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  1. All women have an inbuilt mechanism to nag and whinge.
  2. Although I could live in Thailand being retired, having a Thai wife for the last 38 years and having enough pension, I find 3 months a year is more than enough for me and am always glad to go back to Europe for the spring, summer and autumn just I cant stand the winters.
  3. I thought when traveling internationally with cash in excess of $10,000 USA that it must declared.
  4. A very near hit but he didn't stop or even slow down afterwards, I would have had to stop for a change of underpants.
  5. Certainly not the first or the last, good luck with it. I have been married to my Thai wife for thirty eight years but did know her for a year or so before tying thee knot.
  6. Two vehicles, one for the money and one for the shoes.
  7. " is not worried about accidents in Thailand" She should be.
  8. And have seen in the years gone by.
  9. There are certainly an awful lot of worse ways to go.
  10. "Thailand Rocks even after 7 years . . " and for me after 39 years.
  11. I have been going to Thailand for the last 38 years and the taxi drivers have gone from bad to worse and now I think they must be some of the worst in the world. No where else in the world I have never been refused because the trip is too far or its too short or its too busy or I'm going home etc.
  12. For the bullet to enter her forehead and exit at the nape her neck she would have to pull or rather push the trigger with her thumb, or perhaps turn the gun upside down, I would say not imposable but very unlikely.
  13. I don't onderstand how anyone would go to a far away country without having any idea about the cultural norms, or at least find out enough to be polite.