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  1. Horrible tragedy, and yes in Northern CA lots of twists and turns, sorry to see that this driver missed the turn and went off what looks to be a very steep cliff. WVAvin- of course here in the US they recover cars but if you were to understand the extent of the rescue mission and personnel involved, it's not like an inebriated Eastern Euro went off a relatively modest cape at Rawai viewpoint. Big cliffs in No. CA.
  2. Old fashioned cologne/aftershave

    Ol boy needs a brassiere.......those are some horrible man-boobs.
  3. Old fashioned cologne/aftershave

    Patchouli !!
  4. Any Women in this Forum ?

    Way back when was Donna, then there was the medical lady...Sheryl..........she's mainly on the Cambodian forum now.Amy B (!) I think she just got bored with the testosterone bantering, so no, you and the horse lady in the north, oh wait Kay the RE lady, bombed out with the RE biz...along with horse lady who might have been blackballed, not sure..........thats about it. Good luck !
  5. List Of Favourite Restaurants In Phuket

    Been a long time since Wine Connection got a write up, anyone going there these days?
  6. Clearly strangled himself, suicide by Col Mustard in the library.........................................
  7. Bingo ZR. I know people with property around this Eva project who have been objecting for years. Local envelopes long since passed, thus .........done deal. To reverse? Hmmmmmmm..........maybe more envelopes and all under the carpet (again).
  8. Russian stabbed in Phuket home

    Hell hole apartment complex in Rassada? No wonder LB stabbed him, misled that ol boy actually had some cake......
  9. The Baan Krating guy that already had a resort illegally built while Thaksin was in? No, no, this guy has huge pull and extra deep pockets. Envelope for you, oh, you too, of course you, done deal. I guess the news gets the mayor and extra thick envelope to throw it back to Sea Gypsy harrassment
  10. Patong - The Wake

    Ya, showed up somewhere 92-93. Took a flat on Bangla,,,, Nordic Bungalow, my room shared a wall with the then Hard Rock on Bangla. No worries could keep the beat with lass of the night ha,ha,ha. Later years, the Shark club, then to Safari,, damn if the sun of the morning at that point wasn't a nuisance...sheilas dou jour sleep till 3 do it all over again. Rock on, ain't what it was but no where is.
  11. Moving to Phuket

    Sorry everyone seemed to have lost where to put stuff, formatting dilemmas..... anyway NKM: NOPE ! Wrong again with an inference/putting words in poster's mouths/ NKM speculation. Merely commenting on this one poster. BTW after all these years and posts why don't you put up an avatar? Maybe a taxi with the circle and line through it? Just a thought.
  12. Moving to Phuket

  13. Moving to Phuket

    Kabula a piece of work, huh? Reminds me of a poster a few years back who would post similar alarmist rhetoric as a way to pitch his security service. Over/under bets on how much time this poster has actually physically spent in Phuket anyone? I say the line is 2 weeks, all spent on Bangla being pick-pocketed by LBs and abused by yaaa-baaad up club bouncers. That might explain his views.
  14. Load of nonsense drgoon. It's just not very bright to have a bulging wallet in the back pocket in many places............I understand certain plazas in Italy, crowds in Rio; international airports can be havens for pickpockets, lo and behold beachroad in Pattaya. Moneyclip in the front pocket with cash, drivers license, ATM card is all that's necessary. That one doesn't carry a possibly stupid big wallet in the back pocket is a "cheap charlie"? Hardly mate, maybe just smarter than average/ haven't done a whole lot of traveling charlie.
  15. phuket expats & visitors

    beachproperty and phuketjock you guys must be pretty bored to spend time banging out troll posts.............why not provide a civil answer or just not post (?) as opposed to sarcastic nonsense. Get real. OP stop in for lunch at Fatty's in Chalong and get the opinion of the owner there. Also, possibly consider what it is you like to do everyday, what is important to you in your daily life and decide which part of the island provides that for you as opposed to ethnicity of neighbors. Cheers to all and carry on !