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  1. Beef Kidney

    try just up past the traffick lights after the trakan turn off going towards the ring road , or the market down by the river
  2. b e c tera sesano

    landed up with train to mo chit and motorbike to stadium. thanks to those who replied
  3. b e c tera sesano

    looks like its mo chit then a cab. thanks dus
  4. b e c tera sesano

    i will be in bkk tomorrow and would like to see ubon play bec tera sasano(sp) what would be the best way to get to their stadium from nana area. i think it is in the laksi area
  5. pacu baits

    anyone tried tinned sweetcorn as bait for pacu, any i have caught are either on chicken heart or chicken, the ones i have caught are about the kilo mark and i do not think they get much bigger in the ponds i fish in the ubon area highlander
  6. help with minivans ubon/chonmek

    thanks for that santisuk, it was actually for mrs highlander not my idea but her idea of an economy drive lol but as there are 4 of them going today then its the pick up again as to the fan bus idea well its been about 20 years since she traveled any distance in one and dont think that would be an option thanks guys for the helpful advice. regards highlander
  7. help with minivans ubon/chonmek

    can any of the ubonites here give me any info on minivans if any.. where do you get them,frequency price etc. regards highlander
  8. What date are TPL fixtures announced?

    is there any way you can buy tickets for tpl games online tried to get tickets for one game yesterday and were told just go to the stadium and chance it unfortunately the stadium is over an hours drive away scotty
  9. Ubon farang

    nice to meet up with you last night david, sorry i had to leave for a while when i got back you guys had left maybe next time we can chat more about the fishing scotty bob
  10. if your wife enters thailand on her brittish passport then she will be treated as brittish and get 30 days on arrival, happened to a friend of mine a couple years back and caused her no end of probs, if she has been travelling back and forth to thailand in the last 15 years on her brittish one and now tries to enter on an expired thai passport then they will probably want to know why she has not renewed her thai one and again treat her as brittish
  11. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    any of you guys know where the fire was yesterday afternoon looked like it was in the direction of warin from the jail area
  12. as mrs highlander found out last year she was not allowed to leave on her expired thai passport had to get a new one at chaeng wattana, then wait 11 days for a new flight home, she was told that no way could she either use expired one or brittish one to leave as she had entered on thai one.
  13. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    warin a bit far for me but if i am in the area will certainly have a look, thanks for that marty
  14. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    transam yes i have a compressor for blowing out the dust but i think its the motor thats mai subai.and i dont have a test meter, yes i know they are cheap to replace but i would as stated like to buy a motor if thats what it needs and replace it, gives me something to do. regards scotty
  15. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    i have a couple house fans one mira and the other is a hitari any of you ubonites know where in town i can get someone who cleans /repairs things like this, i know if its the motor then its probably not cost effective, but i like to repair where possible, i have seen a shop that did washing machines fridges etc but cant remember where. regards scotty