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  1. Great, so he attempts to destroy the Republican healthcare system that Obama backed as a compromise to the healthcare insurance sector to prevent discussion of a national "single-payer" plan. As the ACA was the Republican alternative to single-payer they, the Republicans, of course have no alternative plan. The only rational alternative is single-payer. But the Republican party is too deeply embedded within and beholden to the health insurance industry so the alternative Trump plan is to offer more Mickey Mouse plans to the Trump hillbillies that won't really cover major hospital or major illness expenses. So those costs will inevitably be covered by the tax payers just like the costs of the fourth, fifth, and sixth kids of those ridiculous full quiver hypocritical evangelical families who support El Douche Bag Trump. And apart from Mickey Mouse insurance plans, Trump care also raises the rates on independents like myself to the point of being unaffordable, and I already pay around $1,400 a month for me and the wife with a high deductible and no dentistry. And all this not because of some ideological concern about a plan, the ACA, that forces everyone to obtain insurance from the private sector, the Republican agenda, but because Obama was a Black man and these racist a-holes are hellbent on erasing what they perceive as the stain upon their white world where any and all actions by Obama must be nullified, even if that means destroying their own health plan, the ACA.
  2. camping locations?

    Most Thais who would (1) go camping and (2) own a dog tend to own little yappers that would make and excellent meal for an alpha male mountain soi dog.
  3. As one who does not yet qualify for Medicare but who has a rare cancer with very pricey treatments options, I have at long last changed my avatar dating from, well from forever, to that of my new hero, Kathy Griffin, the only person who had the balls to speak the truth of this total douche bag of a human being.
  4. camping locations?

    Yes, you can find them in droves up around Mon Jaem, where it is a sea of bright tents (thalae tent) where many families go as well as young couples trying not to make too much noise at night so as not to teach the younger children of the families too much about nature. Mon Jaem has replaced the nearby old Erawan Resort as the Bangkok Chinese definition of communing with nature. During the high season it is 500 baht per night but includes restrooms and showers. For that money you can buy your own tent and go up to the far less crowded campgrounds lacking Bangkok folks at places like Pha Hom Pok north and high above Fang, or a bit closer Khun Khan National park west of Samoeng. The Forestry Department also has some very basic cabins for rent around the north, really not much difference from tent camping. Ask about Phu Chi Pheu off the 4009 northeast of Khun Yuam, perhaps the most spectacular view in all of Lanna Land.
  5. So why not just rent a big bike one day a week to practice and hone your skills and rent a more appropriate 250 to tour the back roads of Lanna Land. We are looking at the beginning of the high season so you won't get much in the way of discounts for a long term rental of a "big bike". Another option is to buy and then sell.
  6. how do I say this: It would be great if

    To soften a request I might just begin the statement with ขอ.
  7. The idea that the Kurds have some sort of foreign master is laughable. They do have allies where there are common enemies, but the Kurds have been fighting for independence for generations, long predating any foreign assistance. There is no tail wagging this dog. And in the Middle East it is well known that every dog has his day. The Kurds suffer the same as do many peoples, such as the Tibetans, because they are out of fashion in the west among the liberal dogmas. Nobody cares for those out of fashion. There have been few protests, no boycotts. Crikey, one of the few active NGOs in Kurdistan has been FBR out of Mae Sot. Neither the nation-states nor the real masters, the corporate masters, want to open up the can of worms of redrawing national boundaries when the aim is to eliminate such lines on the map. Such lines too often work against profits.
  8. It is rather easy to stay under the radar once Jared and his wife accepted the fact that they are, and always have been, irrelevant. Oh sure, there was a time early in the Trump era where even otherwise educated people were hoping that Jared and Ivanka somehow represented rational voices of influence in the White House and that they had something meaningful to contribute. But eventually the truth could no longer be hidden that Jared was nothing more than an inheritance slumlord and that Ivanka was indeed the stereotype of a vacuous blonde. Best that Jared stay under the radar and go back to being a slumlord and money launderer. Jared is not the sharpest tool in the shed and Ivanka is not the brightest crayon in the box. Although once Jared gets sent up to the big house, he might have the achiest hiney around.
  9. I meant to do this last year but forgot. So close to today marks the 21st anniversary of the passing of Gwyn Williams, the first linguist to be active online on the old. soc.culture.thai (SCT) usenet group. Gywn taught at Thammasat. I only spoke directly to him once but we had many e-mail conversations and of course there were the numerous discussions on Thai language on SCT. He was a good-hearted person and it was a shame the world lost him to disease at such a young age. Here is to your spirit Gwyn.
  10. I think most places would be open on Sundays. I like the folks at Burning on Kaew Narawat, just east of the bridge on the left when heading east. If you already have the new tires then there are countless small shops that can swap out the tires for you.
  11. Going in-country on Non-O (marriage) but need total of 120 days. Wife will not be with me at time of renewal. Can I (1) do turn around at border (Mae Sai), or (2) get a 30 day extension at immigration (still one full day for me in CNX but without all documents as we keep original documents with wife and she will be in the US), or (3) should I just take the easy but more expensive way (I am fixed income and not much of that) and fly somewhere else for a few days? My first choice would be to ride up to the Mae Sai region to visit friends and family, but my understanding is that I would only get a 15 day extension and I will need a full extra month extension.
  12. Given that the Federal government wastes such a large percentage of revenue on defense spending, there is no real benefit to the larger economy by increasing tax revenue. It would not grow the economy in that it would not increase aggregate demand for goods and services. And it would not address the costs, social and otherwise, of economic inequality. The entire concept that reducing taxes on corporations and the upper income brackets will grow the economy is simply a preposterous lie foisted upon the naive masses. The economy is more likely to grow by lowering the taxes on the lowest 80% who spend the bulk of their income simply to maintain a modest lifestyle.
  13. Meeting decent ladies in CM??

    Sounds more like you are looking for less than decent ladies willing to please someone who clearly can not find a soulmate in the west for, I am afraid to say, clearly obvious reasons. Given the paucity of any substantial red light district in CNX, I would advise you to return immediately to Bangkok or Pattaya to avoid having to confront your personal reality.
  14. I always found the UN Irish Pub to be rather sedate and laid back with a fairly agreeable clientele. But then I only go there to watch US football so perhaps the rabble that you refer to is mostly missing during my visits.
  15. Expats in Fang

    My apologies posting before coffee. It was Eddie, not Freddie, who was an old pal from decades ago who went into the monkhood years ago. He was one of the few Farangs who made it to my wedding up in the hills.