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  1. Farang Attitudes and Results

    And I don't? Mind yer head doesn't get stuck in the door frame on the way out.
  2. Farang Attitudes and Results

    What exactly brought you to this conclusion? The fact I've lived here 12 years. Obviously you don't see the same as I do?
  3. AFAIK it's a bit like plea bargaining. He really doesn't know what he's going to get until he goes in front of the judge. He just has to take his chances in confessing/cooperating to get the lightest sentence.
  4. Bluesofa That's illogical as he has to do some time. The reduced sentence is his reward for being cooperative and confessing.
  5. It doesn't matter. He will get a reduced sentence. This is Thailand.
  6. They get a reduced sentence if they confess as it boosts the polices crimes solved rate without any effort. True
  7. Farang Attitudes and Results

    Are you suggesting they should be made to? When Thailand shows me respect instead of making it blatantly obvious they don't want us here then all well and good.
  8. Hypertension

    I can't believe posters are replying to the OP's post after I outed her.
  9. major shops (Korat)

    Black HDPE [High-density polyethylene] pipe is far superior in standing up to sun exposure . Difficult to find. I think it comes in rolls.
  10. Hypertension

    Is the OP the same poster that has just started a thread on another forum regarding the D'Oxyva Transdermal device?? Sounds like a sales pitch/promotion IMO. gisellemae111 Online Price $239.00.
  11. Scary Stuff- sperm counts uk

    May be low sperm count is down to Global Warming? If not kept at the correct temperature sperm will die.
  12. At St Mary's, but Doc

    That's one of the stupid things I find regarding hospitals here. You are given a BP test immediately after you book in. On top of the fact you've probably walked a flight of stairs to get there and you may have White Coat Syndrome on top. Instead of waiting about 30 minutes after booking in.
  13. Tell the 'Surrender Monkies' to get stuffed.