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  1. You say: "But I'm curious to know how poorly or well the Spaniards are actually doing right now when it comes to applications via BLS or via the embassy itself." My girlfriend has an appointment with BLS to submit her application on February 5th. I'll let you know how it all goes.
  2. Which resort

    We’ve got Villa for a house, Resort for a hotel and Boutique Hotel for a hotel that’s small and often past its best before date.
  3. Which resort

    In the original poster’s defence: It is only relatively recently that the word resort has been highjacked and adopted by the hotel industry in an attempt to make their hotel sound like it’s something more or different than a mere, ordinary hotel. I doubt you’ll find the word defined in this sense in any dictionary. The poster’s use of the word to describe a tourist town or area is quite correct.
  4. Which bank is offering 2% for over 2 million?
  5. credit card

    You say: "if you don’t have a regular provable income you need to pledge a cash amount in a bank account at the same amount as the credit limit - same bank as issuing the credit card" In my experience this is not true. Can you tell me which bank insists on a cash amount in a bank account at the same amount as the credit limit? Double the amount with SCB and 1.25 times with Krungsri is what I have found to be the case.
  6. credit card

    I have used There is an awful lot of codswallop talked on this forum! I have used my Thai credit card all over the world for several years. No problems at all, except when someone fraudulently spent $3500 on it in California - but my Thai credit card issuer reimbursed me.
  7. I would guess you won't have a problem getting it: I am also an EU citizen and my Thai girlfriend applied for a Canada visa for an August/September 2016 holiday. They sure don’t make it easy! The application was more difficult (and annoying) than the US equivalent and certainly the most challenging visa she has applied for. I remember some of the questions that they require answers to seem over the top. At the time of applying, my girlfriend had already successfully been granted several Schengen, US and other visas. Happy to report that she was granted a five year Canada visa.
  8. Audi lineup in Thailand

    Me too!
  9. I had almost an exactly identical situation and same experience as you with SCB for many years, and been a very good customer going back to 2005. I got fed up with it about 6 months ago and got myself a credit card with Krungsri. They “only” require locked funds in an account with a value equal to 1.25 times the amount of the credit card credit limit. Okay, still ridiculous, but significantly better than SCB.
  10. Real xmas tree. Where to buy?

    Low and behold! Wonders will never cease! Heavens above! You don’t say! homeWorks are selling real, live Christmas trees, imported from Canada. They look good. Four sizes: the smallest being about 1.8 metres and the tallest about 3 metres. Prices from B4000 to B7000. They even have a nifty base which you fill with water, complete with big screws to stabilise the tree. They’ll be selling thermal underwear and hot water bottles next.
  11. Yes this account, and similar ones in other banks, will pay 1.7%, but only for a relatively short period of the term. The average rate over the full term will be much lower.
  12. I have started the application process. On the “Documents Required” page, it states that “The checklist must be submitted on back to back format only (without back to back copies being stapled to each other).” I don’t understand what back to back format means. Can anyone explain, please?
  13. I guess he means that the letter from the bank is in the same format as the bank letter which is required to show the 800k for retirement - not the same amount.
  14. Thanks for your replies, wanderluster and Jip99. Was the new BLS service (instead of VFS) okay? I like the fact that we can make an appointment and specify a time slot. Any comments on that?
  15. Has anyone recently been involved in the application for a Spain visa (Schengen) for a Thai national? I have helped apply for several Schengens before, but I see the optional service provider in Bangkok has been changed for Spain, from VFS to BLS. Just wondering if anyone has any useful information or tips before I help my girlfriend with her application?