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  1. You must be doing something wrong. I use them almost daily and the price for anywhere in the city is 20 baht. If there is no one else on it.. so its like a private one, then I will pay more... up to 40 baht. When I got the yellow or green ones out of the city, the price is always about 14 - 16 baht. Maybe you are getting one with only you on it.. and your place is a bit far away? I have found most of them have very good customer service. Often the driver insists I sit in the front with him where they have air conditioning. Its a good chance for me to practice my Thai language and the driver to practice his / her English. There are far far more cars, trucks and motor bikes on the roads than songtaews or tuk tuks. Also mostly the songtaew will be full or have a few people on it.. so that is better for the environment than each person going in their own car of bike... kind of like a car share back in the UK.
  2. Thailand can be the new 'hub' of male suicides online, OR, it can have one of it's 'crackdowns' on posting suicides online. If someone wants to kill themselves and post it online then that's up to them. It's not like can be fined or put in prison after it! If other people copy it, also up to them. Why hide this stuff from the population. If people are so shocked and upset about someone killing themselves, then perhaps that is a good thing and will make them do something to help other human beings, rather than living in some dream world where this sort of thing never happens and only cute kitten and puppy videos are on line.
  3. 76 hours per week in a hotel? He is lucky not to have that job.
  4. I have an overpopulation of chickens..... so I have a few pairs of adult Jungle Fowl (not guarantee pure breed) and lots of colours of Japanese Bantam, black, white, buff, mix. Also have a few young mix breed Japanese Bantam X Jungle fowl. I am in Chiang Mai, San Sai area. These birds are free to anyone who will come collect them.
  5. In Chiang Mai, San Sai, I have some fancy breeds of pet pigeon that need a new home. Have Old Dutch Capuchines, White Homer X garden Doves. Free to anyone who will collect them.
  6. Never understand people who have so many dogs.. and keep them locked up in cages or in rooms in the house. But, each to their own. I have 2 dogs.. they are free to go where they want... except the bedrooms. If there was a fire they would just run out of the house with me. Moral.. don't keep animals in cages or behind bars.
  7. Where do you live? I am in Chiang Mai... there is a small zoo near my house in Doi Suket.... they breed Ostrich and often have the fertile eggs for sale at about 200 baht each. I have bough a few in the past and made huge omelets... the taste is just the same as chicken eggs... but the shell is really thick and hard to crack open.
  8. Wow... your pond is super deep!!! That is too deep to grow any aquatic plants. For a natural pond you are advised to have a shallow pond. I used a pond liner... been in there many years and no problems. Cheap and easy to do. Probably less harm for the environment that digging up clay form some place destroying the habitat there, then the petrol and energy needed to transport such heavy material a long distance. You will also need so much of It in your huge pond.. and you will need to make it extra thick to protect it from your ducks and geese digging into it with they bills and sharp claws. I did see a video on you tube... when someone used some kind of clay membrane material.. which came in a big roll... to line their large pond. Try doing some searches on there. Think they were in Chiang Mai. That might be stronger then the liner or just straight clay.
  9. You mean the white European ones? They don't have any common culture with the indigenous people I agree.
  10. Yes... and they can't legally get married as they law recognizes them as men. So how come it's illegal for a man to show his 'breasts'.. I see some farang men walking around with no top on who have bigger breasts then these ladyboys.. and they did not have to pay for expensive surgery either!
  11. You might want to consider that you are going to get more serious health problems from using this stuff so often around your property... than from any ant or scorpion stings! I did a bit or gardening this morning.. putting up new bamboo fence... in just over an hour I had already met with a tree snake jumping at my face, 2 scorpions, several spiders, angry hornets, huge black ants enjoying stinging my arms, and an inquisitive buffalo. I think I am hardened up to most of the average creepy creatures. Lost count of the number of times I have been stung by scorpions, wasps, hornets etc. See lots of snakes too... even 4 banded Kraits this year... and countless (harmless) sunbeam snakes. I was even bitten by a snake a while back (but he was my pet ball python who mistook my hand for his rat dinner). I did have a thriving bee nest like the above posters photo.. until one of the villagers climbed over our wall and stole it for the honey.
  12. Very sad for his family... and a waste of a life.... however, on the flip side, one less idiot in the population.
  13. How come all these Buddha footprints are huge... I did not know he was a giant? Also how come there are only ever one huge footprint... not 2 or more? Did he like to hop about miles at a time? And, Buddha never came to Thailand in his life travels... so how come there are his footprints here? Finally, when people find these footprints, do they quickly destroy the area of its forest, concrete everything, put up huge expensive temples and start begging money and 'gifts' off people.... all of these things being totally opposite to Buddha's teachings?
  14. OK, so I can say that to you if your child, partner or other family member(s) get killed during this festival by some drunk driver or massive safety negligence?
  15. You are right on there. The god or gods are either so weak they need tiny humans to do their work, or they don't care about people blaspheming as they don't take any action.... OR maybe, just maybe, they don't actually exist.... as it seem a bit suspicious they don't actually do a singe thing ever!