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  1. Mob murders man at Bangkok housing estate

    Was it the smell of his noodles like the murder a few weeks ago?
  2. In civilized countries we are responsible for our kids actions until the kids are 18 years old.
  3. The reward used to be more than the risk, not any more with body scanning devices. In the 70's you could get away with this.
  4. You are exactly correct. When flying to Canada I look at the length of flights including stopover. Korean airlines, Bangkok-Seoul-Toronto is the least time consuming, flying the polar route.
  5. First Trip to Pattaya - Have I missed Something?

    600 0r 6,000 the service is the same.
  6. Stop the madness legalize yaba.
  7. First Trip to Pattaya - Have I missed Something?

    We live in Ban Bung and visit Pattaya about once a month for 3 nights. Stay at Arya Inn on Soi Honey about 600 Baht no pool but close walking to Beach Road and all the malls or plazas. Apex Hotel around the corner has a pool but hotel is old. 650 Baht everyday of the year, no coffee in room.
  8. You need a rectal thermometer to probe all the shit that goes on here.
  9. There was no haul of drugs or it would have been reported. Puff, puff the magic dragon.
  10. Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    Urine is a popular drink in India, are the cops selling it?
  11. I watched a guy get busted in Pattaya two weeks ago. He was vaping near the police station.
  12. Driver less trains maybe a good idea for Thailand.
  13. Civilized countries are touting the benefits of e cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes.