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  1. Tourists .... pfffft!

    I also maintain an abode "in the sticks" and am used to near chaos at the local temple or at Buddhist ceremonies in homes with kids running around, and adults coming and going, and yes of course endless cellphone pics because, well because everything must be documented on Facebook. I can't fart in our village without someone posting a message to my wife. But embedding in rural Thai culture can have consequences in the big city. Last year I had visitors and took them to Wat Phra Singh and was admonished for talking too loudly (I was speaking softly) by a Farang who imagined that I was disrupting some imagined solemnity.
  2. music venues in chiang mai

    Just keep an eye out if Rasamee, she of Isaan Soul fame, is playing anywhere in town.
  3. Tourists .... pfffft!

    Well maybe you and the wife should avoid tourist temples. Your wife can always make merit at a local wat where there are unlikely to be tourists taking pictures. Making merit (tham bun) is not dependent upon location. And merit making is not diminished by others taking pictures. If that were the case then the Buddhist activities now taking place down in Bangkok would all be for naught. But I understand, you and the wife would prefer not to have people taking pictures and thus you suffer. It is the perfect scenario to practice Buddhist mediation to extinguish the forces of desire (daap khilet) that are causing you to suffer thus.
  4. Bizarre indeed as I could find no mention of Catholics or even Catholicism whatsoever. But thanks for confirming my point!
  5. Moderate Islam is a possibility but it will face serious resistance from the Salafists who have been bankrolled worldwide for decades by, of all people, the descendants of Ibn Saud and their oil money. It would take generations at best to now reform Islam and lead it away from Salafism. The Saud dynasty may collapse before that happens and be replaced by another Wahabi backed clan. Of course the other clan supporting the Saudis is that led by King James the Baker in Houston.
  6. Somehow I read an article about Austrian Jews who call Austria home. What did you read that got your panties bunched up, Jews?? Apparently the Mendel Beilis meme lives on.
  7. Let me know when they begin to investigate the murder of Kamnan Seng (T. Thaton) decades ago over the orange grove land up there.
  8. soulmate?

    Most Thais are Buddhist and thus are not particularly receptive to the concept of a soul. The Buddhist concept is a-atama. Contrast this with the Hindu title for Mohandas Gandhi, the maha atama (Mahatma Gandhi), great soul.
  9. Have you eaten yet?

    <deleted>. "Where are you at?" simply indicates a more specific response is desired and certainly predates the influence, if any, of "ebonics". (Not to mention that redundancy is the core of information theory.) If we were talking copula deletion among some of the younger generation then maybe we might be talking about the influence of Black English on Standard American English. But "where are you at?" is a ridiculous example to advocate your prescriptive grammar preferences. As for languages evolving, the overwhelming historical trend is towards simplification. I am sure there were those back in the day who moaned about the loss of case structure in English as well. And if you want some imagined true English speakers then move to Boston where they retain traces of 17th century English accents, as far flung colonies often retain older phonetic traits.
  10. Great, so he attempts to destroy the Republican healthcare system that Obama backed as a compromise to the healthcare insurance sector to prevent discussion of a national "single-payer" plan. As the ACA was the Republican alternative to single-payer they, the Republicans, of course have no alternative plan. The only rational alternative is single-payer. But the Republican party is too deeply embedded within and beholden to the health insurance industry so the alternative Trump plan is to offer more Mickey Mouse plans to the Trump hillbillies that won't really cover major hospital or major illness expenses. So those costs will inevitably be covered by the tax payers just like the costs of the fourth, fifth, and sixth kids of those ridiculous full quiver hypocritical evangelical families who support El Douche Bag Trump. And apart from Mickey Mouse insurance plans, Trump care also raises the rates on independents like myself to the point of being unaffordable, and I already pay around $1,400 a month for me and the wife with a high deductible and no dentistry. And all this not because of some ideological concern about a plan, the ACA, that forces everyone to obtain insurance from the private sector, the Republican agenda, but because Obama was a Black man and these racist a-holes are hellbent on erasing what they perceive as the stain upon their white world where any and all actions by Obama must be nullified, even if that means destroying their own health plan, the ACA.
  11. camping locations?

    Most Thais who would (1) go camping and (2) own a dog tend to own little yappers that would make and excellent meal for an alpha male mountain soi dog.
  12. As one who does not yet qualify for Medicare but who has a rare cancer with very pricey treatments options, I have at long last changed my avatar dating from, well from forever, to that of my new hero, Kathy Griffin, the only person who had the balls to speak the truth of this total douche bag of a human being.
  13. camping locations?

    Yes, you can find them in droves up around Mon Jaem, where it is a sea of bright tents (thalae tent) where many families go as well as young couples trying not to make too much noise at night so as not to teach the younger children of the families too much about nature. Mon Jaem has replaced the nearby old Erawan Resort as the Bangkok Chinese definition of communing with nature. During the high season it is 500 baht per night but includes restrooms and showers. For that money you can buy your own tent and go up to the far less crowded campgrounds lacking Bangkok folks at places like Pha Hom Pok north and high above Fang, or a bit closer Khun Khan National park west of Samoeng. The Forestry Department also has some very basic cabins for rent around the north, really not much difference from tent camping. Ask about Phu Chi Pheu off the 4009 northeast of Khun Yuam, perhaps the most spectacular view in all of Lanna Land.
  14. So why not just rent a big bike one day a week to practice and hone your skills and rent a more appropriate 250 to tour the back roads of Lanna Land. We are looking at the beginning of the high season so you won't get much in the way of discounts for a long term rental of a "big bike". Another option is to buy and then sell.
  15. how do I say this: It would be great if

    To soften a request I might just begin the statement with ขอ.