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  1. ...TiT don’t be naive or gullible even... money keeps Thai women happy nothing else!
  2. Arguments were about money, always the case in Thailand of mixed relationships. She will not remember his last name in 6 months mark my words. Nice looking young girl like that will be with a new sponsor in 2 weeks ‘
  3. Not the first nor last. Same thing earlier this year here in Pattaya motorbike taxi killed driving the wrong way up the Potomac hill with a passenger who did not object nor the she say anything. This is a country and culture that accepts stupidity because its IQ is getting lower and lower with each generation.
  4. I guess he wants to prove her wrong: she was not raped. Only she knows if she was or was it consensual intercourse. If she says she was then she was. Now he knows better that she was not raped, who is he to know better... oh I guess a Big Joke
  5. Victims are greedy people and that is why this scam will propagate. Greed and more greed.....
  6. Thai man swearing means nothing, it will be quite the opposite as time willl show soon. Advice to wife: run fast before he knocks you off!
  7. A suicide, case solved, #BigJoke
  8. Same old same old: we’ll clean up beaches, we’ll take care of all the Soi dogs, we’ll reduce number of road casualties, we’ll get rid off all the tourists scams.... etc etc ... just like always all talk but no action!!!!
  9. What mother would leave her baby... most Thai women are self centered and very selfish just take the time to really observe and analyze and the conclusion is obvious ...
  10. It’s all lies, fake news ...go to google and you’ll find picturesque pristine clean beautiful beach and lavish vegetation... you can not believe what you read here .... or can you......heeheehaa tourists suckers believe anything......
  11. Give money all the time without any excuses !
  12. Normal pool behavior if you ask me. It is totally ridiculous, police going after this event or is it that they want part of the admission charged. A 1000 participants at 550 to 1000baht a piece amounts to a lot of money. Go after the real criminals and Thai scammers!
  13. It is abhorrent! Child exploitation, no different than employing children at garment factories in India or Bangladesh. Parents utilize their children for personal enrichment.... makes me sick in my stomach. Sad so very sad !