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  1. https://www.thephuketnews.com/immigration-data-breach-puts-southern-expats-personal-details-online-56804.php#DpJhF0UKZJw0DvQC.97 123456 !! Well done Somchai
  2. Exactly.. Chiang Mai would NOT let me file the TM30 on the landlords behalf.. But failed to go further as the landlord was some hi so bangkok judge who brushed them off on the phone and left them red faced and impotent. They then accepted to do a TM28 by me, partly because I made a pain in the ass of myself of going and reporting EVERY time I was away from home (almost weekly) with a smile until they said ok stop.
  3. Please dont mix in street art and this kind of mindless tagging / vandalism..
  4. 6 months ?? I thought 30 days ??
  5. It all comes down to badly written blanket laws, often sponsored and for the benefit of large players only.. With poor or zero enforcement creating entire industries which are not legal.. A topic this country seems to excel at. The blanket law is, all short term accommodation must be in a registered hotel. The on the ground reality is that all homestays (something the TAT themselves promote) are then illegal, most guesthouses and budget rooms, something the country is known for and has for decades relied on for budget / backpacker growth, are illegal. Resorts on islands and places country wide are illegal. The solution is then not to make a working law, but to just ignore the law. Thailand is a country of wide ranging laws and grand statements, never or randomly applied. Sort the laws out and actually create working legislation first, then apply that clearly and consistently.. Ohh sorry forgot where I was talking about.
  6. LivinLOS

    Help! Ripped Off

    You are new here arent you !! Seriously.. at 65k its a cheap lesson..
  7. Actually.. Looking at how NGOs work in Cambodia.. And how the buying of influence is done with the GO's.. Wouldnt surprise me one bit..
  8. LivinLOS

    Virtual Thai phone number

    DTAC is highly unusual in that regard, WIFI calling usually does not change the roaming charges.. It only changes how the connection is made not the cost of connection at all.. Theres many ways to solve the OPs request.. None of which seems to be answered above. Skype offers inbound numbers in many countries but last check Thailand wasnt one of them. SIP phone providers give an inbound DID which can then be configured / answered by hardware phones, softphone apps or as a redirected call to a stock phone line. I use DID inbounds in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany etc.. A quick google has this link with them offered. https://www.didww.com/virtual_numbers
  9. Basic math fail.. Try +- 75k average..
  10. too short to contemplate bothering with ??
  11. ha ha.. a few months.. Thats a holiday..
  12. I was a bit disappointed with Portugal last year.. Algarve too quiet and poor for me.. I would really like to spend a few months around the Balkans / Adriatic, looks wonderful.
  13. LivinLOS

    Alternatives to Terrarium

    Gaia / Orion Kodi add ons with a RealDebrid account.. For movies and TV series its really slick.. I am 90% a download, archive with meta data, and watch later kinda user but for real time watching its the best I have got going so far.
  14. LivinLOS

    I've had enough of HDPrime

    u-play.tv 150b a month.. perfectly reliable no buffering for me in either Thailand where the servers are or in Europe (tho I am on fiber with measured 300 Mbit speeds !!) basically it just works. Had a rough patch a few months ago and almost stopped using them, but back to being perfect again for the last 2 or so months.
  15. In one of the craft beer bars I frequent they were selling a Saison for 400 something baht.. Close to a tenner for 500ml ALL the good non domestic beers are over 250.. Most mid to low 300s.. Thats truly a like for like international comparison when you not talking the swill of Thai domestic beers. Thailands cheap stuff.. is the low quality stuff.. Good stuff ?? Way more than the west..