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  1. Johpa

    Two Tourists In Pai Shot By A Police Officer

    Arkady, it is a pleasure to read a poster who understands how things work in Thailand. Another point to make is that often the police officers, as well as Amphoe officials, are stationed to the more isolated smaller towns like Pai in response to misdeeds elsewhere. Although with all the money that has flowed into Pai over the past decade, Pai may now actually attract some bureaucrats, but not for the best of reasons. And yes, the ex-pat community, as well as the entire Thai nation, should be more concerned about Chalerm than this isolated incident.
  2. Johpa

    Two Tourists In Pai Shot By A Police Officer

    Poppycock! All I hear are a bunch of hosers ordering up another round of "Blue", or up in BC the inhalation continues. As tragic as this story appears to be, it is a relatively isolated incident and will have little impact on tourism.
  3. Johpa

    Two Tourists In Pai Shot By A Police Officer

    Apart from the original posts, we have not had any contributions from members located in Pai. This is a bit disappointing as normally this forum balances all the opinion and rants by also having contributions from the scene. At this time of year Pai, at least the town core, should be fairly crowded and I would expect there were plenty of witnesses. Hopefully we will get some posts from Pai. The original post's account seems to be holding up somewhat although clearly not facts but second hand reports. And as a one of the other earlier poster's noted, the shooting appeared to be outside the restaurant and not inside as our original poster noted. So since the first page of this thread there as been nothing substantive apart from opinion and people noting that Thailand is a violent country. But I do appreciate the imaginative media story about the tall body builder and the hippie lady (are there any other types of Farang women in Pai?) against the diminutive Thai policeman.