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  1. LOS......?

    I could name at least a dozen countries, some in the west, that meet all of your list. LOS is no better or worse, than many.
  2. LOS......?

    No idea what this is all about.
  3. LOS......?

    The country is not in decline, its changing sure and maturing, maybe, but the changes I have seen, coming here for 40 years, is all good and positive. I now live here and I find it much more stress free than the UK. If drink and girls are the only criteria that some use for judging a country and its attractions, then they are a very poor measure and the person is doomed to disappointment as they age. .
  4. AIS is it good enough for a smart tv?

    I am using AIS unlimited for all my internet uses, including smart TV and running Netflix. Works great, no issues at all. I can run it all as a local hot-spot off my mobile and run 8 devices at once, although I've only ever tried 4
  5. In the UK, the Police will rarely if ever turn up to a house robbery. If they do, it may be days later and they will merely file a report. This is a none story and just one more excuse for RTP bashing, which seems to be a major sport on this forum. They are not perfect, but show me a police force in the world that is.
  6. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    No, you've lost me. What has a 'Thai marriage visa', that a Thai couple don't need, got to do with those rights you quote, which are wrong in any event in Thai law. Did you actually read my post?
  7. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    Not sure of the relevance of your comment as the people I was talking about in my post are Thai ?
  8. For some reason, it didn't appear on the page I was looking at (same Page but on Fox), but it did on the link you provided. Maybe a setting on my PC.
  9. Many thanks, maybe just a bad day for me!
  10. Panic over, I've found it. It doesn't appear on the application form , print pre view page, but downloads as part of that form. No idea why it is set up like that. Sorry for the rant everyone.
  11. Before I go stark staring mad, is anyone able to tell me where to find the required credit card authorisation form on the British Embassy website. The idiots ask for it and then don't appear to provide a link so that it can be downloaded. I'm tearing my hair out here and I have little enough of it to spare.
  12. So, the stupid old pxxk is a Brit eh, well another good reason for me to have left the UK. UK is full of them.
  13. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    Now here is a view that will have some on this forum post spitting feathers. I have told my 19 year old Thai/Brit daughter that if she marries a Thai chap, I will insist on Sin Sot. I have even threatened to invoke it if she wants to marry a western chap!! Being a loving and devoted daughter, brought up Thai as much as British, she is convinced that I am serious and has accepted that view. I am not sure whethert I am or not. We will see, but my Thai wife is deadly serious about it!!
  14. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    a very old fashioned out of date Western view of what 'marriage' is if I may say so. Since the advent of many different kinds of close long lasting relationships, not least among the GBLT community, 'marriage' is what you want it to be and mean. Of course they are married!
  15. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    I remember well the sin sot debate with my Father in Law many moons ago. My wife interpreted at first, but to maintain the integrity of the process we had another lady who was also interpreting. It was done on the patio with a litre bottle of Scotland's finest Malt. I started out jokingly by saying that she wasn't worth much more than 10 Bhat. She went off in a huff and he roared with laughter. After an hour we were both totally pissed and agreed an amount that seemed to satisfy everyone, including my future bride. It was great fun. I agree that the OP should just roll with it.