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  1. my recommendations. Do stay in Chaweng beach in Samui at long beach lodge resort in best location mid chaweng then go for day trip to any islands called rightly death islands though avoid staying there overnight...Islanders are much too dangerous and never facing any laws to be punished for several dramatic deaths recently. Anything else is a pure tropical adventure with many dangers on roads in the sea and at bars...
  2. Hygiene in schools

    Mogandave you are thinking like my smart Thai wife at the first hiccup she was ready to jump ship....Unfortunately we have to face the small issues to benefit from a Christian education not available near by to start with. After several issues I won over three years we are still keeping our kids there indeed working on plan B and not giving up on the hygiene as I am persistent and dragging in many teachers. Thank you very much.
  3. Hygiene in schools

    reading various comments there is a problem from the Thai people of attitude no one bothers enough and have no ideas of prevention..... We entrust our kids to educators themselves who are ignorant of basic hygiene standards issues regardless of money. Cleaning with dirty mops and only splashing water is insane. Washing hands without soaps is a call for diseases. The Department of Hygiene at Thai Ministry of Education warn them ahead of their visits...of course only times serious cleaning occur. I am lobbying every one at a large private Christian attended 90 % by Buddhists all mostly Thai 98 % School ( 4,200 pupils ) in Bangkok where two of our boys are attending and it will work because it has to work...after suppression of working, studying on floors, rewards with candies like if they were pets, stop fighting kicking instead of playing and clean uniform now Hygiene is on the top of the agenda. Thank you for your comments.
  4. I came here in Thailand looking for a Thai wife traditional educated meaning not Anglicized or Westernized. My first question to the chosen one was ; do you understand solutions ? her answer was NO....Do you know problems Yes she said then she got it..... We started on the basis of solutions and it was like flying above all obstacles.... We got married. I said we are going to have kids though we are going to be together 20 years..She nearly fainted hearing it. I took over from grand parents her 4 years old son from Isaan. 14 years later after many solutions offered became unnecessarily problems here we are. WE had two boys together now 9 and 6 years old. We are living in Bangkok. I have refused three times to be offered to pack up and leave. I have ignored and kicked out her family from our life because I refuse un doers ignorant and suckers. She set up a business and out of the business she bought herself a large house we all 5 live in, land and home in her own name. I am a paying guess, I am glad I report each 3 months to Thai Authorities instead of sinking in one of their rice fields and I have a budget. I do not indulge in stupid excesses like minor wifes, smocking, drinking, gambling, I just carefully monitor all details of our pleasant and easy life. My recommendations read the book of Mark Manson The subtle art of not giving a f.ck. They are charming as soon as they have accepted to change their skin in my wife case it took her 13 yes 13 years as ignorance is a large handicap I was aware of and like the duck water falling around was not a trouble. Some Thai ladies can change every year.... But if you can take any one out from a village never you will manage to extract the village from their minds especially Thai boys born in Isaan non educated pure pets and a huge burden. Enjoy a challenge live an adventure and stick to it because there is no point to hop ladies.. Thailand is easy life for the wealthy ones..... Only once I understood why Jim Thomson disappeared but he had no family to leave behind only losing a wealth creation not many Thai could live with without by greed killing each others... Now is the times for ourselves to reap some benefits from this adventure our boys are quality and handsome boys the envy of every one around. We enjoy the PM Prayut efforts to build up the Thai Nation to developed country standards...Hurry up He is right. I do not give a f...not to speak Thai as the educated one can speak English I flush all the others...
  5. Hygiene in schools

