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  1. Yes I've sort of hit a brick wall
  2. I'm trying to find out about getting a residence permit, as precious poster mentioned a hotel invoice many nights stay is required. Somebody else said a letter from my girlfriend who I stay with would work? ..any idea where I could get a template? Thanks
  3. I've sent you a pm MrKfc
  4. Now I'm confused... but I appreciate what you mean. My GF isn't one for wanting loads of things and sometimes I struggle to spoil her when we are put together. Maybe I'm lucky but.I think she would appreciate flowers. So maybe if anyone knows a florist please let me know! .. I will let you know how it goes certainly her sister who I. Mentioned it said I was so romantic!
  5. Thanks for your input guys, it is indeed like a "I love you" type gift hence maybe why the Thai friend who stays near me in the UK couldn't really understand *why* I wanted to send flowers! I will think of something else ..thanks guys
  6. Hello I am after the details of a local flower shop in Chiang Mai that I can call up and order flowers from here in the UK and either get them delivered by taxi or the shop itself. I can pay by card over the phone or bank transfer and I can get a Thai friend who lives he to speak with them if necessary to give order details so it's fine if they don't talk English. The only flower shops I can find on the web are very geared up for farang along with farang pricing of course! (Even in US $) Amy local nice florist details would be great.. thanks in advance The flowers need to be delivered to San Patong district. Steve
  7. Well I'm not sure. I never been to your city before and am coming to visit my friend whose recently moved there. I know the bigger city's are better but am curious about this street as my friend said it's closed for 30 days not being able to open at all. He's booked me into the Lux hotel which he said is OK. He's not allowed to go to that street to look.. lol So any pointers from anyone who personally has seen what's open and how much it's open would be much appreciated Cheers
  8. OK thanks so the bars are open. What a about gogo bars?
  9. is his a guess or have you seen it?! lol
  10. Hi I wonder if I can get some advice, I am visiting CM early next month. I am wondering if Loi Kroh Road the bars will be open, I understand that the lights may be on and the music not loud -- but will be they be open? Are they are open now? any advice much appreciated Steve
  11. Suvarnabhumi suite hotel is great and they have a free shuttle and it's really quite nice..expect to pay around 1800THB that's around £35 GBP But of course there is a box type hotel on site basic and clean, I can't remember the name but the dstairs are on the airports website
  12. I seen much more than that being agreed ..seems to be in keeping with most other places 1000 min
  13. I'm thinking of getting lessons for how to learn to drive for the gf who lives in Udon Thani so I can get her to drive my rental cars when I come. Anyone got any idea of cost and recommendations? Thanks
  14. I can't remember his name but he was a big old lump and friendly but like most northerners "noisy"
  15. There is some geordie bloke from Peterlee in the NE of England that makes pies and stuff at home and sells them to some restaraunts ..don't know if it's the same bloke