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  1. How much does it cost in Thailand? Might get one. I live out in the sticks.. and people have a few pigs around here (the black jungle boar things).
  2. And the unfortunate American will be flow back to America and have a Christian Funeral with prayers and people believing he has been taken by God.. as it was his time, or the Devil or Demons killed him, and now he will have eternal life with Jesus and God on a fluffy cloud. And you think the world is more developed or human minds progressed more?
  3. Wow. Thank you so much for that. Problem solved everyone!
  4. Have you actually read the Koran and the Bible. The teachings have a huge amount of violent and anti other religion content... describing what punishments to dish out to other people... from throwing babies onto rocks, stoning women, burning alive and wiping out entire races from the planet. They are not peaceful. All the time the threat to the actual believers themselves of eternal torture and damnation for doing anything to question or go against the religion. When is this time religions have lived in peace with no one having any grievances? Throughout history tribes, religions, nations have been fighting over their religious beliefs. You think the reason that Muslims are causing so much destruction around the world is 'simply damaged pride'?! Come on! You think they will be grateful to us if we give them Palestine? No they won't. They will gloat and be proud of their God and the terrorists for their victory over us. It will make them even more dangerous and confident to keep attacking other people. And, finally, why do you thing morality has to come from religion? Morality can come from society, family, and other human beings with no agenda.
  5. Don't put yourself down.....
  6. Good for you. So your wonderful Muslim friends are so integrated with the West they would not mind you mixing with female only family members and having a nice kiss in public and a hug before parting? They would be happy for you to be in their house... and eat some pork scratchings with your curry? They would happily let you marry one of their daughters in a Church and you won't have to convert to Islam? They would look after you pet puppy and pot bellied pig while you went on holiday? They would be happy to wear speedos and bikinis all together in the public swimming pool while on holiday?
  7. Yes, I thought that.... ''a white man'' I could not imagine the sentence saying ''a black man''.
  8. Really, you don't think their religious teachings have anything to do with why Muslims can't get on in society with people of other beliefs or religions? Followers of that religion separate themselves from the rest of society in a non Muslim country.. or try to dominate it... seeing none believers are the enemy... and disgusting sinful creatures. Maybe they are nice to your face, in your place of work. But when it comes down to it they see you as much less than them at best, and hate you at worst. They won't accept you or tolerate you close to them.. I mean in their household, marrying a relative etc. Their religion is in no means tolerant of anything. You must see a pattern.. that every country that Muslims live in as a minority has these problems going on.. just look at the bombs in Southern Thailand, for example, that is nothing to do with Muslims being angry about Palestine. Their religion grates and goes against any beliefs, societies, cultures, that don't allow them to be dominating it. I can't agree that the masses need religion to keep them under control. It's hardly working now is it? Look a the most peaceful countries with the lowest crime rates... and you will find those are the counties with the highest number of none religious people. Religion controls the masses to keep them down, fearful, in their place, and to manipulate them. Do you think these things are good things? All the energy and money wasted on religion, and the crimes and atrocities committed in its name would not be there if religion was not there to nurture and propagate them.
  9. A agree with you. Christianity was just as ruthless and evil back in the day.. now it's Islam having it's turn. These days the fighting and hatred is largely not about colour, race, culture, sexual orientation, etc.. it's about the clash of religious ideas and beliefs. Stupid people are more prone to violent behavior because they are unable to express themselves in a rational way.. or even think things out logically. They find their strength in religion and are often manipulated by twisted evil people to do these sort of atrocities. I hope in the future all religion will be banned. It would make for a much more peaceful world.. and people would concentrate on having a good life as they would know it's the only one they are going to get.
  10. Sorry to hear they did not make it. Yes some species of birds will throw out dead chicks. It's very likely they will try again pretty soon.. so get ready for round 2. I had a similar situation last year... not sure species of bird... yellowy brown with long tail.. and lighter yellow/grey under body. Bigger than red whiskered bulbul....almost like a mini nightingale... anyway.. nested on our patio in a potted shrub.. right next to the window so we could watch everything. Parents very nervous and would fly off nest at slightest movement... often leaving the eggs for long time... I was surprised when both eggs hatched. Watched the chicks grow... fast. Then at fledging time I watched them leave the nest and flutter about on the patio. Sadly at that moment my other half came home and opened the back door to let the dog out.. and the dog made a dash to the baby birds and beat me to it... swallowing down one chick in one go. The other chick fluttered away into the undergrowth and escaped totally untouched... the dog spent the rest of the day in disgrace locked inside the house!!! This year they have come back and nested in exactly the same place! Just saw the 2 eggs yesterday. This time will be very wary of my dog at fledging time.
  11. Don't be too scared to watch the video. No gore, horror or death. No crushed skull and brains flying out over the audience... no crunching sounds or eyes popping out of their sockets and rolling away. Not even any blood. Just the crock clamping down on his head, giving him a shake and letting him go.. How can you say you are 'seeing' THAI VISA going horribly wrong...etc... when you have not even watched the video in the first place!
  12. I would feel I got my money's worth if I went to see that show. People who are cruel to animals and treat them like that deserve what they get. All these show things would be banned in more progressive counties. Animals should be treated with respect.. not tormented day in day out and kept locked up for our sick pleasure.
  13. I see you are just trying to be funny.... and not succeeding... just perhaps in your infantile undeveloped brain. You know 'James Bond' is not a real person, right? You also know 'Adam and Eve' are also make up? I can see you are just being argumentative to get attention.... I won't reply to any of you posts on this topic... or even read them, so you needn't reply. If you do believe in the Adam and Eve story... are you aware that their 2 sons must have had sex with their mother or sisters to make more human beings? Maybe that is what goes on in your family.. which would be an excuse for your seemingly inbred retarded brain function.
  14. Try this stuff. It's a gel... You only need to use small amount and it is a cheap price. Lasts for long time. If I use any of the foam, or soap, I always get dry skin or a slight rash. This stuff is easy on the skin. I get in Tesco, but have seen it in Topps Market and other supermarkets.
  15. I don't want Russia or America to manipulate my country. In fact, if I had to choose between the 2... America would be bottom of the list.