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  1. Front desk, some chap with three stars on his shoulder. Seemed to be calling the shots at 8am
  2. I think that right now for me, a weekend away from LOS will do me good and allow me to calm down!!
  3. we showed him the competed form and the copy paperwork so there should have been no doubt what we were asking for. His English was okay he just said it was not possible and turned away.
  4. no i had not extended before, he was a quite dismissive individual who just seems to have got out the wrong side of his bed this morning. I couldn't be bothered to argue the toss.
  5. Its all academic now. The officer refused to issue a 60 day stamp, saying its not possible. No doubt making it up as he goes along. So I have to leave and re enter to get 90 days . Ah well, a weekend in Singapore isn't all bad.
  6. Thanks you all, I am very grateful for your advice. I will go tomorrow and report back. In retrospect It was a combined error on my part and on my wife's part. I didn't explain to my wife well enough what was required and therefore she asked the wrong question of the lady on the reception desk. I hope others will benefit from this cock up.
  7. sorry chaps another question so that I am clear. The blue coloured certificate that is titled 'Receipt of Notification' she fixed in the passport says that I have notified an intention to stay in the Kingdom for another 90 days, until 6th March next year. It specially states on that certificate that it is not an extension of stay but a notification of stay, whatever the difference is??
  8. Sounds like it was an error. I'm' glad I brought it up here. many thanks to you all. I will go back tomorrow. I thought it was all too easy!!
  9. HI all, thought I would share my experience today, for the information of others. I hold a Non O based on marriage. It was issued in May this year in London I entered for the first time in June. After the first 90 days, I did a 3 day trip by air out of the country and on my return I got another 90 days. That 90 days was due to end next week, so I decided to get an extension in the Pattaya office. Reading all the stories of other experiences, I clearly arrived at the office way over prepared. I arrived at 9am this morning with loads of photo copies of all my passport details etc, but none of it was required. I took a number, sat for around 15 minutes, was called to the desk and the lady there fixed the necessary certificate into my passport giving me another 90 days in country. Could not have been easier and nothing was required other than my passport, arrival card and the proof of residency certificate in the back of the passport . The next challenge is to wait until March next year, when the 90 days runs out, and then get an extension of stay, as opposed to renewing the visa. No doubt that will be another experience all together. However, I am not as concerned as I was that I will need an agent, or that I will encounter any insurmountable bear traps.
  10. You will be surprised how fast she becomes just another Brit teenager. Her new Brit friends will see to that! Interestingly, our daughter was brought up very much in the Thai daughter tradition. My wife was (is) quite strict with her in keeping up with her Thai roots and family traditions, whereas I was the usual Brit Dad and perhaps more relaxed about that kind of stuff. As a consequence, the girl is very in tune with her Thai heritage, which is a good thing I think.
  11. Yes, that doesn't rapper to be the case. Mine is from the UK AA, and they were quite insistent that the permit is what is required.
  12. My 19 year old daughter holds both Thai and British citizenship. I am her biological Father, her mother is Thai. She was born in Thailand, but considers herself equally British, as she is Thai. She went to kinder garden in Thailand but the rest of her education was in the UK, where she is now at University. I think you are over thinking this. Its not really an issue and she is lucky to have the choice that she now has, as I am sure she will appreciate when she is older.
  13. That is irrelevant in terms of her rights as a British Citizen.
  14. She is British , with all of the benefits and rights that any British citizen has. Education, extra remedial lessons for English if she needs it, NHS access, etc are all hers by right. I don't see what your problem is.