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  1. The UK visa can be done on line then you pay when you submit and it, make an appointment at the Trendy building, I think its Sukumvit soi 11 or 13 in that area anyway, overhead railway stop with 10 minutes easy walk. I was thinking of taking the g/f to France last year and would have needed a schengen visa and I was of the opinion that I would have had to apply at the French Embassy, on the strength of that I would apply for a schengen visa at the Spanish Embassy if thats where you are going to be mainly. The UK is not in the schengen area. Hope that helps, dont bother with an agent but you might get some help from some of the more senior experts on tips and advice that may be helpful, good luck and enjoy the trip.
  2. Its good that they are thinking ahead but there is a lot not said. The Chinese High Speed Rain line will be standard guage, so what guage will Thailand adopt in the future? A dual track line to the new economic area so presumably this going to be move freight, there is no point in freight sharing a high speed line, they need to be separate, freight trains dont run at high speed, typically 55mph-80mph in the UK, so some clarification is required and I do wonder if the powers that be are aware of this and understand exactly what is required to make the project work. They could run freight at night but then would the freight damage the lines for High Speed Trains and what is High Speed in Thailand? If high speed is deemed to be 200kph then the line could be shared but if its 300kph I dont think its such a good idea. These are all good ideas but there needs to be a lot more thought about how the dots and i's are going to be connected to make this a viable plan. Then there is the big question of who is going pay for the scheme and how. Discuss.
  3. This story was on BBC news when it happened but was quickly not to be found anymore.
  4. This is the man who gave up a 7b pound rebate in return for a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, the CAP was never reformed, you cant trust Blair ( although he will never understand why ) and you certainly cannot trust the EU to reform themselves, they have a good thing going for the chosen ones, the unelected ones. Just retire, give it rest we had enough of you.
  5. Dont forget that once a Thai has offically been to a Thai driving ( or should that be droving ?) school and passed their test they will be, as soon as they walk out with their licence, superior to you in every way, they will instantly have more experience that you or me even though we may have been driving many many years and covered many more miles, they will be able to put you in your place and tell you that YOU are a bad driver, it was not the Thai driver! I now await the youtube results to see if the crashes decline.......................
  6. Dont they mean Military Hub?
  7. Who is going to attack Thailand and who are Thailand going to attack? Answer no one. I see no threats apart from terrorists so new subs and fighters should be useful there. If they really cared they would sort out the things that need to be done to benefit Thailand like the infrastructure, education, the looming problem of the ageing population and how to deal with it. Its all about priorities and sadly if the military are in power they the country comes second and looks to stay that way for the forseeable future.
  8. Most ordinary Thais cannot afford to shop in these stores and the location of the stores sugeest that they aimed at the richer end of society who like the names and logos more than the product itself.
  9. Army said to short of good quality spoons whilst luncheon Vouchers lurk in the background for the Navy.
  10. O ye of little faith! Thailand is immune to the Global economy and plenty of noodles to boot all washed down with the finest beers in the worlde.
  11. I just had the same in Nakhon Sawan the cost here was 12000bts + 4000bts for biopsy + pills. 2 years ago I had the same in the UK where it was free on the NHS and no pills. UK was far superior experience for me, perhaps the camera was smaller but did not fell a thing, cannot say the same for here, painful!
  12. This is a sensible idea, I always make sure our cats are up to date, unfortunately here the owners dont take any notice of the law and nobody enforces it! Its up to you seems to be the way whether you are the public or the police. Part of the tradition here, the tradition the PM all to often tells us he wants to keep alive and promote, welcome to the living past where the future never arrives and there is nothing we can do about it.
  13. I was appealing to his undoubted good nature! Job done time to head for the beach and put your feet up eh?
  14. If he did run it would destroy his credibility, time to stand aside and let politics and all that that entails, good and bad, have another go, under the ever watchful eye of the leaders.
  15. Am I alone in thinking I dont like the way this heading? More toys for the boys and who is the enemy, the enemy within?