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  1. pacu baits

    yes it did make my day for sure amazing that i landed it as was only using braid but it was hooked in corner of mouth also had a few bite offs and one where hook broke not even sure what that was as it just took off and got snagged round some posts on walkway
  2. pacu baits

    well got quite a surprise at eden in ubon using a live bait caught one in the 9/10 kg range
  3. fertilizer info required

    mrs highlander has about 100 banana trees and 30 or so papaya trees what would be the best type of fertilizer to use she has access to chicken and cow manure but i was thinking more of a liquid type but then that might not be feasable or suitable .
  4. Newbie Fishing

    just had a look on eden website pla nin caught to 2kg also some nice tab tim being caught
  5. Newbie Fishing

    fished at eden quite a bit last year bait for the spring was bread crumbs and some of the smelly stuff in the small bottles, but on the hooks we use chicken hearts cut in strips, caught a lot of tilapia/pla nin to 1kg pla sawai pladuc to 2 kg red tail catfish even one yissok sp, there are some big fish there.. but the red tails are sold to the owner by the thais for 10 baht/kg instead of letting them grow big to have more sport as roblok says ubonorthai there is a nice pond out the trakan road with loads of decent ikg pla nin and even pacao and more.. pm me and i can give you directions but it is sign posted
  6. blood needed urgently for our beloved dog

    he is lovely cute as a button good on you
  7. Beer Lao

    as of lunch time today there were 2 cases on the shelf at makro ubon
  8. any ideas on buses from suk area bkk to sattahip early 6 am ish sunday mornings scotty
  9. Beef Kidney

    try just up past the traffick lights after the trakan turn off going towards the ring road , or the market down by the river
  10. b e c tera sesano

    landed up with train to mo chit and motorbike to stadium. thanks to those who replied
  11. b e c tera sesano

    looks like its mo chit then a cab. thanks dus
  12. b e c tera sesano

    i will be in bkk tomorrow and would like to see ubon play bec tera sasano(sp) what would be the best way to get to their stadium from nana area. i think it is in the laksi area
  13. pacu baits

    anyone tried tinned sweetcorn as bait for pacu, any i have caught are either on chicken heart or chicken, the ones i have caught are about the kilo mark and i do not think they get much bigger in the ponds i fish in the ubon area highlander
  14. help with minivans ubon/chonmek

    thanks for that santisuk, it was actually for mrs highlander not my idea but her idea of an economy drive lol but as there are 4 of them going today then its the pick up again as to the fan bus idea well its been about 20 years since she traveled any distance in one and dont think that would be an option thanks guys for the helpful advice. regards highlander
  15. help with minivans ubon/chonmek

    can any of the ubonites here give me any info on minivans if any.. where do you get them,frequency price etc. regards highlander