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  1. horrible . . . . RIP young man! Watch the driver of the small white car emerging from it, just to firstly check his car for scratches and damage, before he turns his attention towards the injured . . . . . . . mimimimimi while I'd say both motorcyclists could have avoided the crash by using a little bit more of attention to their actions . . . .
  2. crazygreg44

    Dengue warning re-issued as national death toll hits 65

    without the fogging done by government, I reckon the Thai people will vanish from Earth's surface. No kidding. The "NEW" disases like Ebola, Dengue, Virunga and the odd Malaria have the potential to kill whole societies. While you should call yourself glad to see a government team of Spray-Gun guys passing through your village, you should be on guard in case a follow up after three months does not happen. The Mozzies will thank you for the 3 month spell . . . their babies are alive
  3. crazygreg44

    Crackdown on tattoo shops after death of four women

    I respect your total dislike against tattooing. Tattooed people do not rule over people who are not tattooed, while people not tattooed seem to like to rule over people tattooed. Suum Cuique, the ancient Greek & Romans said. Each to it's Own. Even Oetzi the glacier mummy from 3500 years ago decided to have his skin tattooed. And he did not have to go to BoomBoom Town to have it done. What has to be said: You cannot contract HIV from a tattoer. No tattooer will tattoo a person and then switch to another person immediately using the same needle setup. There is no other contamination which is apt to transmit HIV Virus. All other news or stories are faked
  4. crazygreg44

    Overwhelmed by my choices of accommodation in Bangkok

    check out the new location next to the Fort in Banglampoo right at the end of the Khlong with a terrace facing the river "varee" or something I just booked 4 nights there in October, 24 Euros per night. an absolutely stunning NEW place use google to find it and book by agoda, like I did enter banglampoo bangkok guesthouse hotel
  5. crazygreg44

    Crackdown on tattoo shops after death of four women

    it is theoretically 99,99% not possible to infect people with the HIV virus by a tattoo needle. The virus has a shelf life of only 4-5 minutes outside the human body or it's liquids. So in order to get infected with HIV by tattooing, the needle with fresh blood on it from one customers has to be used immdiately on a second customer. No tattoo shop, even not a "scratcher" on a motorcycle mobile shop, is doing this. When I don't doubt that infections might have occured due to bad hygiene from this tattoo stall, the accusation of catching AIDS from the tattooing is unjustified and can absolutely not get scientifically backed. I'd rather believe these 4 girls caugth the virus earlier by having or sharing sex with an infected person, and now, a year later, are shifting the accusations towards the tattoo shop. Anyways nobody nowadays has to die from AIDS. Medication is available thoughout the whole of Thailand, it actually is FREE of charge and available in government hospitals. The chance of surviving AIDS 20 years and more after an infection is very high
  6. crazygreg44

    Time to rethink prostitution ban, say experts

    let's look at it, it is simple. As long as the law makes prostitution illegal, there will always be side-earners If you legalize prostitution, the girls will have a chance to work as freelancers the bars will be drained the girls come back to the bars as freelancers alone the side earners (police & authorities) will be out of tea money So what will happen? NOTHING Declaring prostitution illegal is one MIGHTY tool for pimps & police to earn money Declaring prostitution legal, might change something
  7. you are touching the hot spot of the kettle the riches have always looked down onto the poor and the weak Nothing has changed much, only that in Asia, the riches still clinging to the age old "Caste " system "WE are better" In the west, the riches have sorted to donating to foundations which help the handicapped. And they have undergone a better education. I am not the one to doubt, that Princess XXX would hold the elevator door open for a person in a wheelchair Education is what matters Holding the door open to a handicapped person is not being thaught to Thais, not in school neither at home
  8. the Thai are actually our New World "Spartans" it was tradition in the ancient greek state of Sparta to undergo a test with newborn, if they were fit for survival. It did not need a Charles Darwin in these days to manifest "The Survival of the fittest" into the culture & traditions of ancient Greek. Looking at the matter from a viewpoint of a Thai, lots of similarities appear. there simply is no room for supportiveness for a weak person ,except he/she belongs to your own family. Then there is the Buddhist concept of "This guy is handicapped, so he must have been a bad person in his life before" still plays a role that is deeply rooted in Thai society. The physically weak and handicapped have inflicted it upon themselves . . they are not worth of special support Only very few groups in Thailand have formed to help handicapped people, like the Foundation of the Blind and the AIDS brigade. The great majority of the Thai population still are rooted in their " Me, only ME is what counts" way of thinking. Maybe it is not too much of a plea of me to ask you to understand a very important factor which plays into this way of thinking: Their LIFE and LIVING in ASIA is HARD. Everywhere in Asia, a person is met by elbows of others, has to fight to make a living There is little room for weakness You simply can't change an age old culture rooted in near slavery, in the course of a century PS: let me add, I am a deaf guy, handicapped as well from early age on, and i have experienced people being offended or not
  9. this may come as a shock for some, because the print on ATM receipts will dissapear due to it's low lightfastness really quick within a short spell of time
  10. crazygreg44

