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  1. 2 ) is kissing against the law in government schools ( between student and student obviously ) The Ministry of Education publish general rules for all schools and pupils in Thailand (this includes international schools). Each school may also publish their own clarifications and rules if they want and many do. Open public affection is indeed prohibited in most schools, western parents sending their western or Thai kids to Thai schools should make their kids respect the rules or take their kids out of the school and leave Not a question of if the rule can be enforced, it's a question of moral
  2. MikeyIdea

    Thai ..farang child owenership of land

    Never call, they will of course just answer something that makes it impossible to transfer to protect themselves, mainly because they don't want the risk and the trouble but also much because so many westerners question their right to request the properly certified documents they need to ensure they protect themselves... Go there and talk to the supervisor and you are likely to get a different answer, unless Hua Hin, Chiang Mai. Bring a good lawyer or HappyLarry's wife, she's good, and the chance increases If they still refuse, just go to Juvenile and make a mutual agreement to give the land to the children, that makes it a court order on that land should be transferred to the children (within a certain date is important), difficult for the land office to refuse. If they still refuse, just go back to court and enforce court order and hand over to gromm bangkapp kadi, "department" of court order enforcement and they will get it transferred. Easy to get them to act when it comes to assets, it's just polite to help with expenses and a bit more. Court case like that are easy and cheap, mutual agreement for only that should be no more than 20,000, or less probably. A friend in Trad did something similar for less than 10,000. Not a lawyer of the same caliber as the one HappyLarry's wife works with for that money obvoiusly Lawyer: Most difficult thing there is, finding a lawyer who can be trusted, one that prepares information beforehand and thereby is prepared to challenge the right to refuse. The lawyer that HappyLarry's wife works with is clearly good and bold when the need is there but he normally works with juvenile cases, they're in Korat by the way. Michael
  3. MikeyIdea

    school fees in public schools

    My daughter has been offered vaccination, not uncommon, but not as mandatory (I rejected and that was fine). It would have been administered by a nurse from health services. Just reject if you don't want it, it's not legal to make it mandatory, nothing can and will happen I think a teacher administering it is a mis-understanding, cannot imagine that happening in Thailand.
  4. MikeyIdea

    Custody / Legitimisation of unmarried couple kid

    100K is a lot of money, That can support 10+ people for over a year up-country, why on earth would you send that much? 15k per month is ok in Bangkok, too much in the Pattaya area and a ripoff everywhere else. I support my daughters grand parents and great grand parents, 4 people, with 4,000 baht per month (rural up-country) and they are very grateful for it First question: Do you feel confident that the child really is yours? -- She is saying I will never see her and the baby again. Evidence is king. Get evidence that she says that the child is yours and that she says that you will never see the child again, record, multiple times. No cash money, only transfer and keep evidence -- Is there anything I can do if she actually runs away? Not a problem if you have a copy of her ID card and good evidence that she confirms it is your child. Just take the issue to Juvenile court, you will eventually get legitimization and shared custody but DNA will be necessary if the mother refuses consent and it will take time. Appeals court is always less than a year away so don't get fooled to accept quick bad deals Cutting money often works actually, I'd gather the evidence first though Michael
  5. MikeyIdea

    Thai / UK baby in danger

    First of all: Baby girl is a UK citizen is irrelevant I have been to juvenile court many times as an interpreter. Thai law is very clear, any legal parent has the right to veto that their Thai child leaves Thailand (and it really works, even both ways = western legal father veto that Thai mother takes their mutual child out of Thailand, court supported it to 100%). And in this case, the father (as you say) is not even a father yet according to Thai law, he becomes a legal father when he marries the mother or take the issue of legitimization to court (a 2 step process, 1) legitimization 2) shared custody). Both legitimization and shared custody are a given and one does not have to worry about that at all (so just ignore lying lawyer, stupid threats, if any, juvenile will NOT order anything but legitimization and shared custody), the only thing that is unclear is how much time each parent should have with the child and child alimony (anything above 150 baht per day and should get something in return) Unsafe living situation? The father is not even a relative of the child in the eyes of the law yet so very unlikely that the police would act, unless undisputable evidence (video) of violence/sexual abuse/drug addicts with needles hanging out of their arms laying around with the child in the middle. Same for both Thais and westerners of course: It starts with legitimization unless police has so much evidence that they safely can contact social services - they don't have the mandate to do anything except protect social workers while they extract the child, same in the west of course. Poor living conditions and child sleeping on the floor is not misery, I sleep on the floor in my daughters room sometimes and you sleep quite well when you get used to it, has nothing to do with misery The worst possible enemy a westerner who need to go to court has is the Thai lawyer, especially in Pattaya!!! This is very very different from the west. Never use an interpreter provided by the lawyer, never accept threats like then you will get nothing, the court will throw it out. Thai juvenile court is clearly more fair to fathers than a British court is, no bias against fathers (Pattaya is sometimes an exception to that...). Remember that the Appeals court is always less than one year away so just let the court order. Patience and ability to stay in Thailand or fly in without problem important. Anyone wanting/needing a quick court deal is clearly disadvantaged / will have to pay dearly for it You are asking things a bit in the wrong order: unsafe situation you say. Prove it or forget it = 1) Gather evidence 2) discuss with mother 3) become a father - go to court and get legitimised 4) Leave Thailand? Please define unsafe situation Michael
  6. MikeyIdea

