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  1. I think most places would be open on Sundays. I like the folks at Burning on Kaew Narawat, just east of the bridge on the left when heading east. If you already have the new tires then there are countless small shops that can swap out the tires for you.
  2. Going in-country on Non-O (marriage) but need total of 120 days. Wife will not be with me at time of renewal. Can I (1) do turn around at border (Mae Sai), or (2) get a 30 day extension at immigration (still one full day for me in CNX but without all documents as we keep original documents with wife and she will be in the US), or (3) should I just take the easy but more expensive way (I am fixed income and not much of that) and fly somewhere else for a few days? My first choice would be to ride up to the Mae Sai region to visit friends and family, but my understanding is that I would only get a 15 day extension and I will need a full extra month extension.
  3. Given that the Federal government wastes such a large percentage of revenue on defense spending, there is no real benefit to the larger economy by increasing tax revenue. It would not grow the economy in that it would not increase aggregate demand for goods and services. And it would not address the costs, social and otherwise, of economic inequality. The entire concept that reducing taxes on corporations and the upper income brackets will grow the economy is simply a preposterous lie foisted upon the naive masses. The economy is more likely to grow by lowering the taxes on the lowest 80% who spend the bulk of their income simply to maintain a modest lifestyle.
  4. Meeting decent ladies in CM??

    Sounds more like you are looking for less than decent ladies willing to please someone who clearly can not find a soulmate in the west for, I am afraid to say, clearly obvious reasons. Given the paucity of any substantial red light district in CNX, I would advise you to return immediately to Bangkok or Pattaya to avoid having to confront your personal reality.
  5. I always found the UN Irish Pub to be rather sedate and laid back with a fairly agreeable clientele. But then I only go there to watch US football so perhaps the rabble that you refer to is mostly missing during my visits.
  6. Expats in Fang

    My apologies posting before coffee. It was Eddie, not Freddie, who was an old pal from decades ago who went into the monkhood years ago. He was one of the few Farangs who made it to my wedding up in the hills.
  7. Expats in Fang

    Fast Freddie is now making merit in Fang?? Anyone know which temple?
  8. Encroachment in Tambon Mae Raem?!? Tell me it is not true. But I daresay the person behind this particular encroachment is not as powerful as the people behind the encroachment at Mon Jaem, although perhaps they are on par with every other resort atop the mountain with "Mon" in the name. Meanwhile the head of the sub-district, recently upgraded to a municipality (thetsabaan) is probably preoccupied with more, uh, domestic issues.
  9. Going to Doi Inthanon

    Not a matter of wrong or right, just a matter of opinion. But I also tend towards Doi Inthanon being overrated. Better, IMHO, to move on towards Mae Chaem and spend the day exploring a far more traditional Lanna district than you will find near Chiang Mai. Go over to the gt-rider website where David has posted his meanderings in the area including some great temples and some traditional craft centers. Or keep going to Mae Nachon and spend the night along the river at Hot Coffee where the proceeds go to provide dorm facilities to hill kids who attend school away from their villages. If you want high mountains then go spend a night literally on the river up at Thaton and take a day to visit the second highest mountain in Thailand, Pha Hom Pok. Take the largely paved road ( 3037) from north of Fang looking for the brown sign (in Thai) noting "little village in the large forest". Be sure to check your vehicles brakes, a very steep road. Again, just my opinion. I mean Doi Inthanon is maybe worth one visit on a nice day in the slow season, it is a little nice if no crowds, but it is overrated.
  10. I know all three villages well. Its a tough life up there. Village #12 is a Lahu village and village #13 is a Karen village. I hope everyone is safe. There was one ex-pat in village #13, a Brit if memory serves me right.
  11. Information about Fang

    Crikey, one section of the loop road (3037) to the second highest mountain in Thailand, Pha Hom Pok, begins just out of town along the northern segment of the Fang bypass ring road. But that stretch is unpaved. You can catch the paved road (check your brakes as it is steep) to the top just north of Fang at Baan Huai Pa Sang. Look for the brown tent and camping signs. Although only the second highest peak, the views and the Royal Project up top puts Doi Inthanon to shame. It is the only national park worth the price of Farang admission. But yes, like just about every large town of Fang's size in Thailand, Fang is a pretty dull place to live for an ex-pat unless you have strong Thai speaking skills, and even then you will probably get bored with Fang itself eventually. Like most of Thailand outside the tourist centers, unless you marry into the community you will be like a fish out of water, Better to stay up in the Thaton area as Thaton always has a mix of Thai, ex-pat, and tourist visitors, a hidden gem as long as you get out of Thaton in the daytime.
  12. If it is US football you are talking about then the UN Irish Pub is a decent place. Games are delayed so you need to look at their website to see which games are being shown at which time. Also, since games are on a delayed broadcast, you need to stay off the Internet for a day or so to have the experience of not knowing who is going to win. I always go by myself and usually meet affable folks at the table, often folks younger than myself. I do avoid the one or two faces I recognize from photos here on ThaiVisa.
  13. Actually Wikipedia has a decent article on creole languages and includes the various controversies endemic to the subject. It even has a link to the Middle English Creole hypothesis in the list of creole languages.
  14. Odd, I haven't seen any poppies within sight of a paved road, less near a royal palace, in about 20 years or more.
  15. Chang mai to pai

    The road to Pai had significant sections repaved and widened just last year or so. The highway from CNX to Pai is not the tight twisty road of legend. The narrow corkscrew turns that would test your sphincter muscles are long gone. Just stick close to the shoulder and don't rush and you will be quite safe. Dozens of newbie scooter drivers do the road daily without incident. There are now countless places to stop for coffee so take your time and enjoy the views.