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  1. Neither do Amulets. However, I don't see the scammers who sell them being charged and paying fines.
  2. "Organisations in Thailand are losing an average of 73 days of productive time per employee each year due to health-related absenteeism and employees who still work while ill..." Just imagine how much productive time is lost due to "My Pen Rai".
  3. jaltsc

    Tests show Thai rice not hazardous

    "Niphon said yesterday the foreign substances found were far too negligible to be hazardous to health, unlike some imported pasta." So, the Public Health Ministry, by its own admission, allows imported hazardous food products to be sold to and consumed by the Thai populace. The profits from those food products go into foreign pockets. So, why wouldn't they do the same for Thai food products when the profits go into the pockets of those who control the funding of the politicians who control the ministry itself?
  4. Yes...and TAT is inviting all ski jet operators to be honest over the same period . What are these guys smoking?
  5. "Maybe things will change one day, but a revolution may be required first". Catch 22 here..The people you want to revolt, don't even vote unless they are "bribed"..In order to get enough people to revolt, they would have to be paid ...and the only ones rich enough to pay them are the ones on top of the bribery pyramid. Don't hold your breath...It ain't gonna happen in this place.
  6. "The DSI yesterday also conducted a DNA test on an 11-year-old boy in Si Sa Ket, who is believed to be the monk's son. Luang Pu Nenkham allegedly had a sexual relationship with the young boy's mother when she was only 14. The result of the test should be ready in two days." Typical of Thailand. We now have a monk who is a cheap knockoff of a Catholic Priest.
  7. He really isn't 119 years old. Just another 20 year old Yaba head who looks like Keith Richards.
  8. "Asked if she had talked to Gen. Yuthasak Sasiprapa, the Deputy Minister of Defense, about the rumor, the Prime Minister said she and Gen. Yuthasak have indeed consulted with each other, but only on official matters." Of course she would have gotten and honest answer from the General. After all, when you want a truthful answer, you can always trust a politician or military big wig
  9. "The tourism authority also aims to place greater importance on the tourism activities of the underprivileged and the handicapped" With utility poles and merchants' crap blocking the middle of every walking street in Chiang Mai and other smaller tourist areas, and no wheel chair ramps in most eating or guest house establishments, I doubt physically disabled individuals would have access to more tourism activities. Just another pipe dream without thinking out the details necessary to achieve the empty promises TIT
  10. "...defining green growth in a way that harmonises with Thai society, and building an understanding of the concept among Thais;..." Most of the negative environmental effects are not coming from large factories, but from local small entities. Thais spray anything planted with chemicals (before, during and after the planting), many of which are banned in the west, and burn anything that can be composted in addition to burning plastic and other toxic materials. It's no secret that all previous efforts to curb the creation of this pollution have failed since there have never been any laws created to meet these ends. All one has to do is looks at the air quality index during March and April in the northern provinces. I doubt the government will create any agency that will effectively enforce such measures if they are ever created since that would not "harmonise with Thai society". As mentioned above, this is nothing more than a PR stunt to show that Thailand is a responsible nation, similar to the PR stunt banning smoking in public areas. Every restaurant has a sign forbidding smoking, with a 2000 THB fine for offenders. However, what do you see when someone lights up a cigarette? Not one of the workers pointing to the sign...Nope...Just someone placing an ashtray on the table. All that can be said about these types of charades is .
  11. That's what happens when you allow corruption to go rampant. You get empty prisons.
  12. jaltsc

    Dhanin tops Thailand's richest list

    “Behind every great fortune is a crime.” –Honore de Balzac
  13. A Thai entrusted with the well-being of others, abuses his position and profits from his position in a big way. Where's the news here???
  14. His idea of Nirvana is playing golf with Donald Trump and then returning to his 50 meter yacht for champagne and caviar. The only worldly thing he has truly renounced is poverty.
  15. "BANGKOK, 2 July 2013 (NNT) – The newly-appointed Education Minister has said the Thai education system needs a major revamp to enable Thai kids to compete with children in other countries " I believe he stole this quote from a speech given by the Thai Education Minster on 2 July1813.