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  1. Get your 'Helecobacter Pylori' levels checked.
  2. According to the government 186 days after you exit the UK. So why do they keep re-issuing my UK passport? Somewhat confusing. Who really gives a toot that increases in ones pension stops having become an expat? 2% annual average increase, less tax. for about another 10-15 years, if you're lucky, is not worth fighting over. Enjoy your retirement.
  3. I went into a pharmacy and asked for some deodorant. The pharmacist asked 'ball or aerosol'? I said neither. It's for my arm-pits. Only joking
  4. Common practice with the local magic man. He gives her a spell to make you fall in love with her. In return she gives him 500 Baht to go out on the lash. Everyone happy. Ssabah get a life. Even David Copperfield ain't that good.
  5. It's not a 'feeling'. It happens. If you want to shut your eyes and play '3 wise monkeys' then you carry on. Another ostrich in the LOS..
  6. My MiL is/was an example of many Thai women. Originally married to a Thai. He was a butterfly school teacher and she kicked him into touch because of his ways. She then had nothing and sold food at the local school. A German hitches up with her via a friend. He builds her a house and bought her gold, car etc the usual MO for a farang. He worshiped her. In return I expected her to show a little respect and loyalty to the man that saved her from the abyss. Nah, she took up a, on the side, relationship with the soldier in charge of conscript recruitment at the Amphur/Tessaban. That went on for a few years and then the German died. She then hitched up with a fat drunkard Swed via a friend. No need to as she had much from the German. The rest of the story you can put in yourselves.
  7. We see the same thing Berkshire. At the end of the day, due to our cultural differences, a Thai lady deep down prefers the company of Thai men over farang. Thai men know how to make a Thai lady enjoy herself. A Thai man knows what a Thai woman wants to hear. The two most important things after money. Given the chance on returning for a solo home visit 'rock bottom' Somchai suddenly looks very appealing.
  8. If they hadn't pointed I'd never have notice the damaged building.
  9. I was in Terminal 21 last week and as I walked around I saw no reason why I'd want to ever go back to that Mall. Parking the car there was a dream. Just as a side note. The Makro in Korat can take a hike as well. The new one opposite 'Do Home' heading for route 24 puts it to shame.
  10. There was an article published the UK papers last week that claimed the easiest way to cure Type 2 was exercise and diet.
  11. Do us a favour Bannork. Would you please put the link that you quoted from as your last sentence doesn't appear to be correct. You gave us false information and people believed you and thought your info to be correct. I Googled 'Nearly all were youths on motorbikes' and I couldn't find a link with that info in it. So in April we get on average 1 extra death on the roads per day over the national average of 19 deaths per normal day. Out of a population of 60+ million, I'd say we're over reacting to the Songkran death toll.
  12. You are covered by the insurance. If you care to look at the small print on Thai insurances it tells you that you must obtain a Thai licence within 3 months of your arrival in Thailand. A 12 month International Licence is good for 3 months only. That is what I'm saying. Many farang who've been here donkeys years think their International Licence is acceptable indefinitely.
  13. I live in a village where life is the same. In fact Thais don't respect the police end of. How many times do you see policemen being wai-ed?
  14. Quite a few articles on the WWW.