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  1. It has recently come to light that a UFO landed in Thailand, unfortunately as the non of the military or government officials could communicate with the aliens so the craft took off and landed at a nearby McDonalds where they enjoyed several 1/4 pounders and French Fries. The craft then flew off to try and make contact with other English speakers around the world, ending up in a Wetherspoons beer house in Peckham South London where a good time was had by all.
  2. I was thinking I might get the wife to set a political party, called "the me party" I would pull the strings behind to make sure things work ok.( probably wishful thinking) Policies well first policy is beer allowed on all monk days. 2nd policy beer allowed every day between 0000 and 2355 ( 5 minuts drinking up time and toilet visit ). Other policies under consideration. No submarines, no attack helicopters, no restrictions on beer sales in the afternoon. No military participation in Government ( discuss with retarded military if this is ok) Sorry I meant retireded. Farang affairs minister. Free deck chairs on the beach on Thursdays. Government House to be declared a National Park with no dual pricing. Please free to propose new policies its now time for my medication, 500ml Tiger ( taken internally plus 50ml of Sang som taken internally followed by 25ml of Bells and 2 declogen), perhaps the medication could be free?
  3. Unless it is for medicinal reasons or keeping warm.
  4. Lets call it the Generals and Admirals Party ( for tea totalers only). Special rates for retired military types with stiff upper lip and a penchant for marching and rallies. Special offer for submariners and anchors. Badge swapping first Monday of the month, Government House if elected-no VAT.
  5. Yes well you split hairs, sometimes its all about the economy and sometimes something else, but then again Frankfurt's night life does not compare to London, compared to London Frankfurt is just a small suburb and you as a German should be aware of that, if the ECB was not there it would be a village, large one but in financial terms a village.
  6. According to the Global Financial Centres Index which measures ease of doing business, Infrastructure, Financial Development and Reputation amongst other things the latest findings revealed on September 11th this year London is the world's leading financial centre with a rating of 780 as opposed to New York's 756, the lead increased since the last audit. Hong Kong 744, Singapore 742, Frankfurt came in 11th at 701. Sorry thats not want you want to hear but there you are, what cant speak cant lie. Look at the Foreign Exchange picture, London accounts for 37% of the worlds foreign exchange business, New York 18%, Tokyo 6%, Singapore 5%, Paris 3%, Frankfurt? Sorry its a no show. Some people just will not understand how big a Financial Centre London is, its not just the City its also Canary Wharf, its massive, thats the reality check, but like Brexit there will some who will never accept it.
  7. Sterling went down to about 1.22 against the dollar and is now about 1.30 I would call that a recovery somewhat, not back to the level of 1.50 but then that is not what I said.
  8. Imagine if smart phones, LINE, facebook and the like only operated in English I think there would be a dramatic uplift peoples ability to learn English
  9. When Cameron offered the UK a referendum on the EU issue it was part of plan to keep him in number 10 and even when he returned from the EU with his "great package" to sell to the people he thought or so he told us it was a good deal and recommended it the country. So the Government and the Establishment all wanted the status quo and provided lots of doom and gloom if we were to leave, surely the UK would stay in the EU? The people, they had to make up its mind and vote after considering many issues which have been aired on here many times. The "Establishment" though missed one of the most important issues and one I dont think I have read on here. For years the Establishment and Governments of all sides have not been listening to the public and their concerns about a whole range of subjects and the Referendum provided the opportunity for the general public to stick 2 fingers up to the Establishment and administrations of all ilks and throw everything up in the air, which is exactly what has happened. The doom and gloom predicted has not happened, the exchange rate has fallen but has also recovered somewhat, it will take time I guess because what happens from now on is pure speculation who knows which way the cards will fall. The Establishment is still in shock, cannot believe what has happened but we are coming to a time when the HMG will have to decide whether a deal is going to happen or not and if it is deemed that not enough progress has been made what they are going to do, the clock is ticking and the time for farting about is almost up.
  10. TAT is doing a great job here, more flights from Lagos required for quality tourists with lots of money!
  11. Nakhon Sawan News

    I heard a report that MIKES department store has closed in Pattaya and is soon to be demolished, report came in about a week ago, more hotels perhaps just what Patters need for all the expected shed loads of new tourists heading for the beach smoking contest!
  12. You are correct the E Parliament is elected but they can only rubber stamp what the EU commission in Brussels bring to the chamber. They can debate it, they cannot alter it. The people who make up the rules are the people who were never elected but actually control the way the EU is run. a bit like the way the Russians used to run things pre 1980.
  13. They did not lie, others interpreted it that way, it was an alternative of what could be done with the money. The thing to remember here is that its easy to spend other peoples money and left wing socialsts now top draw about how to do that.
  14. It will most interesting to see how the EU get on without the UK in the "club" almost as interesting as how the UK will get on when it finally leaves. Problems on the horizon for the EU. What will the Danes and Swedes do when they have to choose between accepting the Euro and getting rid of the Krona or leave the EU. Will the Czechs leave, they are not happy. Will the Hungarians leave they are not happy. Will the Poles leave, they are not happy. What will happen in Austria with the new administration. Then there are the Greeks, this problem has not been solved. The Greeks should never been aloowed to join, they never met the financial requirements and now the EU have the problem, its been a problem for a few years and if they cannot solve a problem like Greece then I do not hold out much of a future for the block. In the future I can see the UK along with Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland forming a new EFTA, with trade alone being the prime mover here along with anything else of mutual benefit, an ABBA concert for instance, lets end with a smile.
  15. How are the EU getting on with Greece problem? Has not gone away has it, they have not got a clue about anything apart from spending other peoples money! For how many years is it since they have been able to sign off their own accounts? Had to have a whip round to make the petty cash solvent again, they are a bunch of shisters and the UK is right to be rid of them and when we go someone is going to have to contribute a lot more, wonder who that will be Mrs Merton?