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  1. It is not quite clear if he was travelling out of the country or if he was arriving. Arriving with 10,000 dollars would have made sense, as he will need 800,000 THB season in a Thai bank for the retirement extension. Leaving the country with 10,000 USD still in his pocket, does not make much sense, other than that he failed to open a bank account for the "retirement seasoned amount". Why would he still have so much cash on him LEAVING the country. And otherwise, if he was on his way out, he would have been long gone from Suvarnabhmui airport, before the taxi driver found the bag. And he must have missed his flight out while waiting for the taxi driver at the police box in the airport. Or missed his flight eventually while performing all the photo-shooting operation Something in this story does not fit . . . . .
  2. crazygreg44

    Recommend Krabi > Lipe ferry or speedboat?

    this makes more sense. You will probably have to change boats twice in order to reach Ko Lipe starting out of Krabi. Probably Krabi-Ko Lanta-Ko Mook-Ko Lipe. Could take a bit longer than 4 hours altogether as you will have to count the time at the pier one usually waits before the boats launch. It will be more like 8 hours of a trip. Check the distances between the islands on a map. Make sure you got plenty of sunblock! I Suggest you see a tour agent in Krabi and get it sorted from them
  3. crazygreg44

    Recommend Krabi > Lipe ferry or speedboat?

    there is no Speedboat transfer to Ko Lipe from Ko Lanta. Boat transfers to Ko Lipe are made through Had Yao Pier in Trang which can be reached by speedboat from Ko Mook. Maybe seasonal speedboat services are up but I doubt it and you have to check into this. Can you give me the link that describes a speedboat service from Ko Lanta to Ko Lipe?
  4. crazygreg44

    censoring ?

    Hello Thaivisa, is there a censoring under way by Thai authorities ? I observe that many topics from which I get notifications, cannot be opened any more. Also I answered to a threadstarter's question on how the count on banked money works, if it is counted by months or days, and I find the Thread deleted. Is Thaivisa being censored by Thai authorities?
  5. I reckon you should never ask this question to an Immigration officer. Better yet .. "up to you!" how they count I entered on October 2nd, went to do the "new" TM30 . . .she put my 90-day report date at December 2nd. I kindly asked her to count 90 days from October 2nd ! Many of these people have no idea of Maths
  6. excuse me, I doubt this. The question is good! Two months are actually 61 days, except when one of the months in the count is a month February
  7. when it comes to count. . . it is the old Immigration game. They count the day of your application as day number one, and count backwards to the day your Bank account showed 800,000+ (and nothing less from there on) so they count down 60 days, although it could actually be 61 days Same applies when you enter the country . . day of entry is day one . .then they follow the calendar and count 30 days . .so sometimes it is when you arrive on April 2 on a visa exempt, they day the permit of stay for 30 days end is not May 2 but rather May 1 st !!
  8. crazygreg44

    Cigars In Thailand

    me thinks we need a "where can I buy a 12 Baht cigar" thread . . .
  9. crazygreg44

    The Perfect Visa For Thailand ?

    I am having a discussion with a consulary adviser of my country's embassy on the topic what must be done when I pass away on Thai soil. Fact is, as I am not marrried to my GF, a special notarized procedere must be accomplished to prevent my body from being stored in a fridge and taken back to my homeland, to be expensively buried there. My embassy will be notified upon my demise and if there are no relatives to be found in my homeland, it's a BIG question of who will pay the costs that arise for either cremation in location or a transfer back for a burial. In either case, the costs can be a pain for all parties involved. So maybe the idea of a smallish deposit with your country's embassy that would guarantee your host country a neat outcome in case of your demise or air-transfer back to your homeland, is not so far fetched. However I strongly reject the need for an extra health insurance for expats on retirement visa. The 800,000 Baht on a Thai Bank account are in most cases more than enough to cover an emergency or longer stay in hospital , complete with a surgery. Why I bring up this topic in a VISA - related post on the ThaiVisa Forum ? Because I think it's these problems with farangs that cannot pay Thais for emergency support, which are partly responsible in the regulation of Thailand's Visas policies. High risks, bad experience - harsh visa rules. No risks and some precaution taken - better visa rules for everybody.
  10. crazygreg44

    Cigars In Thailand

    3 Baht to make? I was the best man for a guy from Habana, Cuba. He used to joke and impress all the ladies, claiming that his uncle had a cigar factory in Habana. I got him that far as to confessing he actually meant his aunt's backyard kitchen ! 3 Baht is 10 cent US, we would think that nobody even in Cuba would start to roll a cigarette, less than a doing a cigar, for this money. Except if all the tobacco fell off a truck, I am tempted to believe they would charge a Yankee Dollar for 10 pieces. 25 Dollars US used to be an academic / teachers monthly wage ! That's actually not so far from what harryfrompattaya is telling. Hard to believe but probably true. So all your real cuban cigars fell of a truck and 98% of the cuban people still have not enough to make a decent living on. Wonder how many hi-so's are cashing in the 2797 Baht profit for the COHIBA that gets sold in Bangers. For most Cubans, it's a brave new world !
  11. crazygreg44

    Cigars In Thailand

    .. to the OP coreyw123..you see, there are tobacco growers in Thailand's north, and they seemed to have produced some "longs" from their harvests, according to barefoot1988. So it might be worth a further search , but I am sorry I can't be of no help as I live in the south of Eesarn. and for harryfrompattaya - guess the 12 Baht per CUBAN cigar was a typo . . ain't no one here loosing any face when admitting it, so come on !
  12. crazygreg44

    Cigars In Thailand

    you mean you cannot reveal the name and address of the member of the corps-de-diplomatique, who smuggles them into the country ? By the way, 12 Baht for a "real" cigar from Cuba . . if you are talking "Montechristos" or "Cohibas", it is ridiculous, sounds like absolute nonsense. Even "home-rolled" from private cuban kitchens they should cost more . . . ... or were they home-rolled in Chiang Saen up north, labelled "Real Cuba" in fat chinese letters . . oh yeah !!
  13. This is common practise of pimps worldwide, why focus on the specific video because it's obviously thai or burmese ? What this video implies is that pimps beat the women within their range of power. Women get beaten, get gang raped, get tortured and some get killed and maimed. Some get thrown into rooms where they get gang raped over a long period before they get dumped into concrete or fed to the dogs. It's this society that makes men become pimps, makes brutes of pimps and from a ruthless pimp to a bloody murderer it is only a small step. Men beat women is the common practise in millions of marriages. JUST WHAT are you discussing about which this video shows ?