    Road Trip from Si Saket to Koh Chang

    just copy & paste this word and insert ครัว9เหรียญ into the google map search when the map opens, it will show you two hits, one is near Lopburi, and the other is the Soi Dao restaurant. There are two resorts right next about 1 km away
  11. crazygreg44

    Road Trip from Si Saket to Koh Chang

    We have already travelled the same route from Kantharalak to Ko Chang three times. We use to stop over in SOI DAO - that's a community along the 317 from Aranyaphrathet to Chantaburi. You can make it there in one day if you leave Kantharalak by the early morning not later than 7 am, and don't make too many stops along the route. Go by Lahan Sai, then the Tappraya Pass, avoid Aranyaprathet but take the 317 south There are several resorts along the route 317 when you have almost passed the town of Soi Dao. There is a fantastic nice terrace restaurant & resort on a hilltop overlooking the scenery. They have bungalows, yet were fully booked on our inquiry. However we dined out with them by the evening and enjoyed great food and a magnificent sunset. Our resort was a stone throw away just below the hill . . . a rather new resort with plenty of clean aircon rooms. When you google the surroundings you will find most of the accomodations listed. I am not allowed to use the google coordinates, but you may find the location when you copy and paste the following word into google Maps Search: ครัว9เหรียญ This is the restaurant. And yes, they have a swimming pool . . . I just don't know if they operate in during the rainy season. Sai Khao, Amphoe Soi Dao, Chanthaburi 22180, Thailand ตำบล ทรายขาว อำเภอ สอยดาว จันทบุรี 22180 +66 81 909 4413
  12. crazygreg44

    TAT: Tham Luang cave may be next tourist attraction

    hey, they could offer "Cave Excite Tours" especially during the rainy season, when the visitors can expect the utmost thrill (irony mode into OFF again) actually it's like scorecard mentioned . . . . the proposal sounds very cynical in the wake of the not yet rescued trapped youngsters and their parents . . . .let's wait until everything has resolved into success & happiness
  13. crazygreg44

    commercial shipping on Mekong River

    there are by far too many rocks, cliffs and shallows in the Mekong River along its course, making navigating near to impossible for ships with large displacement. Most vessels have flat bottoms, the only way to prevent damage by hidden rocks in the riverbed. In the recent history, the French did actually think that they could establish a commercial shipping route from the Mekong Delta all the way up to China. Their expansion was stopped by the Mekong Cataracts ( Four Thousand Islands) in todays Southernmost corner of Laos. They made any passage impossible. During the dry season, when the water levels fall, you can see all those rocks in the riverbed all along the Mekong which normally are hidden under the waterline during the rainy season
  14. how will they prevent the motorcyclists from parking in these spaces? Motorcycle riders will think the red space is made especially for them
  15. crazygreg44

    aliexpress shoe size

    at a price of 600-1000 Baht for a pair of shoes it is worth a try. He can still make somebody else happy if he is not satisfied with the shoes