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  1. Obviously pressed too hard!
  2. Its an abbreviation for Stop On The Place I think .........
  3. Or leave it all to me and I'll make sure that anyone gets nothing at all.
  4. No right trun?
  5. The article says he manages one of the outlets, hardly puts him in the elite brigade.
  6. Your positivity is well noted. Wouldn't want to be stuck in an elevator with your good self!
  7. I'm moving in with you good sir!
  8. Looking forward to your next party then .........
  9. A Newbie then ............
  10. You can even get bail on a death sentence here!
  11. My money is on ... Bail denied ....... this time anyway ......
  12. With the utmost respect to him and many others who have decided not to go home, it is a little understandable why a person would not want to leave such an idyllic location, especially if they have nothing to go home to. My two cents worth.
  13. Personally, I think it can only be the rear flange on the dongle, which as we all know, would then push the blingle onto the belt,and once the bingle touches the belt, this will activate the anti-theft device, which is what is making the noise! Solution? Get the old Italian one cloned. Hope that helps.