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  1. I once a submarine ! It came free in a box of cornflakes, you put baking powder in for fuel and rose to the surface and went down to the bottom of the sink and came back up again, wonderful little toy. Point them to the cereal aisle in the supermarket, much cheaper, then they could spend money improving the lot of most of the population which is really much more important, unless of course you want have a trip to the Korean peninsular and ave a go at that fat bloke with basin cut.
  2. One of the submarines is earmarked for Bung Borpet where it can torpedo the odd crocodile in the rainy season. Senior ministers etc bring your own wellies just in case someone forgets who was last on board and who was supposed to close the hatch.
  3. Perhaps these clever chaps have found a way of submarines taking off from an aircraft carrier, should I say Submarine carrier, first one in the world, true pathfinders!!
  4. The last time I looked the odds bookies were offering it was 10-1 on upwards for a Conservative win. I watched a bit on BBC TV about voters intentions in Wakefield a strong labour seat of the past but now at about lab majority of 2653 and the interviewees seemed to switching from lifetime Labour voters to the Conservatives, looks like the bookies have it right, what will happen in Scotland I wonder. The vote is an important part of democracy but what we do here is unlikely to stop a large Conservative majority.
  5. Only 1790 eh! Could do better, must try harder! OR you will be punished!!
  6. All politicians seem to attend a school for special needs where they are given a course on how to be selective on what they use in their arguments and what they can safely ignore ad infinitum. Perhaps a gun at the side of the head might concentrate the mind more. I still look and hope for a a media big hitter to take up the cause and keep thrusting it down the Governments throat, that would be the gamechanger like Joanna Lumley did for the Gurkhas.
  7. Good coverage in the Mail today as well about the debate and the Frozen Pensions, its in the section.
  8. There are people on this thread who think that trying to get our annual increases re-instated is a very long shot and it is but we should not keep pressing for it to happen. Shane Warne that Australian cricketer was once once asked what he would wish to have as his epitaph and after a moment he said................."never, ever, give up." Now we all know its not going to be easy to change the governments mind but we must keep trying, its part of the British way, for me anyway, now lets suppose that eventually the Government of the day does change its position, what would all of you folks who dont want to keep pushing for the change, will you reject the annual increases and say you dont want them or will you gladly accept them like the ones who fight for the change? In short let someone else fight your corner.
  9. Keep chipping away and wear them down. Its only 30m quid, they have spent on bombs to drop in Syria and thats a lost cause.
  10. Not another education plan!
  11. Whilst all the player made excellent points the Pensions Minister, who seemed to a rather nice chap but somewhat wet behind the ears, did not seem to be either in the position to do do or say anything or feel any sympathy for overseas pensioners affected and that was obvious as soon as he got up and tried to put words together. This was at best a good advert for the situation and the miniscule cost to put it right.
  12. Great news and more tea money to boot, I just love globalization or whatever it is, sounds good though.
  13. You would have thought they would have worked out what the increase was before announcing this world shattering news but then history recently also tells us of the new alcohol tax, still to be declared and the pick-up caper. Soon to be announced all car drivers must wear crash helmets but not sure when it will be starting, bt like the next election.
  14. There is a timetable in the Daily Mail today.
  15. With the news that there is to be a General Election in the UK ( if parliament agrees tomorrow ) the pound has risen, lets hope that it keeps going that way and eases our position somewhat, a Conservative win and it does at this early stage look likely could give it a further boost.