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  1. Not sure if this applies to transfers other than state pension . Does it also apply to personal one off savings deposit transfer from Uk personal savings account to BB London branch for onward transfer to currency account with BB in Thailand ie transfer in GBP.
  2. If that's his excuse for dressing in a frock there must be a lot of grieving mothers in Thailand
  3. Over the previous thirty years the agenda during a Thai election is immaterial. Just follow the money
  4. That would be a good idea .Perhaps in the future we could watch on cable news with sub titles . Would it be in the comedy/ soap /fiction category ?
  5. It is against the law to increase the exhaust noise level by removing the muffler on the exhaust . However Thais regard noise as macho and for them 'no muff is too tough '
  6. The requirements for Cambodian workers to work legally in Thailand are not too difficult or expensive if done legally .This black market is the result of immigrant workers not having the correct paperwork and a change to tighten the immigration laws resulted in a mass exodus. How about Thai contractors and builders who benefit from cheap labor helping with the problem as they where responsible for hiring illegals and have profited from doing so.
  7. The children will be taken care of by the grandparents .That happens a lot in Thailand
  8. Human trafficking is a heinous crime sometimes the victims are given a life sentence of misery .I hope the instigators receive a similar punishment and should be made to pay victims financial retribution from the profits they earned from captive slave labor.
  9. His crime was close to murder and well documented on cctv .The original sentence was lenient and to get it reduced by 50% by confessing is really laughable and an insult to the memory of two young people wiped out by another rich idiot .
  10. Although the minutes have to be presented to the land office within 30 days the land office have a 90 day maximum period to endorse or object to the AGM resolutions. The minutes of the AGM must be signed by the chairman and at least the JP manager as an accurate record of proceedings. The minutes are a matter of public record and should be displayed in the common reception area after the meeting .Any co owner then has the right to object to incorrect information contained in the minutes . If the Chairman and the JP manager do not agree to amend and correct the proven incorrect information the co owner can lodge his objection personally to the competent person at the land office .
  11. Some parents are considered old fashioned or at least a bit behind the times when they advocate parents censor and monitor the online activities of their children .If it saves them from pedophile internet groomers then it should be considered good parenting.
  12. I can spot an Aussie by the pool wearing 'Budgie smugglers ' whatever his age.
  13. The 'Agony aunts ' of Thai visa will be able to solve your matrimony problems as I'm sure they have solved their own
  14. Recent change to the law concerning the condo act clarified the ruling regarding unpaid maintenance fees regarding utilities and the collection of arrears after the date of the court order and the fees owing until the completed sale of the property by court order. Recent article in Bangkok Post business explains fully and confirms. The JP manager has the right to debar owners from the common property for non compliance of condo rules including arrears .The JP manager would have a court ruling after the first hearing to prevent the owner sub letting if court action is pending regarding unpaid fees.
  15. Well Jimmy Nail had a hit with them