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  1. What you say has some truth to it. But and a big but is that censorship can be used as a political tool as any TV member knows. So who will judge the judges of what can be censored or not. Political parties who have the most power at the time in the position to judge what can be said and what cannot be said will inform as to what is good for them to have people know. Well keeping out what may effect them negatively. It is an aid to keep people ill informed and sheep. Things can be removed before any one reads it and never be known. Well it could be very relevent to some thing very important. But perhaps goes against the agenda's of those who have the power to delete the info. Simple suppression of freedom of speech hidden behind a thin veil of Russia cyber war. Not to be political but I see it is a Democrat that is pushing this.
  2. I simply cannot understand how some thing posted on the internet can disrupt elections? Or why can viral propaganda not just be read or ignored? And hate posts just not read. Let people be people and chose what you read and post. If people post hate let them post just no one respond to it and they may learn and change. Freedoms are freedoms plain and simple. Freedom for a person to express themselves is necessary,no matter if it is accepted or not. Take away the freedoms and people will try harder to be heard. That is the seed for violence and social disorder.which we are seeing more each passing day.
  3. lovelomsak


    I do not know about the metal part . But would advise you make sure the hospital has some one on staff that can translate what the MRI produces. I have paid good money in Thailand for MRI's in the past and doctor and staff could not even translate the data. Could be a complete waste of money.
  4. I am the same as you. I experienced Bangkok and its street life and fell in love with it. The street life is one of the reasons I chose Thailand to retire.I too loved the vibrancy,energy,smells etc. My first thought when experiencing it was "this is as close I will ever get to experiencing the orient. If I was not married and poor health (which makes internatiional travel difficult) I would leave tomorrow. If I want to live on an army base I will live near one where they speak english and serve my foods.
  5. lovelomsak

    Norwegian Found Hanged In Full View In Pattaya

    If it was a check list he did not do much research about hanging before doing the deed. Looks like he over looked many things. If he used a hangmans noose and placed it correctly under his left chin,with all the rope he had there he would have been decapitated. Length of drop is important . He had way to much lehgth.If he did not use a hangmans noose he basically strangled to death. Best to do more research before jumping. Not pretty way to go strangling to death.
  6. I am surprised to see this on TV. Did not think it express's TV views or agenda. I know little about Poland and what has gone on there, But have to admire their willingness make a statement. I have no idea what influence this will have on the world stage. Takes a lot of guts to do what Poland is doing.
  7. There is something that has not been mentioned yet. So I thought I would add it. The people in Pakistan that are rioting and demanding Bib be killed are not radicals they are your every day citizen. They are not part of the 15% to 25% radical fringe. They are what has been referred to as the silent majority.The silent majority when it speaks speaks hate and murder. The mother's of radicals speak out so to speak. Appears radicals and silent majority are of the same mind just express it at different times.
  8. Gee I do not know maybe you can answer that one yourself. But I would say because of Trump.
  9. Statements like this are pure garbage. You are basically saying 2 wrongs make a right. You seem to think because in the past the christians made mistakes that others are now justified to do atrocities such carp I can hardly tolerate. And your that these people as you put it are 1000 years behind the civilised world is also pure garbage. These people are followers of their faith which is 1000's of years old as would be expected .It is their basic beliefs that they follow that are the problem and it is their culture .What was written 1000's of years ago is still their guiding force. That cannot be changed. Their beliefs do not evolve they maintain.what is written. They will always be as you say 1000 years behind the civilised world because they cannot follow their beliefs and adapt also. They are who they are .
  10. Way to go Donald Trump. I love it how people here are so quiet about the good things that Trump is doing in America but are so quick talk up a storm of protest if they manage to find something they can use against him. Witch hunters come to mind.
  11. Trump should allow Bib asylum in America and make her the poster woman many things. Women's lib ,why to control immigration tighter etc.
  12. This is either a lesson in futility or something I am not sure. I honestly believe it will not be raised.
  13. Well there we have it. Islam wants to be treated fairly in our countries but want to kill a christian for drinking from the same glass.in their countries. More than just a double standard I would say. More like hatred of others. Why do we put up with this shiit, All the do gooders in the west should grow up and smell the coffee. They have been in denial way to long.
  14. I fell now it has been stopped and some are going home that there should be help offered. Anyone who voluntarily returns home gets their personal data recorded and if they wish to apply for entry in a civilized form as in the proper way then when they apply they will be given special interest and assistance. Not fast tracked but given special consideration.
  15. When i read about women and children being brought to America this way and used as shields for strong young men it makes tends to piss me off. Men of no value just scum.