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  1. Could anyone tell me where to buy an inguinal hernia support in Chiang Mai? I have been to a few pharmacies including PharmaChoice with no luck. Thank you.
  2. Help with move and dogs

    I wonder if someone might help me. I am moving to Krabi from Chiang Mai later this month. I intend to buy build or rent long term - eventually - but for now I am looking for temporary accommodation for myself my partner and two dogs! My dogs are not allowed inside house so I need a place with some outside space for them. I would like to be in or close to Krabi town. Help would be appreciated ... especially with the dogs. One is just one year old and very shy and frightened but a beautiful spirited animal ... I cannot leave him behind and badly need some place to bring him to. We are very careful people who do not drink or smoke ... lead very quiet lives. Thanking you. Sincerely Paddy.