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  1. magicroundabout

    Renewing my wife's UK LTR visa

    Hi, I'm doing my wife's at the moment and that's the form I'm completing. Agree some of the questions seem a bit daft. The link you gave is for the online form you can do either. Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong
  2. magicroundabout

    UK NHS Surchage

    Many thanks 7by7....good news. I will be sending the application off last week of June. You don't happen to know if you are submitting your application by post is there a time limit on how early you can pay the surcharge? I. E could I pay the surcharge a month before the application.
  3. magicroundabout

    UK NHS Surchage

    Hi all, Just a quick question - has the NHS surcharge increased yet? I'm just working out the costs for my wife's flr and it's still showing as 200 a year on the website (unless I'm misreading it). Thanks
  4. magicroundabout

    Tailors (Suite)

    Hi all, Looking to get a made to measure suite when I'm over next month. Can anyone recommend or know any good places? I'll be staying just outside Kranuan so Khon Kaen fairly easy to get to. Cheers.
  5. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice My wife has been in the UK for 4 years so can apply for ILR towards the middle of next year. We’ve been working hard to improve her English and working through the Life in the UK test. However, she has always struggled a little (although its mainly confidence) with her English. I’m just wondering worse scenario if she can’t pass the B1 English test can she apply for a further period of FLR? If so, would then just be a case of sitting the A2 English test (At the time of her last extension she only needed A1). Many Thanks
  6. magicroundabout

    Tax due on Parcel (sent 4 years ago)

    Hi All, Thanks for the comments - I've managed to find some emails (albeit most have been deleted). The money was paid to DHL in Thailand although I don't have a confirmation email from them ;-( that I can find. The parcel was delivered a couple of days after I paid it. The letter chasing the payment is from the Krungthai bank....so seems strange. Unfortunately, my in-laws binned the letters - I've asked them to send me the next one they get. Starting to wonder if its some sort of bank handling charge for an overseas payment! I've the original waybill number so might drop DHL an email and see if they can confirm they received payment.
  7. magicroundabout

    Tax due on Parcel (sent 4 years ago)

    Hi all Looking for a bit of help - Four years ago (Oct 2013) we sent a parcel from the UK to Thailand via DHL. It was low value just some clothes/sweets etc for my wife's children. The parcel got held in customs and we had to pay 5000bt customs tax for it to be released. Anyway, we made the payment and it was delivered (minus a couple of things which seemed to go missing!). Last month my mother in law (who the parcel was addresses too) has received 3 letters requesting payment for an outstanding balance relating to 5000bt for the customs payment . They had also received a similar letter about a year ago but just ignored it. This seems all rather strange to me - surely customs wouldn't have issued the parcel if they never received payment. Unfortunately, I've changed bank a couple of years so don't have evidence I paid it (even thou I remember making the payment) Has anyone had a similar problem? Could it be some sort of scam? Thanks
  8. magicroundabout

    Udon Thani..Best hotel and airport car rental?

    Should have said fully insured etc
  9. magicroundabout

    Udon Thani..Best hotel and airport car rental?

    If it's any help I used Lek Car rentals last time and they didn't require a cc. From memory I paid a 5000 Baht deposit in cash. They delivered the car to the airport. It was all hassle free. Just Google the name
  10. magicroundabout

    Swimming Pool for Children

    Thanks for the suggestions in the end we had to go to Khon Kaen for something else so went to the one at the zoo. The kids enjoyed it and very reasonable priced (even charged me thai price).
  11. magicroundabout

    Swimming Pool for Children

    Hi all, I'm just after a bit of help? Looking for a decent swimming pool to take a group of kids (age between 6-12). We are Nong Kung Si (so Kalasin, kk and udon thani all driveable). I've looked at Dino Water park but it's a bit pricey to be honest. Any suggestions? Many Thanks
  12. magicroundabout

    Credit card rejected for Thai Airways

    hi all, Just paid via tesco and got our tickets. Defo not a problem with the cc so not sure what happened. Thanks again for your help and quick responses
  13. magicroundabout

    Credit card rejected for Thai Airways

    Brilliant thanks folks tesco is 10mins away.
  14. magicroundabout

    Credit card rejected for Thai Airways

    Hi thanks for the quick response it's a UK credit card (Nationwide). We are actually in nong kung si so a good 90 min drive away (so would be a last resort).
  15. Hi All, Looking for a bit of help I've been trying to book a flight online from Khon Kaen to Bangkok with thai airways but it's rejecting the credit card. Not sure why as we have used it a few times with no problems. Looking at some previous posts other folk seem to have the same problem. Can I go to the airport in advance to book the ticket? Many Thanks