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  1. Posting this on behalf of a friend who's not on the internet... British passport, age 60+ Came to Thailand just over 2 months ago with a 2 month tourist visa (staying in Pattaya)... Last week extended his visa for another 30 days at Jomtien immigration.... His plan was as the extension is expiring to do a border run to Cambodia and get another 30 days (and then extend that at Jomtien immigration for a final 30 days before going home)... So he goes to a visa run company only to be told "maximum 15 days on border runs" - decides to get a second opinion and is told, he will get 30 days ! My question to you learned folk: If he does the Cambodia visa run - will he get 15 or 30 days ? does he have to take money with him to show the immigration officials ? - if so - how much ?? And lastly - Regardless of weather he gets 15 or 30 days - can he still extend at Jomtien immigration for a futher 30 days ? Thanks in advance. .
  2. Ducati Demon info

    You remember that book - "The Emperor's new clothes" .... ? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor's_New_Clothes ) Scooter can't be beat for round town... And if you don't agree - try an Aerox R model for a week and report your findings... . .
  3. Can anyone recommend a company that can supply and fit replacement melamine kitchen / wardrobe doors, in the pattaya arera.... TIA. .
  4. CAT torrent capping ?

    Where i lived before, i paid for a 30mb speed - and would regualrly see donload speeds on Utorrent of between 25 and 35..... so gobsmacked at now seeing such low speeds,,, .
  5. CAT torrent capping ?

    Just moved into a new condo in Naklua (Pattaya) area.... Internet / cable TV from BTV, who apparently use CAT for the internet. Paying for a 12 meg download spead and according to Speedtest.net, thats pretty much spot on - But trying to download torrents the speed shown on Utorrent never goes abover 1.6 .... Usig a VPN makes no difference... Does anyone know if CAT are deliberatly putting a cap on torrent downloads ? - If so, how does one get it lifted ?? TIA.. .
  6. TM30 Query

    . so if one has to do a TM30 - whats the point of submitting a TM28 - as both give details of where i am residing ?? .
  7. TM30 Query

    But surely the onus is on the hotel / condo owner to fill out the TM30 and send it to the immigration office (or receive a penalty for not doing it)... How can it be the responsibility of the tenant who has already completed a TM28 and got the receipt in their passport..... Was chatting to a "bloke down the pub" and he reccons "forget it - not your problem" ..... I'm confused ! .
  8. TM30 Query

    They had a copy of the lease and gave me the change of address slip - Telling me to "bring completed TM30 form next time i came to immigration" .
  9. TM30 Query

    I moved rooms yesterday and today went to Jomtien immigration with a completed TM28, copy lease and copies of passport..... The immigration Officer asked where was form TM30 ? i was then waved away to the guy at the entrance, who handed over a TM30 form.... Looking through it - its for landlords to report people staying in their property (s)..... Can't see that its anything to do with me - and surely the onus is on him to take it to immigration ? TIA .. .
  10. I've got a Thai friend that has just moved into a new room.... The room comes with free cable tv and has a 2 meter cable plugged into the wall, which you'd usually plug into your TV. Unfortumately, she hasn't got a TV, only a lap top (about 5 years old but works ok) and cannot afford the internet... My question - is there some way of making the cable TV work on the laptop ? ... TIA ...
  11. Bus to Victory Monument BKK

    any idea where the nearest bus stop to Victory Monument is (need to get there to meet a friend who knows even less about bkk than i do)... .
  12. Bus to Victory Monument BKK

    Can anyone tell me where in Pattaya i can get a bus to Victory monument (or nearby).... I tried the place by where Pattaya Klang joins 2nd road - and they don't stop there any more... Thanks in advance...
  13. Sensational Honda Brio For Sale

  14. SENSATIONAL HONDA BRIO FOR SALE August 2012 - Genuine 16,000 km’s (9,900 miles) from new.. Top “SV” Model - with auto gear box, electric windows, decent stereo, central locking, ABS, twin air bags, alarm/immobilizer and tinted windows… The car is in totally un-marked “out of the box condition”, having been valeted weekly, covered when not in use and carefully driven by one Ferrang owner. It has full main dealer service history and blue book ready for easy Pattaya transfer… When I was looking to buy an “eco car”, I was impressed with the Honda’s 90bhp, 4 cylinder, i-VETEC engine, but because of it’s Eco car status, the engine was de-tuned/speed limited and came with wheels/tyres as thin as a bicycle, plus extremely sloppy suspension… I didn’t really use it that much, preferring to my scooter / motor bike, But a few months ago, because I needed to do longer trips, I had the following modifications done: Engine professionally “re-mapped” by Powerlab in Bangkok – this increased the BHP, which makes the car much much smoother, change gear and accelerate much quicker (both off the mark and mid range) . In addition, the speed limiter was removed, giving the car a potential top speed of 180 km/h (previously restricted to 140 km/h) .. The sloppy suspension was professionally up-rated – now the car corners like a “mini cooper”, but still has a nice comfortable ride. The skinny wheels / tyres were replaced with brand new, wider wheels & Goodyear GT3 tyres from a Honda Jazz (these are proper OEM Honda items, not cheap Chinese stuff from the local wheel shop). The tyres have covered only a few hundred km’s… While we were at it, to give the interior a lift - we had the impractical light brown cloth seats recovered in black leatherette, with contrasting blue stitching… This has to be one of the nicest and best sorted Brio’s in the whole of Thailand – If you are in the market for an honest and reliable small car – you will not be disappointed.. New replacement cost would be over 550,000b …. Will Accept – 375,000 Baht…
  15. Modifying a standard exhaust..

    stick an aftermarket can on and you are at the mercy of the Police, eager to issue the golden 1,000 baht ticket..... a good mod on a standard one will look standard and if you don't go bonkers on the sound - The Police are unlikely to nick you....