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  1. The end !

    I have followed HappyLarry's wife and the lawyer she works with in 2 cases now. They are using bold moves and are not yes sayers. This means that if anyone is shallow in this discussion as you accuse them of being, it isn't them
  2. The end !

    Answer back - And all I wanted was to to talk to you about how we together should do to best take care of our children Set her up - Gather evidence for minimum 6 months, wear more than one hidden camera, try to make her hit you by saying legal things that you know will make her lose control, say nothing but make police reports with supporting evidence from doctors every time. Just pick a police station where you saw the kids (regardless of it is was the last time), get them to make missing persons reports for them and send formal summons to the mothers registered address (which she will ignore but still good as evidence), do it numerous times to make her angry. Nicely make her angry, then more angry, then make her stab you but control it so that you don't die, sue her for attempted manslaughter with the video camera as evidence (non compoundable offence) Then Juvenile court and just refuse mutual agreement and just let them order unless you get more than 50% of the time with the kids and max 4,000 per kid and month. The appeals court is likely to take up a case with multiple documented assaults so don't worry about letting Juvenile order * Set * her * up * Play * on * her * weaknesses * be * cool * then * attack * PS I am impressed with what I hear from the lawyer that HappyLarry's wife works with. He has the mindset to help out with the planning stage so to speak. And happy with what I hear of Mrs. Larry too of course DS
  3. Thai maths, please explain to me

    Yes, that definitely apply to Thai school teachers, good comment. Kids also really do get confused when parents tell the pupils to work problems in a different way from how their teachers explain. That happened to me and my daughter many times, I see everything I teach in maths long term and teach understanding and specifically point out the few areas where I want her to memorise something. Thai teachers tell pupils to memorise maths problem solving steps more often.
  4. Thai maths, please explain to me

    My half-Thai daughter went to a bilingual school in Bangkok until last year and she had mostly A grades on the English subject exams and mostly D's and F's on the Thai subject exams - both covering the same thing... It was not so much that teaching methods as such differ (although they do differ), it was more - that as a child, she likes what is easy and dislikes what is difficult - teacher style is very different Thai style you sit and get fed more, you respect the teacher and do not question of course, western style is more relaxed and open, more discussion, more clear Reading comprehension is important to be able to do perform in Thai mathematics. I used to read and do Thai mathematics with my daughter until mid grade 6 and I was surprised how much reading there was. It is not "look at the samples and then you can figure out what should be done and you can do the next 10-20 samples", not at all. There are quite a lot of -> read, figure out what they mean, then do the mathematics and answer. Quite a few of these questions are not very clear and some are quite silly for a westerner too, I have also heard quite a few Thai's say that it's not very clear what they mean Michael
  5. Different situation but you could only get an original birth certificate replacement at the amphur where it was originally issued when I did it last in 2006, don't know if that has changed Simple1 is right that your daughter must be registered on a blue tabien baan to get an ID card (so she should bring tabien baan too, she will not formally need chau baan, master of the house hold but they may still ask for that person anyway as it is the best witness My daughters mother pawned the family car behind my back once many years ago and I got a bit irritated and kicked her out of my tabien baan... She could still replace her ID card at the same amphur when it expired so that can be done anywhere with the expired ID as ID :) I doubt this applies for the OPs case though. I'm sure there is a process (that must be followed) to get an original Thai birth certificate issued for the first time but it's not common and normal officers probably don't know. Better get to the amphur around 8AM and explain and ask to see the supervisor
  6. I have not done this myself in any way but the fundamentals here are clear: She is a 22 year old Thai citizen, she has reached majority in Thailand (happens at the age of 20), she does not need parental consent (which would have complicated things). The key is if she has her original Thai birth certificate or not (a translated English one is useless at Tessaban/amphur), Thai passport is not the correct Thai document and won't do. If she does, then she is in the system and just a Thai citizen who for whatever reason never has had an ID card before. She just go there with her original birth certificate and copies, 2 adult Thai witnesses who know her with their original ID cards and copies and that's it. She should need no foreign documents If she doesn't have her original birth certificate, then it should get problematic and probably lengthy, she must get one. Tessaban/amphur there may not even be able to do it. She needs Thai paper work for sure (whatever issued by the Thai embassy in English won't do). She needs an original Thai birth certificate and then everything else should be easy
  7. Child support for child in Thailand

    No, that is not correct. Marriage has nothing to do with child support or not, being recognised as father does and you can be that with or without marriage The mother gets sole custody automatically if the mother and father are not married In most countries in the world (including what we call western countries). The difference is that there normally is an automatic process that gives the father and mother shared custody a few days after birth in western countries while it is manual in Thailand. Thai law and the law in many other Asian countries is written that way specifically to protect the child and it is a good thing So what does this mean? It means that an unmarried father has neither rights nor responsibilities, he has no right to see his child unless the mother allows him (regardless of the fathers name on the useless birth certificate) and he has then of course no obligation to pay even one single baht for his child if he doesn't want to If a mother wants to ensure money, then she'll have to demand that the father legally recognises his child and this will give the father both responsibilities and rights. Amphur: Both mother, father and child must agree, hence the 7 year age limit. Court: Any time If mother and father live together and both want the father to be legitimised, then there is no money decided at all in court. If they have separated and father wants to be legitimised (the most common case) then he'll have to pay some money, should be perhaps 4,000 up to 7-8,000 baht per month and he will get time with the child if he wants it unless there are very strong reasons. He also have the right to demand that only legal guardians take care of the child => mother must take care entirely herself her time or give to father and father must take care entirely himself his time or give to mother. That is perfect. So be nice and give her a nice lumpsum if she supports legitimisation as partners (=both ask for legitimisation in court) but make very clear that you will absolutely not accept to marry under any circumstances (as the court surely will ask why don't you marry and rather will want you to do that... :) ). There should be no money (as you're still together), there should be no custody battle (as you both live together). But that is up to if the mother accepts to be nice and say the right things. Forgot: Half before and half after of course Can't say for sure about Australia but that got to be a very very long shot. My daughter is half Thai / half Swedish born in Thailand with Swedish citizenship, we have shared custody in Thailand but the Thai mother has sole custody of her in Sweden regardless of if she ever has set her foot in Sweden or not. Because citizenship and custody are 2 different things. Did you apply for custody of your child in Australia? Sontgtows and motor cycle taxis or not means nothing in Thailand, here it is just normal And the solution is to not trust your Thai lawyer, be the leader (don't expect your Thai lawyer to fight well for you if you are not), be nice, be hard, be fair and most of all, don't be afraid of the Thai Juvenile system at all - it is fair but as with most things in Asia, the weak will lose out (monetarily) to the strong = and women are often stronger than men, read Thai women and western men Should be quite easy this one Michael
  8. Is This Divorce Agreement Possible?

    Age of the children is a good point, yes
  9. Is This Divorce Agreement Possible?

    My experience is with children involved, it took a month to get the divorce certificate, this happened a couple of times 6-7 years ago A rule is not a rule is not a rule perhaps :) I don't know, perhaps they only send over cases where there is doubt regarding legality or if the agreement is good for the child
  10. Meaning of Thai education term

    There is no standard definition. Science Olympics, Mathematics Olympics, Education Olympics, these are simply competitive tests of theoretical knowledge. It can be anything from an internal event "xxx Olympics" in a private school to nationwide spectacles (Japan). It's more often something on a bit bigger scale. Not heard of it but it wouldn't surprise me if some private schools even call their entrance exams "Olympics", sounds cheap to me but if parents buy it, it's good marketing. Top places can perhaps get scholarships at famous schools if it's a really big event, again, just good marketing
  11. Is This Divorce Agreement Possible?

    The law states that you must sue within 12 months if assets are not transferred - regardless of case still is under appeal (check if your lawyer know that, most Thai lawyers don't) - but the big question here is from what date. I really don't know if the 2 parties can mutually decide for a date 10 years in the future and it starts to count from that date. Very interesting idea of your lawyer. Brilliant actually. Michael :)
  12. Is This Divorce Agreement Possible?

    There is a delay between when a mutual divorce at the amphur is "registered" (= all documentation is completed) and when it formally takes effect (not divorced as of date but effective as of date). This is simply because the amphur divorce is ratified by Family court by a process behind the scene Divorce at amphur is equally enforceable Yes. It may be a bit difficult to get complex arrangements into a mutual divorce agreement at the amphur simply because the staff there aren't Family Court judges and they would worry about processing paperwork for a divorce that contains something that the law at the end of the day does not support - Family Court can't ratify it -- i have to pay my ex-wife XXXX amount every month for say, two years Yes, and duration and change amount up and down during the duration as you both agree on, no problems -- she gave me the right to stay in the house Yes enforceable -- she was transferring all rights of disposal of the land and house over to me, so i could sell it in say ten years time, and receive all the money from the transaction The same rule applies for divorce at amphur as in Family court so agreement can clearly state that land and house goes to the western husband. Westerner cannot own land so it must be sold and money goes to the westerner no problem, normally within ONE year. So 10 years? Doubt it, as you say, that gives you full control. You need more lawyers :) -- It would also be written that the house belongs to me. House is a non-moveable object. You can't own it as such but you can have your name on the building permit I think, and you can be Chao Baan (master of the household) in a yellow or blue tabien baan -- it may also be possible to pre sign power of attorney to me, so that i can sell the property without her being present I do not think that will work Interesting lawyer you have, perhaps even a bit too "liberal". Check the question marks with more lawyers Michael
  13. Apologies for the hearsay comment eric, it's quite possible that a law firm that a big company uses will charge USD 10K for the WP work excluding fees, It's a nice round number that I certainly believe. The firm the company I work for use charge USD 1,500 to 2,000 per person to just process a WP It can also be done for 205,000 + 15-20 half days. Quite a contrast
  14. I thought so, then I will fail. I have PR and consecutive work permits for nearly 20 years but the company will only want me another 1-2 years.