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  1. Kenny, contact HappyLarry if you haven't for a fair assessment of your situation. A Thai lawyer can be a westerners worst enemy but... the Thai Family and Juvenile court system as such is often more fair than western equivalents actually and they are normally not biased against westerners at all. Thai lawyers who state otherwise often do not have family law experience. Westerners who state otherwise are often of the type who fits the Thai saying, People who don't know speak easily I have followed HappyWife and the lawyer she works with behind the scene by ThaiVisa members PMing me for several years although I have never met them personally. I hear non-biased positive information.
  2. I've never met a thai that likes Muslims! I have been working in Thailand for 27 years, some of the Thai's I work with are Muslims but most are not. None of the Thai's I worked with ever cared if their coworker was a Muslim or not and they certainly didn't dislike Muslims. My opinion is that educated people both in the west and in Thailand try to understand differences and accept them, uneducated or lower educated people don't really try and is quite often negative to what they don't know instead Not badly meant but may I ask how long experience in Thailand and with what kind of people you base your opinion on please
  3. MikeyIdea

    IGSCE Question

    You can easily order online from either https://thailand.kinokuniya.com or https://www.asiabooks.com/asia_books_branches I would expect that both have one or several branches in Chiang Mai, have a look and go there and check what they have in stock at other branches, it can take a month or more to order from England I like Kinokuniya more but to be honest, both are fine Michael
  4. 2 ) is kissing against the law in government schools ( between student and student obviously ) The Ministry of Education publish general rules for all schools and pupils in Thailand (this includes international schools). Each school may also publish their own clarifications and rules if they want and many do. Open public affection is indeed prohibited in most schools, western parents sending their western or Thai kids to Thai schools should make their kids respect the rules or take their kids out of the school and leave Not a question of if the rule can be enforced, it's a question of moral
  5. MikeyIdea

    2011 - The Year Of The Crash Helmet

    With respect it should remain in general forum as virtually all here have a bike at home that do not read the bike forum and should be aware. You were right, just a pity the mods had not put a bit of thought into this, as I am sure we could have got more feedback if it had been left in the general forum. I totally agree, too bad it didn't happen
  6. Most legal systems in the world do not at all see punishment to be handed out as simple as "multiply the number of people affected with a base penalty" Do you come from a country that takes such a simplistic approach?
  7. fatal: causing or capable of causing death. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fatal It was more manslaughter than homicide. so the girl's speeding wasn't deliberate? Criminal law 101 (that's as basic as it gets by the way): Homicide is when you intend to cause death. It's still manslaughter regardless of how much the girl was speeding Please consider if you have enough knowledge in the area discussed before posting, law does not seem to be one of them
  8. MikeyIdea

    What Rights Do I Have For My Child

    Congratulations Proud Daddy Make sure that your name is spelled exactly as it is on your passport on the childs birth certificate, difficult to change Legitimization and shared custody is standard, not difficult at all, let the wife call around (when she has recovered from the delivery), no need for lawyer with good English, make sure that he understands that you want both legitimization and shared custody The word Thais use to describe person with custody is "poo bock krong" (actually means guardian), that's what you want to be Good Luck
  9. Good decision. Agree, both the girl and her mother has admitted more guilt than what their lawyer would have recommended them to do. The girl has strong connections here and is not going to go anywhere. Yes, let her go home to her parents, they need each other now
  10. she will though... I'd say that she has already been punished somewhat. And she probably wouldn't have been had there not been such an uproar. Now let's wait and see if the law punishes her too. I have a feeling it will be little compared to what she already has gotten There is justice in Thailand after all, one way or another
  11. MikeyIdea

    2011 - The Year Of The Crash Helmet

    Good initiative that will help (a bit and could help even more if it had been fully enforced). Saw a snip on TV too, good, that will help to get people to use helmet more Will never be enough for westerners comparing Thailand with the country they came from though
  12. MikeyIdea

    What Rights Do I Have For My Child

    I suppose that you mean that child has your surname and that you are registered as father on the birth certificate. That is a good start But - Name means nothing so you currently have no rights, as you are not legally married to the mother. The mother has sole custody, you do not have custody. You also have no legal obligations to the child You ask - What rights do I have? Well, Thai law doesn't descriminate against fathers or westerners so once you are confirmed to be father, then you have the same rights as the mother does. The only difference between Thailand and western countries is that your fathership has to be confirmed before you get your rights in Thailand. The law is deliberately written that way to protect the child and I don't necessarily think that is wrong. Legitimize your child (confirmed to be the father) is more or less a formality (if it is not contested). You can do this in a couple of different ways - Marry the mother at any time and you get legitimized and get shared custody - If the child is approx 7 years old: Request a bai rapp long bott (certificate of fathership) at amphur. All THREE parties must agree, child, mother and father. Unusual for this to happen before child is 6-7 years old as child must agree. One day and a few hundred bath - Juvenile court if child is less than 7 years old: If the mother does not contest - Legitimization and custody is granted at the same time if mother does not contest. More or less a formality. No expensive hotshot lawyer needed. Takes 3 - 4 months or so If mother contests (assuming that you have split up with the mother so court must also decide with who the child should stay with etc) : Mother can contest of course and if she does, then what happens in Thailand is basically the same or better than in most European countries. The court will take a decision in the best interest of the child always (not necessarilly in the best interest of the parent). If you can prove that you have been a good father then you will of course get custody and decent possession of the child. How old is the child?
  13. MikeyIdea

    Hair Length In Govt Schools

    I have heard nothing about that rule is country wide, it's up to school and necessity Most government schools have the rule that pupils must have short hair in grade 1 to grade 3 (I agree with the rule, reduces flees a lot), then they can have longer hair in grade 4 to 6, short hair again in grade 7 to 9 (to protect the child is the reason I have heard) and finally long hair in grade 10 to 12 My feelings? Same as with westerners who choose to have their children born in government hospitals and then complain that they are not allowed to join during delivery. It's their choice and they have chosen a place where the rule is like that. If they don't like it, then choose a private hospital. If you don't like the rule, then choose a school that has different rules for your child
  14. Thanks, really appreciated that Not joking here - I'm a not a native English speaker so I'm always looking for information to improve my English