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  1. To those of you who drive regularly Phuket to Bangkok: With regard to traffic density, is there a best day of the week to do this? And also the return trip? I’m driving to a Sukhumvit hotel. I’ve driven it several times before and one thing I’ve learnt, for sure, is that Sunday is a definite no-no, for both journeys. Crazy traffic! To all the ThaiVisa Richard Heads: Thank you, but I don’t need any advice about flying being a better idea or any other irrelevant nonsense.
  2. "All tourist visa's issued are for 10 years." This is incorrect. (Unless there has been a recent change in policy.)
  3. Citi may be the easiest. But their rates are a joke. In my experience, UOB has zero fees with a SGD14.00 balance in a savings account (for three years, unchanged) and SGD100,000 in a time deposit. CIMB and Standard Chartered the same i.e. no minimum balance or activity required to avoid fees. OCBC require a minimum balance in a savings account of SGD1000 to avoid fees.
  4. As far as I know, DBS will not allow foreigners who do not reside in Singapore to open an account. And Citibank’s time deposit interest rates are so low they are negligible: 0.1% for SGD100,000, fixed for 12 months. Try CIMB, Standard Chartered, UOB and OCBC.
  5. This Irish government website states that Thailand is included in the UK/ROI short stay visa waiver:
  6. Madmax, it is evident that you don't know the difference between the words of and off. "40% of the asking price" and "40% off the asking price" are two completely different things.
  7. I found the correct, up to date STM2. (Sor Tor Mor 2.):
  8. I printed the form on this link and, when I submitted it two days ago, they rejected it and told me it was the old version. They gave me a new one to sign. Maybe someone has a link for the new version?
  9. It's actually about 168 kilometres.
  10. You keep referring to an IDL. Do you actually mean IDL (International Driving Licence) or IDP (International Driving Permit)? There's a big difference.
  11. I rented a car in Italy last year using my Thai licence. No problems. I can't remember which rental company it was, but it was one of the international companies. I haven't been asked for an IDP (it's a permit, not a licence) anywhere for many, many years.
  12. My Thai girlfriend and I (I'm British) have rented cars in the USA several times over the past few years. All the rental companies we used accepted, without question, both our Thai licences.
  13. You're wrong. It's currently 15 million baht. Please check your facts before posting misinformation like this.
  14. Why do you think it's "Less than 1 per cent a year"? I think you must be confused.
  15. Not Lloyds, but this may give you a bit more confidence to believe what customer services have told you: In 2015, I wrote to Nationwide and asked them if I would be able to retain my account and change my UK address to a Thailand one. This is the reply I got: "Yeah of course you can. If you could let us know your new address, I will be more than happy to get this changed for you. While having a registered overseas address, you would not be able to open any new accounts, but you can still keep your current accounts with us." Shortly after receiving this reply, I did an online change of address with no problems.