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  1. Of course it should reducing staffing levels. Online reporting should be fully automatic with no processing what so ever. That is basically the idea behind online reporting. Yes, when done at an office it has to be done by staff and 'processed'. But even then they could set up an unmanned computer/machine, in an office, whereby one just has to have their passport scanned to do the report and a receipt slip given. No need for staff assistance. Similar to a bank book scanning system at a bank. So if 90 day report is available online one only needs, on average, to go to immigration once a year instead of 4 times. And just that's to do ones annual extension. Taking away the must of reporting to the immigration offices reduces the times one must go, on average, by 75% per year. Therefore with online report working immigration staffing are over manned somewhat. IMO
  2. Can you, not necessary you Ubonjoe, it's an open question, imagine how many times an hotel in a tourist resort, or Bangkok has to send someone to the immigration office to report a farang booking in and then again when booking out? I'm pretty sure due to the amount of human traffic TM 30 reporting is probably being overlooked or Tea money is being passed. Could be quite a lucrative time for some if that's the case.
  3. I may well be wrong in my assumptions but 2+ years trying to set this up doesn't single them out for praise does it? Quite the opposite in fact.
  4. To justify their staffing levels they need people going through the doors. Less people equals lower levels staff needed. People through the door is also a money earner as we all know with tea money being passed over. No money to be earned from online reporting. How long have they been working on this???? If they are working on it they must be on 'day rate'. They've been working on setting up online reporting for over 2 years.
  5. I still stick by my post where I say 'They don't want 90 day reporting to work'. It doesn't suit their agenda.IMO
  6. It used to be the coffee shops in The Mall but may be they've moved on or died? It was that bad.
  7. Mine do. I teach my kids to query things that I do. I then explain why I do things differently to Thais. On explaining my logic they usually see that my logic being the better option. If you like your kids to not question you, and stay ignorant, then that's fine. Each to his own. The normal way in Thailand is never to ask questions ie at school, or the doctors as examples. I don't like that and I don't expect my kids to accept everything the teacher, or doctor, tells them as being true.
  8. Wrong. I live about 28km to the nearest town. We have no public transport. Lived here coming 12 years. People out here live on credit. Woman up the road just bought a new car on 8 years of credit. <deleted>. Not a problem if items get repossessed. Just go to another dealer. My next-door neighbours house. Their daughter was bought a brand new M/C to travel 200-300m to school. Typical Thai in getting their priorities wrong.
  9. How can a fine cause 'hardship' for the parents? It's the parents who finance their child's motorcycle. By fining the parent that may mean the parent can't afford the credit charges resulting in repossession. Even better.
  10. But if siht(anagram) happens then that is the will of Buddha. No amount of helmets will protect you.
  11. My understanding of Thai law is that if under the age of 14 one cannot be charged with breaking the law.
  12. I'm not questioning you. I even thanked you for correcting me. Chill out.
  13. Here we're talking you general soi dog. Not some Cruft's specialty. Never mind. Nice of you to correct me.
  14. A full chest CT scan will set you back 8,000ish Baht at St Mary's in Korat. I know that might not help you directly but will give others help pricing up treatments.