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  1. Will wait for suicide in custody news.
  2. I bet the government did not put $2.00 into the infrastructure of Siem Reap, fix the sidewalks, clean up the river etc.
  3. Maybe they do not want people socializing, eating and talking about the present government.
  4. There is one service industry that does quite well in Thailand, regardless of the language.
  5. Thailand has been controlled by the "Generals", throughout history.
  6. Thailand was a place where a foreigner was happy to meet another foreigner, 45 years ago. My how things have changed.
  7. The carnage has started.
  8. "I've seen the needle and the damage done", Neil Young.
  9. A teacher should be educating students about road safety. Will she be an accessory to death.
  10. I think you got some rain last night. I have a friend who reported flooding.
  11. In Thailand with primates you must act like one. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.
  12. I keep telling people worldwide to boycott. Make him pay one way or another.
  13. Who made it so? The War in Vietnam, the Khymer Rouge, the present government, and on it goes.