference. Criminals are a different subject. They make be American. This is not about criminal it is about immigration. and citizenship. Why would a country wish to help people from parents who have no respect for law or borders? Good chance they will turn out the same as their parents.
  9. Her home country certainly is not the USA. So America has no business detaining her send her back.People like this are not America,s responsibility and America should make that clear to people who think they can walk in to the country as they please and expect to have no consequences.
  10. I always thought immigration was a way of supplying needed labour resources a country was in need of. Not an open border for welfare cases.Young people like Drucilla who come from homes were no on even cares for them ,bring nothing of worth with them. Why would any country in their right mind open their doors to people like this.Send them back. Study learn something in your own country try again.
  11. Thailand or Philippines? Who has been to both?

    Never been to Philippines but knew many Filipinas. My suggestion would be get a Filipina wife and live in Thailand. Filipina women win hands down in all ways. They are way more and better domestic,s. They take more pride in taking care of the home and family.They respect what you give them and take care of what you give them. A perfect example of taking care of you give them is I gave a Filipina a pair of running shoes. 2 years later they still looked like new she cleaned after each time she wore them. I gave a pair to my Thai wife 2 months later they were wrecked.She never untied the laces and broke the back of the shoes. They were never cleaned and looked like rubbish.. Philippines country is a shithoole but the women are the best. Marry Filipina live Thailand.
  12. He will probably be considered a champion of champions after 8 years. Many countries America helped to become developed countries have to be brought in line as far as trade is concerned. He is out there telling them now they are doing well,start buying American goods and balance the trade. He just sent a message to China about aluminum foil. He will keep doing things like this until trade improves and Americans get their jobs back. Most developing countries are only be held back now by corruption. America can do no more for them. So sorry.Time to level the trade field. Enough is enough.
  13. I have not looked at any graghs . Most like this one tell me nothing. What is this saying as far as ice depth,or thickness. Probably just is a graph to show rate. So what. The rate is increasing but probably still very thick ice and it will be thick for a long time to go. Now if it showed thickness change over that period of time I may look at it.
  14. More than 45 years ago.
  15. Looks like I need to help you understand this better. First of all icebergs are freshwater ice, from glaciers or an iceshelf.,they are not from sea water. I have climbed many icebergs stuck in the Arctic ice. I believe the OP was about sea ice not freswater ice.