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  1. "...it is necessary to have military commanders oversee a long-term national strategy..." Who said the above quote?: 1) Hitler 2) Stalin 3) Mussolini 4) All of the above, plus every dictator who wanted to stay in power, knowing that they would never win a popular election.
  2. "A 36 year old man stressed out because his wife would not return to him took out his anger on his nine year old son...There was also a half empty bottle of "lao khao" My first reaction was "Another example of Thai logic", Until alcohol, a legal and easily obtainable substance, entered into the equation. Alcohol abuse over a long period of time reduces logical thinking to the point of ones actions making no sense to the average non addicted person. This is a universal phenomena. Add to that the inflated sense of male ego in this society and you have a double bomb ready to go off at the slightest provocation. One needs to take into consideration that the younger generation learns from its elders. When the elders act in this type of irresponsible behavior which appears to be accepted, the younger generation follows suit.
  3. "...the man at the center of it all will explain what happened." If he was a good student in the Thai "education" system, he will have no problem memorizing and regurgitating the "correct information" they force feed him. Otherwise, he will have more than a cup thrown at his head.
  4. “If the government opens up the opportunity for foreign buyers to hold residential leases for up to 99 years..." "BUYERS"? What a line of BS. If you can't sell it and keep the proceeds, you are a "RENTER". What the government wants is for foreign investors to come in, build structurally sound houses, improve the property and then take it back without paying one baht for it. If there is a financial emergency, and you need cash, you can sell the lease back at a fraction of what you have invested.
  5. Do you think street food vendors should be banned? Definitely. A ban would force potential tourists to visit other countries. Who needs millions of foreign tourist coming to Thailand just for street food? Oh Yeah....The Thai economy and all the businesses that depend on them . The people who mold Thai policies seem to have 20/20 vision....When it comes to shooting themselves in the foot.
  6. "A jealous Thai husband aged 41 has killed two men who he said were messing with his seventeen year old wife..married two years ago.." These pedophiles are so sensitive.
  7. “Without relevancy, the reform can’t be successful...” Without dumping the entire Thai education philosophy of meaningless memorization with no attention being paid to critical thinking, there will be no progress. Especially when the present entrenched teaching staff will feel insulted if these methods to which they have devoted their lives are scrapped. The only way this can possibley work is if new professional standards are established as the baseline for hiring teachers, all the present teachers are fired, have to reapply for the teaching positions, and will only be hired if they meet these new standards. In other words...This is just another BS campaign to make it looks as though Thailand is addressing the problem of its woefully inadequate education system.
  8. "Authorities in Thailand's capital are banishing its world-famous street-food vendors..." But they are still going through with their Street Food Festival in June in order to attract more tourists. Only in Thailand. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/food-drink/kidding-banning-vendors-across-city-bma-co-host-bangkok-street-food-festival-june/
  9. "The man produced doctors’ certificates saying the semen tubes belonged to Chinese and Vietnamese men..." If you need Chinese and Vietnamese sperm to improve your gene pool, you are in real trouble.
  10. "Songkran toll ends at 390, well down from 2016 despite more accidents" Another indictment against the math skills developed in the Thai education system.
  11. "DEPUTY NATIONAL police chief Srivara Rangsibrahmanakul admitted yesterday that he had no idea how to proceed with the case..." That's because every solution to a problem is the same here. Utilize the same actions that don't work. Just put more effort into them. Sitting down, brainstorming, and creating a different approach based on the facts and desired outcomes is something that is not taught in the education system here. Following orders is the modus operandi. However, if the person giving those orders is incompetent, the result is the blind leading the blind. Sound familiar?
  12. "...innovative methods in teaching and applicable ideas in shaping a learning paradigm for the new generation." That should fly well with the teaching establishment members of the old generation who are set in their ways of doing nothing, and will resist any change. Their focus is on themselves, and they couldn't give two s...ts about their students' welfare or preparation for the future. The learning paradigm will be no different in 2050 than it was in 1950.
  13. "The number of accidents on Tuesday increased while deaths and injuries decreased..." All they probably did was NOT declare the victims dead or injured until they left the scene in an ambulance and arrived at the hospital. Unless the deaths and injuries are recorded at the scene of the crash site, they are not listed as a traffic deaths or injuries. A sneaky way to manipulate the statistics to meet the needs of the government.
  14. "National Police have announced the results of a 10 day crime crackdown...Among the sex offenders was one rape murderer, dozens of rapists and molesters, nearly 100 flashers and others responsible for lewd behavior and ten human traffickers." And that was before they even made it out of the police station.