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  1. I'm sure 7by7 is right, Mark, you just have to address the issues raised in the last refusal notice in her next application, in particular explaining the confusion about Pattaya/Jomtien (and, as you say, don't use an agency for this), and make the application as positive and truthful as possible. Good luck.
  2. paully

    Teaching Jobs

    Government universities normally make teachers retire at age 60. But, of course, with a little creativity they could hire you as a 'consultant' instead. Where there's a will, there's a way Government unis are usually pretty decent to work for, too, low stress and quite enjoyable. Basic pay is low - but then This is Thailand.
  3. paully

    Uk Tb Certificate

    They should have given you/her the x-ray to take to the UK as you paid for it and an anomaly had been revealed. A bit naughty of the IOM, that. Frankly, I can understand the Port Medical officials' attitude. However, even if you have the x-ray with you, it's not the easiest thing to physically take on board an aircraft to show in the UK. My wife had to have another x-ray done on arrival at Heathrow as the IOM one was stored flat in her luggage which was, of course, on the carrousel downstairs waiting for her. I shouldn't think she will need another x-ray for future entries into the UK, though, even if she has to attend a hospital, as long as the result is clear.