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  1. Pattaya - Main Yamaha Dealers on Sukomvit - just past soi 53.....
  2. Decided my 2015 PCX 150 needed replacng..... Went to my local Honda Scooter dealers, and gobsmacked to find they wanted 90,000 Baht for a new PCX, plus that gawdy orange plastic put me off too.... Bought an Aeorox Sport in blue for 66,000b out the door.... 3 months on.... Smaller and easier round town that the PCX, more stylish (imho)...wider wheels / tyres make it more sure footed (the 140 rear tyre same size to most 250cc geared bikes).... The wide seat more comfy than the PCX....The gas shocks help smooth out the bumps...The Yamaha's engine smoother than the Honda's.... The Aerox's tank is small compared to the PCX's is about the only downside i can think of...
  3. Come out of the small market half way along Soi Bukkow and take a right - there is a bike rental place 2 or 3 doors down that has 3 or 4 Aerox's for rent......
  4. My wife is on a mission to get a boob job... Can you andy of you guys, who's missus's have had the proceedure, give me some pointers as to the best vfm in Bangkok .. I've heard bumingrad mentioned also a guy that does them from a shop house and charges less than 50k... Any advice greatly appreciated...
  5. imho the best scooter for round town and some long distances is the yamaha Aerox 155 (Sport model)..... its got 15% more power than a PCX, has much wider wheels and tyres (110 front - 140 rear) and a wider cumfier sea - plus gas rear shocks - all of which soak up the bumps and pot holes in a way the pcx could only... its also more nimble than a PCX - a great bonus round town - and at 66,000 b "out the door" (what i paid) - its well over 20,000 b cheaper than a PCX, plus much much better looking (have you seen the garish orange plastics on the 2017 model pcx's ??) ... A no brainer in my book.....
  6. Anyone using Jomtien Immigration renewed their retitement extension 45 days before expiry ??
  7. Does anyone knw where i get the bus from pattaya to hua hin ? someone said there was a vip bus, but didn't know where it departed from. THanks in advance
  8. If you want a bike to cut through the BKK traffic - You might want to look at the KTM Duke 390..... Visordown test between MT03 and Duke 390 below:
  9. The 2016 Mirage impressed the folks at What car magazine, so much so they gave it an eye watering 1/10.... The Nissan March / Micra didn't fair much better: I'd have a look at the Honda Brio - 1200cc 4cyl i vetec engine giving 90hp .... And of course a Honda badge, giving reliability and re-sale value. And - 6/10 from Top gear mag to boot -
  10. Why not just download the torrents (for free) from sites like TV Chaos, X Speeds, Torrentday, Lime torrents etc.... Once downloaded - yours to watch as and when it suits you....
  11. Not according to Motor Cycle News "Visor Down" ... "You might think making a loud noise alerts vehicles in front to your presence, but it doesn’t. The racket from your race pipe mostly travels backwards, so the only people you’re likely to awaken are the ones you’ve already gone past. And they’re not the dead-eyed morons whose attention you wish to draw. Besides, these days, drivers are safely entombed behind a thick layer of toughened glass so chances are they wouldn’t hear your open 4 into 1 even if you parked against their door and pinned it. And, hard though it is to believe, not everyone wants to hear a race-tuned 998cc DOHC 8v inline four breathing through a titanium 4-2-1 system. I know, mad, isn’t it? Still, people are weird. Some of them buy houses next to race-tracks, then complain about the noise. Can you imagine the titanic levels of narcissistic self-absorption required to lack that degree of empathy? I think, technically, that makes them psychopaths. Anyway, I digress. Loud pipes really, really piss punters off. Sometimes they need it – we can’t be too civilised. But sometimes you can’t help thinking, just button it off, please" ...
  12. The 2013 / 2014 models had a few problems that were (hopefully) rectified in the 2015 model... Video shows the differences and the improvements... Mine is 2016 model, no problems so far:
  13. i'm 3 months in to 390 ownership - agree they are a great bike !
  14. i download uk tv again onto my android box (Kodi), assuming it allowed me to watch uk tv from the previous 7 days (like i player).... But its live TV, which isn't much cop here in Thailand, as at 8pm here,, when you are looking for an evening's vewing - Andy Pandy is on in the UK... So is there an app to watch previous 7 days tv ?
  15. Was the accident date the 20th July and the renewal date 22nd July ?? Unable to offer an opinion without these dates.