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  1. Says in the report that people were surprise about the extra pricing for farangs. Where have they been all their life?! This double pricing has been going on for as long as I can remember here... did they really just find out about it?
  2. Keto Food in Bangkok!

    Why are you lot on this diet? Is it to loose weight, build muscles or be healthy?
  3. Over 1 million Thai children suffer from ADHD

    LOL kicking someone in the balls and breaking their noise is not violent? I have no cocoon or safe space to crawl back into. Soccer or American football are not violent sports. But you kids might enjoy real football or other team sports better than martial 'arts'. I have never been in prison, because my upbringing was good and I had freedom and love from my parents. I was not forced to do stuff on some ridged schedule which took all my time from away from being a child and being able to go out and play with my friends, explore nature, build tree houses, learn how to stand up to bullies myself without the need to break their bones, and just have a fun childhood.
  4. Over 1 million Thai children suffer from ADHD

    I agree with you. A tired child is not a child suffering from ADHD. I like how they look after the babies and young children here better than in the UK. Its more natural. In your example though the 6 year olds will sleep when they need sleep. If they are tired they will sleep on the sofa, floor, parents lap, in front of the TV, then be taken to bed. Even if outside the house, the kids can sleep about, and the next day, if they did not get a good nights rest, they will sleep in the afternoon or earlier the next evening. They will be less likely to suffer depression, because they will have close contact and attention from their parents and family, feel very secure sleeping in the same bed as their mother too. Back in the UK babies are locked in barred cages (they call cots) shut in solitary confinement in a different room from their parents.. and are left to cry and cry themselves to sleep with no one coming to reassure them or show them love or physical contact, as the 'experts' say that is the right think to do.. because the baby is demanding attention... like its got a mind to plan things out! The baby wakes up during the night and cries many times, for feeding or reassurance, the parents have to get out of bed.. go into the other room, pick up the baby and feed it, settle it back down.. go back to their room and into bed. The parents are tired from lack of sleep, irritable and can get depressed from LACK OF SLEEP. If the baby of young child is in their bed it will get to sleep faster. When it needs feeding the mother can just roll over and feed it without having to get up and walk to another room. The baby will feel comfort and safe from the parents next to it. This is a better situation all round surely.
  5. Over 1 million Thai children suffer from ADHD

    Educate yourself mate. Just because the article is from 1995 does not mean its out of date. Did you even read it? You want me to quote studies more recent? Just take a look yourself on the net. I don't need to educate myself about food science either, as that was what I studied at degree level at university back in the UK, which included chemistry and biology. The fact is there has been ZERO scientific evidence that sugar makes children hyperactive. In fact, there is ZERO evidence that diet...old or modern, affects behaviour. If you think you know better please feel free to post the SCIENTIFIC studies that prove sugar makes children hyperactive. Sugar is harmful to health... because of diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, etc... but is not the cause of ADHD or hyperactivity... this is a fact.
  6. Over 1 million Thai children suffer from ADHD

    So what do you want to feed the children.... chunks of raw organic meat and bones? The sugar and hyperactivity is a complete myth! You can look this up if you want... and many many more research comes to the same conclusion. An analysis of the results of all these studies was published in the November 22, 1995 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers' conclusions? Sugar in the diet did not affect the children's behavior. Some on the stupid comments on this thread show the ignorance and raciest stupidity of many people. From saying the Thai kids are inbred, to the Thai males are the worst 'species'!!!!
  7. Over 1 million Thai children suffer from ADHD

