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  1. I only book AA with an online where the total price is shown, seat included etc. Too much time and hassle, removing insurance and luggage charges, rechecking the price.
  2. I just tried the 1175 number, I pressed 2 for a different language, they try to sell me something in Thai. I hang up.
  3. The police would say that the motorcyclist was at fault because he was there.
  4. This happens daily here on our streets in Bang Bung. They bare their teeth and want to attack our leashed dog. Most have homes and owners , most owners are too lazy to take them out and let them run wild. These dogs should be picked up and disposed of by the city. Licenses for dogs should be mandatory, 100 Baht tags on collars with owners phone number and I.D. number. Dogs without owners/tags, should be dispersed to heaven immediately.
  5. I have just returned from travelling to the North. I have noticed lately that tuk tuks all over are quoting a per person fare, as an example what used to be 20 Baht is now 40 for 2 people. They prefer not to tell you unless you ask for a clarification. They will tell you 20 Baht and when you arrive to pay it becomes 20 Baht per person.
  6. I get more messages from AIS than from my Thai girlfriends.
  7. Who are these "scammers", government employees ?
  8. How about forced schooling to become a Taxi driver.
  9. Need a smoke after reading this.
  10. Formula one racing should refuse Red Bull advertising.
  11. It's party time.
  12. Something not right about this lady, not watching her children near water, dreaming about death and doing nothing about it, trying to save face after the fact.
  13. Cambodian people are allowed to grow and have in their possession small amounts of marijuana. Foreigners are not.