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  1. Or you know.. learn basic reading and comprehension in the country you choose to live !!! No one (EDIT :: later there was !!) even comments how pathetic it is to constantly require assistance for such mundane day to day activities. God forbid they actually take control of thier own lives, issues and problems.
  2. The purpose is to back up confessions. The justice system is so weak here, that so many cases fall apart due to poor police procedures, evidence gathering, etc etc.. This is why they give 50% reductions in sentence for guilty pleas and force re-enactments to then be witnessed which are then hold as evidence of confession. all comes back to cops who cant do effective police work and courts which are inconsistent and weak, so these work arounds are employed.
  3. Current belief is that periods of fasting wake up cell regeneration and immune health. For me I found it made me more mentally alert, and I enjoy the exercise in control, knowing I can master my body's signals and inputs and that actually what we usually consider hungry is just the stage of emptying out.. Once I did a while of 2 days a week (bedtime, full day, next night, break fast at 'breakfast') every week, lost 12 - 15 kg without changing what I eat when I wasnt fasting. I also did a couple of 3 days to test myself and one 5 day. The 5 day wasnt significantly harder than the 3 days, and it comes in waves rather than getting worse and worse. If I wasnt working I would like to try a 10 or 30 day juice fast. Working and other people / socialising always turned out to be the hardest part of the issue.
  4. LivinLOS

    Thai TV channels in Kodi (PVR or add on)

    Looks good.. Will give it a play.. Have now returned to a home which has different (working) boxes through the house so back to my u-play.. Entire problem was caused by Xiaomi force updating my 4 android boxes to Oreo and borking them in the process.. Typical chinese company and support levels. I was considering their smarthome products but valuable lesson learned.
  5. He does not need PR and as above, its very simple as stated.. Its the same as anyone getting rental income etc from abroad. First he gets the taxpayer number then he does his tax annual return. Also of note, his tax obligation here is legally, only money he brings into Thailand in the calendar year it is earned. If he maintains offshore savings, and brings it in the following year, it is entirely legally savings and does not incur income tax (rules made by rich Thais for Rich Thais). Lastly, his 'offshoreness' as relates to legally not needing a work permit is not (currently) as you see it, unless his income is 100% hands off and merely residual payments for past work / shareholder dividend. If he is working in an offshore enterprise, even without Thai clients or transactions by law he needs a work permit, enforcement is another matter entirely. There is a recent change to the work permit act which may create a relaxation of this but so far correct translations and actual interpretations by the labour department or employment office have not been fully presented.
  6. LivinLOS

    Understanding Thai Ladies

    Sadly agree.. Of course if you decamp and the funds dry up, you may find shes all sweetness again as she follows you to wherever the meal ticket goes. If you can handle that after that realisation would be down to you.
  7. LivinLOS

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    Auf verdersien pet construction workers.. Only got about mid 40 now, and will be happy to maintain 100 with a low personal workload. Dont want to get into the cycle of work commitments I did when I was young.
  8. LivinLOS

    Garden & design shop

    I have 5 rai to turn into gardens.. So yeah I think it can probably have a full time guy to tinker around with it.. Teach him to clean a pool and theres a chunk saved..
  9. No they havent.. They are just not looking to catch them. Anyone who has spent any time on Samui or knows the party scene there knows which families control that business. Sxxx club anyone ??
  10. LivinLOS

    Garden & design shop

    Only one in bangkok.. If you find someone competent.. I would also like to know. Personally am leaning to just trolling pinterest and employing a full time local with a pickup for a year or two.. Use the online stuff for the inspiration and design and trial and error it out.
  11. LivinLOS

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    My wife likes it and I dont mind a few months a year.. Especially Euro winter time. I have had fun here.. But really its much easier to like Thailand when your at the slowing stages of life, doing it when your younger limits your potential I have realised.
  12. LivinLOS

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    People who claim to want to.. are simply justifying thier actions. If they wont the lottery, would they still live in a 5k a month room ?? They want to because thats what they tell themselves to sleep at night.
  13. LivinLOS

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    Did it before when was only early 20s.. had +- 600 working for me then.. How I 'retired' here at 28. Brexit could put the kibosh on that bis but theres loads of others just waiting to be taken.. Fact is you can make money in the west while half asleep, so all this 'cost of this v cost of that' seems wildly irrelevant where there money just flows in and here it just flows out.
  14. LivinLOS

    Garden & design shop

    For garden design ?? With deep knowledge of plants, what works with what, what flowers when, soil types, handling drainage, lighting, watering systems, etc etc ?? Its not hard to get a few people to hack plants back.. the hard bit is getting someone with good knowledge and skills, etc etc..