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  1. Remember, penis whitening is available here.
  2. And I was just putting the bowl over the wifes head to give her a trim, when I read this.
  3. Everything here comes from "high", makes me wonder what kind of high it is?
  4. The Army could close them all tomorrow.
  5. Colabamumbai

    How to marry a Thai national - advice please

    Many smaller Amphur offices will not marry, Ban Bung is one. A search will provide you a list of those that do. Bangkok, Pattaya etc., are familiar with foreigners.
  6. A woman working at the amphur in Khon Kaen was busted last year for providing phony marriage documents. When a single Thai woman went to get married, she was told that she was married to a foreigner, this started an investigation.
  7. Colabamumbai

    Just be aware - Crypto Currency

    Invest in the companies that you must pay your monthly bills to.
  8. I simply asked a question maybe you missed the ?. I am not Indian nor am I from Mumbai.
  9. She ran a secret site in Udon Thani in the old U.S. officers housing, visible from the highway. Thailand denies it.
  10. I detect a crack in the wall. The water is flowing.
  11. And would that have been thru airbnb?
  12. Colabamumbai

    Local Mechanic vs Official Dealer

    Dealer, a little more, but better service with a receipt and service record kept.