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  1. I will never understand people who go swimming in the ocean near Pattaya or Bangkok. The water is so dirty that it harms your health. Why does the government don't care about this problem? Maybe the Chinese tourists don't care
  2. Their website is in Thai language only. Other languages under construction....
  3. I answered to the request's from my bank's an follows: 1. I am tax resident of Thailand. (because I live here more than 165 day's per year) 2. I sent them a copy of my Certificate of residence. (to proof my address) 3. I stated that I don't have a TIN because I don't have to pay tax in Thailand at the moment. A few bank's were not 100% happy with my answers, but later they accepted it. One bank did not accepted it but it is not important because Thailand does not belong to the countries which signed the FATCA yet. And what could happen, if your bank does not accept your answer? They will just report your account according FBAR. I don't have to pay any tax here in Thailand. Therefor it is no problem for me if they will report my account.
  4. A renter don't have to pay the fees. The owner have to pay. To rent a condo short term is not illegal. To rent it out short term is illegal.
  5. why? It was already illegal when the condo was bought A condo does not fulfill all necessary regulations like a hotel. yes, they can be rented out...but like a condo (long term) and not like a hotel If the condo is overpriced...why do you buy it? If you buy it and you know that it is illegal to rent it out short term, why do you complain?
  6. If this will happen in my neighborhood I will not accept. I will fight by all available means.
  7. Do they have a licence? Maybe somebody should check this.
  8. Police do nothing? Did you try? What's about the moo-baan-administration? Where did this happen?
  9. Yes, and not only for the islands... Last week I was near Krabi looking the underwater world. What I saw was only dead corals. Dozens of big tourist ships were bringing Chinese tourist to this spot every day. Hordes of them jumping in the water. Everything is already dead there. But nobody will change this. It is too much money involved. Look how much plastic is swimming in the oceans. Have you ever been in India. Everywhere plastic... it looks terrible. Our world will get destroyed anyway. Nobody can stop this. Very sad.
  10. Yes, but some Chinese who comes now with group tours will come later as individual tourists. I saw in a hotel in Chiang Mai where we slept 3 individual Chinese families in holiday. The Chinese are coming in so large numbers that also the smaller Thai business will benefit. Times are changing. The western countries will become less important and the Asian countries more important. We have to accept this. Thailand must take this chance. China and India are not far away and they have together more than 2 Billion people. A huge market. It is the future....
  11. andre47

    Admission Fee to visit temple/wat for farang

    No, Thai nationals don't have to pay. I am against discrimination, but as I mentioned already Thai people donate a lot for the wat. Many Farang don't do this. And what is more important....Thai people treat the wat with more respect than a lot of farang do. I saw many graffiti in some wats. This is very disrespectful. I think since the hordes of Chinese are coming here they changed their policy. But I saw this admission fee in two wat's only.
  12. First time I saw in two wat's in South Thailand that foreigner's have to pay a admission fee to entrance a wat. I was shocked, but when I see how some foreigners are behaving (waste, selfies and even graffiti) I can understand that the administration of the wat need some compensation to keep everything in order. Many Thai people make tambun but there are only a few farang who donate freely some money.
  13. Now it is enough for me. I will avoid buying from them any longer. This practice is not acceptable and in most western countries against the law.
  14. Regarding to this article https://tech.thaivisa.com/privacy-warning-7-eleven-thailand-start-scanning-customers-faces/27775/?utm_source=newsletter-20180317-0801&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news 7-Eleven will scan our faces in Thailand and use these data for their business. Now it is enough for me. I will avoid buying from them any longer. This practice is not acceptable and in most western countries against the law.
  15. andre47

    need Babysitter

    Hello, anybody can recommend a good babysitter in Pattaya? (boy is 15 month old) Thanks in advance