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  1. I don't know about the rest of you but it is Tuesday and I am still having these problems. Most websites will not connect. And since this morning my VPN (connecting through Singapore) will not function.
  2. Need to replace the couch in the house I am leasing. The house came furnished so it the owner's couch but I hate it and I am willing to replace it since I'll probably be here at a couple of years more. Looking mid-range price for just a couch. Less than 25,000 Bt. Found one I liked at Index for about 20k. Wondering about any recommendations for other stores in the area that sell mid-range furniture that may give a better deal than Index.
  3. If all you ever want is a plate loaded up like a dinner at Dukes then fine. I like Dukes also, eat there several times a month. The point about Gaggan not about the ambiance or the prettiness of it. The experience is totally about the taste of the food. Combinations of flavor and texture that are incredible, both subtle and powerful at the same time and best experienced in small portions. Sometime the whole table laughs out of pure pleasure after tasting one of Gaggan's creations. Definitely worth it every once and a while. Was that 30 year-old Laphroaig single-malt bottle worth $700? Probably not. But I sure do remember the enjoyment I got out of the one that sits (now alas empty) on my bookshelf. Next year some time I'll go to Gaggan again and enjoy that too.
  4. David's Kitchen is very good, and yeah, probably the best in CM but for an extraordinary experience try Gaggan in Bangkok. Gaggan has been ranked by the actual and credible experts (not Trip Advisor) as the number 1 restaurant in Asia for the past 2 years. Getting table is tough (expect a 3 month wait) and the price is very high (there is 1 menu item: an 18 course dinner for 4500 Bt. With drinks and wine expect expect 7-9000 Bt apiece for the night). Incredibly though its worth it. One of the dining experiences of a lifetime...
  5. Donkeaw, the southernmost part of Mae Rim district, extends all the way down to the middle ring road on the river. I live by the river about 400 meters north of the ring road. Best location relative to Chiang Mai compared to east, south, or west of the city.
  6. I do hope they restore the quick navigation teardrop button.
  7. Great topic. Thanks Thai3 for sharing your knowledge.
  8. That's Hermes. God for travelers and thieves. Became Mercury (winged-footed) for the Romans.
  9. Plus the exterior design is terrible. Very tacky looking. Same with the supposedly high-end boutique hotel that just opened at the moat end of Rathvithi Rd. Could it look any more ridiculous? Some high school student does the architecture design for these boondoggles I guess.
  10. On Monday the main approach to Chicago's O'hare airport was reversed twice in one hour (due to shifting winds). Here is the video of the process: https://www.facebook.com/flightradar24/videos/1094161123956643/ Somehow they get all of that choreographed safely. Bit more going on there than around CM!
  11. Mae Rim extends south further than some people think. I rent a house in Donkeaw, Mae Rim very near the river and about 200 meters north of the inner ring road. Absolutely great location. MeeChok Plaza is two minutes away and I have about five different ways to get into CM town. I never go north into Mae Rim town, CM is much closer. I much prefer living here than south or west of the city.
  12. I'll second that! Though Galatoire's was (is?) equally as good. I seem to remember that it cost us about over $100 to have eggs Benedict (plus a couple of drinks and salad and some oysters and whatever I cant remember) at Galatoire's. The food in New Orleans is one of the very few things I really miss about the US.
  13. The riding position is uncomfortable for me. Also the wheelbase is very long (61 inches vs 54 for the CBR300) making the bike very awkward to maneuver at slow speeds. Difficult to weave through stopped traffic etc. Yeah, and they are ugly too.
  14. I bought a Phantom new seven years ago. It now has 104,000 km on it. It has never once not started and has never stranded me. I have not had a single significant mechanical or engine failure with this machine. The worst that has happened was a broken speedometer cable. Two new batteries, two new chains, one headlight and other normal care during that time. Frequent oil changes and brake checks, etc. It has been the most dependable machine (car or motorcycle) I have ever owned. Honda definitely has my vote.
  15. "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly", Arthur Carlson (ancient pop culture reference)