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  1. Police order bars in Bangkok and Pattaya to close on Friday

    Are we supposed to be mind readers now?
  2. Police order bars in Bangkok and Pattaya to close on Friday

    Why can't people have alcohol on a significant day? So long as they are acting within the law, not having loud parties or making problems for people what is wrong with drinking alcohol? If the bars are all closes they will still drink at home anyway... perhaps more as they don't have to drive or pay bar bills. Don't people have alcohol at funerals?
  3. Police order bars in Bangkok and Pattaya to close on Friday

    We know what this day is, and it is a very sad time. We could not see the closure of bars was 'inevitable'.... because no official notice appears to have been given to the general public, including bar and shop owners... Thai or none Thai people alike were in confusion. The 'backlash' has nothing to do with what day it is. The backlash is about the confusion, incompetence and general lack of organisation by the powers that be to communicate their orders with the rest of us. 'Some places being open'... in fact in my area 90 percent of the places were open... and they are mostly Thai places with no tourists. The places that did not sell alcohol said it was their personal decision... out of respect and their personal beliefs, not because it was illegal. If it was make clear to the population that alcohol sales were or were not permitted on this day then we would have no reason to have any 'backlash'.
  4. Yee Peng Lantern Festival

    You do it yourself... the real and traditional way... buy or make a kratong, go float it on the nearest stream, river, khlong. Say your prayers and give respect to the river goddess. Take some family or friends to do it together, or go in a group to anywhere on the ping river or some other nice place. It's FREE!!!!!!! You are only paying for organised events, on private property, with organised events.
  5. How do you find them a bl__dy menace? Have you been menaced by them? Let us know you person story of how a drown menaced you.
  6. Police order bars in Bangkok and Pattaya to close on Friday

    I have no problem with a ban on alcohol sales on such and such a day.... However, I DO have a problem with this constant confusion and uncertainty about if its allowed or not, which seem to happen nearly every time, and only applying their decision to random places. It's just illogical and idiotic. They need to get their act together in advance to decide and publicise their decision... not just randomly go about making a mess of it and irritating and inconveniencing people.
  7. anemia: high dose of liquid iron in bkk

    Your hospital should proscribe your iron supplements and the correct dosage if you are suffering from anemia for a medical reason.....overdose is toxic to you body and will cause serious health problems. If you are anemic and have not seen a doctor you need to go to hospital to get checked out and discover the cause of it. Good luck.
  8. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    So, if the drone user lived in that apartment block you are fine with it? Your balls of clay are more of a danger and annoyance than a drone.
  9. Tabien Baan?

    Hi. You can get the yellow book no problem. We are a farang couple... we have a yellow book for our house. I think the housemaster will be the house owner. If you own the house.. that's you! But I would get a solicitor to help you get all the documents you need and go with you to get it... will make it easier.
  10. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    Do we have to go to the place we registered them when we change hotel, province, or address? Because the address on the registration form will be different as we move around the county! Do we have to pay a fee each time? And, I can only list 3 locations I want to fly it?
  11. Stupid. Very bad, but no sympathy with the guy... what was he expecting in such a backward <deleted> up evil country.....
  12. Circus bear snaps and attacks handler during performance

    Wish it had taken a long time to chew and scratch at the handler before killing him.... and the person with the stick. In this day and age there is no place for animals to be tortured like this. Pathetic.
  13. Man Lived With Corpses Of Mom, Twin Brother For A Year, Police Say

    Sound like some inbreeds from a horror film. Only in America!
  14. 'Active shooter' near Las Vegas casino

    What argument? I am in agreement about Americans being able to own guns.. I am totally for it.
  15. 'Active shooter' near Las Vegas casino

    Most sane people from other countries can see the stupidity, ignorance, and madness of (the majority of) American people in regards to your gun laws. Keep you guns, in fact get more..... that's what most of you population wants... You kill far more of each other than any Islamic Terrorists could ever do. .