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  1. Always, road condition or bad weather is the culprit in Thai road accidents and funny thing is cops agree with it........ There is no hope for these people
  2. Moronic culture with an average IQ of 82 can not expect anything else !
  3. Moronic driving culture in addition to piss poor reporting. Does the journalist even recognize absence of his/her cognitive or should I say non existing skills
  4. Yes, simply moronic culture when it comes to driving No one does shoulder checks here: in their opinion that’s for people who do no know how to drive or how to use side mirrors, everyone of them believes he is M Schumacher, sadly it will never change
  5. Many people accept that the Thai roads are the most dangerous on earth. BS: here we go again blaming roads and driving conditions it is the idiots drivers that are dangerous, these people turn to morons once in a vehicle of any sort, 10 yr old children without helmets driving motorbikes right in front of police and they do nothing, even adults have no idea how to drive, a stop sign where 98% do not stop, don’t even slow down. Finally Thailand will be number one at something traffic fatalities
  6. It would take all of the visitors combined clean up effort to make any gains to clean up Thailand. Filthy country Thailand is becoming, why am I staying here?: wife and a son that’s why. 20 yrs here and: Thais lazy, selfish me only worries, have no respect for their own country always think that some one lower on the food chain scale should clean after them and collect their garbage. Not a single beach on this side of Thailand is clean enough to be swimming in. School teach no environmental values at all. So very sad, some one said: how do we know the schools are closed?: no new garbage around! I am ashamed when my friends and family come to visit as I have no answer why there is so much garbage all around!
  7. Read your history: You must be a commie or a Stalin lover. French gave up after 7 weeks of fighting highly mechanized German army. Stalin managed to stop them only because of western assistance with steel, technology and equipment thT was shipped via Murmansk. general G Patton wanted to take on the commies and keep on going east in 1945, and that is why he was assassinated in December 1945 hitler’s shit should not be slowed to be shown or sold anywhere. totally agree with the Frenchman and my hat off to him for reporting it! , Bravo
  8. Naive gullible almost stupid man to be investing with someone he knew so little about. Thought Singaporeans were more intelligent than that. Bye bye cash. Van I sell him a tower and a bridge?
  9. Maybe chines had a subliminal message to Thais wanted to show them what their beaches and country side looks like. We all know how garbaged Thai environment is, plastic bags killing wild like by the thousands. wake up Thailand or you will really resemble the filthy hotel room within next few years ! ! !
  10. Yes, people’s initiative for next 2 weeks let us dump garbage in front of police stations
  11. Thailand becoming a filthy place with garbage dump for beaches. Not all housing complexes have garbage pick up contracts with legitimate contractors who have access to approved garbage dumps area. It is these fly by night garbage pick up companies that offer garbage pick ups to these run down villages at low prices and make garbage dumps of any area they choose usually disposing their daily picks ups at nights. Shame on Thailand shame on Thai people for not caring!
  12. Competition and fewer people using taxis creates panic among regular taxi and motorbike taxi this should be good for regular customers
  13. Thai society in desperate need to control their anger from young to very old !
  14. Celebrating Ramadan I guess, another fine Muslim!
  15. smew

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    Unique is filthy beaches, garbage everywhere in ditches, jet ski ripoffs, price ripoff because we are visitors, angry and vicious people if you disagree with them, lies and more lies.