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    Thanks elektrified
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    Hello elektrified Where can I buy Android boxes in Chiang Mai
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    Thanks everyone for your input James
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    I like the comments from Mavideol and ZeVonderBearz. To Mavideol...there are ways to "cheat" in this connection. I will avoid any further discussion on this aspect. ZeVondrBearz...true words.. Thanks to both
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    Thanks Dante99. Are you getting Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on True Vision disk ?? James
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    I am a True Vision customer since January 2010. Starting in Bangkok. Now in Chiang Mai. I have 2 boxes and I pay 2,700 baht monthly. Platinum membership About 2 years ago, True Vision dropped HBO. On 1 January 2019, True vision dropped TCM and ACM. I became a Platinum subscriber mostly due to the presence of TCM and HBO. Even with the reduction of the aforementioned channels and the addition of fairly useless channels, True Vision continued to charge this high monthly rate. My questions to the valued Thai Visa members are.. (1) Does True Vision have a monopoly on the cable TV market. Do they have any competition, whatsover. (2) Am I correct in concluding that I have to find a streaming company in order to get all the channels I want.. (3) I wish to know what provider/service are my fellow members getting in watching TV Thank you very much James
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    Thai Drivers License

    Hello Chiang Mai Forum Members I am 72 years old. Living in Thailand since January 2010. Presently in Chiang Mai since January 2012. My Thai Drivers License is coming due in October 2018. I am aware that when a person reaches 70 years of age that there are certain requirements for Thai Drivers License renewal. Please let me know what will be required from me for this purpose. Thank you very much James