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  1. Not sure if you have same company as me but mine is great. I was hit in a car park repaired and taken care of no problem. I hit a cement post 2 years ago. Again they repaired it no problem. This year they discounted my insurance by 50 % for using their service for so many years. I would say ride it out with the company you have. You may be surprised in the future when you get a long term customer discount.
  2. Prawit still won’t pin down election date

    Forever is a long time. All they are interested in is 20 or 30 years. Which they can do. Who is going to stop them?
  3. I have been watching many youtube videos.with 2 women that are so right on they are my new hero's. The best one is Sarah Sanders. She is so good. I cannot see enough of her saying what must be said. She is America's dream woman.If I was American she would have my full support. The second one is Brigette Gabriel/. She says it like it is no PC. America needs more women like these. Go to youtube and watch these women set people straight.
  4. I was raised in southern Alberta. I remember how Ukraine and other European family's came to Canada after WW2. They integrated quickly. Hard working honest people. We were good to them and they showed their appreciation by becoming good Canadians.. I know of land owners back then giving land to immigrants to build their houses. that land now is worth a lot at the time it was just what was needed to give the family a start .Back then it was simpler and people were more humanitarian. But now the immigrants appear to see Canadians as a soft touch. And they bring their way of living with them. The crime rate rises,welfare cases are rampant etc. the new immigrant is not like those of the past. If they were there would be no problems.
  5. Kratinglai protests beach-erosion project

    I thought times of the year and tides moved sand around. I used to go to Mazatlan Mexico a lot and the sand on the beach in front of the hotel would change , some months there would be amply sand beautiful beach to be on and other times there would barely be any area to stand on sand, it was all gone.. I was told the moon and tides moved the sand.Could be the same here I think.
  6. thai flag over google

    Today when ever i go to google the Thai flag is above the word google and the word google is in a image of a thai boat. My question is how could some one do this? I thought google itself could only write their logo in their site. I am sure the rest of the world is not getting this google image. How is it done?
  7. I first started because I found most posters to be funny but uninformed. and their posts were a laugh. I started posting to try and get some sort of intelligent conversation. That was like hitting my head against a wall. Now I post to show how much smarter I really am compared to the average poster. I still get a good laugh at the guys who post links to support what they say. Makes me wonder how do they have the time to research so much and also post every hour. Sometimes I think they must have a research team doing their finding of things to link too.Either that or do not have a life of their own and live for forums.
  8. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Gee doctors in Canada have told me warm water is easier on the digestive system.It gets into the system quicker. Cold water takes longer and heats the body because the body must generate heat to warm it before the body can use it properly But hey these are Canadian doctors what do they know?
  9. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I was told not to drink cold water also when I had sore throat. It has nothing to do with when it gets to the gut. It has to do when passing through the throat. Also warm water is best to drink anyways health wise.
  10. Hard to believe people believe America could win so easy. The reason we are where we are is because America could not beat them years ago. So why do people think they can do it now. If america attacks it just means more dead people and more destruction. Still will not be settled.
  11. There may be more truth to that than most of us realize.
  12. Report post #1 Posted 2 hours ago Khon Kaen ‘water war’ fear By JITIMA JANPROM THE NATION Concern as factory owned by Red Bull moves to lease more land. KHON KAEN: -- CONCERNS ARE growing that a dispute over water will erupt in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen after a factory owned by Red Bull becomes operational. “If a proper plan is not drawn up now, I can tell you that a war over water will definitely break out here,” Songwut Kijworawut, director of the Nong Wai irrigation project in Khon Kaen, said yesterday. The construction of the factory – owned by KTD Property Development, a subsidiary of the Red Bull Group and owned by Saravoot Yoovidhya, Red Bull’s CEO – is now ongoing in Khon Kaen without local opposition. However, residents have recently complained about the firm’s move to lease 31 rai (five hectares) of nearby public land for water storage to manufacture alcohol-free beverages. I hope Anupong reads this might get the point across to him..
  13. He is probably in Thailand safe from extradition. Interpol is being made a fool of. Could be in the home on Sukhumvit he went to after running down the police officer. Interpol cannot find him if he is safe at home in his home country.
  14. How was your first day of retirement LoS

    I was single back then. So I simply had 2 young women come my room and spent the day in carnal lust. n the evening they left i went out had noodles went back to room to sleep.
  15. Let's face it, if it had been a black victim and a white cop, the comments - if there were any at all - would be quite different. You are so right. There would have been riots looting,beatings etc. You are seeing justice being sought in a legal way not thugs on the street as it would be had been white cop black victim.