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  1. I would be curious if the girls do girl on girl for him? To keep every one happy.
  2. Odd that a Thai man was allowed in the Go Go. They usually are not allowed. The owners are afraid jealous BF's,pimps etc will come in and make trouble I would go so far as to speculate this was BF or pimp.
  3. Briton captures iPhone 10 thief on Samui

    Ok you have me curious what is a slope?
  4. Briton captures iPhone 10 thief on Samui

    Personally I care less if other or myself are called farang. I word doesnot upset me sorry. I used to be called gringo years ago in Mexico that meant nothing to me also. It is only offensive if you chose to make it offensive. My choice is it is not offensive. To put it in simple terms When in Rome be a Roman.
  5. What ever the market will bear.
  6. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    You got to love this in the same speech the minister adds this. So the 2 weeks actually is just smoke and mirrors Asked on possible postponement of his two-week clarification, the chairman said Gen Prawit might be busy at work or needed more time to make clarification of each watch. But he said it was normal for extension of clarification time as this was permitted by law
  7. Briton captures iPhone 10 thief on Samui

    Better to be a dead hero than live to be his next victim. In this case the victim was some one close to him
  8. Briton captures iPhone 10 thief on Samui

    John was cut with a knife on one of his hands while trying to capture the suspect. The Briton told police he would waive the physical assault charge out of sympathy for the suspec I feel the waive of charge is better news than the theft or capture. Puts a positive spin on farangs.
  9. Is ThaiVisa going pear-shaped?

    I agree with every thing you said. Seems many topics hardly get replies. Also seems to be little new posts of any real interest. Can not check for a week come back and see the same topic being discussed by the same people. Appears the only news is suicide's, murders and road accidents. And Trump.
  10. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    No this thread is Thai Visa thread about some thing that cannot even happen boy there are some real thick folk here.I must be one of them I keep replying.
  11. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    I did not say she could do any thing read what I posted please and talk about the post not what you can make up. I said I did not get the feeling she was ready to make her move,I felt she was out of politics. How did you translate that to How did you think she could do anything while on the run ? You really do like to arque do you not and just to arque make them up as you go.
  12. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    So this whole thread is a waste of time and energy talking about something that cannot happen. Thai Visa at its best.
  13. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    I read the article a few times. I did not get the feeling she is getting ready to make her move. I got the feeling she is out of politics and wants to get on with her life. Doing what she enjoys travel and shopping.
  14. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    You keep going on about the corrupt Shins. If the people want them and vote them in then they are the corrupt the people want it is the peoples choice get over it. You cannot buy the loyalty the poor have for the Shins have.
  15. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    . but neither do bloody revolutions. Maybe only satisfy the blood thirst of certain members. Your not alone in proposing it.. though at least you not favor i Was not America the result of revolution? I alittle more than blood thirst I would say huh.