    school fees in public schools

    Ministry of Education is very helpful, bring the receipt there and ask them to confirm. There can be extra costs also at government schools but never heard of a security bond held by a government school for 6 years, sounds unlikely You should refuse to pay even one single baht without a receipt which you! keep...
  7. MikeyIdea

    cost of boarding school in Thailand

    Either another school or distance learning. There are quite good distance learning options available if the student is suitable for that. AS level exams are not mandatory any longer, the A level exam will include all anyway. British Counsel in Bangkok arrange A level exams a few times a year so it's quite possible to do the A-levels without any formal school actually - not saying it's easy though :)
  8. MikeyIdea

    cost of boarding school in Thailand

    I haven't been there for several years, they used to have one of the English assessment tests (not full TOEFL of course, can't remember which one), a smaller one, they probably still do. It is not difficult for a half western kid to pass at all, the test is more to confirm if the Thai kids coming there can benefit from the education or if not, use the test results as the evidence to get the Thai parents to accept their internal support classes. Michael
  9. MikeyIdea

    cost of boarding school in Thailand

    Yes, should be no problem, it's a private school :) They may request that they take the support class in Thai language. Need to make sure that they get one of the high school diploma equivalents. If they don't take the iGCSE exams then they will be stuck with nothing because they won't pass the Thai high school exam Michael
  10. MikeyIdea

