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  1. What about hospitals, retirement homes, kinder gardens? They all should pack a six-shooter at least!
  2. He is going to turn a problem into theatre.
  3. PM Prayut asks people to prepare for ageing society

    PM: "We have done our part: We increased the pm 2.5 levels in the air by doing nothing. We allowed a nation-wide rabies outbreak by doing nothing. We let anyone who wants to obstruct an ambulance do that, by doing nothing. So, I am happy to report that the government, in line with our new Thai Niyom doctrine, has increased the quality of life for old people in the top three categories of 1) walk in the park, 2) shop at seven/11 and 3) the ride to the hospital, by doing nothing. It is now up to you, the people, to pick up the slack and prepare for our old folk, because the government has done everything it could, by doing nothing."
  4. Ah, don't knock these guys. They had an idea! Maybe for the first time ever. Birthing an idea can be traumatizing and shocking to the nervous system. And this was a collective effort, so the risk is much greater. I will take my hat off to these fellows who brought us an idea at considerable personal risk.
  5. "serving", is that what it is?
  6. is that what Prawit did?
  7. I think it may be more challenging to score a goal while sporting a woody.
  8. Self-Confessed Selfie Addict Takes 200 Photos of Himself Every Day

    with all of this going, it is no wonder he forgot to upgrade his brain...
  9. my dumb phone was free, from AIS. They gave it to me when they switched to 3G (or some other G)
  10. North Korea threatens to 'counter' U.S. over military drills

    "If the U.S. finally holds joint military exercises while keeping sanctions on the DPRK, the DPRK will counter the U.S. by its own mode of counteraction and the U.S. will be made to own all responsibilities for the ensuing consequences," "... because I can assign ownership of responsibilities and their consequences to anyone I like or dislike due to my ownership-assigning-powers as a Super Hero. I can also balance a glass of water on my head, due to my tabletop haircut."
  11. Trump praises Chinese president extending tenure 'for life'

    I bet he would like to go back..., for another helping of "Dim Sum"
  12. I will help you out, Uncle Toot: Just stop your Friday TV monologue droning on and on together with that silly song of yours, and you will have all the popularity you want. One caveat: popularity doesn't cure ineptitude, bet you didn't know that.
  13. He's just showing off his high school education