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  1. In case you haven't been informed yet, alcohol is the most abused drug throughout the world. Legalizing it doesn't make it less of a drug or diminish its devastating effects, although it does give alcoholics a giant base for their sense of denial.
  2. "...use of amphetamines or Ya Ba is becoming increasingly widespread among Thai teens." How about creating an alternative to the hopeless future of those teens? Many of them see only adults sitting around getting drunk all day with no hope of obtaining gainful employment. Even though drug use begins as an experiment, if it alleviates the pains that result from what they see as a hopeless life, it becomes the crutch they need to make it to the next day. The article didn't identify which gender uses the most drugs, but most likely it is the male population. Of course, when the female culture is based on what in the west they call codependency, and they support their spouses/partners, what incentive is there for men to quit using drugs?
  3. "...more gratitude and respect for the elderly." Finally, someone standing up for those of us on retirement visas.
  4. "Frequent cases of Chinese tourists damaging coral reefs and other fragile sea natural resources have prompted the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to seek help from its Chinese counterpart." The Chinese responded that Thais just don't understand "Chineseness" and need to become more civilized in order to understand superior cultures.
  5. We are hoping Thais will have fun collecting them, or finding the one that means the most to them and sharing it with someone special back home.” While they are having fun collecting them, after consuming a week's worth of sugar in a single day, they can share their insulin with the folks back home. Unless they've already died of another Thai favorite, and major funding source of the government, cigarettes. New TAT campaign. "Come share the Thai Experience. It's to die for."
  6. "Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister, Gen Chatchai Sarikulya, is planning to propose that Thailand announce itself as free from illegal fishing activities." Not quite the same as having an independent international organization announcing it. But, then again, Thailand has a stellar reputation of always being truthful and places honesty above image.
  7. "Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said Monday (Feb 12) that he did not attach importance to fugitive former prime ministers Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra’s activities..." Unfortunately for him, over half the voting population does.
  8. "A hunger strike was started on Monday by two groups of protestors who say they will not eat until the government permanently cancels coal-fired power plants in the South." That should be as effective as stopping the burning up north. What not to expect...Clean air, and the price of rice to go down as a result of a surplus resulting from the huge mass of hunger strikers.
  9. "...the government consider establishing a long-term care fund for the elderly." Most likely he just became aware of the American government raiding the Social Security fund and using the money to line the pockets of their already wealthy supporters. Then they call it an "entitlement" when in reality it was a savings account from which money should have been withdrawn by those who donated into it. Another example of teaching old dogs new tricks.
  10. "...herbal concoctions that he hands out. Many patients who have taken the capsules report feeling better. " However, he should be able to take voluntary contributions as is the case with religions. He utilizes similar methods, and appears to get similar results. Then again he can offer an amulet and have a 2 for one sale, and only charge for the amulet, which is perfectly acceptable in Thailand.
  11. “The decline of several Thai universities in the rankings is worrying..." I know a person with a master's degree who is unable to multiply fractions. I'm not puzzled by how this person got a master's. I'm puzzled how this person ever made it to fifth grade.
  12. 40 long-haired police officers face transfer

    "It was reported that the 40 defiant officers would be temporarily transferred to the police operations centre to assist work." Yep.... Long hair, shooting innocent civilians, major bribery or graft/, beating and raping women... When it comes to justice for crimes committed by the police and military , one punishment fits all.
  13. "The mother told Thai Rath that her daughter Sirithada Chartyanon, 32, had been abducted..." It was only a Thai girl. No need to investigate since it won't affect tourism at all.
  14. Dead cadet’s family to pursue legal action

    "Family of a cadet who died ...pledged to take legal action over the death." I am sure they will be well received by the leaders and legal system of the "Hub of Deaf Ears".