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  1. jaltsc

    Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?

    “Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?” As for many of us who reside here, I am sure many would pose this question: Why would you want that?
  2. "The Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) has confiscated Bt4.1 million in assets from a former special-branch police officer and related persons on the suspicion that they are ill-gotten gains." They will never learn. If they want to keep some of those "ill-gotten gains", a good portion needs to be funneled upwards. Fail to grease one important set of hands, and this is the result.
  3. “Prawit orders crackdown on ‘illegal’ foreigners” Just as long as there is no crackdown on "illegal" governments.
  4. Great news for motor taxi and tuk tuk drivers. They will get to watch muay thai all day now. Unless they start drive by shootings against the grab drivers
  5. You have just won the insult of the year award. That one really hurts.
  6. "...73.6 percent want politicians who are concerned about the well-being of the people..." Make up your mind. Do you want those who are concerned about the well-being of the people, or do you want politicians? You can't have both.
  7. "DEPA aims to make the kingdom an IOT hub of asia, boost digitalisation of Asean bloc..." I don't see any problem with that...As long as the numbers don't go past "20"...or "10" if they are wearing shoes.
  8. jaltsc

    Thai soldier fights for life after being attacked by seniors

    "Asked about financial help from the Royal Thai Army, Rungruedee said she was told he would get about Bt30,000 compensation as basic help. “But to date, we have not yet received the compensation,” she said." What a cheap liar. If I knew I wasn't going to pay her anything, I would have promised her 1.000,000 baht.
  9. How about legalizing Cannabis? Quick growing (See quick income within months after the first planting), minimum use of land. Research can find new uses for the by products which could replace plastics. And, Thailand will truly become the Land Of Smiles again. However, this makes too much sense and will be rejected. TIT
  10. "...samples of plastic food containers the department tested between 2013 and 2017 had met safety standards." One would hope that those "safety standards" are higher that those of road safety standards.
  11. "Her previous husband was a foreigner who before he died from illness kept her in the lap of luxury". And....She never thought of putting a little money aside in savings for the future? Somehow, many Thai women with an older husband/boyfriend think that he will live forever. As soon as the money gets into their hands, they spend it. Even when going out to eat, they will order 5 or 6 dishes for the two of them and only take a bite out of each one. Plus, she was Thai, and should have known that an unemployed Thai man would never change his ways. To him, she was the one who was supposed to keep him in the "Lap of Luxury"...Which in Thailand means lau cao and gambling money.
  12. "...revealed their dream of leading Thailand’s national football team to the World Cup finals." Keep dreaming.
  13. "...saying that cold season will come soon to be followed by dry season..." He also predicted that the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening, followed by darkness.
  14. "In other words, hypocrisy plays a big role in Thai politics." How about most world politics? Somehow the power brokers have convinced many members of the working classes that they are temporarily embarrassed billionaires and if they are patient and support the power elite, the riches will flow to them. Billionaires don't get that way by sharing the wealth. Only by stealing it.
  15. "...set up a committee to review how officers are rewarded for issuing traffic tickets." He has lived in Thailand all his life, and we are supposed to believe that a tourist who has been here for a few days knows more about the "custom" of tea money than he does? That being said. Let's assume he is serious. He needs a committee? All he needs to do is count and use logic. If someone gets paid 15,000 baht a month and is able to pay personal expenses of 50,000+ a month, he is getting "rewarded" from a source other than his salary.