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  1. Benelli Leoncino 500

    Great looking ride sir ! The only two draw backs that i can see are 1) It's weight and 2) The enevetable huge depretiation that has dogged Benelli since the Chineese took over. A 500X Honda makes more sense all round.
  2. The abandoned condo building at bali hai pier on google

    So what's the latest ?
  3. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    The best thing to do is to go to the Yamaha dealers and get her to sit on it....if its a tad to big - remember you could get the seat re-modeled as its fairly thick... .
  4. Can anyone tell me best place to get a van from Hua Hin to Pattaya ? Any idea of the times and is a direct journey or have to change in BKK ? TIA.
  5. Posting this on behalf of a friend who's not on the internet... British passport, age 60+ Came to Thailand just over 2 months ago with a 2 month tourist visa (staying in Pattaya)... Last week extended his visa for another 30 days at Jomtien immigration.... His plan was as the extension is expiring to do a border run to Cambodia and get another 30 days (and then extend that at Jomtien immigration for a final 30 days before going home)... So he goes to a visa run company only to be told "maximum 15 days on border runs" - decides to get a second opinion and is told, he will get 30 days ! My question to you learned folk: If he does the Cambodia visa run - will he get 15 or 30 days ? does he have to take money with him to show the immigration officials ? - if so - how much ?? And lastly - Regardless of weather he gets 15 or 30 days - can he still extend at Jomtien immigration for a futher 30 days ? Thanks in advance. .
  6. Ducati Demon info

    You remember that book - "The Emperor's new clothes" .... ? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor's_New_Clothes ) Scooter can't be beat for round town... And if you don't agree - try an Aerox R model for a week and report your findings... . .
  7. Can anyone recommend a company that can supply and fit replacement melamine kitchen / wardrobe doors, in the pattaya arera.... TIA. .
  8. CAT torrent capping ?

    Where i lived before, i paid for a 30mb speed - and would regualrly see donload speeds on Utorrent of between 25 and 35..... so gobsmacked at now seeing such low speeds,,, .
  9. CAT torrent capping ?

    Just moved into a new condo in Naklua (Pattaya) area.... Internet / cable TV from BTV, who apparently use CAT for the internet. Paying for a 12 meg download spead and according to Speedtest.net, thats pretty much spot on - But trying to download torrents the speed shown on Utorrent never goes abover 1.6 .... Usig a VPN makes no difference... Does anyone know if CAT are deliberatly putting a cap on torrent downloads ? - If so, how does one get it lifted ?? TIA.. .
  10. TM30 Query

    . so if one has to do a TM30 - whats the point of submitting a TM28 - as both give details of where i am residing ?? .
  11. TM30 Query

    But surely the onus is on the hotel / condo owner to fill out the TM30 and send it to the immigration office (or receive a penalty for not doing it)... How can it be the responsibility of the tenant who has already completed a TM28 and got the receipt in their passport..... Was chatting to a "bloke down the pub" and he reccons "forget it - not your problem" ..... I'm confused ! .
  12. TM30 Query

    They had a copy of the lease and gave me the change of address slip - Telling me to "bring completed TM30 form next time i came to immigration" .
  13. TM30 Query

    I moved rooms yesterday and today went to Jomtien immigration with a completed TM28, copy lease and copies of passport..... The immigration Officer asked where was form TM30 ? i was then waved away to the guy at the entrance, who handed over a TM30 form.... Looking through it - its for landlords to report people staying in their property (s)..... Can't see that its anything to do with me - and surely the onus is on him to take it to immigration ? TIA .. .
  14. I've got a Thai friend that has just moved into a new room.... The room comes with free cable tv and has a 2 meter cable plugged into the wall, which you'd usually plug into your TV. Unfortumately, she hasn't got a TV, only a lap top (about 5 years old but works ok) and cannot afford the internet... My question - is there some way of making the cable TV work on the laptop ? ... TIA ...
  15. Bus to Victory Monument BKK

    any idea where the nearest bus stop to Victory Monument is (need to get there to meet a friend who knows even less about bkk than i do)... .