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  1. International Drivers Permit

    I am on a Non O marriage visa, so technically I don't live here, I am just here visiting my wife who does. Semantics maybe, but it does mean that I leave the country every 90 days and get a new 3 month stamp on re admittance. Again technically, I am always within the 90 day rule.
  2. International Drivers Permit

    I was stopped at an official and well manned road check recently on Suk., Road, just short of Bang Saray . The Cop wanted to see the IDP. He didn't just accept my UK driving licence , so be warned. His English was good and he knew exactly what he wanted to see. Good job I had it with me.
  3. Congestion at U Tapao

    Doe anyone have an experience of Immigration at U T? Is it worth a visa run through there, say to KL and back ?
  4. High blood pressure

    Whatever may or may not be the problem, you seem to be getting yourself into a right old pickle over it all, and that can't be helping. You sound stressed out and when you start messing with your prescribed med dose, that will only lead to more confusion in your mind .
  5. Congestion at U Tapao

    They will need it. There is an old saying in the airport industry, that you always build 'just too late'. They seem to be taking that quite seriously.
  6. Best hypertension medecine?

    Lose weight, get fit, have lots of outdoor exercise, eat well. If need be, take one Kamagra or Viagra every week. You dont have to have the sex, although that helps of course, just use the med for what it was designed for. Beats all the crap meds the medicos will give you. Of course I am no Doctor so don't quote me as a reference, but it works for me, even the Kamagra!!
  7. Congestion at U Tapao

    If that is the case then the new terminal itself is way too small. It's no bigger than the average UK regional airport, that handles less than 1.5 million pax per yeas. So, don't look at the new build as the answer, it won't be.
  8. High blood pressure

    You are right, in so much as it works for you. I am no doctor, but I do know my own body. Before I relocated to LOS, I was on all kinds of shitty meds. I didn't feel any better, worse if anything. Determined not to spend my life shovelling pills, I lost weight, got fit and started to watch what I eat and drink. I am now off all meds and my average BP is the same as yours. I also feel fit and healthy. Haven't had a cold or any medical issues for over 2 years now and at 65 years old, that not a bad thing at all. It's horses for courses and Doctors don't know everything. They try to treat everyone as the same human machine , instead of understanding the individual. They dont have time for that, nor the inclination. What they don't know would fill far more books than ones on what they do know. I would not say to anyone to ignore the doctor, or the published advice, its up to them to find their own way.
  9. Congestion at U Tapao

    U Tapao can be a nightmare if your internal flight clashes with a Chinese or Russia aircraft leaving at about the same time. The place is just not geared for it. The new terminal is taking an age and they dont' seem to be rushing themselves. We use the place a lot, but when you add the inadequate car park to the problems of the terminal, using the airport is not a good experience. I doubt that it will change any time soon.
  10. High blood pressure

    My visits to Bangkok International Hospital in Pattaya found the nurses using auto BP machines that were constantly giving erratic results. My advice is to spend and buy a very good quality machine and then check your own over time. Try early morning before you get out of bed, then during the day, and again at night before bed. Sit down, calm down and then take it. Take it at least 3 times in one sitting and average the results. Try to avoid coffee an hour before your check. Don't get too bunched if you find high reading's every now and again, but take an average over say 3 days as the most accurate indicator. Wait and see. Its not that desperately high, so my advice is not to worry.
  11. That's a comfort, thanks. Everything is up to date, accounts submitted, tax paid etc, so should be no problem then. I will report back.
  12. Not sure if others have received a questionnaire from the Thai government' s DBD asking for confirmation on company structure and ownership where property has been purchased. Apparently, according to my lawyers, a lot of these letters have just been sent out to home owners and their directors. We bought our house through a company . The Thai Directors are my close Thai family (2 of) and myself. I hold a minority share holding. The lawyers say this is a crack down on foreign majority ownership, through a company structure, where the directors are absent, silent , nominated or otherwise not true directors of the company, holding the majority of the shares. . The lawyer says this is not an issue for us, but its a clear warning. I would be interested to hear of any other experiences with this latest questionnaire or similar in the past. .
  13. Many thanks all of you who replied for the confirmation, much appreciated. That's one less issue I have to worry about and plan for .
  14. A simple question. My Non O Marriage visa is valid for one year and was issued on 28th April last year. It says that I must enter LOS before 27th April this year. Fair enough, as I actually entered on 13 June last year. and have left and re entered three times to get a new 90 day stamp each time. If I now leave the country before my 90 days is up, that is on 8th March, and then re enter, next day will I be stamped for another 90 days, or only until the visa finishes on 28th April? If I do get the 90 days, my intention is to then apply for an extension based on retirement, once the 90 days have run out.
  15. When will the haze subside?

    when it gets too hot to be outside.