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  1. properperson

    LS2 Helmet

    I know LL2 was a bit of a helmet, if that helps.... .
  2. properperson

    Need your input for new bike

    Yes the Aerox would be quite high for the average Thai Female..... The New (ish) Honda Click 150 would be an excellent choice for her....imho .
  3. properperson

    Enfield Himalayan 411

    "Sad but true" got my vote for "post of the month" .
  4. properperson

    Loud pipes

    Didn't Loozer Lazer always say " loud pipes - save lives " .
  5. properperson

    Upgrades for CRF250

    Here's my ten penny worth.... If you are happy with the bike 2 up and want some improvements to the performance / pulling power and general enjoyment of the bike.... Here's my advice: Fit 13T front sprocket, remove snorkle from air box and remove metal backfire screen from rear of air filter - Then fit (or get professionally fitted) an EJK (Electronic Jet Kit), plus mega bomb down pipe and FMF rear pipe - You will be staggered with the improvements to the pulling power of the bike..... Add sticker kit to improve visual look of the bike... Have the standard seat re-packed with memory foam / then re-covered to improve comfort (standard seat very hard). If you have the "L" model and use the bike mostly on the road - consider getting a set of "M" model wheels, together with Pirelli Angel GT Tyres - It will then go round the back road twisties like a stunt bike..... .
  6. properperson

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    A UK motoring show a few years back did back dino tests comparing different brands of 95 to 91 stuff.... Their conclusion was that the only significant difference came from Shell 95 V Power.. Personally i always use it - its a nat's nakka more expensive than their 91 and i like to think i get a tad more grunt,,, .
  7. When i try to click the wifi switch over to the right, it just moves back to the left.... Any ideas to get the wifi to turn (and remain !) on .?? TIA
  8. properperson

    Teatime tv

    All the "big banana" gang saying they can afford the 600b a month in front of us menions - Shame on you !
  9. properperson

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    Thai insurance policies typically have intoxication clauses - so if you are drunk - they don't cough up.... That said - if he couldn't be ar$ed to get a driving licence - its unlikely that he's purchased 1st class insurance... .