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  1. Cars and motorbikes in the road are not dangerous, nothing s dangerous in Thailand, balconies are not dangerous unless you jump off them.
  2. I expect the PM was there somewhere until he realized it was him they were complaining about!!
  3. Still called the General then as well as PM, more badges needed.
  4. nong38

    Storms wreaking havoc across Thailand

    I am sure do I blame the government or TAT?
  5. nong38

    UK pensions

    The first 2000 gbp dividends is currently tax free.
  6. nong38

    Military pledges firm backing for PM Prayut

    There was a time before the current people were running the place when the military were described as green on the outside but red on the inside, if that continues to be the case I wonder how far up the ladder it goes? I also wonder if the people defeat the General at the polls what would happen next. it could happen very easily, the future looks a bit murky to me and in our home countries the thought of the military taking over the country just would not happen what does that say about this country? Where does it stand in the great scheme of things, its the sort of thing that happens in third world places where there is no justice and law. Do the powers that be realize how the rest of the world sees the or do they just not care? I feel very sorry for the ordinary Thai. if they elect a crap government to run the place that's their choice, they can change it in 4 years or they can make the same mistake its up to them, eventually they will get the government they deserve or is that the position we have now?
  7. nong38

    UK pensions

    Its been said before but lets not forget there are about 1 million expats in the EU, they chose to live over the channel, they pay their taxes just like us, they don't pay council tax just like us, they don't use the NHS just like us, but, they can use the local country service, free which we cannot and like us they make a marginal use of contributing to the UK economy as they spend mainly local like us. Some of them are seen walking along sunny, sandy beaches as well, just like us. The big difference though is that our pensions are frozen and the expats in the EU are not, they continue to get their annual increases. Also worth remembering that the cost to unfreeze is estimated to be around 600 million, thats about 8 tomahawks, remember we last saw them in action just a couple of weeks ago, I think ours are called Brimstone and Storm Shadow, no problem finding the funds there then. Regarding the taxing of pensions, your Sate Pension is received in full with no tax deductions, any taxes due after allowance calculations are taken from any other income you might receive such as private work pension.
  8. nong38

    Military pledges firm backing for PM Prayut

    Well I never!!!
  9. Thais seem to think its something to be proud of to have a high exchange rate after all it benefits those who have money and regularly travel abroad, the ordinary Thai is not affected much, does not understand what is going on and will in all likelihood never leave the kingdom after all they told that Thailand is the best place to live there is nothing for the average Thai t ever leave and find out there is a big world out there with many different things to explore.
  10. nong38

    Prayut plots path to political future

    Anyone can become PM so long as they have been a General, apply now.
  11. I am told the fine for the offence is 500bts which is to be increased to 5000bts but that is really not enough is it, take away the licence and crush the car would be a start.
  12. Yes I have seen this before just not enough room from the exit to the booths, brilliant planning and its only a matter if time before there is a huge crash.
  13. nong38

    UK pensions

    We are giving Thailand 153.3m for what shares in the submarines or VTOL planes? But cannot afford to up rate the frozen pensions shame on you because you have given it to people who over threw a democratically elected government, is someone in Whitehall down the pub when they should be keeping an eye on the taxpayers money!
  14. nong38

    Road accidents much higher than in 2017

    If only they had been dressed in traditional Thai costumes all this carnage could have been avoided. The government must be clearer with their instructions next time!
  15. nong38

    What kind of leaders should Thais have?

    This looks like a job for TONY BLAIR to me.