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  1. macahoom

    Visas for a cruise

    Sorry: Hogwash and poppycock!
  2. macahoom

    Visas for a cruise

    My Thai girlfriend and I have been on 5 or 6 cruises. She loves them, by the way. From the research I’ve done, no cruise line will allow you to board the ship without a visa for every country the boat docks at, whether you get off the ship or not. No visa, no boarding.
  3. "They" told you you cannot have a joint bank account with a Thai? Nonsense! Of course you can!
  4. macahoom

    International driving licence

    I am not Thai and I have had a Thai International Driving Permit. Note: it's permit not licence.
  5. She will have to convince the the decision maker that, on the balance of probabilities, she will return to Thailand at the end of her visit. It sounds like that may be a difficulty for her since you, her boyfriend, live in Canada and she has no job in Thailand. Not easy. I don’t think there will be much of a waiting time for an appointment for Canada; the day we went to submit her application it was very quiet. My girlfriend thinks her passport was returned about two weeks later. You may find that completing the application is the most time consuming part of the exercise! Good luck!
  6. I helped my Thai girlfriend get her visa about 18 months ago. It's not a simple application like Schengen; it's more complicated than even USA or UK. She got her visa; almost five years (it expires along with her passport). I think your girlfriend’s biggest hurdle will be the fact that you are, I assume, Canadian and live in Canada. This fact will raise concerns about whether or not your girlfriend will return to Thailand.
  7. macahoom

    Best currency exchange

    If you tell them how much you want, they will phone you when they have it.
  8. macahoom

    Best currency exchange

    If you want to buy NZ dollars your best chance is NC+ in Phuket Town.
  9. macahoom

    Phuket property glut?

    This surprises me. I thought land in Phuket was continuing to rise at a steady rate.
  10. macahoom

    Wildlife in Phuket

    I prefer to believe it's an electronic tortoise that flew to Phuket from the planet Zogg.
  11. macahoom

    Wildlife in Phuket

  12. You ask: "So how come she could get a tourist visa when she doesn't have a job?" My girlfriend left her job 12 years ago when she moved in with me; she hasn't worked since. She has been granted visas to many countries without problem. And did not ever apply for a visa while she was working, before she met me.
  13. I cannot believe you haven't apologised to 7by7.
  14. One of the funniest posts I've read on ThaiVisa for a long time!
  15. macahoom

    Flight case for I Mac

    Are you sure they are in Kamala? Until very recently they were located in Bang Tao.