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  1. The clinic did put her to sleep and took her away for cremation. It was all very emotional, but they did a good job of putting her to sleep. I was disappointed however with the way the ashes were given back to me, big chunks of bone and her nose was mostly still intact, but crispy!! I had to take a hammer to the bag of bones and spent half an hour turning them into ashes. I would have thought that for their 5,000 baht fee they could have got someone to do that, and I am glad my wife never got to see it.
  2. He will be sorely missed RIP Dave
  3. I have to put my 13 year old retriever to sleep today, wife has gone out and left it to me. I was wondering if Ban Mha Ka clinic will take her away for cremation?, I can't take her to the hospital she is to big for me to handle alone, Doctors have been to see her 4 times now and give her shots of one kind or another, but she howls all night and day and cannot move, so sadly I don't see an alternative
  4. We have been very happy with the pool we got from Desjoyaux 13 years ago. Hardly ever have any issues with it and if we do their engineers are there to fix it the same day. Probably to late for you now as you have signed up with another company, good luck and I hope you are as happy with it as we are with ours
  5. Well done to Huddersfield. A truly poor game for any neutrals one of the comentators said it was the worst play offs he had ever covered and he's not wrong. Shambolic, penalties is a lottery , you got one more than us, so on you go and enjoy being a Premier league club, I hope you can do Bournemouth or Watford and survive. Huddersfield are a decent club with decent fans, no complaints from me on your victory
  6. I'm looking forward to it, but hoping for the opposite result than the OP would like. May the best team win...there will only be 1 goal in it, could even go to penalties....tight game, but then the play off finals always are, it won't be a great game for non supporters of the two teams, This is our 7th attempt at getting up via the play-offs and we have yet to do it. 7th time lucky I hope
  7. Congratulations to the winner. I may have won a few bob in a private league but a dismal failure in the TV league Here's to next year
  8. Well done WW..hope you are still off them....2 months now for me, very happy about that. I have been off the patches almost a month now.. so I am flying solo and loving it
  9. My Mother was born in the Republic and I have never been to Ireland to see where she was brought up, I never even met my Irish grandparents, who are long dead, but I would like to see where she came from My Thai wife has a visa valid for 5 years in the UK...after reading through this thread I am no better off in terms of what I need for my wife and I to make the journey I need to make to find my family roots. 7x7 ,you are very switched on in these matters and you are saying that it's illegal to hop over by car to NI and shoot down, others say otherwise, it's very confusing. What is the difinitive answer?
  10. I use CNX pest control, have done for about 10 years, they deal with termites, this is the managers number 091 858 2900. Speaks Thai only
  11. Quit smoking with the patches nearly a month ago. I really thought I would be a lifelong smoker, but somehow I have got through so far. Guess I had better change my avatar, still got the bald head though !
  12. Not a nice way to go...I feel sorry for him ...RIP
  13. Why not try Lawn Bowls? I have made many friends in CM there. Does not matter how old you are. People from 20-75 play regularly and it's fun. Check out the website or pm me for more
  14. It's starting now. The mountain has a shroud around it, no clearly defined lines any longer. I don't know how bad it's gonna get but buy a decent mask to wear outside is my advice, and those flimsy ones people wear in hospitals won't cut the mustard, you really need to spend out on decent ones that will actually help you.
  15. Pray tell exactly what YOU have attempted to do to deal with immigration problems?