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  1. ThaiPauly

    How Secret Is Your Tv Identity?

    I'm easy to spot...I look like my avatar .....and the smiley
  2. ThaiPauly

    What Is Your Secret Wish For Chiang Mai ?

    If I have a SECRET wish for Chiang Mai...I can't tell you what it is...coz it's a SECRET
  3. ThaiPauly

    Wine Buffet At River Market

    I went, had a really good evening with friends. No complaints about the buffet, refilled my plate twice...maybe I got the OP's share Our table brought a couple of extra bottles of wine after the event officially finished at 9pm, so there was no shortage for the tasting I don't think. I also won a bottle of wine in the raffle Had a great evening , from my persepective I also arrived on time..which always helps
  4. ThaiPauly

    Pizza Delivered Sideways

    All goes down the same way