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  1. severe pain in both shoulders

    I don't mind paying for an MRI if I have to, but as it goes I never had any pain last night after I went to bed. There was pain starting about 4 so I took painkillers then and the SOB never came back. I still need to get to the bottom of it, we shall see how today goes. Guess my situation is not as bad as yours was I am glad to hear you recovered.
  2. severe pain in both shoulders

    In the shoulder Sheryl. if he did give me a diagnosis he probably said it was atheritis and should clear up on it's own. Same doctor I ditched over my ankle problems
  3. severe pain in both shoulders

    I agree Bazza, I want to avoid any back surgery and have said this in another reply to a post here.
  4. severe pain in both shoulders

    Yep. I have had the pain for 3 years but it's only flared up in the last few days, I put up with it before putting it down to the statins which I believe I need, now I need all the help I can get with it. I may go and see the same doctor that's looking after my foot Sheryl
  5. severe pain in both shoulders

    I am retired...so as little as possible
  6. severe pain in both shoulders

    No MRI yet Sheryl, it's only just got bad enough to post about it on here, I had quarterzone injections a couple of times and they helped a bit.Dr Preecha at CMR just said that I should get better after them, but I did not, then other problems have taken over my time and budget. I have come onto this forum to start my quest for some relief and have been overwhelmed by the response, it's certainly given me things to ponder. I really hope it's not spinal, I don't want an operation on my back if I can at all help it.
  7. severe pain in both shoulders

    My mattress is hard the way I like it and my pillow is very soft as I also get neck pain
  8. severe pain in both shoulders

    That is something I have thought about and thanks for mentioning it. I know someone that does it although not as cheap as 250 baht a session
  9. severe pain in both shoulders

    Thanks for the info Joe.....I am 63
  10. severe pain in both shoulders

    I shall certainly try the tablets Transam, I have had a couple of injections but they wear off pretty quickly
  11. severe pain in both shoulders

    Hi Lopburi My Doctor changed my type of Statins about a month ago, but I don't think it would have taken so long for them to give me this problem, as I said I have had problems for a couple of years now but I just put up with it. Now I am having trouble putting up with it and must find some kind of cure
  12. severe pain in both shoulders

    You say that you had a torn ligament, not two. I did see a doctor 3 years ago and he sent me for physio, which I tried for a month, after that did nor work I decided I could live with it, but now I can't. It's only been really bad for a few days but they really do hurt, especially when trying to sleep Thanks for your post
  13. I have been experiencing pain in both shoulders for 3 years now. I have had physio but that did not work, so as the pain was not severe I have ignored it. But now since I busted my foot up the pain on both sides becomes nearly unbearable until I rub tiger baslm on it and whack two tramadol tablets down me. I must add that the pain only comes on at NIGHT (7-8), which in itself is strange. I have read that statins can cause problems like this so it could be the choice of taking them off my medication list or putting up with the problem. It's nothing I have done to myself, if it was in one shoulder I could buy into that ,but it's both!! Has anyone had any experience of this and if so what do you do about it?
  14. It never worked for me no matter how many times I read it. What DID work was after having Bronchitis my doctor said she wanted to check my lungs for signs of emphosmia.......I never smoked another after those words left her lips
  15. You could switch brands "Carabou" is the new word now sponsoring football clubs around the world and even having it's own cup competition in the UK