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  1. My post was not about the action it was about how he dealt with it. No cop out he does not blame his parents or any one else. It appears no matter what a Thai does many guys here will find a way to judge him poorly. Comprehension skills are very poor on TV
  2. Yes decent . Decent people take responsibilty for their actions. He appears to be taking responsibilty. He made a mistake and takes ownership of it what else can you ask of him.
  3. Just curious do all these things work at the same time? Or is run on demand as needed?
  4. This just about sounds like he is taking responsibility for his actions. Not blaming any one but himself. Could be a decent guy who made a mistake we all do that.
  5. I have no idea really on what I can live on and what I cannot. I allow myself 100,000 a month.to live. But then I tell myself I can live on 60,000 and save 40,000 for a rainy day so I allow for 60,000. 60,000 is usually to much so I change to 45,000. That should do it right. Well last month I spent 25,000.I save more than I spend. And this is taking care of wife,grand daughter,2 dogs a cat and raising fish. Plus running my car and 2 motorcycles. The first 5 years I lived here I saved 600,000 a year. And returned to Canada for a visit each year. Renting a car there and staying in hotels and eating in restaurants It is dirt cheap to live here.
  6. lovelomsak

    Whale shark sighted off Phuket

    He is probably here thinking the plastic is food. The thought of food probably was the attraction to tempt him here.
  7. Read the 3 posts above yours and find out who the real prick is.
  8. Well took care of the smell .Now people can swim in sewage. Mush better huh
  9. I agree. The other owners leave the cars in neutral so they can be moved. He moved them so what is the problem? By the actions of the car owners leaving in neutral and tires straight they are obliging people to move them if necessary. What did he do wrong under these rules that are understood by users?
  10. After being here for years I have taken notice that when the police want to do some thing or are made to so some thing they can and will do it. I believe they will lay down the law and things will improve. You would not believe the changes up where I am since the police have gotten tough on things. Not Traffic laws as of yet. But brothels shut down,Karoake shut downs just major sex industry clean up. They said they would remove illegal shops form the street and they did. There have been major changes. I am not saying I agree with all of them but I am saying when they want they can get the job done. t.
  11. America does not use metric yet huh?
  12. This was badly needed the judges seem to think they run the country now. The country comes first and should always be that way. Illegals should be deported as fast possible and at little cost to the tax payer
  13. Then why did you immigrate to Canada ? You brag about immigrating and all the positives well you contribute nothing to Canada. you immigrate and as soon as citizen use the system to go live in Thailand. You should stay quiet you are a good example of what makes the problems in Canada.
  14. lovelomsak

    Yellow House Book

    Same as you I have bought a few bikes here 3 waves and the phantom. The first wave bought in Pitsanulok. No problem for green book only had passport and even had home address in Thailand wrong. 2 waves in Lomsak no problem again only passport. But the Phantom they gave me a problem who knows why.