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  1. I hope nothing happened to their Safety First sign, and it can still be used.
  2. Checks.....like consulting someone with an IQ over 20.....
  3. Any assurance from Somchai is good enough for me.
  4. But then, there would've been no rice to defend.....
  5. There should be more of these "jailbreaks"... starting with the rapist taxi driver....
  6. Unexploded grenades found

    I was comparing it to the floods in Bangkok described as "water waiting to drain".....I know...bit of a stretch and all that....
  7. Yes, it's a long list of famous designers, and I only had the patience to scroll down to 1,356,953......sorry, my bad.
  8. Disney to open theme park in Thailand?

    Because a DisneyXXX theme would take business away from local entrepreneurs.....
  9. Unexploded grenades found

    Like rainwater waiting to drain, these could be grenades waiting to explode.
  10. Always need fries with that.
  11. Thailand drops in media freedom index

    Love it..... "no one was killed - so far - this year".
  12. Sooner or later he's going to post something bad on Facebook....then they'll get him.
  13. The right way is to rent a crippled baby and use a plastic cup..... That be the start of zero-dollar begging....
  14. I'm guessing the word "famous" is used rather loosely here.....
  15. Integration pushed as vital for tourism

    Not so fast with Brazilian models.