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  1. I will meet you at the pub ha ha .I am out of this thread too.
  2. you are right I for one apologise for getting of topic.
  3. I really like this post. You confirmed Flustered post but at the same time showed how other religions have their issues too.Open honest ,but letting it be known religions in mass push their beliefs inside a marriage..
  4. You are joking right. You must have read the title of this thread and know it is about serious traffic problems. well if you did not know pedestrians are traffic too. There is flooding vehicle traffic is at a stand still. perhaps pedestrian foot paths cannot be used. At times like this people adapt. I think any where in the world it would be allowed to have pedestrian traffic on road between stopped vehicle traffic.Jaywalking is the least of peoples worries at times like this..
  5. Thanks I will do that right after you answer my question ok.I feel that is with in the rules right.I am very happy to work within the rules I am not hear to make problems or troll just like straight honest posts.
  6. They work when it suits the situation and do not work when it suits the situation
  7. Good luck with this. I receive airmail letters from Canada in 10 days. Last year I was returning to Canada and ask a friend to send me a leg bag for my catheter. He sent it by traceable mail. He traced it to Thailand took 10 days after that could not track . He sent 6 weeks before I had to go. I was in Canada for 3 weeks. The large envelope he sent got to me a week after I returned. Seems they hold trackable some where for ever.
  8. Did the prime minister not say we would not get too much rain this year?
  9. I am not sure if you have been following the discussion between yogi100 and brewsterbugen. But Brewsterbudgen claimed in post 277 if you read it. That many muslim doctors etc were helping at the arena. Yogi100 respended he watched the news and videos and saw none. So he called brewsterbudgen on his falsehood and speculation. Brewsterbudgen came back with post 353 which means nothing. I feel you are going after the wrong guy here if you wish to abhere to your post 344. .Brewsterbudgen was making generalizations without any proof just his imagination.. so talk to him not yogi100.
  10. Great news for Thai men. Now they have a new job being advertised that the women can do so the men can sit around and drink whiskey with the woman's hard earned money.
  11. Gee That is not rocket science to know people of one faith practice and participate within differently.Of course the way the practice their beliefs is individual. But as in all theologies the core belief is the same and I feel this is what thaibeachlover is talking about. It is the core of their belief that creats the issues they have brought to the world.. To keep denying this is avoiding the problem and trying to get around the real issues.or distract. I grew in a area that had a large mormon population. Mormons do not drink alcohol but many did and still believed they were mormons they just wanted acceptance by the rest of the community even if it meant going against church rules. So yes people within a religion break the rules but are still lead by their beliefs.
  12. I believe in the KISS program. Keep It Simple a good program for this problem I feel.The problem is muslim intergration. Simply stop them from coming to your countries and problem solved it is that to simple. No need to figure out why they have this problem no need to justify why they are stopped from coming just do it and refuse to discuss it or even acknowledge them. Give them no special treatment.Those already here assimilate or work around us we are finished trying to please them.