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  1. local street vendor partnership

    Because i just have an ED visa and i cannot stand there and sell by myself or rent the place in my name .
  2. Good day . I have a questions from experienced locals . I want to setup a street vendor for selling food or fruit like the ones you see in pictures . How much money in average do you think i may need to setup this kind of shops including rent and gas and other prices ? Is 50,000 baht enough to start ? And can i hire someone to sell ?
  3. local street vendor partnership

    I can apply for a thai language class and then i will get 1 year visa . And for work permit i dont sell myself but i will hire a local to sell for me Sent from my LG-D855 using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  4. local street vendor partnership

    hi there , I am a foreigner . I would like to invest in Thailand street vendors by partnering with a local street vendor like fruit or food vendors . then we share the profit every week or month . anyone interested to make a partnership with me please reply . I can invest about $5000 USD