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  1. The whistle party returns, the man is a hoot!!
  2. Tony is so clever he can only speak to the mirror! What other people think does not matter because he is a souper interlectual! He is so clever, he can remember to take his pants down when he goes to the toilet so there!! That what other people think is irrelevant and simply does not believe all this nonsense about people not loving him and adoring him like some sort of god/savior, therefore he must continue to save GB from the Brexit anomaly where 17.4m people bothered to disregard his guidance, well Tony news for you is you had your vote same as anyone else, accept it, you lost people have worked you out, you are not a Socialist you are worried yo are going to lose a fortune when we leave the EU and as Maggie said..........."just rejoice at that news!"
  3. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    It would have been an interesting idea to have the PM on the Mrs Merton Show especially if she instigated a heated debate and she would wouldn't she!
  4. And now a request for all those at Government House, The Seekers with "A world of our own"
  5. Without justice there is no society, no country, no position of authority.
  6. From the 17th February Singapore Airlines will introduce the A380R on selected flights from LHR to Singapore. SQ305 LHR 0910 to SIN on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. SQ317 1055 LHR to SIN Monday, Thursday and Saturday. SQ322 SIN 2345 to LHR Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. All classes claim to be improved with first class having individual suites including a bed and revolving seat.
  7. If the country looked after society more then this problem of which we do not speak and does exist would not be there. Its only there because people need money to live. mainly poor people who rich people don't worry too much about. Boris should ask the PM to take him for a stroll round Pattaya and look out for the ladies who can do amusing tricks with ping pong balls.
  8. I think he has to say in PUBLIC what a great job the Embassy is doing, that normal for politicians, what he says behind closed doors about the Ambassador and his close "mate" is another thing we will never know. I would like to know what the job description is for an "Ambassador", the very least it should be is to look after its nationals, so, how important is the job in Bangkok? My guess is that there are about 50,000 ex pat UK people here, I would also guess based on TAT that in any given month there an average 80,000 UK nationals in the country, so based on that they are there to look after 130, 000 UK nationals every month, how many people work at the Embassy to take care of the number and potential problems that may arise? I don't the answer in numbers my guess is not enough and as for the current incumbent I would not give him the time of day, I don't think he cares a F about UK nationals, just about being seen around and posing. Boris you are in charge sort these items out, too much dead wood and people not up to the job, I hope you have noticed and enjoy your trip to Walking Street and Drinking Street>
  9. Live for one night only at "ANGELWITCH"! "Crickey what are those ladies up to?"!
  10. The UK economy seems to be in pretty good health to me and all the doom predicted has failed to show up there is no evidence that he either helped or hindered that and it is pure speculation that he makes a mess of everything he has a handle on, sure he makes mistakes everyone does but he is not the catastrophe that you imply. He is a very different politician and time will tell what impact on history he will have. I get the impression on this thread that and I am not having a go at you SunsetT that with Boris he like Marmite you either love it or hate it, the same with Maggie. I like him and accept that there are others who do not share my view.
  11. I don't shudder at the thought, there are a lot worse public figures about than Boris whether the party would choose him is another matter, it is often a case of stop one candidate rather than elect the right one which what happened to Ken Clarke and Michael Portillo.
  12. The longer this goes on the more people might think that the Shinawatras maybe were not so bad and you did have a chance every 4 years to chuck them out and give someone else a chance. Did they ever come up with the numbers 44 or similar? Did they install stooges to always remain in control no matter what?
  13. He comes across as a bit out of his depth, don't be fooled he is no idiot, I have seen and heard him in the flesh and he knows how to win over crowds and get their support, under estimate him at your peril. Because of peoples perception of him he can say things that other cant/wont or dare not and get away with them, raise subjects that others skirt by and he does it with a smile on his face that brings a good atmosphere to conversations.
  14. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    Which is probably why it wont happen, as always its strong on say and weak on do, to many bone idle people not doing what they are paid to do.
  15. Boris is a tip top chap and all round entertainer, who would you sooner be running Thailand Boris or that other chap at the table?