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  1. Although i have some sympathy for your situation you seem to want some backing for your stance of walking out without paying the bill or addressing the problem at source. Back dating your Bupa policy to before the accident would be a fraudulent action and perhaps get other people who are trying to help you into trouble.
  2. This is not correct .To protect the debtor/owner the civil court decide the sale price all bids are by advertised public auction and the sale proceeds are paid into court and any credit balance is paid to the owner via the court office .To suggest a JPM could sell the condo in some secret covert deal is nonsense .
  3. I note you make reference to the condo management being in some way responsible .The Juristic manager of a condo is neither an owner or running a business .Why should they get involved with tm30 or tm28 on behalf of a few lazy owners
  4. The condo act is quite specific the late payment is 10% after one month increasing to 20% max from day one after three months plus months overdue .Civil court action to reclaim arrears that may result in the auction sale of the condo. The judge will decide on the final overall interest rate to be paid .The JPM if experienced can represent the condo in court.If a lawyer is preferred all the legal charges will not be repaid only a small percent depending again on judgement.
  5. Yes it has changed the total deaths were increased recently by nine fatalities that died in hospital after accidents
  6. The figures do not add up .The major profit from your hard work is going to the Thai landlord .Why not pay rent on a completed shop house and equip it yourself .If the business fails or at the end of your lease or if you wish to relocate you can remove your fittings. Please note 3x3 leases are not enforceable after the first term except by further agreement from the Thai Person after the first three years .Another problem if the Thai owner is deceased your agreement will also have to be agreed after the current term with the deceased owners next of kin.
  7. This would not happen with a condo as the Juristic Person Manager has to issue a debt free letter to the land office to verify the condo unit and the chanote are free from loans , maintenance or utility fees prior to any transfer
  8. Non immigration staff charging 200 baht when the applicant has all the documentation completed as required is indeed another scam
  9. The JPM is required to take legal action against co owners six months in arrears .As a last resort the JPM with the management committee approval is authorized by the condominium act to cease the supply of basic utilities to the unit in arrears.
  10. Not correct committee members have to be owners .Owners on the committee control the juristic manager
  11. Can anyone please help I require a small operation on my foot and require a recommendation for an orthopedic surgeon in the Pattaya Chonburi area
  12. I am sure this woman has a good heart but somewhat misguided . Fancy looking after 217 dogs and can not pay the rent .I had a headache listening to the dogs yapping on the video.I bet the neighbors are pleased .I hope supporters of soi dogs welcome her to a location close to them .
  13. As these people where involved in illegal business in Pattaya over many years it would have been better if the local police had not turned a 'blind eye ' and arrested these villains years ago .If not ordered to do so by Interpol these villains would still be on the streets of Pattaya
  14. never considered Spec savers until i try and read the tiny print on the Thai Visa menu page.What happened?
  15. City hall love a parade and will again cause traffic mayhem on the busiest road in Pattaya to have a parade to please a few dozen Micks living in Pattaya .Certainly 99.9% of Thais parading would not have a clue about St Patrick and why would they.