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  1. Vacuum cleaner with water filtration

    "Verasu" offers Kärcher vacuum cleaner with water filter (KAR-DS6000MED)
  2. Every time when I receive an international package the mailman ask me for 7 baht. And of course he never has change, so he gets 10 baht all the time...of course no bill
  3. Bikers doing thai.

    Here you go http://pattayaone.news/en/foreign-mafia-relentlessly-beat-up-a-thai-man/
  4. I went to HK twice this year and there was no stamp. You just receive a landing slip http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/useful_information/non-stamping-immigration-clearance.html
  5. If you are flying to Hong Kong, there will be no stamp at all.
  6. Tesco is owned by CP group, so they should have enough funds Oh yeah - since when...................... Sorry my fault. CP sold most of their shares.
  7. Tesco is owned by CP group, so they should have enough funds
  8. Ramintra/Sai Mai Dentist

    There is a dentist not far away from soi Ramintra 65 which has a lot of clients (One bus stop before 65) - just next to the overhead crossing. My wife told me that it is a good dentist and as the waiting room is crowded all the time, I believe so... Don't try the the dentist opposite the market/shopping mall in watcharaphon as I went they there one time and I can't recommend it.
  9. Tinned Insects