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  1. Should have said fully insured etc
  2. If it's any help I used Lek Car rentals last time and they didn't require a cc. From memory I paid a 5000 Baht deposit in cash. They delivered the car to the airport. It was all hassle free. Just Google the name
  3. Thanks for the suggestions in the end we had to go to Khon Kaen for something else so went to the one at the zoo. The kids enjoyed it and very reasonable priced (even charged me thai price).
  4. Hi all, I'm just after a bit of help? Looking for a decent swimming pool to take a group of kids (age between 6-12). We are Nong Kung Si (so Kalasin, kk and udon thani all driveable). I've looked at Dino Water park but it's a bit pricey to be honest. Any suggestions? Many Thanks
  5. hi all, Just paid via tesco and got our tickets. Defo not a problem with the cc so not sure what happened. Thanks again for your help and quick responses
  6. Brilliant thanks folks tesco is 10mins away.
  7. Hi thanks for the quick response it's a UK credit card (Nationwide). We are actually in nong kung si so a good 90 min drive away (so would be a last resort).
  8. Hi All, Looking for a bit of help I've been trying to book a flight online from Khon Kaen to Bangkok with thai airways but it's rejecting the credit card. Not sure why as we have used it a few times with no problems. Looking at some previous posts other folk seem to have the same problem. Can I go to the airport in advance to book the ticket? Many Thanks
  9. Hi All, Following on from this I managed to get her a visa - took a while......The visa starts on the 28th Jan can she fly out from Thailand on the 27th which would of course mean arriving on the 28th or would the airline likely reject her? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the quick response and info - much appreciated
  11. Hi All, Looking for a bit of help....I'm trying to help a Thai friend to come to the UK. The situation is her husband has died in an accident and we are trying to get her over for the funeral (which is in a 2 weeks). I've helped her complete the visa application and we are just about to submit it. When we come to the payment there is a few choices i.e. super priority service which is a 24he service but is 1024 dollars!!!! This is a lot of money for her - Given the circumstances can we select the standard service and advise them of the urgency of the visa? Many Thanks
  12. Just my opinion but I think its the definition of copies that is confusing....They seem to refer to a copy as a "replacement issued" document. i.e. If you lost an original birth certificate you would get a copy from the issuing office which in essence would be a certified replacement acting as an original. If its in Thai then a translation document would be needed in addition to either the original document or the replacement document. Although its a pain I've always supplied original documents for both "never a scanned copy" but other may have a different view on this.
  13. Much to our surprise my wife managed to open a current account with the Nationwide - There was no overdraft but we managed to get one after a year (in order to improve her credit rating).
  14. Hi, I'm based in Edinburgh and know some of my Thai friends renewed their passports on one of these days (which would have been about 2 years ago as well). I think it was done from the Thai temple in Edinburgh and they stayed for a couple of days .....I'm not sure if they still do them. I'll ask my friends them over the weekend and let you know.
  15. Hi All, Thanks for your comments as always much appreciated - I've had a chat with the wife and we will look for a shorter time (a month).....Still leaves me the headache of a "Reason to Return"...think I may have to bite the bullet and see an immigration lawyer. theoldgit - I would like persuade my site to go for ILR/Citzenship as you never know what the future may hold...However, she as always struggled with English as is still really at the A1 stage (not helped in part with working with Thais)....I'll keep working on it thou.