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  1. Orlistat is the active ingredient in the obesity treatment Xenical, currently the only prescription medication available for weight loss.
  2. What causes?

    I went for a full medical and blood tests today. My BP was high everything else was within ranges set. I asked the doctor about the mark. He believes that when I sleep my BP shoots up which is why I usually wake up to an headache. The mark, he believes are the capillaries busting. He found nothing that would otherwise cause this problem. I'm now on a month supply of Amlodipine 5mg once a day. Thanks for all replies.
  3. What causes?

    Not at all. I've had a annual check up for the last 11-12 years. Never a problem. Currently my BP is around 138-42 over 80. So am going for a check up this week hopefully. If it was then surely I'd feel pain on the bruise site, but I don't.
  4. What causes?

    I'm really clutching at straws Sheryl. The only difference I see with my problem is that the mark is over an eyebrow, never the same one. Whereas their mark appears between the eye brows.
  5. What causes?

    I've been looking up my problem and have come to the conclusion it's caused by stress. I found one site that discusses this phenomena with others that suffer similar symptoms. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Dermatology/Red-mark-on-forehead-between-eyes/show/1562625#post_answer_header
  6. What causes?

    I'm on no medication or suppliments and I do not wear an eye mask at night. It'll appear over either eye but never the two at the same time. I've been getting this problem for a few years now but being as I suffer nothing other these embarrassing red marks I've never saw a doctor about it. I saw a nurse once and she said if I wasn't suffering any other problems then not to worry. The mark in my picture is well defined and probably the worst I've seen. Hence my concern now.
  7. What causes?

    Does anyone know what causes these red marks above my eyes? They always appear after a nights sleep and can last about 24 hours before fading. There is no pain and the red colour varies. I do usually wake up with an headache but the marks do not always coincide with the headaches. There is no swelling around the bruise like marks and they appear over either eye but never both at the same time. Thanks in advance for any sensible suggestions.
  8. Man dies in after sudden temperature drop

    Obviously no autopsy was done.
  9. 20+ years ago, and some today still do, think diet contributes to stomach ulcers.
  10. Man dies in after sudden temperature drop

    Why would a Thai have 3 fans on? It ain't even the hot season. In fact the contrary. So BS on this story.
  11. Man dies in after sudden temperature drop

    Yeah right. The family may have bought the story but I don't.
  12. Blood test

  13. Blood test

    Some blood tests require you not to eat or drink 8 hours before. So go prepared.