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  1. Colabamumbai

    Nonsense English exam answers

    Thank God the schools always let me write and mark the tests and exams for my students.
  2. Have to give a copy of I.D. now in Ban Bung when I buy Tramadol.
  3. Use odd, even plate numbers so not all cars can drive everyday. I know hard for them to figure that one out.
  4. Colabamumbai

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    It was very clean in 1972..
  5. Colabamumbai

    Eleven months smoke free!

    Heroin addiction is easier to stop than tobacco.
  6. Colabamumbai

    I am Being Blackmailed and want to prosecute this Skank

    Tell the wife about your indescretion and tell the "shank" where to go. You will feel better.
  7. Keep a mailing address in your country.
  8. Enough to make you want to leave Thailand.
  9. Colabamumbai

    Education visa overstay?

    Tell them you need your passport now.
  10. Colabamumbai

    police check

    It was never mandatory, I taught at many schools over 7 years and was never asked.
  11. Politicians are corrupt and America is burning.