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  1. nong38

    UK pensions

    You have to claim your State Pension its not automatic, so when you do you can inform them of your position and where you ( sitting by a bar on the beach in Thailand with a jug of Sang Som usually goes down well) whatever the pension is at that time is what it will be frozen at, if its around April you might want to wait until May and get the latest increase, if there is one in 2031, know you wont forget will you its 13 years away!
  2. The real game changer would be to confiscate the vehicle and crush it!
  3. Different name same old porkies, do they have a manual to refer to for this tripe and a reminder social media to whip up hysteria and justify their job?
  4. nong38

    UK pensions

    Got a draw at the weekend though so not s bad eh!
  5. Ahh you missed it then 2017!! Next election 2021! If you don't like it come round for a bunch of fives.
  6. nong38

    UK pensions

    A charity reported today (BBC Business ) that a single parent on the National Living Wage ( 7.83 per hour) needed an extra 74 pounds a week for income required, less we forget about the Pensioners eh. The charity is The Child Poverty Action Group, why are the Charities that are supposed to supporting the Senior members of Society are so backward in coming forward?
  7. I wonder if the candidates think the same way after the election?
  8. Might I suggest that a good clue to the election date would be get the PM's holiday dates, them you can knock them off for a start! I also think the current man in charge looks a good bet, not that you are allowed to bet of course on the date or the result in Thailand but you cross into Cambodia and see what odds you get.
  9. nong38

    Teacher exams held nationwide

    Question 1. Name...………………………..Answer...………………..pass. Question 2. Address...…………………….Answer...………………..pass. After further questions applicants were asked how they did. Answer ……………pass …………..I passed!!
  10. Under the European Referendum Act of 2015 there were 382 constituencies over 12 regions. There were no candidates standing, you went to vote to remain or to leave. In 263 of these constituencies the Leave vote one and in 119 the remain vote one, in Parliamentary term it would probably be classed as a landslide but all we hear is that 52% to 48% is very close, In General Elections its the constituencies won that matters, the popular vote is not taken as that important, so on that basis the vote to leave really won a resounding victory.
  11. It was a popular vote in EU constituencies where no member was standing, the vote was not for a candidate it was for leave or remain, 263 constituencies voted to leave, 119 voted to stay.
  12. On a popular vote, all individual votes toted up, it might be considered a close run thing. In UK elections not much notice is taken about the popular vote as it its seats one in parliamentary elections that count n deciding the winner. Voting took place in 382 constituencies and the result here shows a very different picture with the leave winning by 263 to 119!
  13. You are a remainer and always have been a choice you are entitled to. The will of the people always trumps the will of Parliament in my mind as too many MP's and Lords are prepared to be elected by the people and then go against their wishes, which suits the Establishment perfectly for it they who really run the country and will find endless numbers of reasons why you cannot do what the people want.
  14. Thailand moves Forward ( anyone know which way is forward?). You would really think they had better things to do with their time.