    God, your kids life sounds like they are in prison. Apart from the brain washing and potential child molesters at the church, teaching them violent sports every week day, sending them to bed at 8pm every night is weird. When you bring up children in such a regimented way with no flexibility and freedom they very well might grow up in to resentful and troublesome teenagers and messed up adults.
  8. Where are all the 'outraged' Buddhist Thais on this one? Seems they are more upset about a foot on a temple or someone spraying graffiti on a wall.
  9. Don't waste your money on these 'holistic' foods. There is zero evidence they are any good and the term 'holistic' is just a way to sell their brands and market them and charge a premium price. Also feeding raw meat is messy and will cost more then the dry dog food. Its inconvenient to handle the meat and clean up after too, although the dogs will like it just like they will eat anything else... and its not harmful to them. My 2 dogs (and my 3 dogs in the UK) eat dry dog food (what ever is cheapest in the local animals feed shop). They have no vaccinations (except when they were puppies). I don't gradually mix in new foods, and I change foods a lot with no dogs getting upset stomachs. They are over 10 years old and still going strong with no health problems. They also like to eat anything they find in the street and they are free range out here in the county. This diet is bones, old curry and throw away food, rice, dead birds, chicken bones (from fried chicken) and other rotten stinking stuff,).. and a particular favourite of their is eating chicken poop or cow dung . None of this has done then any harm in the slightest. Again, I have never de wormed them (only when they were puppies). I never brushed their teeth (and they have great teeth and no smelly breath). They are also the perfect weight, not fat and not skinny. The only thing I do use is a spot on flea and tick treatment.... as one time they got ticks in the house and got the tick liver disease. I also bath them about twice a month if they get smelly from their doggy activities! Dogs are tough animals..... messing about with fancy diets, over vaccinating, over pampering them is not good for them.
  10. Birds in your garden

    Thank you for you questions... they make very interesting reading. I love to hear others experiences with feeding and observing birds here. I think I can help with some of your questions.... but just my personal opinion. 1. The crow and heron where probably calling to each other... maybe nothing to do with warning about a collision, but rather just letting each other know they are there. 2. I keep and breed budgies. Have had some new ones turn up and I was able to catch them and add them to my aviary. In the UK even saw 'feral' budgies quite often. They do seem to like to join up with a flock of sparrows usually. I think this is because the behaviour of the sparrows is so similar to that of budgies in the wild... they live in a flock, they are noisy and playful, they are very sociable. By joining up with sparrows the budgies gets the protection from the flock from predators, and also they flock will lead the budgies to food and help it survive. 3. The sparrows attacking the aggressive mynah bird is a normal thing if the sparrows have young about.. they are just being protective of their young. 4. Sounds like a magpie robin. Have a look of your tube. 5. Sorry, no idea without a photo. Sounds like a laughing thrush of some kind 6. Golden crested mynah? 7. Yes egrets congregate in trees to roost. However, they don't 'sing'. They sound like crows or ravens crowing. Chattering singing birds are likely to be white vented mynah birds. And that is very sad to hear about the net. I would keep a look out and next time rip the thing down. You could free the birds by cutting them free with scissors. Have seen people catching birds in my area too. Even though its illegal... there were huge nets stretched out in the daytime along a busy road in view of everyone, and no one did anything about it.
  11. KONTROL "Sweetener" ?????????

    Perhaps don't use these artificial chemicals? Simply stop using them, and cut down on the sugar is a better idea in my opinion. Once you cut down sugar, your taste will change to not crave it, and if you get a sugary snack or drink you will hate it after you have not eaten sugar for a few weeks.
  12. The lyrics are about how some Thai people are stupid to waste money and look up to imported designer brands (which are in fact made in Thailand in the first place and can be bough cheaply here at the same quality.... just without the designer label attacked from abroad). It's meaning is to do with supporting their own country and not having the snobbery and thinking imported material goods are better then the ones made here.
  13. Your forgot, people with curly hair spend money to straighten it, people with straight hair spend money to curl it..... Blonds spend money to get black hair, Black to Blonde. Seems most people have a problem with who they are and want to change everything to be to opposite!
  14. Pathetic. Guess the parents were well connected and the new drug problem solver guy is weak and scared, or took a bribe.
  15. Agree. Where are the kind caring Buddhists? Society seems to be rapidly going down hill here.