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  1. Work to begin on Thai - Japan "Bullet Train" in 2019

    What happened with the Chinese on the train plans?
  2. Notorious Mafia boss Salvatore 'Toto' Riina dies aged 87

    More famous in life than in death.
  3. Online records to follow ex-inmates throughout life

    Allow them to apply for pardons, so their records are sealed. Much easier to get employed.
  4. The more publicity about it is a good thing, like the way they do it or not.
  5. I've got some plastic and cigarette butts to throw away.
  6. Are there egg crossing signs?
  7. They are not stupid enough to be hiding in Thailand.
  8. A horrible accident that could have been avoided.
  9. There are not many of us Canadians here. It is too cold in the winter for me, I have spent most of my life in warmer climates. A visit to Toronto every four or five years is enough to remind me why I don't live in Canada, it is a long flight.
  10. It is nice to see some positive replies to a poster for a change, instead of bashing, which seems to be going on too much lately. I wish you success and commend you on your efforts.
  11. He has learned well, he gets what he wants. Mummy is the problem and she thinks money is the solution.
  12. Glad I won't live to see it.
  13. I guess he will not get insurance in the future.
  14. gf son is pregnant

    " I'm pregnant, its yours, easily said.