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  1. Water Delivery to House

    Found a company. Thanks
  2. Water Delivery to House

    I just moved here, so I'll start to look.
  3. Water Delivery to House

    Sorry, forgot to say I live in Khon Kaen.
  4. Water Delivery to House

    Does anyone know of a water company that will deliver to the house 5 gallon or 16.9 liter bottles of water by reverse osmosis? If so, please give me their phone number. Thank you
  5. Thanks for your reply. One quick question, isn't the proof of residence what the TM30 form is all about?
  6. My wife's tabien baan has the address of her mother's house and NOT the house we rent and live together. Is that ok when I go to extend my visa based on my marriage or does she have to change to the address where we live together? Thank you
  7. Inexpensive Furniture in Khon Kaen

    Thanks so much for your post and link.
  8. Inexpensive Furniture in Khon Kaen

    The reason I asked is because I am moving to KK next week to an empty house and was hoping I can know of some places in advance so I can quickly buy what I need.
  9. I know someone asked this question a few months ago, but I can't find it, so sorry about the repeat. Does anybody know where I can find inexpensive furniture? Second hand is also ok. I am looking for a sofa, lounge chair, kitchen table and closets. I am looking in Khon Kaen Thank you
  10. How Long From Phuket to Bangkok

    No choice. I am moving to Isaan.
  11. How Long From Phuket to Bangkok

    Thanks for the info!!
  12. How Long From Phuket to Bangkok

    Thanks for the info. Do you remember the highway numbers you took from Phuket to Bangkok?
  13. How Long From Phuket to Bangkok

    Thank you for all the replies. I wanted to find out the "Real" time by people who have done the drive.
  14. Drive Time to Bangkok From Khon Kaen

    Thanks for your reply. Exactly, I want to know the "Real" time it takes by people who have done the drive. A Google calculator and info does not take into account all the factors.
  15. Does anybody know about how long it takes to drive a car from Phuket to Bangkok? Thank you