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  1. Thanks for posting this FUNERAL ASSISTANCE notice, it seems to cover most things and I would advise everyone to have a quick look and later devote more time to really have a look in depth at it, make notes of value even if it is done over several sessions so you will have a run through of what happens in different circumstances and what is required by law.
  2. But a neccassary one however. With regard to autopsies, only a small amount of deaths require a an autopsy and certainly my US chum did not have one. He did die in hospital and the doctor who was present at the time signed it off, cause of death. An Ozzie close to me died is his bed early hours of a Wednesday morning and was cremated the following Saturday, no time for an autopsy. When my mother died in the UK straight from the "home" to the undertakers, the local GP signed it off. I will have to look into the autopsy position further but I suspect two things, one it might vary around the country and secondly when the police arrive it will be up to them to decide whether it looks suspicious in which they will call for an autopsy or they will get a doctor to sign it off and let the locals deal with it. This Thai will route baffles me. I was always under the impression that wills were not read until after the funeral as there was not often time to deal with it before arrangements for the funeral are dealt with so am not sure how this works unless a paper is left what to do in the event of my death. Either way the big problem for most people is going to be getting a body released from hospital and how you achieve that, that is what you have decide, which is the best way for you. This thread will give you some pointers and ideas, peoples own experiences and hopefully promt some thought.
  3. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. How will they able to reach North Korea now?
  5. I see that a second person from that very British of places, Hounslow, has been taken to a police station in South London for a little chat.
  6. It occured to me today that the most likely scenario has not been aired as yet so I will now. After having a good feed and a few beve's one retires to bed happy, in the morning though things are different, when your airways are checked, pulse is not in action and the heart is not moving, your Thai lady might be phoning the police, the ex pat has died in his sleep. I assume the police would call a doctor who would produce a death certificate and allow the body to be taken directly to the Temple with the help of a Funeral Director come undertaker. This I am sure would be the preferred end for most of us and would seem to be fairly easy to carry out final rights for any Thai partner, any input or thoughts would be welcome.
  7. It comes as no surprise that someone has been arrested to me. Al Underground trains have cameras now and have done for a number of years, usually several per carriage, even though the one in question is of the walk through variety. All stations have multiple cameras as well. It may be that the man arrested could have avoided and concealed himself for some but not all and would not have been aware where they were at Dover. These attacks can never completely be stopped from happening but the perpetrators should be under no illusions that they will not be at large for long they will be caught if they dont blow themselves up. We will never know how many attempts are thwarted but some are bound to go further than others, the authorities are doing the best they can and as for ordinary citizens you just have be aware of whats going on around you, it becomes second nature after awhile and take care.
  8. If it comes to fruition it will interesting to see how they treat people with a Retirement/marriage/ work permit etc because anyone who is not travelling, ie that live here are not strictly tourists or travellers and will not have valid "Travel Insurance"" on arrival, I have been told this by Insurance brokers, there would be no guarantee that your claim would be met when they know the details and trying to get money out of an Insurance company is never easy. Similarly in the UK you have to have been resident for the previous 6 months to be able to get travel insurance, you will be able to buy it no problem but if you make a claim and they find you have not been resident in the UK for the previous 6 months your insurance will not be valid. Then you have th age issue, once you get past 60 you are on a sliding scale to heaven, they dont want to know a potential bad risk. I have self insured myself, its the only sensible option for me, money in the bank,
  9. Boots in the UK seem to have discontinued the brewing lines as well.
  10. UK pensions

    The pound has now risen to the rate I always thought it should be post Brexit, taken a time and I have no idea, same as everyone esle how long it will stay there, but, its good news for now and it looks like the interest rates will rise now in November, if you have savings in the UK thats good news but dont expect any change until January. You know how it works, rates go up for borrowing very quickly and for savers soon.
  11. I have made out a THai will and a UK will in each I have stated that whats in that country stays in that country, thats is understood by possible claimants, however, I will have to speak to both parties re what happens when I die, I dont see it as a problem for me and have no intention of getting the wills involved but as the previous poster has some experince of another option then you need to look at that as well and make decisions for yourself. The last thing anyone wants is getting lawyers involeved they will decimate your assets.
  12. I see import tax looming if that happens. Surprised we have not seen any leaked figures as yet, but then again, maybe they are still working on them and we might get lucky and it might end up the same way as the ban of people travelling in the back of pick ups due to start somewhere over the rainbow.
  13. I thought it was a submarine, back to school eh!
  14. Worth thinking about if they know the ropes, can save you a lot of bother, for me I dont do facebook so would have to look elsewhere. The American Embassy had a list of approved Funeral Homes, your Embassy might do as well, something else to check out and is especially useful as Sheryl says if re patriation or sending possessions back to the homeland, if thats your plan look into it and dont forget the passport needs to be surrendered. You might want to take a copy for sentemental reasons.