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  1. must have been confusing for the translators..., or hilarious.
  2. " they will also be entitled to one entry in a draw for prizes including package tours to New." Guinea? York? Year? Zealand?
  3. so she gets 2 candy and an apology as reward and incentive for honesty. He is a doctor. He can give her and her family a free check-up, if he really has no money.
  4. Will there be tears? Oh yes, one tear for every billion baht.
  5. Now the District Chief has the means to fill a pothole... in his wallet.
  6. nine hours earlier: I think I get it now, but to make sure I will wait for confirmation from my local 7/Eleven
  7. "Are you ready to rrrroooottt?!"
  8. backed by evidence? made up as the case progressed? agreed to in advance? because they said so?
  9. there should be a pop quiz after the meeting, just to make sure the ministers learned something
  10. Oh Trump, you really have a way with words. The carrier will be known as the USS Fearshaker for the next 20 years, blazing the trail for more quirky names like "Bootquaker" and "Nervetrembler" in the future. Trump is innovative and doesn't even know it.
  11. I'm sure they're all worried now.
  12. Honestly, Your Honor, I thought it was tulips.
  13. and tomorrow: Best-selling "pocket rocket" explodes in handbag, LV on fire. made in China
  14. Lawyers! I need more lawyers! Now!