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  1. Help with move and dogs

    I wonder if someone might help me. I am moving to Krabi from Chiang Mai later this month. I intend to buy build or rent long term - eventually - but for now I am looking for temporary accommodation for myself my partner and two dogs! My dogs are not allowed inside house so I need a place with some outside space for them. I would like to be in or close to Krabi town. Help would be appreciated ... especially with the dogs. One is just one year old and very shy and frightened but a beautiful spirited animal ... I cannot leave him behind and badly need some place to bring him to. We are very careful people who do not drink or smoke ... lead very quiet lives. Thanking you. Sincerely Paddy.
  2. Places for tourist in Thailand?

    A park a few kms from Chiang Rai called Ri Mae Fa Luang (excuse spelling) is magnificent. Also the night market at Chiang Rai is a good place to wander and eat.
  3. Thanks again for your reply, Nancy and KhonKaen Cowboy. No I have never done the 90 day on line ... since the 'by post' option has been available I have mostly done it that way. Either that way or in person How would I do a TM30? Where? Since I live in the house I own (have lease on and thus yellow book) where and how would I do a TM 30 And where would it be submitted. Many thanks for help.
  4. Be sure your "housemaster" submits a new TM30 form for you within 24 hours of your return home. I'm so happy that our condo office will do this for everyone who lives here. They got themselves set up on the same computer system that hotels use to report foreign guests to Immigration. Ever since this happened, we've been able to do our 90 day reports on-line. Yipee! That's because our departure card info is always current in the Imm. computer system, thanks to the TM30 being current. Thanks for your input, Nancy. I have a yellow book, ie leaseholder of house I live in for many years - does TM30 apply? I have no recollection of ever doing anything with a TM30. Appreciate your comments.
  5. My 90 day renewal was due on May 10. However I went abroad and returned on May 5. No now I reckon I am not due to renew until Aug 3. I usually do it my mail. I am wondering when I do it and send in the old original saying due on May 10 if it will cause any problems or confusion. Would appreciate comment from anyone who has done this before.
  6. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    My Thai driving license was issued in Hang Dong Office 4 march 2004 and it expire 6 April 2016. I haven't seen any post dealing with a license like this Could someone tell me if it the same as renewing a five year license to another five year license. Thanking you.
  7. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    my driver's license expires 6 April. How long before this date can I get it renewed? I don't want to wait until last days in case something turns up and I am not here. I am 72. Is there an age limit? Thank you in advance for replies.
  8. Immigration Promenada One Stop Service

    Yes, I agree, I don't think it is because of decrease in numbers of people. It may be that the move to Prom is starting to show effects. As well as the low numbers, there seemed to be different atmosphere (though I didn't go inside and one cannot judge really from outside) .. things seemed relaxed. Some staff seemed to be out from behind their desks and chatting in twos and threes. It just looked 'kool'. Another thing I will comment on and see if others have anything to say on this. It is something that has been on my mind for years since the 'pile up' started at Immigration a few years ago. In all those years it would seem that we all get 'done'. Businesswise I mean. I have not read of anyone not having their retirement extended or ninety days done. So I ask myself: is the whole thing just panic on our part? Since everyone gets 'done' within the office hours there must be a balance between customer and staff: supply and demand that reaches equilibrium in the long run. So sometimes I think if we didn't panic and didn't queue up at unearthly hours but just went by as we did some years ago would thing just work themselves out? It would seem there is enough time and sevice to see to all our demands so perhaps it would work itself out if we did not panic? Or are I missing something vital?
  9. Immigration Promenada One Stop Service

    I was just at Promenada shopping at Rimping and out of curiosity I checked Immigration to see what it was like. At about 2.30 a few people - about five - waiting outside and no one waiting inside. On returning with my shopping I checked again at about 3.30 - no one - not a single person waiting outside and just four waiting inside in nice cool ac! Is it the equinox? Or am I missing something. I was just checking because I have no need to do anything visa-wise at the moment. It looked like the good old days about six or seven years ago when one just went and did one's thing and came home no hassle. Have things come good?