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  1. "The law has introduced additional measures to protect non-smokers' rights..." Lots of laws in the LOS, but never a mechanism implemented to enforce them. This is just another empty PR campaign as the tobacco monopoly continues to reap in billions in profits. "Will you please put out your cigarette? It's interfering with my breathing, and is against the law for you to smoke here." "<Deleted> Off". End of conversation. No fines. No arrests.
  2. And, what's the excuse for older parents who can afford luxury cars, riding in the front seat with children on their laps, and none of the other children secured with seat belts? It appears that a significant segment of the Thai population either have no awareness of safety, or just don't care, having a mai pen rai attitude. Unfortunately, the victims in many cases, have no say in the matter., and suffer the consequences. Many of those who are fortunate enough to survive, can be seen riding their motorbikes and texting at the same time. They are underage and not wearing a helmet.
  3. "Thailand can emerge as the region’s top medical tourism hotspot..." First they need to develop an education culture based on achievement and not based on social status. I don't think medical tourists will feel too confident knowing that the person who is treating them had his degrees purchased by his family.
  4. "Young boy dies in hospital waiting room 'because he had to wait'...' he could have been saved if the hospital had given him the appropriate treatment right from the start.' " Triage???...We don't need no stinkin' triage? First come, first served went out in the early 20th century.
  5. "Thailand has been voted as the most Chinese tourist-friendly country in the world..." That should make all the expats living here jump for joy. That is if their legs haven't been fractured by some out of control driven motorbike.
  6. "The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education (MOE) has confirmed that the MOE has not issued a policy to prohibit students from bringing mobile phones to classroom. " That should result in a significant reduction in stretched and strained necks.
  7. "Thai authorities appear to have opted for a middle path..." There is never any follow through. As with everything else , the promise, the threat, or the appearance that something is getting accomplished, is the payoff.
  8. Right away, the first thing this country needs is an influx of foreigners to teach math.
  9. "Students urged to study for professions that match capabilities..." Xerox already invented a copying machine.
  10. "High tech measures will be introduced at the next election..." "High Tech"...meaning the candidates will pay off the voters by wiring the 300 baht payouts into their accounts, instead of handing them out in person.
  11. "...detained a Laotian woman after she smuggled in three fishing cat kittens..." Need to purchase those other submarines pronto, for protection. Who knows how many more kittens are being smuggled in and threatening national security?
  12. "The majority of the people wanted to see police reform achieved and justice be ensured and no kickbacks will re-emerge, according to Bangkok Poll." First they need to crack down on mind altering drugs. It appears that a majority of the people are stoned out of their minds to think this pipe dream has anything more than a snowball's chance in hell.
  13. "After the Supreme Court verdict, the ex-police officer was taken to Khlong Prem Central Prison to start serving his jail term." None of these activities occurs in a vacuum. Lots of publicity when he walks through the front door, but there will be no mention when he walks out the back door before his sentence is completed. The standard reward for keeping ones mouth shut and not implicating others who were involved.
  14. "...murkier and murkier, could this involve more that the teller and be a regular thing..." Not only in the bank industry. This appears to be a regular practice with a number of businesses. I had a similar situation with an internet company. I paid for 3 months of service and got a receipt with the amount paid. The next month I received a bill for that month and the previous 2 months. When I presented my receipt to challenge the amount on the bill, the manager told me that the receipt was not valid. What was valid was the amount recorded on the computer. Most likely, the clerk pocketed most of the money, entered the smaller amount on the computer, and shared the extra money with the manager. I immediately changed internet providers and have not had a problem since.
  15. "Such post has tarnished the reputation of the airport and the country..." Now, that really takes some doing! Who thought it could get any worse?