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  1. What?? Do you know Pattaya at all? Its screwed up now, this will just compound the problem,
  2. Yep, you must be right, I guess that out of City shopping malls, as seen all over the western world, just dont work ???
  3. Because it screws up the rest of Pattaya even more. had it been on the Dark Side it may have made some sense. Positioned where it is, it makes no planning sense at all.
  4. and how are you supposed to bet to Naklu Road then?
  5. Don't do much of any of that list, but I sure as hell dont spend my life shopping and spending hours in a car trying to get there and then out again. It looks what it is fake as hell
  6. It looks absolutely fxxxing awful To come 6,000 miles to live and you see this place on your doorstep, that tries to look like the very places many of us travel to Asia to get away from. I won't be bothering with the place any time soon.
  7. Its in the most inaccessible place by car you can ever imagine, right on the abortion that is Dolphin Roundabout. I dont book the Dusit, or the Holiday Inn on Beach road. you will never get there, and if you do, you'll never get out again.
  8. Pilotman

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    Not troubled, just interested. I take an interest in the country I live in, don't you?
  9. Pilotman

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    I bring it up because it interests me that the Thai Tourism Authority always make such a big deal about it when it doesn't actually appear to be a big deal at all. Checking hotel prices for all of Thailand on Booking.com, Expedia Hotels.com etc, the prices don't change and the deals are as numerous as ever. No issues about available capacity either, bar perhaps Christmas and New Year The air tickets prices don't seem to change much either, outside of western school holidays. It appears to be more marketing tool, or wishful thinking, than an actual measurable phenomena. Opinion is always split, among expats, but I will stick with my own experience, that its not at all a big impact, month to month, throughout the year.
  10. Pilotman

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    This is on the Pattaya Forum?? I don't spend that much time in the City, thank goodness. I live about 25kls outside, maybe that's part of why I see little difference. The beaches around us are mostly occupied by Thais and permanent expats and there is no real influx in the winter months, just the usual weekend families. The area/restaurants/bars/hotels/ supermarkets are maybe not so Western tourist oriented.
  11. Pilotman

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    This post is on the Pattaya Forum, that's the clue?
  12. Pilotman

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    You must live in an entirely different part of LOS to me. I notice no appreciable difference at all.
  13. Pilotman

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    Maybe, but it doesn't seem to make any real difference in my neck of the woods.