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  1. klauskunkel

    Prayuth World Tour Announced For October

    Don't go, Uncle Too Shane...Come Back.mp4
  2. the mindset: spray a liquid intended as mosquito repellent, it's composed of flammable ingredients but because of it's intended use that attribute is negligible. Job done, light up a cigarette. Ooops.
  3. klauskunkel

    NLA passes law to make Thailand hub of global organizations

    Here is the law: Thailand Hub Law 1.Only Thailand is the Hub. 2.No one else is the Hub. 3.If some one else tries to be the Hub, they can not. 4. Thailand invented the Hub. Therefore, Thailand is the Hub, now.
  4. In related news: Pattaya Ladyboys Leaving in Droves for Mae Sot The exodus is apparently due to the good fortune of the Mae Sot cops who each received a gold chain. It is speculated that Pattaya's ladyboys are eager to apply their well-honed snatching skills on the unsuspecting future victims.
  5. Damn, that looks painful without padding!
  6. Four? One, two, three, three and a half, ... no, not them.
  7. does that mean "she" committed a computer crime?
  8. "He is a prominent businessman at the resort with interests in condo rentals and car hire and has many associates." and then He "tried to force her onto his motorbike." One would think that he'd have at least a Honda Civic...
  9. it's now a collector's item
  10. klauskunkel

    The good old "losing face" debate

    It's all they have. And when they lose it, they have to keeelll!
  11. klauskunkel

    Army borrows Thaksin slogan to promote Prayuth

    I have long since stopped trying to figure out who does what in the different government branches and agencies. The army does political campaigning. The NACC facilitates corruption. The courts do whatever they want. The police is damaging Thailand's image. The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the demands of the expanding bureaucracy. Everyone is doing something someone else is supposed to be doing, but everyone has this in common: criticize one of them and they all unite to sue you into oblivion.
  12. klauskunkel

    Army borrows Thaksin slogan to promote Prayuth

    How incredibly lazy/stupid does one have to be to copy the political enemy's campaign slogan..., or is the Army Cyber Centre trying to not so subtly undermine Prayut? Well, whatever the case maybe, it's probably a much more fundamentally inherent flaw, such as: 12 + 8 = 4
  13. I'm not quite sure how to say this, but "Ernie & Bert" are not alive, they are in fact manufactured puppets. Therefore they can't be gay, no matter how much wishful thinking is involved. Now, you all can go back to doing something productive, if you want.
  14. klauskunkel

    Thai govt bans pigeon feeding

    Pigeon baaad, frog goood!