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  1. well I wonder why I have been paying tax on my property investments for the past 10 years um!!!!
  2. we all seem to be missing the point in our posts. Investment, at any level, any enterprise, or in any country is a matter of comparison. The question everyone should ask, is, where can i get the best return at a risk level that I am willing to accept. There is no other sensible way to look at this that makes any sense. In my humble opinion , World Wide, there are better environments and risk profiles for investment than exist in Thailand. Simple really. .
  3. It's not nonsense and not misleading, as other replies show, but you go right ahead mate. It's not against forum rules to disagree, neither am I obliged by forum rules to do your work for you.
  4. Find out yourself mate, I'm not here to provide research.
  5. I would add that the Rule of Law, as we westerners understand it, does not operate here. You have little to no comeback and no protection mechanisms in place. Who in their right mind would invest in such an environment, unless they only invest what the are happy to lose. and are an inveterate gambler
  6. Oh dear, you really don't know? Don;t be taken in by the smiles. You are a guest here and not a particularly welcome one. Splashing western money around is a clear in invitation to get legged over by someone.
  7. I dont agree with any of this. Not my experience at all and not showing in the research I have done. I don't think the numbers for condo ownership stack up at all outside Bangkok, Certainly in Chon Buri Province, which I know best, the market is saturated and they are still building, with many staying vacant. The new renting laws have hit condo owners hard. The return, after tax is negligible. You also seem to reject the plain fact that Thailand is not a stable democracy and everything can change in an instant, and has done many times in past years here. I speak from bitter experience of lost investments. Do you know who owns and operates most 7/11 franchises and who controls the issuing thereof? Its not that simple, believe me.
  8. Pilotman

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    Remember the distinction between being domiciled and being resident, its important. I won't repeat it here, for concern at giving wrong information, but do check it out with HMRC and the Home Office website. I will however, refer you to this website. https://www.expertsforexpats.com/expat-tax/the-difference-between-domicile-and-residence/
  9. I have been looking at investment opportunities for many months here in Thailand. My conclusion is that it is one of the most unfriendly, un-supportive, unsympathetic, restrictive and low return countries for any kind of investment. Yes, I own a house here, well 49% of it, but I dont' expect to ever get a return on that. In many ways its a write off and any investment I make here is the same. Look elsewhere is my firm advice.
  10. Pilotman

    Flies and Fly Sprays

    There seems to be a lot of flies around everywhere this summer, not sure why. Anyway, that was not the point of this post. Either these are super flies of some kind, or the generic fly sprays you can buy in all 7/11. Tesco and Big C stores just don't work too well. or even at all. Any comments or suggestions from others suffering this problem?
  11. Yes, both of my licences are for 2 years. My understanding is that I get the 5 year ones on first renewal
  12. The 'teacher' was in the room throughout the video play, he was on his phone the whole time! Go figure
  13. There was no reaction test, maybe because I already have a full UK licence. Come to think of it, I didn't see anyone take the reaction test.