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  1. Amazed no one is advising the legal route.. Contact iglu.in.th and have them provide you a work permit and B visa.. Its the real law. Yes you pay income tax (but you can then deduct it from your home country contributions) and social costs (you get medical benefit). No visa runs, red caret treatment, and fully legit.
  2. She would ask for a ticket for 'tonight'.. Same as in english.. She wouldnt ask for a ticket for tomorrow night, even though it is past midnight and technically tomorrow (in the night), same as you wouldnt in english.. It stops being tonight, and starts being tomorrow morning, similar to in english, at dawn.. No one asks for todays date tickets in the night or tomorrows date tickets for either situation. This evening, tonight, tomorrow morning.. Thum, dtii, chao..
  3. nope.. can be done when building normal homes too.. Not all land offices or officers like this process though.. Some can make issueing the building permit a pain.
  4. You missed his point.. Yes it is possible to own a house, that you build, on land that is not yours.. What is not possible is once the house and land have been combined to a unit of 'property' to separate that property into its component parts again. This is the answer a fluent english lawyer who really seemed to know property law gave me.
  5. My wife thinks thats nonsense.. Only for bumpkins and rural fools perhaps.
  6. Accurate answer. Most (farang) bars are rented on a renewable 3 year rental contract.. Of course a farang can rent one. Over three years it must be legally a leasehold agreement, rarer but does happen, a farang can also lease the space building etc. A Thai can run and manage the bar (legally, actually is a totally different call) seperate and distinct from the owner / leaseholder / renter. The farang cannot lift a finger without a work permit, not even reach over the bar and turn the volume down if they want to be difficult, but can sit the customer side and 'manage' thier investment. A good, real lawyer, if you can find one, will be able to set all this up correctly.
  7. Fake News.. The Junta sorted out the illegal fishing and slavery already.. Thaksin must have sent them from Singapore just to make Thailand look bad.
  8. Trading stocks does not require a work permit.. Thats a known known and has been for years. https://thethaiger.com/issues-answers/asked/do-i-need-a-work-permit-to-play-the-stock-market Stock investment is not lawfully defined as work. As long as you are not working, you do not need to apply for a work permit.For example. If you are a shareholder or an executive of a company, but you do not sign documents related to the daily functions of that company, you do not need a work permit.However, you must pay income tax if you receive a stock dividend.
  9. LivinLOS

    Con man Or is he just outsmarted me?

    Of course they can.. as long as the premises are rented / leased as per the OPs information.
  10. I just applied (on my wifes behalf) exactly like I did for 6 month visit visas.. No issues, issued in the same time span, seemed almost a formality.. Just said we like to visit the uk each summer.. I wouldnt use an agent, the way its all online these days means you will need to answer the same questions to an agent, which you would need to fill into the web forms.
  11. LivinLOS

    YET ANOTHER Beer Tax Hike?

    How about to reduce the social issue of Thai alcohol over consumption.. Which based on the 'boycott' tally in this thread alone seems to work. Thailand is no longer cheap.. Go earn more money, sort your finances out, or leave.. Its not here to accommodate every unprepared pensioner.
  12. You form or use a media company.. Same as any other profession.. Or engage the services of one of the many umbrella companies that offer this package. Pretty simple really..
  13. LivinLOS

    Lease endings?

    And now public.. Posted on FB last night.. Spotlights new interior.
  14. Your not being harassed.. Your being given accurate advice. The jobs you specified do need work permits.. HR often lies or is incompetent on this topic, however its you not them who face punishments.
  15. So this is how the politicians and police chiefs dress while on duty and at functions ??