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  1. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    Why do they seem to have this irrational fear / phobia about other nationalities. They treat us like we are another species sometimes.... the alien on the immigration forms... we are not from outer space!!
  2. Money is always an excuse. Maybe they can't afford to fence in their property... but some old rope or a chain is free!!!! My old house the land was fenced and partly walled too. Dogs still found a way in.. they can jump high and squeeze through very small gaps. I would be woken in the night by several dogs running about, usually they would be ripping open the chicken coop. We used to have quinea fowl but the dogs got in and killed all of them in one go. We went out to scare them out, but they dogs stood their ground.. and 7 large barking, growling dogs with their eyes reflected in our torchlight was very frightening. Some even charged at us as if to bite. We had 2 white pet ducks on our lake also... one night a dog got in and caught them.. injuring them so badly they died. Very sad. Of course no own owned up to owning the dogs. As my above post explained.. I have now been bitten a total of 3 times by street dogs. Once was very bad and needed stitches. Just got back form the hospital for yet more anti rabies jabs.. one more to go. Money, worry, frightening experience and time wasted because some people are lazy and selfish to care for their dogs properly.
  3. Feminism 2018

    I remember once holding a door open for a lady... out of politeness. She had a go at me for being sexist and was angry I opened the door for her!!! Thing is, I would have done that for a man, woman or child.. but she could not understand that.
  4. Maybe only happening in the city. Nothing happening here in San Sai.... many street dogs here.... I got bitten last night on my ankle. A pack of about 20 dogs chased my while I was cycling home. Several areas have large packs of dogs. These small scale vaccinations are pointless if they are not able to do a large percentage of the dog population. This is my 3rd time bitten since I have been here.... now trying to find out if I need to go to the hospital and have all the anti rabies injections AGAIN.
  5. Sounds good. But what about all the corruption, set ups, government cover ups etc.
  6. Fear factor reduced? I a sure a person would still be terrified as they went to get the mask put on!!!!
  7. Just waiting for the 'Thais don't need to speak English / Chinese because Tourist guides in Europe can't speak Thai blah blah blah'.
  8. Publically say the there is nothing to worry about and rabies is under control will now make the problem a lot worse. This is because people will stop thinking about it... maybe not go and get treatment if bitten because they now believe its all OK. They won't bother going to vaccinate their dogs, cats either now. How stupid!
  9. Exactly. Dogs are not natural. They are an abomination of nature. These unnatural hybrid wolf mutants need taking out. They are not an endangers species than needs protection. These dogs on the street were never selectively bred to be human companions. Oh, and funny how despite you saying the generations of 'selective breeding' I never have seen a selectively bred street dog... no packs of poodles, sausage dogs, great danes or huskies running about. These Street dogs are not selectively bred pedigree human companion loving dogs. They are parasites, getting food and resources for free of some humans, and causing the deaths of many from road traffic accidents and rabies, biting children and mauling others who get in their way.
  10. What about a man hitting a man, woman hitting a man, or women hitting a women? No one should be hitting another person full stop. If someone is in a relationship that has got to the level when physical abuse is going on then its time to end it!
  11. Out of interest, where are you getting the facts that reducing food supply will made dogs instinctively stop breeding? Where do you find the figures to back up your facts that dog population will reduce if we 'restrict' the food supply. You are still advocating feeding them.. just restrict it, right? Starving and diseased dogs will still breed, get pregnant and have puppies. Just less will survive. You think if the dog is a bit hungry it will just decided to not get pregnant or mate? In fact a skinny starving dog will have skinny starving puppies, which will likely get diseases or die of starvation... so the suffering and animal cruelty would be INCREASING if you just restricted their food supply! I don't think you understand me. If suddenly all the food for the dogs was gone there would be a dig die off as the dogs starved to death all at once. Now when a few die they rot away someplace. If they all started to die at the same time that is going to cause a mess, stink, and a health hazard. There are very few starving street dogs here... most die of disease of road accidents, not starvation. In fact there are many overweight dogs about! If you see a skinny one its not lack of food usually, its because it has some disease or parasites and the weigh loss is one of the symptoms. I am not interesting in your Island cull thing you keep repeating.. as this is not an island.
  12. Are you for real or are you trying to be funny? The tricycle is an illegal vehicle, really....... so is it legal for the guy on the motorbike to be riding with one hand, using his mobile phone, not wearing a helmet, speeding and physically assaulting an 82 year old defenseless man?
  13. If they did as you suggest it would be hard to see all the starving to death dogs staggering about awaiting a lingering death from lack of food. How come neutering, and culls have worked in most other countries them, like the UK, and most of Europe? The first cull here would see an immediate effect. Then just keep culling them a few times a year until the population dies out. This together with education, enforced laws about animal abandonment, vets encouraging sterilisation of pets etc, and a few real dog rescue / rehome kennels would sort out the problem.
  14. 'Popular trending topics... quirky, fun, interesting'.... Still don't think this story meets those descriptions. lol..
  15. Very sorry to hear that about your daughter. But the boy in this story seems like he is quite healthy and does not have severe mental or physical disabilities. He looks really happy and like he is enjoying is life.