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  1. rebo

    Elections may be deferred to May: Deputy PM

    This is exactly their tactic.
  2. 18!!! 18 students in that van! Plus driver! How irresponsible of the "responsible" persons!
  3. Taxi mafia is obviously mightier than police.
  4. rebo

    Crotch grease Q

    My favorite bum savior: ASSOS Chamois Crème.
  5. I would have hoped that at least the "CityNews" don't follow this idiotic expression ...
  6. rebo

    djungle near chiangmai

    River rafting in Mae Wang gives a good impression of northern Thai jungle. Never failed for our European teen visitors. Or ask in the villages close to "Flight of the Gibbon" for a guided jungle hiking tour. Most youngsters over there grew up in the forest and some of them speak understandable English. Friendly Khun Prim, owner of the Than Thong Lodge (https://www.tharnthonglodge.com/) should be able to assist you finding a reliable local guide. You won't regret to have dinner at her wonderful (jungle) place in return ...
  7. Sharks as match result predictors seem thoroughly reasonable for me. But THAI sharks ...? My bets on Russia ...!
  8. May give us a clue how he came into the doubtful "possession" of these 47 (!!!) rai ... Maybe simply an unscrupulous human piece of sh1t ...?!
  9. 555 - Easy to see Dr Kritcharat Hiranyasiri wants to make the people selling their gold ... I'm confident that when the chief of the MTS Gold Group publicly predicts a drop the gold price is most highly expected to shoot up.
  10. You seemingly don't know the Chinese very well ...
  11. At the end we may learn that the whole story was a well placed penis-enlargment med ad ...
  12. And the result of these findings? Nothing.
  13. Because it's most probably simply not true.
  14. rebo

    100% Whole Wheat Bread

    The name of the shop is CM Bread.
  15. rebo

    100% Whole Wheat Bread

    Not so easy to find, and a very small shop --- here are the coordinates: N18 46 03.72 E99 00 21.6 (Copy and paste into Google Earth/Maps). They open at 12:00, and often the whole wheat bread is sold out at 01:00. Closed on Sunday and Monday. Best bread in town for my taste. And try their vegan cheeses made from almond milk! Mild but tasty, even though I'm not a vegan.