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  1. Can a foreigner win Thai lottery?

    A Lawyer of any nationality is not who you want around you when you receive money, as they are instinctively raised to relieve you of as much as they can!!!!!
  2. Can a foreigner win Thai lottery?

    A few years ago, a Swiss friend of mine won 80,000 baht and he went to collect it at the Lottery Head office no probs.
  3. Say you understand when in actual fact, you have no idea!!!
  4. It seems this government cannot shoot themselves in the foot, They keep missing.
  5. Whatever way it goes, the BIG man is the one who has the final say, and I wonder how smart he is?
  6. What is the VERY BEST thing about living in Thailand??

    The climate ...... closely followed my many other aspects. You have to be British to undestand why.
  7. Not really. Sitting in front of a laptop is not clearly defined as employment and very difficult to prove, and by the time they catch on, there won't be computers anymore!
  8. It is because e-cigs have no taxation category and anyone caught with one has not paid any duty on it. Apparently ......
  9. Beer garden Soi 7 demolished ??

    Admin deleted it!
  10. Digital channel 23 (workpoint) are showing it live on Thai TV
  11. Apparently, there is no taxation category, therefore anyone who has one, has not paid the duty on it. Needs confirmation, but that's how I understand it.
  12. BMW owner says staff at the car wash sold her car

    Enough to make a fellow nauseous .........
  13. BMW owner says staff at the car wash sold her car

    Although there are more repos here than almost anywhere, it's unlikely in this case, as she went to the cops to report the vehicle missing. Something just doesn't add up ..... I suspect there's more to this that we know.