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  1. Me too...but I always carry my Thai DL and a copy of my passport and visa pages on my mobile phone. Don't worry too much. If you behave like a normal person this should be enough.
  2. I sent a letter from Thailand to Germany. I must show my ID-card. (DL) ---a normal letter ---- It is already worse than in China. Big brother is watching you....everywhere. All these security measures don't make any sense. If somebody want to make a crime he will do anyway. And wait..it will become worse. They will control us everywhere. Cameras and face recognition and our phones (location + message history).
  3. andre47


    I don't like that it is not possible for foreigners to rent a car (self driving) in Vietnam.
  4. andre47

    Reduced tolerance to alcohol

    I've had the same experience. First I reduced my drinking. The symptoms then got better but not disappeared. Then made in Europe all necessary tests for my liver and other organs, but everything was looking good. Then I stopped drinking 100% and finally now I feel healthy again. But it took another 3-6 month to recover. Stop drinking! If a doctor can prove that your liver is damaged it will be already too late. You will feel much better without drinking.
  5. andre47

    German Man Stabbed In Neck Near BTS Mo Chit

    What do you mean? What was wrong with that farang?
  6. andre47

    German Man Stabbed In Neck Near BTS Mo Chit

    I lot of very strange people are posting here at this topic. I would like to see these people if this incident happened to them. I cannot see any reason to comment at this topic in a funny or ironical way.
  7. Why not upgrade entire Thailand as a national park? Every farang has to pay 400 Baht to get in... (Rip off everywhere)
  8. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    It is just my personal experience. Of cause everybody can win a lottery but how is the chance? If these women have homes and cars they have it from farangs, ? Why such a woman is looking for an older farang? Tell me the reason please...I know only one reason.
  9. It is ? since the Chinese hordes are flocking in there ...
  10. At the airport normally they don't check the 90 day reporting. When you come back to Thailand and visit the immigration again you fill out the form with the last entry to the kingdom. If this is not longer than 90 day's the officer will not look further. You just must remove the piece of paper from your passport where the last 90 day report is stamped.
  11. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    On Thaifriendly? Really? Hard to believe.... Some people find their real love in a Pattaya beer bar.
  12. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Sometimes people win the lottery ?
  13. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Thaifriendly is not a place to find real love. There are only hookers and scammers. (and fakes :))
  14. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Many of these 'ladies' are fake profiles. The provider of this website wants to make men to pay for the service, but they will chat with fake girls. They don't exist. Of cause some are real, but you never know. Maybe the OP of this post is also engaged by the provider of the website to promote the site here for free.