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  1. Age of the children is a good point, yes
  2. My experience is with children involved, it took a month to get the divorce certificate, this happened a couple of times 6-7 years ago A rule is not a rule is not a rule perhaps :) I don't know, perhaps they only send over cases where there is doubt regarding legality or if the agreement is good for the child
  3. There is no standard definition. Science Olympics, Mathematics Olympics, Education Olympics, these are simply competitive tests of theoretical knowledge. It can be anything from an internal event "xxx Olympics" in a private school to nationwide spectacles (Japan). It's more often something on a bit bigger scale. Not heard of it but it wouldn't surprise me if some private schools even call their entrance exams "Olympics", sounds cheap to me but if parents buy it, it's good marketing. Top places can perhaps get scholarships at famous schools if it's a really big event, again, just good marketing
  4. The law states that you must sue within 12 months if assets are not transferred - regardless of case still is under appeal (check if your lawyer know that, most Thai lawyers don't) - but the big question here is from what date. I really don't know if the 2 parties can mutually decide for a date 10 years in the future and it starts to count from that date. Very interesting idea of your lawyer. Brilliant actually. Michael :)
  5. There is a delay between when a mutual divorce at the amphur is "registered" (= all documentation is completed) and when it formally takes effect (not divorced as of date but effective as of date). This is simply because the amphur divorce is ratified by Family court by a process behind the scene Divorce at amphur is equally enforceable Yes. It may be a bit difficult to get complex arrangements into a mutual divorce agreement at the amphur simply because the staff there aren't Family Court judges and they would worry about processing paperwork for a divorce that contains something that the law at the end of the day does not support - Family Court can't ratify it -- i have to pay my ex-wife XXXX amount every month for say, two years Yes, and duration and change amount up and down during the duration as you both agree on, no problems -- she gave me the right to stay in the house Yes enforceable -- she was transferring all rights of disposal of the land and house over to me, so i could sell it in say ten years time, and receive all the money from the transaction The same rule applies for divorce at amphur as in Family court so agreement can clearly state that land and house goes to the western husband. Westerner cannot own land so it must be sold and money goes to the westerner no problem, normally within ONE year. So 10 years? Doubt it, as you say, that gives you full control. You need more lawyers :) -- It would also be written that the house belongs to me. House is a non-moveable object. You can't own it as such but you can have your name on the building permit I think, and you can be Chao Baan (master of the household) in a yellow or blue tabien baan -- it may also be possible to pre sign power of attorney to me, so that i can sell the property without her being present I do not think that will work Interesting lawyer you have, perhaps even a bit too "liberal". Check the question marks with more lawyers Michael
  6. Apologies for the hearsay comment eric, it's quite possible that a law firm that a big company uses will charge USD 10K for the WP work excluding fees, It's a nice round number that I certainly believe. The firm the company I work for use charge USD 1,500 to 2,000 per person to just process a WP It can also be done for 205,000 + 15-20 half days. Quite a contrast
  7. I thought so, then I will fail. I have PR and consecutive work permits for nearly 20 years but the company will only want me another 1-2 years.
  8. I paid 191,400 + 7,600 + 500 (petrol) + 1,000 (translations) + 1,500 (certifications of translations) + 500 (other stamp fees). Petrol and stamp fee estimates are a bit high It does take time, I spent quite a few mornings (15 - 20 totally?) that I had to compensate by working late instead
  9. Is there a rule that you must keep successive work permits until you get citizenship and do you have to be married?
  10. And my cost, excluding the fixed fees, was less than 5,000 baht including petrol Follow the link and you will get the true story, not heresy
  11. British curriculum is much more expensive than American curriculum. If you look for British curriculum around Bangkok, then the only Cambridge / edxcel certified school I know of below 400,000 total cost per year is Modern International School (predominately Indian) and it is full, not a single seat left. RC is British curriculum without certification that offer up to grade 7, that would be cheaper of course. You can find some more information here https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/956630-international-schools-200k-a-year/#comment-11390234 American curriculum is much less sought after and much cheaper. If you can accept that and that the certification means little to nothing (no regular on-site follow up) then there are more options. Ekamai International school, Trinity, Niva are 3 cheap options. I think Ekamai is full Michael
  12. Yes. They have helped the remaining international school students to find other schools for next term
  13. Error, house not sold if court order is not possible, it's a marriage asset If child is moved (small risk in this case, house and the only benefit would be that father would be a stranger in the new school): There is a form called T.B.1 that the guardian must/should request from the old school when they move their other children to another school, it's a form where the important information is name of student, old school and new school, purpose is for new school to have evidence that child studied at a certain level. Maybe one copy is sent to the MoE (Ministry of Ed), I don't know It's not followed very strictly (as most things in Thailand) but principals will ask for it when they admit a new child (and will allow entry also without it). The old principal can't know where the child is if the parent simply doesn't come back so it's not her fault if she didn't write one, but she would still have some responsibility. It should be enough to friendly ask her to call a number and ask which school the child is "for the records" For others to read more, shouldn't happen to you as the house is a fixed point Michael
  14. dasboot, contact HappyLarry in private message, he can help with reliable help, perhaps a reliable interpreter so that you know what your lawyer is saying in court real-time (eeh, reliable lawyer sounds funny but that's what the problem often is) The mother is in jail *again*, but you are fighting against that the court still doesn't want to give you sole custody because then you can deny her access, take the child abroad and never come back. They are not going to give you sole custody lightly if the mother does not accept. You having to leave the country is your problem, there are still relatives on her side here that can take care of the child while you are away so what's the problem? => that is their thinking. Perhaps it is more wise to use your parental power and simply setup a professional nanny somewhere in Thailand and not tell anyone where that is when you are away. That is your right, well, if mummy is in jail and can't take care of the kid You must be uncompromising for the childs best in court but offer what the judges need (guarantees that mother can get access to her child) Michael