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  1. True, but Dan the Man had his feet on the line the whole time!
  2. I'd say anyone who has achieved that wouldn't require any advice from a bunch of old farang!
  3. Just go with the flow and let it go .....................
  4. Misjudgement shouldn't be the cause for admiration.
  5. Keep feeding them and before long you'll have some the size of monitor lizards, and can retire!
  6. Perhaps someone high up in the food chain bought one and wasn't happy!
  7. Thailand has a law against causing death by reckless driving, if that helps.
  8. and you might get an extra one thrown in!
  9. To be fair, Woody is a very good presenter, our TV is always on and I would have to endure the "Korean King" ads daily, and he put so much feeling into his performance, my wife had to stop me buying one on 3 separate occasions!
  10. He could write a book, "The rise and Fall of the Korean Frying Pan", and if you call within the next 5 minutes, you can have 3 books for the price of 1!
  11. I do admire young Woody, especially when he says that the normal price is 18,000 baht, and he manages to keep a straight face!!!!
  12. Its a lesson learned for the presenter, Woody, who really ought to research the product (and method) before lending himself to the campaign.
  13. Lost that a few years ago, run everything off my smartphone sim. Works for me.
  14. One might be better suited to save one's admiration for something admirable.