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  1. They can pass them out again at Songkran after they take them off the bodies.
  2. From the expression on the policeman's face I'm sure that this complaint will be investigated with all the diligence it deserves.
  3. Wait a minute. I thought falling from a high building was a Pattaya thing.
  4. All in all, how does the number of Australians beaten up outside Go-Go Bars compare with the number of Australians beaten up inside Go-Go bars?
  5. you need to look at what happened when the philipines kicked the yanks out of clarke airbase. was not long before they begged them to come back in. bases in japan will be no different. I think there was a volcano involved in leaving Clark AB. But after the Vietnam War we left the bases and airfields in Thailand when they asked us to leave.
  6. They also use young boys as sex slaves.
  7. Shoulda stuck with Beer.
  8. I would say that his marksmanship was quite good.
  9. So we will have Thai students speaking English with a Thai accent on top of Filipino mispronunciations? What fun!
  10. Maybe someone is doing a remake of "Apocolypse Now."
  11. I would certainly hope so. I also hope that they are coordinating with Interpol, Australia, and every other agency you can think of. RTP bomb forensics has already said that the bomb construction was of a type they have never seen before. But maybe it has been seen somewhere else. It would be stupid for them not to avail themselves of the expertise of the rest of the world. No one likes terrorists.
  12. Well, crap! With all these arrests how are you supposed to know who to bribe day to day?
  13. Why sad and why do you think they think they are H.A. most of these are in a "family club" out for fun. If the patch is 3 parts and says H.A., banditos or mongols then they are in a criminal gang with countless murders connected to the organization. The kid was nearly clubbed to death simply for claiming false membership, he obviously had mental health issues as do a few TVF members. Hells Angels are Hells Angels; Banditos are Banditos and Mongols are Mongols. They all hate each other and have been known to shoot each other. See Laughlin, Nevada. If there are people who actually run around with patches saying Hells Angels with the other clubs name as well they would be well advised not to wear them around real Hells Angels. The Hells Angels patch consists of the name "Hell's Angels on the top, the Screaming Skull in the middle and the branch location on the bottom. Only full members wear all three. Prospects only wear the bottom with the location, hang-arounds cannot wear anything. Hells Angels have no sense of humor regarding their colors and will cheerfully cause major damage to your person with no regard for consequences. The club also has very best solicitors (lawyers) that money can buy.
  14. I've used this stuff since the 1970s. It does work well. Another remedy, though not Thai, is black coffee and Jaegermiester. (Sound terrible but works well)