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  1. You got it right. T is for Trump and Thaksin D is for Democrats Trump like the other T is trying to do what must be done for the people of his country.. His opponents who only care about themselves . Their power,their money,their entitlement.And at the same time say Trump is the bad boy. Trump is fighting the established powers. Much the same as the north fighting the south to get rid of slavery. or the common man of Thailand fighting the elite. Not an easy task when the opponents have every thing at their finger tips to make it difficult for him. Thailand uses coups, America uses impeachment. I just hope he stands tall and wins for the sake of America and the free world.
  2. I think the guy is right on. He can keep his simple Isaan life of little cost. But at the moment can splurge on a fancy car. Why not? If in a few years if he is a broke ex fighter he still has the lifestyle he knows and charishs,plus a old Porsche to remind him and bring back memories of his glory years. If he is happy where he is and who he is,why should he change. Fighting just got him out into the world and he left it at that. I respect him more than all the Thai want to be high so and demand respect for driving a new Toyota. A man who gives himself one simple reward and pleasure but otherwise is the same man gets my vote any day. Money did not take away his roots.
  3. Why are red ties so popular with the new politicians in the USA? Seems they all wear red ties.
  4. My wife is taking these tests. She came home yesterday and told me about it. All her belongings purse,phone etc are help by police. Cannot even wear ear rings or bracelets. No long sleeve tops.Must go through metal detector. Must be at test room 1/2 hour before test. Go in room 15 minutes before test and get checked to make sure they have nothing on them. If they leave the room for any reason cannot come back. I told the wife this is all smoke and mirrors the jobs have already been bought. This is just for show.
  5. Wait for the news tomorrow It will be must conserve water there is not enough to last people must stop using so much.
  6. I went end of last month for 1 year extension. I was first in the office and was all done in 20 minutes. The only additional thing they ask for was that I draw a map on how to get to my house.There was a small computer problem the system shut down 2 times> Had to try and take my picture 3 times. But were very polite and made me feel at ease and did their best to get it done so I could get on with my day.Still getting organised but appears to be a very good office.
  7. you should be the one to read your post here is a quote from it your first sentence Op, you walked away from a hospital after your first accident, without paying the bill, just to have another accident where you'd been unconscious. you didnot read his post if you wrote what you wrote.
  8. Reminds me of a female friend from Canada who was visiting here, We were at a zebra crossing and the cars wouldnot stop for us. she got into a women power fit and just said they will stop or else and ran in front of the cars coming. they didnot stop but ran around her on both sides and she was scared out of her mind and never believed in the power of women or zebra crossings again. May this woman R.I.P.
  9. All about control and money The food sellers will be forced to work in food centers either government owned or private not stated yet which,but some one will get rent money.. They will probably also be told they must buy their products from certain suppliers or cannot set up shop in the center. So they will become workers for a few rich people. Same as 7/11. May even have 5 years contracts for space in centers which need to be renewed. Big money maker for some and pay to work jobs for the food sellers. CP or another big company may get the right s to supply them with meat and produce that kind of set up.
  10. He hates whites but likes their judical system. Got away with murder and knows it. The only price he will pay is time in jail. He surrendered as soon as police came. He knows he can plead what ever he wants and tie up courts because he is black in America. He will eat good,have regular exercise and wake up every face a new day Cannot say same for his victims..
  11. I would suggest confront the owner. For if you kill or injure his dog I am sure he will confront you. So go straight to you and him and leave the dog out of it.Till at least the owner has been straigthened out or you get an attitude adjustment.
  12. Playing the religious or racist or sexist card seems to be very popular these days. When I first started coming to Thailand I was singled out every time for about 4 years on return to North America be it I enter through the US or Canada. Searchs dog sniffers the whole nine yards. This was before Thailand was a popular tourist destination it was just getting known to the masses.I did not have a card to play like religious or racist being a male caucasian and christian. But I was profiled for being a single man travelling to Thailand.I just manned up and accepted it. No need to judge it just let them do their thing and get on with life. This women should do the same grow up and get on with life.
  13. The shops as you call them that set up in front of an established business pay monthly rent to the business they are in front of. This is all worked out before they can set up'No permission ,no rent ,no shop simple as that.
  14. I took this quote right out of the link you gave here and it just supports the reality of not knowing when to quit. Songkran is over what Pattaya is doing is hooliganism. Sorry but true. this is the quote from your link. While the Songkran holiday only officially lasts for three days (11th – 13th April 2017), So is it over or is Pattaya special? No Pattaya is not. It is not knowing when to quit.
  15. Makes me wonder how many times do they have to pay out for bumpng people off flights to make overbooking a losing way to business? They will pay thousands to compensate some one who paid hundreds. Every time they do this a full plane is not getting a full plane price.Bumping and paying one person negates how many paid seats?