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  1. The hate and vile comments here make me sick. Nice to read your post. The topic should really be closed. Many posts are a sad commentary, people full of hate, where does it come from, they have really learned little from living in this country, spiritually nothing. Mother taught me if you can't say something good, keep your mouth shut
  2. Compassion is good. Negative comments demean you.
  3. And one of the first Eastern countries to actively employ foreigners as bartenders to increase traffic, no work permits necessary 1974.
  4. Should have one from China to Thailand. No disrespect. Fewer brakes failed fatalities here.
  5. Street peddlers, homeless rousted from Pattaya Beach

    Thanks I fell much safer now.
  6. Hidden Assets Investigation

    You can put it in my name. I live here permanently. I would only ask that you allow me to stay there once in a while. I have a house/ home in the wifes name. Not looking for money, nor to bring strangers there Am 67 and don't drink or party
  7. They may be paid advertisements.
  8. Six drug dealers arrested in major Krabi sting

    But the "major" 's name is missing.
  9. My two cents on ex-police chief Somyot 

    He is being truthful and avoiding arrest at the sametime. Well written.
  10. Incorrect Visa Obtained

    I always enjoy a few days or weeks in Laos, without going there for a visa. I started doing that in the early 70's. It is a nice break from here.
  11. Two hots and maybe no cots should suffice.