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  1. "Deputy PM under fire for lack of empathy over teen’s death..." They've got to be kidding. Lack of empathy is the number one requirement for any military leader of a government. It doesn't matter which country you are talking about. "...should resign to take responsibility..." ??? Take responsibility for ones actions and lose face? That would be a first for Thailand.
  2. "More than 60% of five “popular vegetables” sold in local markets contain excessive level of harmful chemical residues..." However, there are no laws or enforcement agencies to prevent someone from marking these same vegetables as "organic" and being sold as a safe and healthy alternative to those that are contaminated. Oh yes...at higher prices.
  3. "...being tricked to eat brownies laced with marijuana ..." I wish someone would trick me like that?
  4. "The legislation is necessary for the establishment of the Equitable Education Fund, which is meant to benefit 4.3 million children and youth in low-income families." It will allow every student to have an equal opportunity to ascend to mediocrity.
  5. I might have to buy a long sleeve shirt for the coming of the Thai Ice Age.
  6. "...32% of adult respondents thought the road carnage was just their fate." And 100% had no idea that learning How To Drive was an option to Mai Pen Rai.
  7. If the present potholes every 50m aren't a deterrent, then speed bumps won't make any difference.
  8. "DLT director-general Sanith Phromwong said yesterday that the department would impose stricter measures..." And these stricter measures will be enforced by the same ghosts that enforce all the other government safety and health measures. Nothing will change, but this looks good in print for those tourists who might be turned off visiting Thailand and have doubts about their safety after arriving here.
  9. Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam War

    "Onward Buddhist soldiers. Marching off to war" Doesn't quite have the same ring.
  10. Huge crowds gather for free "herbal remedies for cancer"

    "...free 'herbal remedies for cancer' " At last. A drug that is priced to match its efficacy.
  11. "...warned the public of risks of drowning, road accidents, and being injured from igniting fireworks and firecrackers during the Loy Krathong festival..." As if for the rest of the year these are not safety issues and no one is a victim of drowning, road crashes or irresponsible use of anything that is inflammable and explosive. Perhaps setting up safety programs in schools, year round, would be more effective. First lesson... Observe how your parents and other adults function in these situations. Please realize they are idiots and do not try to act like them.
  12. Woman, 65, puts up sign to recruit boyfriend

    "...between 60-70 years old, pensioner, who is good and sincere and has good health. " How many sick water buffaloes does she have?
  13. "Why give these people anywhere to smoke at all...? Along with alcohol, these two legal substances are responsible for more deaths than all the illegal substances combined. Tobacco has the added danger, through second hand smoke, of affecting people who don't even choose to imbibe in it. Yet, governments makes billions of (name any currency) off them in taxes. Basically, the governments are the biggest dealers in deadly substances in the world, and yet have the audacity to hunt, arrest, sentence, and in some countries, execute those doing the same thing. Prohibitions on substances need to be based on the amount of danger they pose to the general public, and not on what a government deems to be legal.
  14. Boy arrested with 16kg heroin stash

    "Boy arrested with 16kg heroin stash" Doesn't take long to build up a heavy habit.
  15. "allegedly committed suicide...one gunshot wound to the chest and another to the right temple..." The only things missing to make this an open and shut case for suicide are 3 bullet wounds in the back.