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  1. Let's be honest folks. How many young men at his age would not be over their head with themselves if they made the money he has in such a short time. He has made more than many people will make in their life time and he is so young. I feel he is just bouncing around trying to deal with what he has. Who would not be cocky at his age.Probably over 90 % of the people who dislike him will never or have never made what he has made already.He is very young to be dealing with such celebrity status and wealth give him a break.
  2. The Tourism association should hire him. He does more to bring attention to Thailand than probably any one else on the internet. He single handed gets millions of views on things in Thailand he is an asset not a liability. The Thais should thank him for his contribution to bringing Thailand to the masses. More tourism more business etc. Must remember there is no bad press.
  3. "I am fearful for my kids. My daughter could have been hurt. I have received an email from school saying if she wants to return then it is in her best interests to go to a study centre which I thought was an isolation unit for naughty children Looking at this statement by the mother I get the feeling the mother is living in denial about her daughter. Appears the school officials who see the daughters actions every day at school feel she needs to be placed in an isolation area for naughty children.. Gee maybe the mother doesnot realize her daughter may be the one making the problems. Why else would the school want to put her in this special class? The school may have a better concept of the problem.
  4. Were they bullying or pursueing an answer to a question that may have arose out of her actions? What was she doing the night of the Manchester bombing? Why would they be suspicious of her? Maybe her behaviour or even dialogue may have prompted the question left unanswered.. Also she may raise children that will be armed against these peoples families in the future.As you said more than words.
  5. School pupils 'chanting ISIS surround Muslim girl then ask what she was doing on night of Manchester bombing' Why did she not just answer the question? Is it impolite now to ask question? Avoiding some one and not answering when they ask a question gives reason for distrust. Maybe she was up to something when the Manchester bombing happened and they wanted to know what. Perceiving she was totally innocent is very naive
  6. Try a doctor's private clinic or go to government hospital. They will have it.
  7. That is all very good. But appeals is all after the fact that a judge makes a ruling and effects each and every Americans. A judge can be bought make a ruling then fight it in appeals is totally ass back wards. Before the ruling is enforced it should be endorsed by a panel of judges. this would illeminate such rash rulings. And lets not forget Judges can be bought. Who is to say judges will not do this despicable kind of action for money or loyalty? Judges should not be give power over elected government sorry.
  8. Should isolate them and let them die of old age. Never to have children again.Or be in position to parent. How a person is brought up shapes who they are and what they do with their lives.Mother's raised these IS militants and gave them the values that brought about their willingness to do what they did. The mothers and wives are facilitators and breed this filth and parent them to be what they became. Show them mercy but isolate them and let them die a natural death with time.
  9. Route 66 Sea Hunt The Millionaire Lone Ranger Leave it to Beaver
  10. That sounds like recent news to me. But still is valid for remember when.
  11. Is not Okinawa where the Us has most of its bases in that area of the world. Is this a show of support for North Korea?
  12. Baerboxer you hit it right on. And none of the political correct dogooders will ever admit it. They have created a mess that can never be fixed. People who have no worldly knowledge leading.
  13. All the old westerns were great . There were westerns,war ,and adventure. Seems all the adventure had quicksand some where in the movie. Oh and scary movies with passages behind walls. And eyes in the pictures that moved. Remember the old Buicks had to step on the starter it was on upper left hand corner of the floor panel. Turn the key on then step on starter. Not easy for us kids to start one.
  14. Who says it was rash? The response surely was. Perhaps this had been on the back burner waiting to be applied by the president. Well we are using perhaps. Perhaps he did what other presidents before did not have the balls to do or the thick skin. Perhaps he did what was needed to done but left undone.
  15. This is one I think only North Americans will remember. Ignition keys on Chevs could be removed from ignition by just pulling it out of the ignition and not shutting off the engine. Great for when you needed to open the trunk with the key and did not want to shut off the engine.