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  1. Would be very interested where the confiscated vest with the HA colors finally ended up. Often the forced surrender of a HA vest entails at least one corpse ...
  2. rebo

    Where to buy a taller ladder?

    No. The tallest ladder on their website is 4.6 meters (https://sankimetal.com/en/product/บันไดเอนกประสงค์พับ-en/) I have one since more than 10 years, and I can only recommend it for its safety, reliability and longevity. Worth the price ... Bought it at "Globon Hau".
  3. How could anybody recognize this as a joke without the proper "Doioioiiing" sound ...?
  4. Soon to be sold out: https://www.google.de/search?biw=1920&bih=966&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=UuqYW9LODIeHvQTH5J_ACg&q=t+shirt+red+with+white+sleeves&oq=t+shirt+red+with+white+sleeves&gs_l=img.3...42152.47280.0.48799.
  5. rebo

    Any locations for stunt driving/racing?

    I would try this abandoned moobaan: N18 40.27 E99 06.43 Not public, no traffic (only some people on week ends who drive to and from the facility for remote-controlled aircrafts at one site of the moobaan), tarmac not too bad. Sometimes also used by some youngsters for similar purpose. Suitable for drone filming up to 300 ft (There are two private air fields close by --- for real planes).
  6. Vacuum cleaner seems easier for me ...
  7. You're right. My memory let me down ... And indeed the comparison of vehicles makes more sense because every vehicle has only one driver. " a breakdown of this 13% would be extremely informative." This is what I meant.
  8. I am very interested in how many of all traffic deaths go into the account of these vans resp. the morons behind their steering wheels.From my feeling in daily traffic it must be at least 20% since motorcycles account for about 40%.