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  1. Poster of the year.

    The field is growing as we speak ...... Shame that most won't make it over the first hurdle.
  2. Poster of the year.

    Now that might just open a few doors.
  3. Poster of the year.

    Playing your Trump card will get you nowhere here Sir!
  4. Poster of the year.

    I see your Ps are multiplying ....
  5. Poster of the year.

    No love lost there ......
  6. Poster of the year.

    Nancy L is actually a force to be reckoned with. Underneath the cucumber sandwiches and the stiff upper lip lies a resolve that Winston Churchill would be proud of. She even put her cat in the firing line!
  7. Poster of the year.

    Probably just warming up Sir. I know your connections reach the far corners of the planet, and there have been rumours that it goes further than that!
  8. Poster of the year.

    You know it's kicked awf when JT starts .......
  9. Poster of the year.

    I wouldn't say we were poor but we used to sneak into the zoo at night and eat the animals.
  10. Poster of the year.

    Met Pailin once and he never let on about his difficult childhood.
  11. Poster of the year.

    According to the bookies, he's red hot favourite at 1,000 -1 on.
  12. Poster of the year.

    Banned Member?
  13. Poster of the year.

    In those days, owning a wheel put you right up there with the philosophers ......
  14. Poster of the year.

    Crossey would be shocked to hear that!