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  1. Cm'on Prawit, take one for the team..., hmm? What you say? Prawit: "Mai roo!"
  2. Victoria's: The Secret's Out
  3. Graft fighter outlines ‘watchgate’ scenarios

    Yes he did. He said: "Mai roo! (don't know)" twice, quite forcefully. He is such a delight. I think he is starting to replace Chalerm in newsworthiness,... nah, won't happen.
  4. "Meat a la Khlong": found on the foot path along khlong Saen Saep, every now and again one of those canal boats would shoot by, marinating the meat... notice the puddle under the tray.
  5. ... but he used Art. 44 to borrow this ring from Prawit
  6. I imagine the serial numbers of the watches and the buyer's name are registered in a data base of the respective watch company
  7. however, in an unexplained mutation his shithole had moved just under his nose
  8. Anti-Yingluck activists to face prosecutors

    just wondering how many will show up with their mothers
  9. defying the Cosmetics Act might lead to cultural degradation... that's bad..., much worse than rape, incest, pedophilia, which only leads to an individual's degradation
  10. ...and from memory too, must have been an unforgettable taco. this story made me hungry
  11. I'm sure the benefits outweigh the disadvantages by quite a margin
  12. Prawit Backs Prayuth As Post-Election Prime Minister

    I just get the feeling that if Prayut is not elected in November, he will declare himself to be a General again and re-coup.
  13. Now if you go into a bank with a full motorcycle helmet on, I bet you they let you make a withdrawal.
  14. next they'll show the kid how to hit-and-run properly