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  1. I got that. But the poster can give reasons he believes the attacks occur, seeming to have sympathy with the people doing it, yet offers no suggestions how to stop these things. We all know people have reasons for doing bad things, usually, but that does not excuse what they do if they are killing innocent people who have nothing to do with what ever they have against their society. Also doing these things they are doing it in the name of their god and religion, not saying they are doing it for revenge for the West killing people in their countries.... We might think we understand why they are doing these things, but does that men we are willing to passively sit back and let in continue, intensify and for an indefinite amount of time into the future?
  2. Very nice. So your think we should let people have free range to murder us as we deserve it?
  3. Stupid, ignorant, religious fanatics, greedy, corrupt, selfish, bullies. That is the problem! Sadly these seem to be the preferred job requirements for positions of power and responsibility.......
  4. Index Living Mall Kitchens in Chiang Mai

    Beautiful kitchen you have! I have gone with that company also... I used them at my last house and was very happy with the quality and service. Thanks for letting me know you had the same experience at Index Living Mall. They must loose so much business there.... I can't understand why their boss does not think it strange no one buys a kitchen form them.
  5. Index Living Mall Kitchens in Chiang Mai

    Yes.. you are right... my DIY skills are virtually zero.
  6. Agree with you there... and her if they did find the nest and fence them off.. the hotels and beach vendors would be likely digging up the eggs and baby turtles to BBQ.
  7. I can imagine in the future Phuket will be an island of concrete hotels and other buildings, filthy dirty sea with no sea life, full of dumped rubbish and plastic all over the place, and no forests or wildlife left... only dazzling night lights, base thumping bad music and selfish drunk tourists who won't care about their surroundings or seeing any beautiful nature.
  8. Index Living Mall Kitchens in Chiang Mai

    It was many years ago and I hoped they had improved. They also have nice looking kitchens different from Home Pro. So far I have not met anyone who has got a kitchen off them. I suspect they actually don't sell them, just have them for display lol. We have gone with another company now in Chiang Mai which we used before and are happy with the design and service. I will go back to Index Living Mall to ask why no one called me back.. and ask if they have done the design, and then ask to speak to the manager if they have not.
  9. Index Living Mall Kitchens in Chiang Mai

    Sorry if I posted it in the wrong place. They have so many forums on here! Thanks for putting it in the right place. Grollies.... yes I think I will go somewhere else. I was genuinely interested to know if anyone has a kitchen from this place because I can't imagine they really sell any at all. Waiting to see if anyone has.
  10. Very sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to say. Are you saying you were there 20 years ago and there were lots more sharks then?
  11. Has anyone purchased a kitchen from Index Living Mall in Chiang Mai? I like the look of the kitchens there... but the staff seem not interested to sell one... in fact they do all they can not to. My last house (4 years ago) they said it would take 3 months to come up with a design! Then they never did the design despite my going back to the store many times as asking about it. They always had an excuse, like the guy doing the design was not in, ill, off work, lost the plans, doing them again, lost them again. In the end I just gave up. This year we are building another house.. and the same is happening again. The staff were too lazy to even look up to see we were there.. just playing with their social media on their phones. Eventually I got a girl to help me and explained was we wanted. She took details and the measurements, but she was very half hearted about it all. Then promised the design would be done in a week and she would call us when it was ready. Aweek has come and gone... and surprise, no phone call. I am now wondering if they EVER sell any kitchens form this place!!!
  12. Lets bet there are not punishments for the kid driver or his family. I feel so bad for the couple that got injured. I see children driving motor bikes a lot out where I live... kids that look no older than 10, with even younger children and toddlers on the back.. none with helmets on... going all over the road. Nobody does anything, because it seems nobody could give a toss about the children, or anyone else apart from themselves.
  13. Why did you think that? my friend worked on the tour group activities.. and she filmed them on the mobile phone.. they were the black tipped reef sharks... they came every morning early to the bay she was in.... before the tourist boats arrived. It was amazing that they could swim in such shallow water close to the beach too.
  14. Are you saying it would be wrong to ask a Jewish person to take a shower before going into a public swimming pool... if they were the only people that were not taking a shower and going in with their cloths on? Why?
  15. Your banana plants look really healthy! I think you have changed my mind... maybe the banana plants I have seen have not been cared for properly. I have plenty of fertilizer... from my chickens and pigeons, so they should look nice a green like yours too. I recon I will plant the Ashoka trees in an informal wobbly line at the back and put in some banana trees in between them. I like that peacock tail tree in your front garden. I had one at my last house.. but it was very ol old and tall.. beautiful tree... but does not have a dense enough canopy to keep out the light I think.