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  1. macahoom

    Urology clinic in Phuket town only

    As stated by Goldieinkathu, many, if not most, of the specialists/consultants have their own clinic but also work in the hospitals. I can recommend a Urologist in Phuket town but I don't believe he has ultrasound in his clinic. But he'll meet you at the Mission or one of the fancy hospitals and do the ultrasound there - for peanuts in the Mission. I only know of one (there may be many, for all I know) specialist/consultants who has ultrasound in his clinic, but he is a gastroenterologist. Dr. Somchai (Urologist): 076254449
  2. macahoom

    silica gel sachets

    I ordered some from this company by mail order: https://www.powerdry.co.th/en Very efficient and professional service.
  3. Nonsense! I regularly do transactions, including withdrawals, on my accounts using only my signature. My girlfriend, who is the joint account holder, also does the same.
  4. Yes, UOB do it. We have two joint accounts (fixed) and a basic savings account with UOB at the moment. All are either/or signatory. We also have joint accounts (either/or signatory) with CIMB, Krungsri and GSB - both fixed and basic savings accounts. The GSB fixed one is actually the "lottery" account. The OP should have no problem getting what he wants.
  5. Sorry! I should have written that as either/or signatories. Maybe someone else can chime in and confirm they also have either/or signatory joint accounts.
  6. This is very simple to set up in Thailand. You tell them you want to open a joint account with either or signatories - the banks are familiar with this phrase. I have several accounts like this, in different banks. In the event of one signatory dying, it's no problem for the surviving one to withdraw from the account. Note: If in doubt, talk to the bank about this; they're happy with it. I even asked, in several banks, "In the event of one joint account holder dying, do I need to inform you? Can the surviving account holder simply empty the account?" The answers were no and yes.
  7. macahoom

    28days Rule??

    Maybe Sherlock Holmes reads this forum and can figure out what you're talking about.
  8. macahoom

    Rawai or Karon.

    Oh, that’s a sad story: José and Hose B used to be life partners living together in Karon. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, José went to Rawai one day by himself and he’s been trapped there ever since because he can’t make it back through Chalong Circle.
  9. macahoom

    Rawai or Karon.

    I know two men, one of whom lives in Rawai and the other in Karon. Both are Spanish firefighters. The one in Rawai is called José and the one in Karon is called Hose B.
  10. I need to correct my post above: It looks like they’ve moved the goalposts again: It’s 15 million baht until August 10 2018. Then, until Aug 10 2019, it’s 10 million. Then, until August 10 2020, it’s 5 million. After that: one million.
  11. Sorry, but this is incorrect. The current guarantee is 15 million Baht and will remain in force until 11 August 2020 when it will be lowered to 1 million Baht. Whether or not the government would pay out if called upon to do so is another matter, of course.
  12. macahoom

    UK Passport. Blank Pages.

    Here's another revelation for you: Water is wet; very wet.
  13. macahoom

    UK Passport. Blank Pages.

    Am I missing something? I don't understand what the OP's problem is. The immigration officer will stamp anywhere he/she can find a space.
  14. Sorry, but this sounds like a complete mess. I think if your girl is granted a visa, she will be extremely lucky.
  15. Is your wife's passport a UK one? That's what the OP is talking about.