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  1. I think it will not matter who is telling the truth. The bar is the one that will be punished. Pattaya is on a roll going after any one who attacks a tourist. The fine or what ever may be small but the reputation for Pattaya will be projected as police not accepting this behavior and will stop it.
  2. Do you really believe your own reasoning? Lets go back to where we started then and see if you make sense. I ask why did SK go ahead with the war games. You reply because they did not deal in good faith. Now you make this statement (unless he got to the summit before discovering the lack of good faith) So They do things because of lack of good faith.by Nk but they donot know yet that it is lack of good faith by NK Yah right.
  3. If you believe that lie why did the nations even bother to keeping the dialogue going.
  4. Very good point. Why did South Korea not stop the exercises.
  5. lovelomsak

    EU still unhappy with Thai fishing

    You are so right as long as money is to be made it will go on. Slavery will be overlooked or given lip service. Overfishing,illegal fishing all is forgiven if there is money to be made. EU just makes noise no substance.
  6. The corruption that has been created even effects tourists and expats and foreign investors.. One big one is what they have been doing with the baht exchange. the rich families of Thailand are controlling and using their country currency exchange rate to aid them in getting richer. For the last 4 years they have been able to get foreign currencies cheap and build their net worth. The rich families wealth has grown at the cost to tourist,expats,foreign investors and locals.because of currency exchange values.Talk about a dynasty. Take care of themselves and their families at the cost of a whole nation Greed at its best.
  7. lovelomsak

    EU still unhappy with Thai fishing

    So they get a yellow flag big deal it is still business as usual so why bother. Give them a red flag and stop buying the sea food .Until that happens it is just noise. Yellow flag does nothing it is just show.
  8. Yes. It is not centrally located it is done by region Combatant Commands and their Commanders are responsible for geographic areas of the world. Perhaps the most recognizable of these Combatant Commands is the United States Central Command. Its Area of Operations includes the Middle East and Southwest Asia; specifically Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Central Command in the 33-years since its founding has been commanded by General Officers from the Army, Marine Corps and Navy.
  9. It may not be Trumps doing . The 2 sides are still are war technically. Since they are at war the military over rides the president. This is probably a sabotage of the talks by some one in the military who does not want Trump to end it. All at the cost of other people and nations. Some Trump hater not knowing the limits.
  10. Frigging American military. They are just to stupid to know when to easy off. Quite the show of lack of good faith . Bully.bully ,bully that is all they know . Maybe they will wake up when Kim sends a nuclear war head to visit.
  11. Surfdog you make a lot of dense I think you are right on. but you show to much sense for forums here you will be criticized and attacked soon. But I feel you do have the answer.
  12. No pollution.No tourists, no vendors,no boats. A few high rises in the distance. When did you say this picture was taken?
  13. Who cares? It is not our concern. They make their bed they sleep in it.
  14. Maybe have saved some lives .
  15. Another very good reason to vet immigrants and refugees better than we have in the past.