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  1. Amazon purchase

    NewsFlash.. Thai customs is a slow and corrupt joke.. Hold the front page..
  2. Totally arse backwards... No this isnt how windows activation works.
  3. Phuket, patts, hua hin, bangkok, chiang mai..
  4. I see threads all the time... Sure come to Thailand and retire with 1000 euros a month, its fine I do it.. Yeah until what happens ?? Inflation, sickness, vehicle accident, robbery or scamming, a wife and or new unexpected child, cleaned out by poor choices with wife / GF / mistress / mia noi, bad business, bad property deal, etc etc etc.. Its exactly these budget retirees who turn into the bitter expat trapped who cant leave.. Also, are you coming here to simply count out the days left.. Or are you coming here to live, to travel, to have hobbies and passtimes, to actually do things here and around the region ?? Take the initial number I mentioned, double it at a minimum, and double it again for actual proper safety.. I wouldnt consider coming here without a stable, inflation protected mid 1xx k a month available.
  5. You do have to ask.. What did they think was going to happen to the trees ?? Its not like this highway expansion is at the planning stage. Agree with everything others have written above.. I have only been in CM 7 years but it that time the traffic has just reached a point I find going into the city, to make use of its appeals, such a pain in the arse I rarely bother. Its reaching a point where traffic is reducing quality of life significantly I wonder about another 10 plus years.
  6. Yes its insensitive.. However.. I just had a great day on the bike with the old lady.. Ended up going way up a mountain to a middle of nowhere but well known jungle temple complex in the far north.. Above the temple complex is a resort of rooms, with buddha built into the wall and a toilet block above the decorative buddhas and the temple who is its only source of custom. My old lady was shocked.. I wasnt.. All of these outrage episodes are shades of grey..
  7. I thought that was only the versions with the lower income threshold.. Initially it seemed that high earning execs / CEOs could use this with the 200k per month minimum income category.
  8. Agreed but its the work permit exemption which is appealing also. The whole 'working online isnt working' thing is so blatantly incorrect its not worth bothering to argue, but the situation of a part time visiting CEO, who has companies outside of Thailand, but has a residence here and large income. Would be great to have a legal solution to allow legal work and long term stay in one package.
  9. Thanks.. The issue is due to my tax residency and non Thai company I am looking to approach this from the embassy side rather than the One Stop center incountry. The problem is the embassy in the UK doesnt even return emails and I spent 2 hours on hold without anyone picking up, I have emailed Irish / Dutch / German Thai embassys where I also have either business operations or residential addresses and while I did get a response the responses were uniformly they had no idea how to even start the application. Its probably easier for me to drop in to either Amsterdam or Brussels than it is London. I feel like trying to deal with the Thai embassy in London is simply banging my head against a wall, they appear to mask thier cluelessness of any actual data, with a huge layer of poor communication and refusal to answer phone or email.. Smart this visa application is not.
  10. Second Chiang Mai airport endorsed

    Back when Tacky was funnelling money to connections in the CM area they talked of a san kampeang airport. From info I saw and was told back then it was ear marked for north of the 1006 and a bit under halfway to the 118.. So almost the doi saket / san kampeng border areas.. While a good location to site it, the road connections back to the city are less than ideal and navigating san kampeang / bo sang would need a lot of new freeway / flyovers / etc. The other location being mooted is the area out towards the small lake(s) (Mae Thi) at the very northern bit of lamphun province. While this is possibly slightly a greater distance I would have to think that given the 11 highway and the dual carriageway 1317 make for much easier connections.
  11. Specifically has anyone made any progress who isnt working for a BOI / Thai company ?? The various announcements have been way too vague, and I cannot get any answers from embassy's or consuls, who frankly either don't reply at all or seem completely uninformed. So far no one has even known where I can get clarity as far as a visa application (not local extension) for this category. I do in theory fit the outlined requirements, but as MD of multiple non Thai startups (some tech as seems required), I am not working for a Thai company and while I could start one up, there needs to be a value add for me. I need to know the exact specifics and details, which so far no one is able to answer.
  12. I know for a fact that 12 - 18 months ago it was exactly as I said.
  13. Surely with the mountains of TM6s.. TM30 address reporting and immigrations database.. Now its Thailand 4.0 they can simply do a database search and see whose permission to stay or extension has passed.. I know.. stop laughing at the back.. but it is trivial..