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  1. And they don;t understand the nuances of corruption either. Its all semantics and pay acting. Why are people here acting as apologists for the Police and this kind of nonsense. And why aren't the Police spending more time on Soi 6. well we all know the answer to that. I am no puritan, but I don't like hypocrisy dressed up as 'news' .
  2. Pilotman

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    Adams apple, large hands, deep voice, exaggerated feminine traits and that's just the girls, no idea about Lady Boys
  3. Pilotman

    Safe or not?

    looks 'normal' to me.
  4. semantics , as we all know and so do the Plods.
  5. Its what irritates the hell out of me about Thailand. The bare faced lying, cheating and hypocrisy is breathtaking. LOS will never amount to much in world standing while all this type of crap goes on. I laugh when I read it, but its an ironic and dismissive one.
  6. fair enough, but that describes the vast majority of governments and politicians the world over.
  7. good, if it keeps out foreign law breakers, drug dealers and eastern European 'service workers'. I have no problem with that.
  8. How does this make it harder? Do you meas that over stayers should be ignored, or allowed to live here illegally?
  9. This may be helpful or not. I work for a Asian airline. We have need for translation services and we have our own in house staff, but beware that there is more than one way to translate formal Chinese,. I would pick a main lander to translate for you. Don't pick someone from Taiwan unless they are aware of the differences in translations as that may prove problematic for you. I would also advise against anyone who is not first language Chinese and educated on the mainland. If you use a translation service, ask who will be doing the actual work. I hope that is kind of helpful.?
  10. Pilotman

    Salary Reduced - No Notice

    Ha ha, good one. ''They have mouths but cannot speak, eyes but cannot see.' Psalms 135.6 . Perfectly describes Thai labour law.
  11. Pilotman

    Salary Reduced - No Notice

    You must know by now that there is no 'Rule of Law' in Thailand. It is bordering on a lawless state, or at least one where the law is disregarded, even by the authorities and by many of the population. That is the price of being and working here. Cut your losses and suck it up. You will not win.
  12. Pilotman

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    I saw the movie, its on Netfix. Its scary stuff.
  13. Pilotman

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    It didn't offend me, it cheered me up that a UK politician was actually telling the truth. Makes a nice change.
  14. Pilotman

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    Boris was right, as he often is. They do look ludicrous.