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  1. It is since the Chinese hordes are flocking in there ...
  2. At the airport normally they don't check the 90 day reporting. When you come back to Thailand and visit the immigration again you fill out the form with the last entry to the kingdom. If this is not longer than 90 day's the officer will not look further. You just must remove the piece of paper from your passport where the last 90 day report is stamped.
  3. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    On Thaifriendly? Really? Hard to believe.... Some people find their real love in a Pattaya beer bar.
  4. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Sometimes people win the lottery
  5. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Thaifriendly is not a place to find real love. There are only hookers and scammers. (and fakes :))
  6. andre47

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Many of these 'ladies' are fake profiles. The provider of this website wants to make men to pay for the service, but they will chat with fake girls. They don't exist. Of cause some are real, but you never know. Maybe the OP of this post is also engaged by the provider of the website to promote the site here for free.
  7. I still don't understand why this boat sank in 5 meter waves. The ship looks if it could withstand such conditions so long as the captain steers the ship against the waves and not laterally. A technical investigation by a court should find this out. It is easy to say that the captain is responsible. The general weather forecast was not as bad as they shouldn't go out. If you have monsoon weather conditions it can happen that you catch a squall line, but usually this don't take very long. You can see it coming and prepare the ship properly.
  8. I like your post, but here you are dreaming..:) 50 Baht per month?? Maybe 20 years ago.
  9. They own the sidewalks????? I don't think so.....Where did you got this information?
  10. The OP is totally right, but... You cannot change a whole country. Too many people here are thinking that they can do what they want and they believe only in the law of the strongest.
  11. I think you are already living too long in this country. You have lost your sense of justice. There is no law here that guarantees the space outside from a shop house or other property to its owner. If you need this space you could ask the government. Maybe they will rent it to you...:)
  12. andre47

    renewing motorbike tax in Pattaya

    Please note that they have changed their location. Now: Central Festival Beach road - Ground Floor opposite AIS - start at 11:00 AM
  13. andre47

    renewing motorbike tax in Pattaya

    They can arrange the tax payment for you, but you have to pay them and you have to wait and go there again. If you go to Central you can do it yourself for free. Just pay 100 Baht tax.