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  1. I've got a Thai friend that has just moved into a new room.... The room comes with free cable tv and has a 2 meter cable plugged into the wall, which you'd usually plug into your TV. Unfortumately, she hasn't got a TV, only a lap top (about 5 years old but works ok) and cannot afford the internet... My question - is there some way of making the cable TV work on the laptop ? ... TIA ...
  2. Bus to Victory Monument BKK

    any idea where the nearest bus stop to Victory Monument is (need to get there to meet a friend who knows even less about bkk than i do)... .
  3. Bus to Victory Monument BKK

    Can anyone tell me where in Pattaya i can get a bus to Victory monument (or nearby).... I tried the place by where Pattaya Klang joins 2nd road - and they don't stop there any more... Thanks in advance...
  4. Sensational Honda Brio For Sale

  5. SENSATIONAL HONDA BRIO FOR SALE August 2012 - Genuine 16,000 km’s (9,900 miles) from new.. Top “SV” Model - with auto gear box, electric windows, decent stereo, central locking, ABS, twin air bags, alarm/immobilizer and tinted windows… The car is in totally un-marked “out of the box condition”, having been valeted weekly, covered when not in use and carefully driven by one Ferrang owner. It has full main dealer service history and blue book ready for easy Pattaya transfer… When I was looking to buy an “eco car”, I was impressed with the Honda’s 90bhp, 4 cylinder, i-VETEC engine, but because of it’s Eco car status, the engine was de-tuned/speed limited and came with wheels/tyres as thin as a bicycle, plus extremely sloppy suspension… I didn’t really use it that much, preferring to my scooter / motor bike, But a few months ago, because I needed to do longer trips, I had the following modifications done: Engine professionally “re-mapped” by Powerlab in Bangkok – this increased the BHP, which makes the car much much smoother, change gear and accelerate much quicker (both off the mark and mid range) . In addition, the speed limiter was removed, giving the car a potential top speed of 180 km/h (previously restricted to 140 km/h) .. The sloppy suspension was professionally up-rated – now the car corners like a “mini cooper”, but still has a nice comfortable ride. The skinny wheels / tyres were replaced with brand new, wider wheels & Goodyear GT3 tyres from a Honda Jazz (these are proper OEM Honda items, not cheap Chinese stuff from the local wheel shop). The tyres have covered only a few hundred km’s… While we were at it, to give the interior a lift - we had the impractical light brown cloth seats recovered in black leatherette, with contrasting blue stitching… This has to be one of the nicest and best sorted Brio’s in the whole of Thailand – If you are in the market for an honest and reliable small car – you will not be disappointed.. New replacement cost would be over 550,000b …. Will Accept – 375,000 Baht…
  6. Modifying a standard exhaust..

    stick an aftermarket can on and you are at the mercy of the Police, eager to issue the golden 1,000 baht ticket..... a good mod on a standard one will look standard and if you don't go bonkers on the sound - The Police are unlikely to nick you....
  7. Modifying a standard exhaust..

    yes i am aware there are places in Hua Hin and BKK - just wanted a place in Pattaya....
  8. Does anyone know a place in Pattaya that can modify a standard exhaust to make it a tad louder / sportier, without attracting too much attention from the Police. ?? I'm not looking for a "cut and shunt" job - more a skilled engineer with knowledge of what to remove to get the desired effect.. Its for a CB650F (old model) if that makes any difference ..
  9. Could someone post a link where i can down load the application form for proof of my address (for car purchase).... Thank you...
  10. PCX vs Aerox

    Pattaya - Main Yamaha Dealers on Sukomvit - just past soi 53.....
  11. PCX vs Aerox

    Decided my 2015 PCX 150 needed replacng..... Went to my local Honda Scooter dealers, and gobsmacked to find they wanted 90,000 Baht for a new PCX, plus that gawdy orange plastic put me off too.... Bought an Aeorox Sport in blue for 66,000b out the door.... 3 months on.... Smaller and easier round town that the PCX, more stylish (imho)...wider wheels / tyres make it more sure footed (the 140 rear tyre same size to most 250cc geared bikes).... The wide seat more comfy than the PCX....The gas shocks help smooth out the bumps...The Yamaha's engine smoother than the Honda's.... The Aerox's tank is small compared to the PCX's is about the only downside i can think of...
  12. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Come out of the small market half way along Soi Bukkow and take a right - there is a bike rental place 2 or 3 doors down that has 3 or 4 Aerox's for rent......
  13. Breast Augmentation ...

    My wife is on a mission to get a boob job... Can you andy of you guys, who's missus's have had the proceedure, give me some pointers as to the best vfm in Bangkok .. I've heard bumingrad mentioned also a guy that does them from a shop house and charges less than 50k... Any advice greatly appreciated...
  14. Grand Filano vs PCX150

    imho the best scooter for round town and some long distances is the yamaha Aerox 155 (Sport model)..... its got 15% more power than a PCX, has much wider wheels and tyres (110 front - 140 rear) and a wider cumfier sea - plus gas rear shocks - all of which soak up the bumps and pot holes in a way the pcx could only... its also more nimble than a PCX - a great bonus round town - and at 66,000 b "out the door" (what i paid) - its well over 20,000 b cheaper than a PCX, plus much much better looking (have you seen the garish orange plastics on the 2017 model pcx's ??) ... A no brainer in my book.....