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  1. he and his mates are just trying to make money for their families by threatening to shoot... that's exactly the how and why of a coup by the military
  2. klauskunkel

    Coronation to take place before poll: PM Prayut

    ...done. Next...
  3. You just improved Pattaya's image. Not an easy feat.
  4. Fresh Catch of the Day..., maybe not that fresh.
  5. klauskunkel

    ‘Suthep Party’ Floats Unity Govt With Archrivals

    he learned the crying from Yingluck, thank you three times
  6. He must have had a brake failure...
  7. I's amazing to read this considering the enormity of the overall education budget...
  8. klauskunkel

    Phatthanakan road tunnel to be completed in Oct

    it took over 2 years to do 46%, now they'll do the rest in 4 months? This can only mean one thing: Big Joke is on the case, or even in the backhoe!
  9. And what pray tell is his work going to be at Khon Kaen’s Primary Educational Service Area 1 office? Will he have to write one hundred times on the blackboard "rice without meat is no lunch"? Will he have to wear a "Hello Kitty" bracelet for tarnishing the image of the education department?
  10. The NCPO proposed a plan to reward the NCPO, to which Prayut asked the NCPO to review the plan. Maybe that's why: "47 percent of Thais believe no government can tackle corruption problem"
  11. klauskunkel

    Grounds for concern over school initiation ceremony

    head down and ass up, that's love for school
  12. How did you come up with that assumption, Kersarr? There are no Asians referenced in the whole thread.
  13. I estimate the damage to be worth about 2 satang.
  14. Pick up the phone I'm always home Call me any time Just ring 36 24 36 hey I lead a life of crime Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap