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  1. First of all, you are not married to the mother and the child is young so your only way of becoming recognised as a father is by court. You know that you are not even a relative of your own child and you have no rights and no obligations until you are legitimised but there is more. The mother will probably be able to get a Thai passport out for the child at the end of the day and if she does, she can be able to take the child abroad without your consent. The German Embassy may issue a visa for the child without your signature. Either legal guardian can veto that their child leave Thailand so legitimisation gives you power if the mother wants to take the child abroad Thai Juvenile courts have the opinion that very young children need their mother so it's easier to get the majority of the time with the child, or at least not less than 50% if the child is not very young. You could wait a year or so as long as you ensure that you keep evidence that you care for the child (transfer money) and don't expect to see the child. Overall: You cannot stay nothing if you want something of your childs life. You'll have to take this to court within not too long unless you accept to walk away from the child -- she is in control! Yes, you must accept that for now but not forever. That she has another child with a German father would worry me in terms of money. This will get more difficult if she actually doesn't need your money, if you can't use the power of your money on her. Don't worry about court and money, They will order no more than 4,000 max 5,000 baht per month. It will be more too of course as you bargain for something in return. Evidence: Keep every single receipt, even food and restaurant bills when you go shopping with the mother / child, install a CallRecorder on your mobile and record everything, buy the video spy pen, they cost less than 1,000 baht on Lazada. -- the outcome seems in the hands of my ex not me. No it is not, that's only for the time being. A Thai Juvenile court does not favour a Thai mother in front of a western father unless there's foul play involved, they favour the child's future and ignore the idiots on ThaiVisa who write differently. Now, foul play happens quite often with mothers educated in a farang bar against innocent western fathers but it can be countered by careful planning. There are other pitfalls too of course, courts can be trusted, your Thai lawyer can normally not!!!!! -- I could stop all contact but I'm afraid she'll interpret that as not wanting to see my daughter. Only do that if you are prepared to walk away forever, otherwise transfer 4,000 baht per month until you are prepared to act in court. If you pay more than 4,000 baht now, adjust. I was in Juvenile court as an interpreter 6 weeks ago and couldn't stop my smile when the Thai mother said she wanted 30,000 baht per month and the head judge actually laughingly asked back - Would you be satisfied if the court orders 3,000? Passport: Do absolutely not agree to sign for a Thai passport until you have been able to arrange British citizenship for your child and first after is done of course, a British passport that you keep far away from the mother in a safe place. I really don't see any reason to wait with this so although not in a rush, it should be done at the same time as "the other things" are sorted out. I'm 54 years old, you're 30. Trust me, you get more attached to your children with age, not less HappyLarry's wife and her lawyer friend have been used by several ThaiVisa members, they're not Chiang Mai based but they fly in, they were in Chiang Mai for a success case in September 2017 by the way, you'd have to pay travel and accommodation and their normal fees. Contact HappyLarry, I don't know the cost Got to go, late to a meeting :) Best Regards Michael
  2. Chris: You can easily read yourself and decide what is good advice and not
  3. Nope, it is very unlikely that DNA will be necessary. Be patient and gather evidence and then take it to court, be well prepared in court and court will support you and they will help so that no DNA will be necessary unless you want it yourself. I have been in Juvenile court in Thailand as interpreter many times, have you? What you advice is nonsense
  4. Nothing much to worry about and stop being at your wits end. You went in to this ill-prepared and you have a few set backs that you now in a controlled way *patiently* can correct. Stop listening to at least half of the honourable ThaiVisa members posting, their "advice" is ill informed or wrong anyway, trust the courts but do not trust your normal Thai lawyer, I normally advice never use your lawyers interpreter but contact HappyLarry and get his wife as interpreter and her contact as lawyer, they're a good team, be *patient* and do not act until you have gathered evidence, buy a spy pen and record when she black mails you, keep money tight if money is important and politely and nicely provoke her to give you evidence that favour you in court, expect that you won't see your child once the mother know you've taken this to court and don't worry about it (if the mother is interested in money), and more than anything else, *patiently* accept that court cases should take a long time (if the mother is interested in money). Do not worry about DNA now, you'll hardly need it anyway. Solution 6 months from now is not likely and don't worry about it Michael
  5. MISB is different in every aspect but also because every grade, every class of the school is always full before the new academic year starts so only chance to get in is to come earlier in the year and have a bit of luck => reserve the seat of a student that is leaving Compare with Bangkok Patana? It really is impossible to compare the two. Bangkok Patana is a traditional western style International school while MISB doesn't even want to be one. MISB wants to be an Indian/Asian school providing good education for a decent price, mainly for the many Thai-born Indians but it is also clear that everybody are sincerely welcome. Facilities: Bangkok Patana cost how much? Totally 800,000 bt per year? MISB cost less than 250,000 bt per year. How can we compare that? Bangkok Patana has excellent facilities all over, MISB's facilities are a bit old and it feels a bit small because every class is full and they are not fancy but they are adequate, it's IMO good enough and they're right on Petchburi 38/Sukhumvit 39 while most other international schools are much further out where land is much cheaper. I'll put it like this: I think that MISB is doing such a good job at delivering good education for a very good price that anyone who complains on their facilities should happily shut up or leave and pay 3 times as much somewhere else I don't see it as they have religious backing as such, the word "backing" feels wrong. The school exist because of the initiative of His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji (spiritual leader of the Namdhari fold) to support the Namdhari in Bangkok. It's an Asian school so respect and religion is important but I hesitate to put the word religion in because westerners would probably misunderstand. It's not religion the Christian way but rather the Mahatma Gandhi way with absolute respect for other religions. There are prayers, pray for what you believe in or not at all if you don't want to but respect the moment. No religion has been taught the 14 months my daughter has been there. It's very different from for instance Grace International school, their vision statement from their website gives me goose pimples - "VISION: Bangkok Grace International School seeks to guide students to faith in Jesus Christ. We envision to be an active prime mover in the delivery of quality education to prepare and develop students of genuine faith and integrity to serve God in different capacities". MISB is not like that at all but religion/whatever you believe in/respect/morality is still important. Respect/morality is more important in MISB than in most western schools I have no idea if MISB is formally run as a foundation or for-profit, probably foundation. There can be no profit for that price More in no particular order: Teacher parent communication is easy, I have the email of nearly all my daughters teachers, 3 scheduled teacher parent days per year and no problem to see teachers more often when I want that, nothing of the Thai "keep parents away from the school" style what-so-ever, British curriculum and clearly more of a British style with formal homework that must be handed in and points are counted toward the final grade, don't hand in and you will get zero points and the school is audited so this rule is strictly followed, homework mostly given several days in advance (not much get today for tomorrow), serious about preparing students for the iGCSE, A levels and university and they are doing a good job with it too, University of Cambridge International Examinations, EDExcel approved centre, Education Development Trust (EDT, formerly CfBT) International Schools Quality Award at Silver Level, kindergarten to A levels, the school is more strict than a Thai school of course but still the Asian way (can ask for a week's break mid term for a holiday to the Canary Islands but education should not suffer, unlike Northern European where you'd get "the bad parent stamp" and a lecture about the duty to make sure your children go to school), standard Asian values must be followed and the school would not accept repeated breaches, no holding hands or obvious shows of affection like hugging or kissing, school uniform rules more strict than in Thai schools but not overly so, school communication is a bit slow at times (get today answer tomorrow) and admin is bad at answering emails sometimes (they seem a bit overstretched), strictly vegetarian school, no meat allowed on the premises although the majority of the students seem to prefer meat and don't like the rule, teachers do have an Indian accent of course and parents and students who can't happily accept that without complaining should choose another school, teachers are generally experienced and good, school acts promptly on complaints (new ICT teacher received several complaints and he was gone the next term, well done MISB), must teach Thai language 5 hours a week I think it is as it is a Thai International school (MoE rule), only Chinese, Hindi, Urdu foreign language to choose from, PE swimming classes gender segregated of course, Indians are not the best at sports, even the parent activity during the sports day gender separated :), the school is quite a bit like a big family actually, quite a few of the admin staff went there themselves, the principal Dominic Sir is cool :) It's definitely a predominantly Indian school and I suppose it is not for westerners coming straight out of Europe, parents and students must accept the rules of the school or leave at the end of the academic year and you won't get the admission fee back. Accept this and that facilitates are not fancy but adequate and it is a bl**dy good school with a family feel for less than half of what the competitors charge. My half-Thai daughter is happy there and Daddy is clearly happy with her academic progress Wow, that was a long post Michael
  6. Land paper in Childrens name

    Yes, it is possible. I bought land in my daughters name at Huaykwang land office in Bangkok when she was 2 years old. Her name is at the back of the chanote as owner and her thumb print is on the original buy / sell agreement (she couldn't sign at the age of 2) together with both legal guardians signatures. I had done my homework and had all required papers and took the 5 of us (seller, lawyer, father, mother, child) from 8 AM to 2 PM to complete all. It's done all over Thailand but I have also heard that land offices in Chiang Mai and Hua Hin refuse to transfer land to a Thai child if the child has a foreign parent but I doubt that would hold up in court, a Thai citizen has the right to own land by law. The rationale is probably a local interpretation of that Thai land should be kept in Thai hands and should not be controlled by foreigners. It's impossible to give a responsibility to a child so land must be fully paid. Mortgage can not be placed on the land until child reach majority because not even a Thai court has the authority to give a responsibility to a child. They can in very exceptional cases only, authorize to have it sold but money will then be placed with a guardian (normally child care department, never the legal guardians) and they decide what to do with the money. This is extremely rare That won't work. The court would order the debt defunct. Any debt on a childs asset is by definition defunct as the child or guardian never was allowed to authorise it. The safest way to "get rid off" a debt in a childs asset is to take it to court Transfer before or during court proceedings? Don't think it matters much if what's going on is fair to all parties. Don't expect a Thai court to jut sit and watch while something unfair happens, they will support the transfer to the children but they will also advice the wife is something unfair is going on and ask e.g., Why do you want to give away custody? It's easy to get court to agree to a clause like: Mother father agree to give child land this and that. Must specify within a certain date suggest 30 days. Then mother, father, child go with lawyer to land department and get transfer done. If land department refuses? Shouldn't matter. Selling the land is perjury and that's non-compoundable criminal law. It should work to go back to court after transfer date has expired (maximum one year after court date) and request court order to be enforced and hand it over to Gromm Bangkapp Kadi after it is enforced (means loosely translated department for court order enforcement). They should not have any problems to get land transferred to a Thai child. Land department may dare to refuse to transfer to a Thai child because one legal guardian is western in front of the westerner but it should be a totally different matter if Gromm Bangkapp Kadi comes and orders the enforcement of a court order Michael
  7. Yes, I moved my daughter to MISB, Indian British curriculum Cambridge and EDExcel certified (silver rating) school on Petchburi Soi 38. She's been there for a year now and I can confirm good education indeed. 80% of the students are Indian / Pakistanis, many of the Indians are born in Thailand. We must accept that this is an Indian school, anyone prone to complaining about Indian pronunciation / grammar or disregarding the normal Asian rules, stay away please Price is less than 250,000 baht per year and the school is always full so it's probably a bit late to get a seat for August 2018. I like the school a lot, my daughter is happy there and thriving, I like the teachers (mostly Indians, some Filipinos and Thai), the parents are nice, the kids are nice. The school feels like a family. All is obviously Asian which I like after 27 years here. I may have had a different opinion 20 years ago but certainly not now, I feel lucky Michael
  8. Power of Attorney

    I'd trust your wife any day :)
  9. Neighbors aggressive dog

    It's better than fine and compensation here. The owner will politely apologise and you will all come closer, more friendly and more accepted by the family and the whole street if you handle it nicely. Compensation? probably not and hardly necessary, it'll cost a thousand bath to get the little wound cleaned and fixed up. Fine? What good would that do? I've been in Thailand for 27 years now... Don't worry, like everything in Thailand, just be patient and it will be solved - if you want it solved by western "efficiency", go and live there :) Just a friendly banter, not seriously meant, some dear ThaiVisa members posting in this thread clearly do not deserve to live in Thailand and should go back to live in FarangWorld :) What to do, already posted before the socially misplaced westerners woke up and posted their "solutions". Do absolutely not accelerate more, do the opposite, always drive slowly. You are the criminal, remember that. You are being noisy and the intruder on the dog's street you know, not the opposite way around. I would not be threatening or anything as stupid as that, just stop and nicely ask the dog over, won't work in the beginning but it probably will one day. Biscuits work but sausages are king, mmmm, yummy. Throw the dog half a sausage if he won't come, then start again and slooowly drive off. A pack with 4 sausages from 7/11 are 35-40 baht or so, give half and that's 8 times. The dog will get used to you and stop. Congratulations to solving this like a Thai and post and let us know when it works :) Michael
  10. Neighbors aggressive dog

    Arthur Schopenhauer
  11. Power of Attorney

    Good Morning HappyLarry In the office in a good mood and just wanted to ask - How unreal am I... , as a westerner that is, just signing and handing over an open POA and 200,000 bt to the car financing company where they/anyone actually can put anything in?
  12. Power of Attorney

    Then should be easy to solve this problem Just send over a blank POA and add the rest of the details here
  13. I know, that is why I wonder why you wrote Michael
  14. Your situation is awfully weak. I'd look at how the resort owner has behaved in the past - if he's otherwise acceptable, then I'd accept that I knowingly put myself in a position where I can be ripped off and there's nothing I can do about it and pay up. There's nothing wrong with a 21.5% management fee, yes, sure I'd want 20% and 15-18% would be a good deal but it's a bit late for that. Paint stains etc are just a normal part of Thailand, that's hardly anything that the owner can do much about for only 21.5% management fee, he'd have to multiply himself and stand and watch each one of the workers to kill that problem. Anyone suggesting not paying the company doing the work for not cleaning up the paint stains should decide to live a happier and longer life in another country, to care about small details like that all the time in Thailand when nothing reasonably can be done to change it will not make for a worry-free and happy life - double price from the beginning for the more professional company leaving few paint stains is always an option but it makes Thailand a really expensive alternative How to end this situation without being in an even weaker situation? I'd suggest the owner to take in another independent constructor (read worker) for a few days to remove the stains, I'll pay my part only of that - how much can that be, a thousand baht, and the 21.5% management fee on top of that, and please Mr. Owner check the work quality more carefully in the future This is Koh Tao, isn't it? Michael
  15. Power of Attorney

    Only open question here I think is if the POA must be signed in Thailand or not. Thai's sign POA's all the time, the standard form can be bought even at BIG C. Most Thai's just sign blank POA's. I actually did the same but only after living here for over 20 years Ex wife mortgaged the car, we went to the mortgage company, she signed off on the loan paper, I paid the outstanding amount, signed a blank POA (witness signatures conveniently added later) and handed over signed copies of my blue tabien baan etc, and we said thank you and left. A week later they called and said that I could the book and everything was perfect. I was now registered as the new owner of the car I had paid 1.5 times This works for transferring car ownerships anyway, I don't know if banks / for real estate require something different / more. A simplification (if POA can be signed abroad) could be to just send over a blank POA and get it back signed and go to a law firm here and get the rest filled in My Finance director jokes with me and says: Michael, you have gone native. Yes, I suppose that is true. Works fine with me