    At Wits End, Cry for Help

    You have shared custody which also include shared responsibility to ensure that children get education. The common response to the problem you have is that the responsible parent need to pay it. This applies to both Thai's and Westerners. I'm not suggesting that you should pay of course. The Thai parent in that situation would find another way around of course, you can do the same but let's find out of you have to first I first recommend a trip to the Ministry of Education, I've been there a few times in the past discussing their stance to court cases where I interpreted, they are nice and helpful. I don't know how much Thai you speak but you'll either eventually get to someone who speaks good English (there are quite a few) or you can handle it in Thai. Wave the court order and they'll get the right person for you :) Politely of course. People who choose ministry of education don't (only) do it for the money :) I'm not sure but it is quite possible that the law and MoE rules state that school must issue the document T.B.2 (transfer of pupil) regardless of if school fees are outstanding. You need to ask direct questions: Does previous school by MoE rules have to issue TB2 also if debt is outstanding and May I have copies of the paragraphs stating that, The school refuse, I formally ask How is the MoE going to help? It is possible that the MoE will confirm that the rules state that TB2 must be issued but won't act to help and will give "the silent treatment" after you send recorded delivery letter. It's also quite possible that the school still will refuse also with MoE evidence, recorded delivery letter to the principal and MoE jointly may or may not help. I think that it is important to tell MoE that you simply do not have the money to pay and you will in the best interest of the children go to criminal court to put the mother in jail to prove that you are innocent and the mother is bad for the children and then on to Juvenile and take sole custody and bring the children to your home country and the mother will never see them again if education in Thailand problem cannot be solved (if they have jurisdiction, do they prefer to help then...?) If MoE confirm that debt really must be paid before TB2 can be issued, perhaps do what the Thai's would do. Relocate to the home village and enroll the children for one term there (they'll be OK, let the grand mother enroll), then get TB2 from that school and back and enroll in Pattaya Michael
  11. I saw them just change chau baan without any paperwork at all, without the old chau baan was even present once, clear breach of rules. They played and fussed with my daughter so much that she disappeared upstairs for an hour while we did the paperwork downstairs and they legitimized me as her father when she was two! at the amphur in Loei, also clear breach of rules actually but thank you for that :) Your lawyer should have known that it is absolute BS that the mother needed to be present, that's his fault that you had that problem, it's a court order for Christ sake... total idiocy. I accept that they require some kind of valid identification of you, something that required a certified translation to get (work permit, yellow tabien baan, pink ID card for instance) but on the other hand... I wonder if the lawyer could have done this for you with a legal letter of attorney without you present? with ID from you that required certified translation, not sure We never know what will happen, what you describe is much worse than I ever have encountered. Good idea to bring someone from the court or call and hand over the phone, a friend did that once, worked fine, don't know if it had worked without it too Michael
  12. I forgot. You should immediately when you have planned/confirmed what to say make a missing persons report for your child (the police station in the area where you last saw the child), stating that you don't know where he/she is and that you actually have no idea if the child is with the father or not even (need to motivate why, a simple - never wanted to change diapers and 2 month old kids do that all the time so why should the child be with the father will do just fine). This is because both parents have equal rights so the child is technically not missing only because the other parent doesn't know where the child is If the police for some reason refuses missing persons report, just instruct the lawyer to send recoded delivery letters to roi tamroat eak (that's the boss of the 2nd level policeman), that works as evidence in court Michael
  13. Thai courts will not pick him because he is Thai at all, Thai juvenile courts are more fair than most western courts even, they will choose the best path for the future of the child. You have an important advantage now as the child only is 2 months old (Thai courts consider that young children needs their mothers so you are more advantaged now than you will be in a years time). You should take this to Juvenile court as soon as you can get it planned well. Contact Harry right away if you have not, Harry's wife and the lawyer she is working with are good and can help you. I have heard that straight from their clients, not here at TV You really need to hurry to gather evidence of violence too, the Thai parent is not favoured at all but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have the right to 50% of the time with the child - when the child gets a bit older. Your evidence is necessary to reduce that percentage. He can of course also veto you from taking the child out of Thailand and don't forget that he correctly so have that right. Work the problem if you want to change that, again evidence Don't do anything stupid! Remember stupid Sally Faulkner? Two kids and one of them had lived a bit more than 50% of his life in the fathers home country (habitual residence according to the Hague convention for that child is the fathers home country) but Sally burned the passports of both children directly when they came to Australia. The father learnt from the mother and took them both back to his home country and kept them there. Don't like it Sally, look yourself in the mirror Good sample of TWO bad parents! Children with mixed heritage have the right to BOTH sides and any parent who doesn't give the child that is a bad parent. I will believe exceptions after a court views the evidence and orders otherwise You need distraction and money to get through this. Get a job, work 9 hours per day 7 days per week with 2 days off per month until you get access to your child, lots of work is excellent distraction, will help you to sleep at night, and will help you to build up a new life, whatever happens. You can make USD 80 per day so it's not that difficult, just takes determination Good luck, let us know how it goes Michael
  14. I stand corrected, You are correct :) https://www.gov.uk/get-a-child-passport/first-child-passport What documents to send with your application You must send: 2 new photos of your child the child’s full birth or adoption certificate (the one with parent’s details on it) proof that your child has British nationality (for example a British registration certificate, parent’s passport details or parent’s birth certificates) any valid passports from a different country belonging to the child any court orders (for example, that describe parental responsibility or residency arrangements) It's enough for the British father to send in evidence of his British Citizenship. 3 things here are still open though 1) They require "the birth certificate with parent's details on it". How does British authorities handle the case that a Thai birth certificate does not have the fathers full name so it's not valid. What do they require to supplement it? 2) Thailand does not recognize "fathership" if non-married so further confirmation should definitely be required. What? 3) Child Trafficking: Most countries in the world require both parents signature to issue a passport (at least the first time). Is that signature required? On another note: It is actually easier (less hassle) to just go to the Swedish embassy and get the official forms but then bypass them and just send the complete and signed forms with translations certified by the Consular Affairs department directly to Migrationsverket (the ministry approving citizenships in Sweden) stating that the passport should be picket up at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok, same in England? Michael
  15. MikeyIdea

    Online Teaching

    Strange, we've had foreigners from all over the world working for the American Fortune 500 company I work for in Bangkok and all of them have been paid in Thailand and paid tax in Thailand. I have done 21 pnd 91 for that company and PWC regularly audits our payroll No idea except I'm pretty sure that PWC wouldn't have missed a yellow audit for 21 years :)