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  1. His time would be better spent in Russia with the world leader.
  2. Thailand wants it both ways at the same time, I cannot use the sexual terms in this post. I noticed that there is an ad for Thai visas at the bottom of this page!
  3. We will all be dead long before any serious changes are made in Thailand.
  4. Yes and the Martial is not a law yer.
  5. Look for her new book, How To Scam the Thai Government.
  6. Since directors pay to get their jobs, they think some students should pay also.
  7. Why did it take three weeks to arrest the man?
  8. Forty some years ago Pattaya was a beautiful, unspoiled, undiscovered paradise. You rented bungalows on the beach and you could walk the town. No incidents such as we read about today.
  9. Don't unless you are living in the house. 10,000 Baht will more than fix the roof. Take their motorcycle and cell phone for a deposit.
  10. There are as many false notes as there are ghosts.
  11. Grow up, you are the problem here.
  12. I have been a dog owner in Thailand. It is not easy taking the dog out, with soi dogs, and few places for a dog to run and have fun, unless you live in the countryside.
  13. She could have charged the lost amount to his credit card number. You can manually input credit card numbers in the terminal.