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  1. Digital channel 23 (workpoint) are showing it live on Thai TV
  2. Apparently, there is no taxation category, therefore anyone who has one, has not paid the duty on it. Needs confirmation, but that's how I understand it.
  3. BMW owner says staff at the car wash sold her car

    Enough to make a fellow nauseous .........
  4. BMW owner says staff at the car wash sold her car

    Although there are more repos here than almost anywhere, it's unlikely in this case, as she went to the cops to report the vehicle missing. Something just doesn't add up ..... I suspect there's more to this that we know.
  5. Can the traffffic get any worse?

    If you'd been here in the 1980s, you'd think this is wonderful!!!!
  6. Australian slits his own throat at Suvarnabhumi airport

    Actually, if he'd done it on the plane, he would've bled out.
  7. You seem to ooze positivity. I bet your life is trouble free!!!!
  8. A thesis that was written for her I would imagine ...
  9. True, but Dan the Man had his feet on the line the whole time!
  10. 5 Million in the bank and want to chill out

    I'd say anyone who has achieved that wouldn't require any advice from a bunch of old farang!
  11. Please help me understand this!

    Just go with the flow and let it go .....................
  12. Misjudgement shouldn't be the cause for admiration.
  13. Of geckos and men

    Keep feeding them and before long you'll have some the size of monitor lizards, and can retire!