    thank you Sensei for your appreciated support. You are right to make them clean their own toilets at school and that should be compulsory at least once a year. This is only one side of what I hate to hear Thai culture an excuse Thai have to avoid changes at all costs. Kids and pets the first 2 years are very similar only in Thailand kids remain pets all their life for never having been educated with a no because education is to enforce kids to do what they do not like to do. It shows in their adults life..... Free for all free spirits can not start as kids......and here never mind up to you and sabai sabai in priority it does. Etc...etc....
  6. How come the foreigners invade our country and ourselves we are Thai we can not do it...better. Of course here it is good business to create unlimited supply of Malls, 7Eleven, all colours taxis, motorbike taxis etc...etc.... 1.Uber 2.Grab taxi 3.Allthai taxi 4.Line taxis 5.DLT VIP etc..etc.... plus all the existing numerous taxis circulating around... will that reduce the numbers of private cars ? less congested Bangkok streets ? No useless added stress driving private cars though yes for competition.
  7. How can we enforce in private schools the maintenance of hygiene to start with in kids boys and girls toilets where there are no soaps and the smell is appalling ? Thai Ministry of Education department of Hygiene does inspections mostly upon their warnings in advance resulting in schools cleaning only upon these visits once or may be twice a year. We have two kids 9 and 6 years old going to a private Christian ( only a veil or marketing screen for collecting fees being responsible parents indeed we monitor closely their education with teachers directly ) school attended by 90 % Buddhists with over 2 000 pupils. Are not the teachers themselves concerned with prevention of disease like mouth and foot etc...? Is that still under the Thai general culture the left hand cleaning bums and water only no soaps when cleaning their hands ? No parents association in facts only a ghost idea is circulating around when asked. No one seems to bother is that the sabai sabai, no sanitizer we find often in Malls and as well wearing correctly the uniform is absolutely not respected...... Head Management declines to answer 2 of our letters delivered by hand written in English. Responsible teacher for purchase has only made sure some 6 used half lemons were left in kindergarten boys side absolutely useless not ever answering on her LINE account showing only as read. Offering ( liquid not bars because apparently kids steal them...really ? not rather the adults could borrow those ) soaps is an option parents involve do refuse to pay for the expenses and ourselves we will be treat it a major part of the teachers yearly gifts. Teachers do collect weekly a minimum of thb 10 per kids for what ? We are pressing this issue strongly and we will be surprised if the Ministry of Education Hygiene Department reps will not change from pre warning to instant necessary searches and fine them for breaches of rules. Any one can bringing some assistance, advice, informations to sort out this hygiene issue will be appreciated with our thanks.
  8. over Songkran 2017 we were walking on the Chaweng beach in Samui and my wife barefoot felt a sting lost sensitivity on her foot quickly, I got her vinager luckily nearly immediately and the pain was reduced. Meaning some still alive jellyfish are on the sand and they can sting.... Lucky it was a simple small not what could have been a deadly Portugal man of war or blue box as I could see where she walked on. I had sandals myself by instinctive survival. The real problem is no one warns any one when going to swim...snorkeling...diving any times in the year regardless of rainy season.. Once I warned a Russian swimmer entering in the sea ....he ignored my warning went swimming and came back smiling...Was he immuned or not speaking English or UTI........it was 11.00 am I find too many dangers right now at the open in those several islands to risk taking my family on holidays though alternatives exist....each day some drama is happening at a turn in each island.... We are on our own though common sense thinking and prevention prime.
  9. i shipped few years ago everything I had in London and upon arrival here in Bangkok I was contacted by Thai shipping agent in Thailand to answer if I had a working permit or a residence visa. I was then asked to pay what I found very heavy tax duties I refused the amount and I was offered nearly fifty percent discount...I paid I had all delivered everything was intact...the solution is not to bring in any electronics...and it is up to Thai Customs and excise agent to decide the taxes levels...My listing of goods was impeccable..the shipping agent a famous name and my address in a House in Bangkok living with a Thai wife and two boys one was very young.... By the way half of it is still in boxes being useless over here like pictures etc....
  10. Yes rainy season or now not these deadly jelly fishes are in the Gulf of Thailand and no points to hide their killing risks from the swimmers, snorklers, divers better to inform them in advance and surely protective nets should be spread other than in Lamai only, much more, for safety... we all know by now how dangerous tropical islands are with multiple dangers included the Samui, etc....every one is on his own and should use preventive common sense.... Yes Haven and Hell are close by....... Nothing new except for Tourism reasons most are kept stupidly secrets. 5 Hospitals only in a small island Samui are open 24/7/365 for emergencies reasons, motorcycles are the most killing transportation....
  11. How can the victim be blamed for what was two operators incompetence not looking after his safety first ? What did the victim knew of parasailing ? Another avoidable death on the islands........ Now everyone should know how dangerous it is to be on your own in the hands of islanders not thinking of safety but only of money.... We all know if looking like haven that can be hell.....and it shows its danger much too often by road, sea, air and etc...etc... Why five hospitals are open 24/7/365 on a small island if not for emergencies ?
  12. Any warnings during rainy season the deadly jelly fishes come out from the deep and kill instantly ? One other of many unfair dangers no islander will prevent any one from because money is more important than the public safety. Is that Tourism enhancement ? Now every one knows the islanders own the islands and that can kill.......by lack of what ? conscience, work ethics, laws compliance, training etc....
  13. Paris North and South " gares routieres " Rungis exist since the '60s to avoid trucks to go inside the City. I had summer work at the North one..... Long over due in Bangkok for sure.....
  14. by now every one should know most islands are dangerous to visit and every one has to think about how to minimize danger. No one will ever tell you or warn you of any dangers on roads, in the sea with jetskis, power boats, in the air parasailing, in the jungle because mobiles are not working and locals are totally irresponsible not registered and not even trained properly to deal with the public. It is not haven but can become Hell.....because the islanders own the islands... Noe one remind you the rainy season can attract deadly jelly fish of course any one stung die on the spot like this Man from Bangkok snorkeling in front of his family. To protect Tourism ..........hiding the danger is murdering people......
  15. why no one has raised the question why she was hiding her real name when registering in a hotel without showing her passport ? could not it be because she was running away from some one doing it discreetly ? would that some one any one other than the guru ? a local ?