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  1. How do you rate MG cars sold in Thailand?

    MGs are crap where ever they are. Ever since the Chinese took the jigs to China and started churning out a load of rubbish. Shame, they used to be much sort after.
  2. I get pinched nerves occasionally due to a prolapsed disk. A trained Thai masseur can sometimes sort it, works for me anyway. I suggest that you go to a good hotel spa to make sure you get the right type of massage! Go for the older lady or man, they are usually much more sensitive to trapped nerve issues.
  3. My first advice to anyone coming to LOS on holiday or to live is to leave their western head, western judgement and western culture at home. This place is different, isn't that why you are here?
  4. Do these surge protectors work?

    you all may as well be writing in Klingon for all I understand what you are on about..
  5. I need a qualified electrical contractor to do a s full safety survey on my house near Sattahip. Any ideas where I may find one I can trust to do the job and issue an appropriate safety certificate or similar. ?
  6. Most crooks are so dumb they probably would
  7. Whiling away the days....

    Its a good question. My worst fear was being bored on retirement, as work has been my whole focus for 50 odd years. I can certainly share with you and others my plans, for what they are worth to others. I retired earlier this year and I have set myself some tasks and targets. First is getting the new house right, that will take some project management, I am going to work on fitness much more, so exercise of all kinds, including more use of my bike. I like creative writing so more on that. I may try photography and blend that with some country trekking. Reading and travel come next. I was a keen motorbiker in the UK, so I may take that up again, if I have the nerve to tackle it here. I have also set aside a small amount to invest in the SET. Its an amount that I dont mind losing, no more than golf club membership, so I will take it slow, learn the ropes, do the research and then try my hand. Its more a hobby and academic activity than it is a way to make money . Finally, it has always been my ambition to turn my PhD thesis into a readable book, its far from that now. That would be a major piece of work and involve a lot of updating research and follow up. It will no doubt take years, so I wouldn't be bored for a long time. Those reading it may well be!!. Very little of this involves my Thai wife. She has her own interests, mainly eating and socialising, at the dame time of course and we don't have hobbies that we both follow, but we are both happy with that arrangement and it works for us.
  8. What do Isaan women really like?

    a secure future.
  9. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    I doubt in Issan?
  10. They don't argue the toss over every bloody little thing and they don't try to be a better man than you are.
  11. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    I don't want to be insulting, but if you were my Son with your advantages Id' be kicking your ass and telling you to get some ambition in to your thinking and do something instead of trying to retire to Issan at 36. Sorry, but that would be my view. Give it 20 years mate. Unless of course you can come here on an expat package with a multi national company.
  12. you make my point for me, you just wandered around without any real checks on who you are or what you are doing. While you are no doubt a fine fellow, the world is full of people that are not. They need tracking, fact of life in 2017. The Thais are at least trying. All power to them.
  13. Star sports, movies, SKY News etc seem to have vanished from view since I last viewed in LOS. Can I still get their channels using my existing small ish sat dish for True vision TV, with a new set top box, or do I need one of those mega dishes and if so, where do I get one? Any info anyone?