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  1. "Why give these people anywhere to smoke at all...? Along with alcohol, these two legal substances are responsible for more deaths than all the illegal substances combined. Tobacco has the added danger, through second hand smoke, of affecting people who don't even choose to imbibe in it. Yet, governments makes billions of (name any currency) off them in taxes. Basically, the governments are the biggest dealers in deadly substances in the world, and yet have the audacity to hunt, arrest, sentence, and in some countries, execute those doing the same thing. Prohibitions on substances need to be based on the amount of danger they pose to the general public, and not on what a government deems to be legal.
  2. Boy arrested with 16kg heroin stash

    "Boy arrested with 16kg heroin stash" Doesn't take long to build up a heavy habit.
  3. "allegedly committed suicide...one gunshot wound to the chest and another to the right temple..." The only things missing to make this an open and shut case for suicide are 3 bullet wounds in the back.
  4. "Thai Logic" ??? Were you an oxymoron major at your university?
  5. "A summons was issued so that the accused would appear to hear the charges against them...As is customary no one was named in the story." Thailand. Hub of big carpets. Under which all such events are swept under, never to see the light of day again. The teacher will return to his previous post and most importantly, will never lose face by having his name appear in public.
  6. "The plant was primarily intended to be a production base for markets in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam." Don't be surprised if more companies decide to set up in business friendlier countries, and Thailand becomes a "market" country, rather than a producer. Thailand made its bed, now it can lie in it. With the latest changes in immigration policies, perhaps long term expat residency will follow suit.
  7. "The evidence should help verify the escape if Yingluck’s DNAs traces found on the items, match with those found in the sedan, said Deputy Police Chief Pol General Srivara Ransibrahmanakul." I wouldn't be surprised if the DNA is the same DNA of the two Burmese convicted for the murders on Koh Tao. After all, it worked once. Why not use it again?
  8. My forebears did not spend millions of years working their way up the food chain so I could wind up eating damn tofu. And...dogs were bred to help them find their next meal, not become it.
  9. "...having 120 legally wedded wives and he is the father to 28 children...He has, after all, provided them all with land and houses and taken care of their every need." And....to balance this...there are 120 men who skipped out on their girlfriends as soon as they heard the words: "I'm pregnant". Nice to see someone is taking responsibility for his actions. No matter how many wives he has.
  10. "The driver told the cops it was brake failure...But Jowo reported yesterday that initial findings showed that the brakes were in good working order..." The concept of personal responsibility does not exist in the LOS. Everyone is perfect and it is always someone or something else's fault. Imagine how much progress would take place here if people just said:" It was my fault. Let's see what the problem was, fix it, make sure it doesn't happen again, and move on".
  11. "A Thai woman studying at university ripped off her friends and others to the tune of 160 million baht ..." It appears she has all the qualifications to run the program handling future payments to rice farmers.
  12. CU defends its punishment of eight students

    "...Thai morality... university’s prestige..." Stop already. All these oxymorons are making me dizzy. Article 4: “Students must always strictly follow all laws, rules, regulations, announcements or orders of the University or their faculty”; Article 5: “Students must follow Thai good moral, ethical and cultural principles on all occasions”; Article 6: “Students must maintain unity, orderliness and the University’s image and prestige” Article 7: “Students must behave themselves gently and not behave in ways that may damage themselves, their parents, their guardians, or the University” and Article 12: “Students must not perform any tradition or practice deemed inappropriate to Thai culture.” Until they graduate and then they can act as typical adults. Do whatever it takes to further ones self, and if they get caught, bribe the proper authorities, make ceremonial merit in front of as many people possible and then resume their nefarious activities.
  13. “My father has been suffering from cataract in his left eye for a long time before he was sentenced to the jail term. The condition has worsened because of the conditions in the prison." He knows as much about cataracts as he does about honesty. Cataracts form and progress regardless of ones living conditions. The only situation that will affect the outcome is if the person can afford and has access to an ophthalmologist, who can remove the cataract...Which happens to be a quite simple procedure these days. Let him get the surgery and be able to see the four walls around him. Perhaps his mind will clear up as does his vision.
  14. Thai police seek Interpol help to find Yingluck

    "Deputy National Police Chief Pol General Srivara Ransibrahmanakul on Monday ordered the police foreign affairs division to seek cooperation from Interpol...in locating fugitive former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra." Because that same request was so effective in locating and extraditing Vorayuth Yoovidhya, the heir to the Red Bull fortune. Just another gesture to make it appear that they are seeking justice. Those in power don't want the headache of all her supporters taking to the streets and demonstrating if she goes on trial.
  15. "...promoting the culture and the uniqueness of the land of smiles." Right. The Thai culture of a two price system. Such as charging 5 to 10 times more for western tourists to experience the parks, museums, certain temples, etc. Not interfering with jet ski and motor bike businesses as they cheat tourists with phony damage claims. Stopping and fining westerners on motorbikes, for not having a Thai license, as underage kids ride bikes with no license, no helmet and 3 to 4 people on one bike.