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  1. Can't understand the mentality of anyone coming to scenic holiday destination and riding around with an aerosol can looking for a suitable property to deface together with his female partner .If they are caught make them miss their flights while they clean up the mass before deportation.
  2. On a technical note this must have been a private apartment building with one owner as opposed to a registered condo
  3. His money was safer in the stock market .R.I.P.
  4. Why rear the dog yourself ? why not grab a pooch from any soi ?
  5. Why are Thai public hospitals so crowded?

    I have been using government hospitals in Thailand for many years .I have always been presented with a bill including a consultation fee . I am happy to pay the charges which are reasonable compared to private hospitals. Never on any occasion was it free of charge. Government hospitals in Thailand are deeply in debt and for a foreigner to receive free treatment and then wonder why so Thai low income people are seeking treatment at the same facility is absurd.
  6. correct ......... Please note there is no reason not to purchase jointly with your wife under the foreign quota.
  7. Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    The price you have been quoted for a basic will is way too expensive .Budget between 5 and 10,000 baht no more .You can register the completed will at the local amphur for safe keeping and no charge [ a small gratuity may be offered] The 3% charge you have been quoted is if the lawyer was to be the executor of the will the charge for seeing that everyone of the beneficiaries you have requested gets paid as per your wishes is 3% of the estate. It is not a 3% fee just for drafting the will . In your case it the lawyer was the executor he would receive 3% now and the another 3% when you died ....Ridiculous
  8. Not true you need permission from the condo juristic person to sell a condo
  9. To prevent your worry of being cheated you must do some research of your own before investing in property in Thailand . You give the impression of been gullible and Pub gossip and forums such as these are no substitute for your own common sense homework .
  10. Bringing savings into Thailand, wise move?

    Why not .Compared to the UK for example the guarantees are far better .The interest rates as good as UK and the with holding tax reclaimable .If you hold some in foreign currency accounts you have a chance of gaining on longer term exchange rates . The Bangkok bank of commerce was the only bank to fail in Thailand during the financial crises because of fraud .With a 75000 guarantee in the UK main banks i.e. Lloyds Barclays RSB TSB are still paying massive compensation to millions of customers cheated by poor financial advice.
  11. Quite pathetic really .Just what does he have to offer a young girl to live with him . Absolutely zero chance of success in the states and even less in Thailand .
  12. Years ago I had acupuncture in a fancy expensive clinic in the UK and it did not have any result. Eight years ago someone recommended the Mc Cormac hospital in Chaing Mai .One day I went for acupuncture without any great expectation of success .However the Chinese Thai lady in charge was absolutely confident the procedure would work . After she taped a small sesame seed over a pressure point in my ear. She said don't make yourself crazy if you want a smoke have one but you wont enjoy it .She was correct . Total cost 350 baht . I am not sure the hospital still has the service but with the correct practitioner it works .For years I was unable to stop and smoked two packs a day and tried everything to stop until the acupuncture stopped the craving .
  13. Thailand is corrupt from the bottom to the top every area from kindergartens to the temples .Why should the fixing of football matches be a shock to anyone .
  14. your friend was never asked to leave Thailand because of failure with the 90 day reporting .You sound like a couple of valium would calm you down .Most civilized counties accept gays so what's with the paranoia .Go To AUZ and get married
  15. Chinese

    I don't think you have had the dubious pleasure of transiting from Dong muang airport recently .Been swamped in your local Thai restaurant by twenty or so Chinese tourists leaving the place in disarray without tipping and toilets filthy .Been in the food hall at tops airport Chaing Mai swamped with Chinese. The women walk in a narrow soi with umbrellas totally impervious to the fact they could cause injury .The men seem to have a throat cleaning problem and an urgent need to nosily dispose of flem in the street or toilet washbasin.etc. etc.