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  1. 30 Baht healthcare experiences

    Yeah I agree. I think that in general Thais believe they actually have something wrong with them when they go to a doctor and expect the doctor to prescribe something. I can 't imagine a Thai doctor saying to a patient 'all they have is a flu. Go home and rest.' Loss of face on the patients part and bad gossip about the doctor being 'no good'.
  2. Sentence to 500 hours compulsory shooting practice. Should be legal to shoot motorcyclists in Thailand.
  3. Didn't you inquire as to what caused the failure? I f**king would have. Sh1t doesn't happen like that these days.
  4. I'm somewhat puzzled. I drove past this accident scene at 9:00 am and there was no sign of there having been a fire in, or around, the tanker. There was 2 fire engines on site but no hoses deployed. The tanker hadn't flipped. Even the picture in the article shows it sitting upright. I think a little sensationalism in the story.
  5. The teaching hospital in KK accept body donations.I knew an old guy who donated himself to them. When he died they kept the body at the nearest hospital to where he lived that had a mortuary. In his case, Nang Rong. They then used the body for about 12 months before finally disposing of what was left at a ceremony held at Suranaree University of Techknowledgey Hospital, just outside of Korat. On final cremation the family are invited to the ceremony. Job done.
  6. Water well (Pak Thongchai area)

    Are you talking about a 'well' as we know it, or a 'bore-hole'? A bore-hole can be drilled much deeper that a well can be dug. So therefore a better chance of locating the water table.
  7. Dr for skin cancer checks

    Have you tried the teaching hospital in KK?
  8. Like most things in Thailand, rules and laws are to be open to interpretation, their interpretation. You may well be right in that my, the legal interpretation, definition of a visa should allow re-entry. But typical Thailand in that what it gives you with one hand, ie a 30 day visa free, it takes it off you in another way by getting yous to pay re-entry fees. This 30 day visa free is all a load of nonsense. Salesmanship. That's all I can think of why they charge you for a exit/re-entry visa. You'll have to take it up with them. Good luck.
  9. No it is not a 'permit'. A TM7 is an application to obtain a visa (extension of stay). A visa being a stamp in ones passport. Some may see it as an 'extension of stay only' but it is in fact a visa. Per sa. http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/visa www.differencebetween.net/business/difference-between-visa-and-work-permit/
  10. Have you ever read the legal definition of 'Visa'??? The TM7 is not a 'visa', I agree. It's the application to obtain one. Only when you get that stamp in your passport does it become a 'visa'.
  11. A '30 day exemption' allows you 30 days of stay. Although they claim it's not visa it is. No stamp no entry. Any stamp in a passport giving permission to enter/stay is a visa. I based my list of requirements based on my Retirement Extension done on Wednesday. As you said UJ, in an earlier post. So always be prepared, and if in doubt phone your office first.
  12. Any stamp giving permission to enter a country, entered into your passport, is a 'visa'. Application form TM7. Duly filled out. Photo copies of all pages of other visas (extensions of stay) No photo required. They check your facial features online. " copy of your photo and personal details " " departure card " " proof of abode plus Yellow book if have. Letter from bank confirming monies in. Filled out declaration of you knowing the penalties for overstay etc. Bank book updated to that day of reporting. That's about it good luck in that they don't add something else to the list as they see fit..
  13. Introduction to immigration in Buri Ram

    Nothing wrong with facial hair is there, as some feel that it makes a person look dirty and smelly?