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  1. Yeah, looks like they got 2 guys with flip-flops and a burmese housemaid.
  2. It's clear the Thai won that fight.....better have a rematch in Thailand with a local referee officiating.
  3. He had only 1 tube to begin with.....quickly filled another 5 when he tried to toss the evidence.
  4. They had to do it that day because the bear had promised his wife he'd be home for dinner.
  5. Where is this parallel Bangkok that these city officials are from?
  6. Fleeing the scene of an accident?
  7. A motorist slows down to let a drunk guy on a bike pass.....haven't 'eared that one before. He needs a wheelchair for his ear because it was too difficult to build crutches out of cotton buds?
  8. It's quite possible a spirit of some kind has played a role in this non-accident.