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  1. so you actually could get married to him? Where?
  2. Can't see anything wrong from the bus driver, except that he should have stayed in the left lane all the time instead of changing the lane abruptly at a bus stop. Taxi driver trying to undertake on the left, should have slowed down allow the bus halt at the bus stop and overtake him on the right soon after, yet he kept trying to sneak through You could now say, the bus driver was to wait for the taxi to finish the undertaking, yet the bus was already very far to the left leaving not enough space for the taxi to undercut all happening in the flick of an eyelid And whilst waiting for absolutely nothing the taxi driver could have avoided further damage by setting back his car by maybe just one meter. All this happens when the brains haven't been turned on yet in the early mornings of a new day
  3. I think that's why they hand over their wallet to the servicing persons, so they can finger the money out of it for them
  4. Farang Salami just too delicious for letting the chance pass . . . .
  5. I remember some time ago having read about coral debris found on Koh Chang (off Trat in the Eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand). Coral pieces had been washed as high as 100 feet above the waterline into the mountains along the western coasts of Koh Chang some two or more centuries ago. Apparently, a former tsunami wave had washed this debris into the mountainslopes. It raised the suspicion that a volcanic eruption like the one of Krakatoa in the 19th century, if it happened along the Indonesian Islands including Bali, actually could build up a tsunami as high as the one that came over the west coast in 2004. This one would be devastating to the Eastern Seaboard, along with Rayong and Sihanoukville, while in the Gulf of Bangkok, the shallowness in the gulf would not allow such a large wave to built up but actually slow it down
  6. "With its idyllic beaches and crystal clear blue seas" "2.8 million prostitutes" . . the mind boggles!!! Faker than fake !
  7. you are right but he didn't ask for a sure way to die, just a way of transportation
  8. I am not sure where your buddy drew his conclusions from in Germany actually the law is, you can get sued if you, either having been an eye witness or having been actively participating in the accident - DON'T pull over and offer your help! In order to obtain a driver's license every student has to pass a first-aid test. So everybody knows the basics incorporated in the assistance of a victim of a crash. If you see the victim is bleeding and you see a safe way to stop the bleeding, you are supposed to assist and do so! and regardless if your help only consists of making sure the spot is secured well so other vehicles cannot crash into the site of the accident, that's just okay and an accepted way to obey the law Over the recent years the offence has somewhat been watered down, as the law in it's great majesty forbids you to stop for just watching & gawking . . . . . our society has changed a bit
  9. also if you visit one of the many Tour Offices in Pattaya, they will offer minibus transfers from Pattaya to Koh Chang from THB 700 upward per Person. Try to get a minubus which transfers to the island with the ferry and takes you to the doorstep of your hotel on Koh Chang . . there ARE such minibuses and it is the most fair and convenient way
  10. a search comes up with a few results: https://www.buspattayakohchang.com/ or this one https://www.pattayaunlimited.com/how-to-get-to-koh-chang-guide/
  11. Orange Flag boat trip - easy access and parking help?

    maybe start right at the Nonthaburi Chao Phraya Express Riverboat Pier? Or at the landing across from Wat Pa Kret (opposite Ko Kret) ? As there is a parking opportunity at Pak Kret, I am not sure of adamant parking near the Nonthaburi Ferry landings, the market is close and a few side sois . . .suggest you check the google maps & satellite images of the surroundings area . . . place seems not overly far from your location in Khlong Sam Wa Tawan Ok Yet you will have to watch out for the Express Boat schedules, the last boat to leave midtown Bangkok for Nonthaburi is around 19:oo hrs
  12. 20-km-long congestion on main road to lower Northeast

    there are only THREE major routes from Bangkok and Rayong to the Isaan Highlands. And they will be congested every year around New Year and Songkhran, just because there are too many people trying to use them at the same time It is the No. 2 Saraburi/ Chok Chai, the Kabin Buri/ Pak Chong 304 and the Sakeo/Tha Phraya route. The general has recently spoken about the need for a "new cowweb of roads" leading into the Isaan. I tend to believe, if you only widen the existing three routes and rebuild them into four or six lane (2 and 3 lanes one direction and a possibility to direct the flow into the opposing lane during the few days of New Year and Songkhran) they would handle the Isaan bound traffic during the holidays Once you pass the three existing bottlenecks, the traffic always starts to flow much easier. I have already used all three routes during Songkhran and New Year myself, and let me tell you, there is a solution, they just need to open their eyes and let their brain windings start revolving about what to do with the bottlenecks.
  13. 20-km-long congestion on main road to lower Northeast

    "The congestion prompted Ta Phraya district chief Arayan Thayai to recommend that motorists use an alternative route passing through Khao Ta Kiew road to Buri Ram instead." how for heavens sake should you use an "alternative road" when the bottleneck remains to be the bottleneck and an alternative road just does not exist??? Tha Phraya Pass is still the bottleneck, regardless which route you take to reach it ! Funny the police seem to think: If we make them use other roads to get to the bottleneck, maybe they don't reach Tha Phraya pass all together at the same time
  14. Not that it would be a big issue for the police where I come from, if the breathalyzer didn't work or the offender was simulating and refusing cooperation. Did the Boys in Brown never hear of taking blood from the offender for an alcohol test ? What a loss of face for the RTP this is . . . .well, guess every other day it is lost on them