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  1. "...and when you visit, don't forget to bring your crown jewels..."
  2. As a compromise, how about "AirCon"?
  3. self censored
  4. He is so high up on the totem pole that there is no one who could clap him on the shoulder, saying he did a good job. Poor man has to do all that by himself.
  5. 1 taxi driver rape story equals 2 honest cabbie return money stories
  6. the government goes out of its way to avoid police reform they must be really, really scared of that
  7. the first sub is 13.5 billion, one sub is a gratuity, leaves the other at 22.5 billion... that's nearly 10 billion more than the first sub - must be the extras
  8. yup, every single one of them accounted for
  9. vrooomm - try catch that face..., it's in Laos already!
  10. Yet the public is subjected to extortion, abuse and neglect by colluding authorities and when they post proof they will be prosecuted. Fairness?
  11. "I also thank the transport authority for issuing a taxi license to a twice convicted rapist and the taxi company for hiring a driver and unleashing him on the public without background checks. Finally, I want to applaud the fine Thai judicial system without whose constant failings this whole episode couldn't have happened."
  12. We not worry. Especially knowing that Thai police have constantly assisted those with arrest warrants to avoid arrest all along.