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  1. They even don't hesitate to show the brown envelope which will clear the entire story ...
  2. The cock and bull toad that is hardly able to make two steps without being supported now obviously became megalomaniac ...
  3. Don't see hard working. What I see is hard whining, creating committees and talking.
  4. rebo

    Cheese, Anyone?

    Try the stuff made by a real professional Swiss/German/Italian cheese maker from highest quality milk --- You won't be disappointed. https://de-de.facebook.com/mediteranean.kitchen/ (I have no other relationship with this business than being a highly satisfied customer.)
  5. ... until he saw a chance to find one more opportunity to place his name in the daily news ...
  6. The headline says it as it is: Culture turning into profit, profit, profit. Simply sad!
  7. Yes - sometimes it's unbelievable what people do for their 5 mins of fame ...
  8. The statement is probably a cheap attempt to lure more tourists into the north.
  9. Without competent non-Thais the Phoenix will remain where it rests with no end in sight. So BJ is going to check some visa and WPs ... Somehow a balancing act ...
  10. rebo

    Medical weed law clears Thai Cabinet

    What the pic shows seems to be not better than rope hemp. They should form a committee to discuss how to develop knowledge about growing potent plants ...
  11. No. Go down on this form and click "The next appointment (Print)". What appears now is the right document for your passport.
  12. rebo

    Exceptional New Vegetarian Eatery

    Who needs one of those new-fangled GPS units when all you have to do is turn left on the second soi after the barking dog and then look for a small but tidy place with an yellow sign? Take my comment - at least in this thread - as a simple suggestion as it was meant. To discuss the sense or nonsense of new-fangled technical achievements you may open a new thread. But to answer your question: Most people don't need them but they make the search for locations more efficient. Coordinates prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary inquieries.
  13. rebo

    Exceptional New Vegetarian Eatery

    In cases like this I ask myself why folks don't simply use coordinates. It's so easy: Open Google earth, look from above where the place is, note the coordinates shown at the lower end of the satelite picture and - voila - it's a piece of cake for almost all people to find the exact location. I for myself will hardly drive 20 km on a vague discription. BTW - at least 90% of our farang and also some of our Thai friends use GPS units.
  14. rebo

    Abandoned Buildings?

    In fact there are two runways close to each other, one is from "Nok" (http://www.nokaviation.com/), the other from "Lanna" (http://www.thai-airpark.com/). Both are regularly used.
  15. rebo

    Abandoned Buildings?

    Paste the coordinates in Google Earth for a bird view: Large abandoned condo building: 18°53’16.19”N; 99°05’58.99”E Large abandoned administration building of a never built but properly prepared moobaan: 18°40’16.66”N; 99°06’24.96”E