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  1. “Parents should stop letting young children play with tablets and smartphones...” Because prohibition has worked so well in the past. What is needed is teaching responsible use of these devices. However, considering that personal responsibility is not one of the cornerstones of Thai upbringing and education, don't expect anything to change.
  2. "Will Thailand be successful in shedding its image as a sex tourism destination?" Sure, because as everyone already knows, the cultural attractions employ the most Thais. I've heard over and over in Issan, mothers talking to their daughters: "Learn about culture and then you can be a guide for the tourists and make big money." As long as the sex trade is the road to quick and easy money that goes to support poor families, "promoters" profiting from the industry, and desperate men who can't buy a decent "date" for a few hundred dollars back in the west, Thailand will remain a sex tourism destination. It's not about the laws of the country (as useless as they are in this trade). It's about the law of supply and demand. As long as there is a big demand, there will be an adequate supply.
  3. "...which asked teachers to secretly list their “sexually deviant” students..." And those who do list those students are morally and ethically deviant.
  4. "At least one million Thais are sick and suffering from various chronic diseases associated with cigarette smoking..." And most smokers, not only Thais, are so generous. They love to light up and smoke where non smokers are present, especially in front of restaurants and cafes. So everyone gets to inhale the poisonous smoke while entering, or have the smoke drift in while trying to enjoy a meal. I've never heard one ask if anyone would mind if they lit up a cigarette. When they need their fix, they have to get it. With all the information that was available to them about the dangers related to tobacco use, they still chose to start smoking. Then they act shocked when they develop a tobacco related disease. Not sure if it's stupidity, arrogance or both. Either way, they knew what they were getting into when they started their habit. Disease leading to a painful dying process is just a natural and logical outcome.
  5. "...a gecko that is at least 17.5 inches long..." This man definitely wants other Thai men to have gecko envy. In other countries, men overcompensate for their shortcomings by buying big and powerful Muscle Cars. It looks like here a very large dingle dangle lizard serves the same purpose.
  6. "...complaints the committee received regarding violations of public morality...use of indecent language during a televised discussion about sex." It's amazing that these people who complain continue to watch the programs in question. Don't they realize that the remote has an On/Off button and a button to change channels? Guaranteed, they will be watching the same shows again and getting their jollies. They just complain to cover up that they are getting excited by what they think is "dirty" content. One more level of hypocrisy in Thai culture. No different than all the western religious and political leaders who complain about the same thing and then are caught trawling in public rest rooms and on the internet.
  7. “I tried my best.” The saddest part about this. It was his best. I'm still not sure why swimming lessons are not mandatory in Bangkok schools. It might be the only skill that will make a difference in those students' lives.
  8. "...former police doctor who has been sentenced to death for a murder conspiracy involving one of his Myanmar employees." Poor bloke. Didn't have the fortune of being the son of a powerful head of an island. Then he could have killed as many people as he wanted to, even western tourists, and not only get away with it, but blame it on some poor Burmese.
  9. Life is cheap in Thailand once it's involved with the justice/ legal system. At best, expect around 100,000 baht. Plus, he and his family will have to go through the charade of appearing to be grateful (6 wais should do it) that "justice prevails in Thailand".
  10. "...he had parked it on the left lane and used some tree branches to warn off approaching vehicles..." It appears that tree branches work as well as amulets. Has anyone thought about using common sense? That last statement is for those reading TVF for the first time.
  11. "Police who raided a Samut Prakarn temple yesterday found ample evidence of drug taking and dealing by two monks." Smart move. Why go through the hassle of committing crimes as a civilian and then go through the insincere act of becoming a monk to make it appear as though they are repentant? Just go straight to the Wat and save the time and effort. Besides everyone is on to their act anyway.
  12. “Just a small ‘chassis’ but beautiful female mechanic wowing the boys in Korat!” Never miss a chance to get in a sexist comment. Hopefully, her work will be judged on her mechanical skills, and not on the size of her "chassis".
  13. Headline from a previous article. "Thailand is World’s Deadliest Country for Motorcyclists" Gee, I wonder how that can be, with all those new safety statutes being enforced? If they want to race, they should do it someplace where they only put their own lives in danger. Of course, it doesn't help when drivers of other vehicles don't know how to safely make U-turns or right hand turns. Walking doesn't increase the chance of being safe either, when one can fall into an open drainage hole, trip on uneven "sidewalks", have part of buildings fall on you, etc. Agoraphobia is starting to look really good.