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  1. cliffhornsby

    Holiday in Majorca (Mallorca)?

    Hi, I lived in Mallorca for 34 years and November will be sunny in the day and cool at night. Mallorca has suffered in the last few years and you will find all the resorts are dead and very little open. If you require any more info please email me, cheers for now cliff hornsby
  2. cliffhornsby

    Drain smells from toilet in new house !!

    I agree with artisi 100% your trap is in the toilet bowl so the smell is from the base, cliff Hornsby ( plumber )
  3. cliffhornsby

    Massive brawl breaks out between groups of tourists in Brit holiday hotspot

    Hi I lived in Mallorca for 34 years in magalluf and the Brits fight every night without fail let me a sure you
  4. Put the bottle outside dimwits
  5. cliffhornsby

    house deeds

    i wondered if someone could help me with my house, i have the house in power of attorney which is fine, the problem is i want to take a loan off the house, how can i do it without transferring the deeds into my wifes name because she will have all the power then and i dont want this. I have the deeds and power of attorney papers thanks cliff