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  1. We are a Thai publishing company and we are looking for 2 or 3 more writers due to expansion. Freelance position and we have unlimited volumes of work for the right people. Full training given PM for details Paul
  2. Hi Quinn, I think we have communicated a while back. I have a Thai publishing company and we are looking for one more web content writer, PM me for details Immediate start Paul
  3. Surely they know who has come in and who has exited, it isn't rocket science!
  4. Dilemma over a Thai ladies behaviour.

    We're all on our own journey, leave her be.....
  5. grand child best thing for retired people

    Horses for courses Sir! Personally, I think that children should have their vocal cords deactivated until they reach adult age!
  6. It's a sad reflection of the sorry state of some expats here when most can't be bothered to read the post. I found it an interesting account that demonstrates how easy it is to fall foul of the law, and there are lessons for us all.
  7. Thai eating habits

    Methinks you won't be here too long ......
  8. Vaping could get you ten years in a Thai prison

    I wouldn't wish the POTY on my worst enemy ......
  9. Vaping could get you ten years in a Thai prison

    That would be when the Tobacco Monopoly stops crying and mans up!
  10. How good is your Thai?

    Fluency allows you to develop relationships with people, and without that, you are losing out to some degree.
  11. Cull is simply a bad Scottish accent.
  12. Why would You?

    The answer to your many questions are simple, we all have different perceptions.
  13. I guess a big boy in brown got hit by a stray arrow!
  14. I heard people in the UK are not buying red bull due to this
  15. 13 things I miss about living back in the UK

    You're obviously new here .....