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  1. Qatar Airways to east coast usa

    Does Qatar offer a Premium Economy section? If so that will be a great way to get to the US east coast.
  2. An Art Exhibit at the UN Irish Pub?????

    Neither Archa or Chang beer is sold at the UN Irish. Try John's Place or maybe Mad Dog for the low life clientele.
  3. Here is the Thai solution: https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/Soccer/2017/07/19/Soccer-fan-knocks-drone-out-of-air-with-toilet-paper-roll/6611500490411/
  4. Labels are wrong. The top left is a Russian Akula class. The top right is an American Los Angeles class.
  5. Where/how to watch "Game of Thrones"

    I doubt that there is a bar that will show it (delayed until the evening here). Within few hours of the episode ending in the US it will be available on the various torrent download sites (with literally thousands of seeders).
  6. Off topic but sorta relevant, it is impossible to get Bayer aspirin in Chiang Mai (and I think all of Thailand). Not a single pharmacy has it. After trying dozens I found one Pharmacy near Thapae gate that has the red-coated 350 mg Thai made generic aspirin. But I have taken Bayer all my life and was used to it and trusted it. Oh well. I hope you get your nitro spray. I am at an age now that I need to start thinking about that.
  7. Music Store recommendation

    Also one in Central Festival mall. Don't know the name but I think its on the 3rd floor. It's pretty good for strings and such. Might be more expensive than the others.
  8. Salary in Chaing Mai for fresh PhD and PhD scholars

    There are only two universities in CM that offer a computer science/information technology program taught in English: CMU and Payap. Both have foreign lecturers. At either the salary for a starting lecturer with a relevant Ph.D. will be 40k baht or less.
  9. Warning To All Internet Users In Thailand

    I don't know about the rest of you but it is Tuesday and I am still having these problems. Most websites will not connect. And since this morning my VPN (connecting through Singapore) will not function.
  10. Need to replace the couch in the house I am leasing. The house came furnished so it the owner's couch but I hate it and I am willing to replace it since I'll probably be here at a couple of years more. Looking mid-range price for just a couch. Less than 25,000 Bt. Found one I liked at Index for about 20k. Wondering about any recommendations for other stores in the area that sell mid-range furniture that may give a better deal than Index.
  11. If all you ever want is a plate loaded up like a dinner at Dukes then fine. I like Dukes also, eat there several times a month. The point about Gaggan not about the ambiance or the prettiness of it. The experience is totally about the taste of the food. Combinations of flavor and texture that are incredible, both subtle and powerful at the same time and best experienced in small portions. Sometime the whole table laughs out of pure pleasure after tasting one of Gaggan's creations. Definitely worth it every once and a while. Was that 30 year-old Laphroaig single-malt bottle worth $700? Probably not. But I sure do remember the enjoyment I got out of the one that sits (now alas empty) on my bookshelf. Next year some time I'll go to Gaggan again and enjoy that too.
  12. David's Kitchen is very good, and yeah, probably the best in CM but for an extraordinary experience try Gaggan in Bangkok. Gaggan has been ranked by the actual and credible experts (not Trip Advisor) as the number 1 restaurant in Asia for the past 2 years. Getting table is tough (expect a 3 month wait) and the price is very high (there is 1 menu item: an 18 course dinner for 4500 Bt. With drinks and wine expect expect 7-9000 Bt apiece for the night). Incredibly though its worth it. One of the dining experiences of a lifetime...
  13. Donkeaw, the southernmost part of Mae Rim district, extends all the way down to the middle ring road on the river. I live by the river about 400 meters north of the ring road. Best location relative to Chiang Mai compared to east, south, or west of the city.
  14. New TV format

    I do hope they restore the quick navigation teardrop button.
  15. Where to see traditional Thai music?

    Great topic. Thanks Thai3 for sharing your knowledge.